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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Grandview Gold, Inc. (GVGDF.OB)

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Grandview Gold Inc. (GVGDF.OB) acquires, explores and develops high-grade gold properties in low political risk environments such as the United States and Canada. The company is headquartered in Toronto and in the development stage. Grandview Gold holds mining interests in major gold districts including Red Lake, Ontario, Carlin Trend, Nevada, and in the emerging Rice Lake District of Manitoba. These mining interests range from 50% to 100% in eight mining properties and cover an estimated area of 13,740 hectares.

The Company was founded as Loisan Red Lake Gold Mines Limited in 1945 and then changed its name to Grandview Energy Resources Inc. in 1979. Since the addition of Paul Sarjeant as new President and CEO in November 2006, Grandview Gold has re-built its corporate structure, added the necessary personnel and mechanisms to advance its drilling programs and secured financing to support its exploration activities. Also joining the management team is Alex Korboukh, M.Sc.P.Geo (Russia, Israel) who is the Exploration Manager for Canada. Additionally, two well qualified geologists were added to the Canadian exploration team.

Grandview’s properties have shown to be potentially high in profit. Exploration studies indicate that Grandview Gold’s mineral deposits contain a very large volume of potentially gold-bearing mineralization. These mineralizations are estimated to exceed 32 million tons. The Pony Creek/Elliott Dome Property alone has inferred resources of 1.426 million ounces of gold, which represents a gross market value of $0.86 billion. The Company has also identified significant inferred gold resources at its Red Lake properties. Dixie Lake is estimated to contain approximately 110 thousand ounces and Sanshaw-Bonanza is believed to hold 24 thousand ounces. The Company’s existing prospects combined contain contingent gold resources estimated at approximately 1.56 million ounces. This estimates a suggested gross value of $0.9 billion.

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Grandview Gold Inc. (GVGDF.OB) Property Overview

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Grandview Gold Inc. (GDVGF), a development-stage mining company headquartered in Toronto, recently shed light on various mining properties. Grandview Gold is focused on aquiring, exploring, and developing high grade gold properties in the US and Canada, and currently has 3 properties to meet such goals. These mining interests are located in the major gold districts of Red Lake, Ontario and Carlin Trend, Nevada, as well as in the emerging Rice Lake District in Manitoba.

The Carlin Trend: Located in Nevada, this area is the richest gold producing region in the United States, and the second richest gold district in the world. The Carlin Trend has produced over 20 million ounce gold deposits, which is more than all gold reserves located in Russia and China combined. The entire Carlin Trend is believed to contain more than 200 million ounces of gold, worth about $50 billion at today’s market price.

The Red Lake Gold Mining District: Located in northwestern Ontario, this area is the most prolific gold-producing region in Canada. Since the first mining exploration here, the Red Lake District has yielded over 30 million ounces of gold. These deposits are worth more than $20 billion at today’s prices.

The Rice Lake Gold District: Located in Manitoba, this location is an emerging gold district. Because the Red Lake and Rice Lake Mining Districts share many geologic features, they are both said to feature similar gold deposits.

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