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GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) Assists Companies Worldwide to Meet New Global Emissions Standards

April 23, 2009

Even though we are only a few months into the new administration, President Obama has made it clear that he is taking an aggressive stance on transforming the current domestic energy policies into a more environmentally-friendly system. The steps taken by the president are not unusual as most industrialized nations have already enacted environmental initiatives to decrease greenhouse gases.

Analysis indicates that at least 30% of the greenhouse gases are produced from the trucking industry while the rail industry follows in close second. Analysts of a 2007 report named “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Trucks” found that the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by the U.S. trucking industry increased more than 69% from 1990 to 2005. This is not a surprising result as the tons per mile ratio increased from about 800,000 in 1990 to about 1,300,000 in 2004, while the truck industry’s efficiency decreased by at least 10% during this timeframe.

According to the European Union, the trucking industry must take action to reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency, as well as reduce energy spending. Some companies may feel that in order to meet these requirements, they will need to invest in an entirely new fleet of vehicles. This type of change could potentially bankrupt more than a handful of companies. GreenChek provides companies with an option to increase the efficiency and reduce the emissions produced by its existing fleet of vehicles.

GreenChek has developed an innovative technology that transforms distilled water (H20) into its base elements of hydrogen and oxygen, which are two of the most abundant elements on earth. The company’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) system then injects the hydrogen and oxygen into the existing engine. As the hydrogen is burned in the engine, water vapor is produced and is released into the atmosphere. The OHGI technology can be installed to virtually any existing combustion engine regardless of the type of fuel used and actually enables the engine to generate more raw power with less fuel.

With millions of high-polluting trucks on the road, GreenChek’s OHGI technology allows companies to transform their existing fleet of vehicles into more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. The OHGI technology provides businesses with an opportunity to select a more cost effective solution to meet the new global emissions expectations without having to replace their entire fleet of vehicles.

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Innovative Technology and Distribution Efforts Garner GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) Speculative Buy Rating from Beacon Equity Research

April 21, 2009

GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) is the creator of a proprietary, hydrogen-generating system for combustion engines. Its Onboard Hydrogen Generation (OHG) system produces hydrogen, then injects in into a regular internal combustion engine, helping the engine to burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently.

The company’s flagship product is applicable to any internal combustion engine, whether it runs on gasoline, diesel, ethanol, propane or natural gas. Through two years of testing, the company reports that its technology lowers emissions by up to 50 percent, also reducing fuel consumption, increasing horsepower, improving engine life and reducing maintenance costs.

The company has already received 93 applications from potential distribution partners as the company plans to secure 30 regional partnerships in 2010 for its technology.

GreenChek has also designed new ERD technology specifically for locomotive applications, which the company plans on launching in Europe, followed by the United States. This will allow the company to capitalize on revised EPA regulations, and positions the company to take advantage of President Obama’s programs geared at ramping up alternative energy measures to fight pollution.

The company’s proprietary technology, paired with the recent update on its expansion and distribution efforts, recently warranted the company an updated Speculative Buy rating from financial public relations and research firm Beacon Equity Research.

“The new ERD design for locomotives positions GCHK to enter an additional vehicle market with solid revenue potential. New EPA emissions standards for locomotives will likely facilitate a rapid adoption of emission reduction technologies such as ERD in this segment,” the Beacon analyst stated in the report.

The report also notes climbing gas prices and the opportunity clean technology companies have in the changing market.

“Given a long-term outlook that predicts rising oil prices, technology solutions such as GCHK’s ERD system have the potential to rapidly garner market share and support triple-digit revenue growth. We are thus reiterating our Speculative Buy rating for GCHK but reducing our price target to $1.52 to reflect slowed world economic growth,” the report states.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Set for Perfect Alignment of Government and Marketplace

April 16, 2009

GreenChek Technology, Inc. is poised to benefit big from a unique alignment of government and marketplace conditions. It’s a rare combination that has in the past propelled small, relatively unknown companies into the stratosphere. Back then the word was “computer”. Today the word is “green”, and the companies that stand to benefit most are the ones that apply the best green technologies to address the most significant environmental and energy problems.

GreenChek’s unique patent pending green technology, called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) allows any vehicle (or stationary combustion engine) to significantly improve efficiency and reduce emissions through a simple retro-fit, without having to change fuels or the way it operates. The inexpensive onboard system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, reducing emissions by as much as 50%, while at the same time boosting fuel economy. It’s hard to imagine a better product for its time.

With world governments now desperately seeking immediate and cost-effective ways to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, GreenChek has a product applicable to virtually any vehicle on the planet. The company is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, which will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold. GreenChek is also in the process of forming partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies, in addition to the French government, with plans to launch its OHGI system in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

It’s not surprising that some are saying the company’s share price, currently trading at less than 30¢, could be at worth least 10 times higher. As mentioned, this is a rare alignment and GreenChek has reason to be excited. As part of an earlier decision to pour money into the latest computer technologies and applications, the government gave a small contract to an unknown company, first traded as a penny stock in 1986. The company, Oracle, is now one of the largest software operations in the world. If you want to guess Oracle’s share price gain, think around 8,000%.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Issues Update to Investors

April 14, 2009

Yesterday after the closing bell, GreenCheck Technology announced that its previously announced internet marketing campaign has been tremendously successful. To date, 93 distributers have sent applications and the company is now in the process of qualifying each of them.

GreenChek’s initial goal was to establish 30 regional distribution partners in 2010, then grow that number by 30 distributors each year to 90 regional distribution partners by the end of 2012. The company estimates that potential gross revenue from this project for 2010-2012 will total $76.8 million. GreenCheck believes it is on track with its goal of building a strong network of distributors in North America and anticipates the majority of the regions qualified and up and running in the second quarter of next year.

In the press release, GreenChek also announced that it has continued to execute European distribution arrangements with TESEL and has received increasing interest for further implementations. As previously announced, the company expects to begin installing ERD units for Heavy Goods Vehicles in the United Kingdom in the second quarter. The current install base could increase GreenCheck’s gross revenue by $8.8 million Euros over the next 4 years.

“We are very pleased with the North American and European market development for the ERD and expect to see continued installations and interest in the coming quarters,” commented Lincoln Parke, President of GreenChek. “The interest in our ERD 2.0 has been overwhelming in the truck transportation sector.”

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GreenCheck Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) Helps Locomotive Industry Keep Emissions within New Standards

April 9, 2009

GreenChek Technologies Inc. recently announced the addition of a new product to its solutions suite. The GreenChek engineering team has been able to take its base Emission Reduction Device (ERD) and configure a specific design for the locomotive industry. While negotiations with U.S. Rail companies are still underway, GreekChek has already scheduled the first installation of the locomotive ERD units in Europe.

In March 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency passed a three-step program that would significantly reduce the emissions produced by diesel locomotives. Existing locomotives of all types, such as switch, line-haul, and passenger rail, will be included by the new ruling. The new EPA standard will require locomotives to reduce the particulate matter emission by 90% and nitrous oxide emissions by 80%.

According to Lincoln Parke, President of GreenChek, “This new ERD, designed for locomotives, allows our company to initiate our strategic plan to penetrate the locomotive vertical market. These new US EPA standards indicate that there is an increasing demand for emission reduction devices. Our new locomotive ERD further illustrates that GreenChek is well positioned at the forefront of this new green economy.”

Rather than recreate the traditional combustion engines of today, GreekChek is an innovative company focused on bringing its patent-pending hydrogen technology to the market to reduce the amount of unwanted emissions produced by existing combustion engines. The company’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology can be added to an existing engine to not only reduce emissions, but also increase the horsepower output and the fuel efficiency of a traditional engine.

Rather than purchase a whole new fleet of vehicles that are more environmentally-friendly, the GreenChek ERD units allow companies to take a less costly and more streamlined approach by retrofitting current fleet vehicle engines to meet new globally-conscious emission standards.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Safely Reduces Emissions Produced by Transportation Industry

April 6, 2009

Over the last decade many influential Americans have joined the revolution to create a more environmentally-friendly world. After the release of Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, everyday citizens joined the cause. Based upon consumer demand and a change in governmental focus, businesses are now creating “greener” products. The majority of products that we find in stores today are shipped via train and shipping trucks. GreenChek Technology, Inc. has developed technology that will reduce the pollution and unwanted emissions created by the transportation industry.

Fuels produced with heavy fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulphur and particulate matter. GreenChek’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology significantly reduces the emissions produced by traditional combustion engines while improving both the fuel efficiency and horsepower output. The company’s patent-pending ERD™ 1.0 (Emission Reduction Device) uses the OHGI technology and can be adapted to all combustion engines.

The ERD 1.0 converts water into hydrogen gas, which is then added into the combustion engine. The addition of the hydrogen gas lowers the amount of fossil fuel used by an engine while it increases the efficiency of the process. To power up the unit, a consumer does not need to purchase and add any unusual chemicals into the unit. The ERD 1.0 only works when the combustion engine is in use and when there is water in the unit’s reservoir. If a consumer were to forget to replenish the reservoir, the ERD 1.0 will not be activated since no water is present.

The ERD 1.0 will not produce any adverse effects to the existing combustion system. Since the unit only benefits an engine’s function, basic vehicle warranties are not voided by the addition of the ERD 1.0. Studies have shown that engines will actually operate at a lower operating temperature than normal when an ERD unit is added, which results in reduced wear and tear on an engine.

GreenChek has decided to focus its marketing efforts to companies with fleet vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and locomotives. European companies and municipalities in Europe have shown a strong interest in incorporating the ERD units to their trucking fleets. GreenChek is also evaluating the opportunity to approach the aviation and ocean-faring companies with the OHGI technology.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Has a Strong Hold on the Future

April 2, 2009

GreenCheck Technology, Inc. is working hard to secure a bright future, and not just for itself. The San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company has latched on to a technology that offers multiple benefits to future generations, while ensuring itself a profitable place at the table.

The technology is the rapidly growing field of Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection, OHGI, and it represents a unique way of dealing with the many problems brought on by the use of fossil fuels. OHGI is drawing a lot of attention due to its many beneficial features related to vehicle emission reduction.

• Reduces emissions by as much as 50%
• Increases horsepower and fuel efficiency, while reducing costs
• Resides onboard the vehicle, and does not require large outside distribution infrastructure
• Has none of the safety concerns of stored hydrogen
• Reduces engine wear and decreases maintenance
• Can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles
• Is also available for stationary use
• Is scalable to any size vehicle
• Is ready for use today

GreenChek’s patent-pending OHGI system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions. It allows companies to reduce fuel expenditures without having to purchase expensive new hybrids or other vehicles. The company is currently targeting the most significant sources of vehicular pollution, trucks and locomotives, but it also has plans for the marine industry, where it can reduce emissions as well as ocean acidification.

The company expects significant support from increased government regulations. Emission reductions are being mandated across Europe, and the OHGI technology meets their existing green industry standards. GreenChek is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, and this will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold in the near future.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Offers Simple Solution for Biggest Problem

March 30, 2009

GreenCheck Technology, Inc. has a solution for what could be the century’s biggest problem. Over and above immediate concerns about the economy, and other ongoing social/organizational issues, looms the increasing sense that we are rapidly losing control of our physical world. The biggest single variable in the world, our climate, is becoming a runaway train. To make matters worse, the common answers being proposed are bogged down in controversy, which is understandable since they usually involve commitments of decades and billions of dollars.

Enter GreenChek Technology, a San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company, and key player in the emerging field of Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection, OHGI. GreenCheck’s patent pending OHGI system provides an immediate way that all types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to locomotives and ships, can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the prime suspect in global warming. It’s immediate because the technology doesn’t require development and investment in huge new energy distribution systems. Nor does it require a major industrial overhaul in the production of new vehicles, or years of waiting for the replacement of existing vehicles.

GreenChek’s OHGI system is available now, ready for installation on existing vehicles, a retrofit that is already being targeted at commercial trucking fleets and locomotives, two of the biggest emission sources. The deceptively simple onboard system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions by as much as 50%. As if that weren’t enough, the system has the important side benefit of boosting fuel economy.

Today, with governments all over the world anticipating continually tightening emission restrictions, and rewarding compliant companies with a variety of financial incentives, GreenChek sees its market as virtually any vehicle on the planet that uses an internal combustion engine. Of primary initial interest is the trucking industry, the source of nearly 30% of worldwide global greenhouse gas output, along with the locomotive industry, another big polluter. Both industries are faced with the new European Union regulatory requirements aimed at:

• Reducing emissions
• Increasing fuel efficiency
• Reducing energy expenditures and increasing profitability

GreenChek’s OHGI technology addresses all three of these goals, and is available now. It’s why GreenChek has positioned itself to be the preeminent company in this new world industry.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Presents Clearly Defined Mission

March 26, 2009

GreenCheck Technology, Inc. has staked out a role for itself in the world’s future that most companies would envy for its clarity and credibility. The San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company looks forward to a global market for its products that could grow indefinitely, fueled by increasing pressure from world governments, and the public, to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Specifically, the company’s stated mission is to become the pre-eminent supplier of OHGI technology for mobile transportation and industrial power generation applications while positively impacting the environment. And right now there is no company in a better position to realize that vision.

OHGI stands for Onboard Hydrogen Generation & Injection, and it provides an immediate solution to the transportation industry for fossil fuel emissions. By way of an onboard system, hydrogen is extracted from water and injected into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions by as much as 50%. The process also has the important side benefit of improving fuel economy.

GreenChek’s plan for moving forward is as well defined as its goal with a three-pronged approach for progress:

1) Extensive commercial utilization of OHGI technology as it applies to mobile applications

2) Continued development of market-ready products through the effective leveraging of human and technological resources

3) Focusing efforts and expanding product markets through joint-ventures, mergers, or acquisitions

Their current emphasis is on the key global growth markets for their technology: mobile transportation and industrial power generation, with a primary emphasis on retrofitting of commercial truck fleets and locomotives, two of the biggest emission sources.

On the basis of 3rd party independent test results, the company is convinced that OHGI provides an immediate solution to the transportation industry for greenhouse gases precipitated by fossil fuel emissions. Green house gas emission reductions are being mandated across Europe and this technology meets the existing “Carbon Credit” green industry standards. GreenChek is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, which will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold in the near future.

Because of this, the company expects tremendous demand for its Emission Reduction Devices (ERDs) by the mobile transportation industry. However, the scalability and versatility of OHGI technology allows future generations of products to be easily adaptable, allowing GreenChek to aggressively penetrate and establish market share in many additional industries.

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GreenChek Technology (GCHK.OB) Poised To Reclaim the Environment

March 23, 2009

GreenChek Technology has a stated focus of “giving back to the environment while redesigning the future”. A lot of companies talk “green”, but GreenChek can back up everything they say. The key is a unique technology called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI), a way of using hydrogen to increase engine efficiency and greatly reduce emissions.

Hydrogen has long been known as a way of improving the fuel combustion process, but a system that can generate hydrogen onsite or onboard a vehicle represents a huge step in making the benefits of hydrogen immediately available to the marketplace. Much of the talk about hydrogen as a vehicle energy source has revolved around the development of complex technologies and a vast hydrogen distribution network, things that, even optimistically, could take decades to achieve. But GreenChek’s patent-pending OHGI technology involves none of that, and, in fact, is already available for both mobile and stationary use.

GreenChek’s OHGI allows companies and individuals to reduce fuel expenditures without having to purchase an expensive new hybrid vehicle. In addition, OHGI increases horsepower, improves engine life, and reduces maintenance costs. More importantly, emissions are lowered by as much as 50%, as verified by a world class 3rd party testing organization, Clean Air Technologies International.

Additionally, the technology is scalable for application to any industry. While GreenChek is currently going after the mobile transportation sectors of trucks and locomotives, a major pollution source, they also have a strategic plan to pursue the marine industry, which continues to experience challenges from excessive shipping emissions and ocean acidification due to dissolving carbon dioxide.

To GreenChek, the social and environmental benefits are clear: less dependence upon fossil fuels and their foreign suppliers, and less pollution of the air and water. As stated by Lincoln Parke, GreenChek president and CEO, “I believe that the abuse of our environment must stop and we need alternative fuel sources to combat the rising cost of fossil fuels. Excessive worldwide emissions need to be reined back immediately. It would be very easy to say that with recently announced G8 initiatives to cut worldwide emissions by half by 2050 we can leave it to future generations to repair the damage to our environment. However, we at GreenChek believe that we must do something about this today and we must begin minimizing emissions immediately. This was the premise behind the conception of GreenChek.”

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GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) Makes Waves with Strong Corporate Team

March 19, 2009

GreenChek Technology has been gaining recognition by providing innovative world-class mobile Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions reduction technology, while greatly enhancing fuel economy for the mobile transportation industry. GreenChek’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology is positioned to occupy the pre-eminent position in the emerging market for emissions reduction technology and fuel economy enhancement. A large reason for the new-found success of GreenChek is their strong leadership.

Leading the way at GreenChek is Lincoln Parke who serves as the young company’s President and CEO. Parke has over 20 years of management experience and much of it includes management of emerging technologies as well as international business management. Parke has a strong international reputation because of the management positions he has held in financial, manufacturing and distribution SME in Canada and China. Parke is a graduate of the University of Toronto Bachelor of Commerce program and is the man responsible for developing GreenChek’s business development strategy that has made the company an emerging leader in their field.

Another leader at GreenChek is Antoinette Boquiren who serves as their CFO. Boquiren joined the company on August 28, 2008 and brings to GreenChek extensive experience in financial management and compliance issues. Boquiren has one of the more impressive resumes of any corporate leader. She is a CPA with 15 years experience in business management and accounting. Boquiren is also a partner at Global Forensic Consultants Ltd., which is a Hong Kong Firm specializing in forensic accounting and providing investigative accounting services to clients in Asia, United Kingdom and the United States.

Boquiren graduated with honors from the University of Alberta, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Statistics in 1989 and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1992. To go along with her impressive resume, Boquiren is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Forensic Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Business Valuator Accredited in Litigation (BVAL).

With Parke and Boquiren leading the way, and unique technology in place, GreenChek is poised to become a major player in the alternative energy market.

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GreenChek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) Offers a Unique Environmental Answer

March 16, 2009

GreenCheck Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) is becoming a global leader in an industry that remains largely unknown to the general public, although this is starting to change. When most people think of environmental and energy issues, and how to address them, they can be forgiven for thinking only in terms of hybrid cars, or sun and wind power, or perhaps bio-fuels. But there is a separate industry, based upon grass-roots growth versus big industrial capital, which offers a unique approach to the challenge of both environmental protection and energy independence.

The technology is called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI), and, although it involves hydrogen, it does not require billions of dollars in infrastructure for implementation. That’s because, as its name implies, the hydrogen is generated onboard, meaning it does not need massive hydrogen generation facilities and distribution channels. The hydrogen, once generated, is then used to improve the overall combustion process, making the engine run more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing emissions by as much as 50%.

Emission reductions this significant won’t remain under the public radar for long, especially when they could apply to virtually any transportation vehicle anywhere in the world, including major sources of pollution like trucks, ships, and railway engines. Such heavy emitters are targets of heavy penalties from government regulations, particularly considering European Union and Kyoto Protocol requirements. People are increasingly anxious for economically viable solutions to environmental problems that will pay for themselves sooner rather than later.

OHGI offers the opportunity to dramatically decrease emissions of greenhouse gases, while also increasing fuel efficiency and reducing operating costs. It’s a double benefit of particular value to commercial applications, like trucking. It’s estimated that nearly 30% of worldwide greenhouse gas output comes from the trucking industry, and government pressure on truckers represents a potentially huge financial hit. But now, instead of having to replace entire fleets, a relatively simple and inexpensive retrofit could let them meet emission requirements while actually reducing their fuel costs.

Although it’s true that nobody knows for certain how all of this will play out, GreenChek Technologies is already taking a leading role as one of the primary producers and distributors of the OHGI solution. The company, with its patent pending technology, has a clear goal, to be the preeminent company in the OHGI industry.

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GreenChek Technologies Inc. (GCHK.OB) Advances to ERD 2.0 Technology

March 12, 2009

GreenChek Technologies Inc., provider of hydrogen based technology for mobile transportation and stationary power generation applications, was pleased to announce this morning that it has released ERD 2.0.

The company’s new ERD 2.0 technology requires less maintenance and facilitates the linking of units together in a modular format for greater efficiency. By linking units together, further fuel cost savings and greater emission reduction are realized, while maintaining durability and overall quality to ensure that the systems have a long life.

“We are very pleased with our ERD development,” stated Lincoln Parke, President of GreenChek. “This opens the door for GreenChek to implement its fuel saving and emission reduction technology to a wider range of vertical markets, in the future.”

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Greencheck Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) Set to Grow as Green Energy Sector Receives Governmental Funding

March 11, 2009

The United States is well-known for technological advances since our nation was founded. The telegraph, the light bulb, and the sewing machine are just a sample of the early entrepreneurial spirit in our country. But what people don’t seem to know is that by the government has played a huge role in the development of many ground-breaking industries. With the Obama administration focused on the development of environmentally-friendly fuel alternatives, Greenchek Technology Inc (GCHK.OB) is a company on the cusp of tremendous growth.

A brief look at history confirms that when the U.S. government backs a new technology, the niche many times ends up flourishing. In the 1940s, the government backed the defense industry and it grew exponentially and remains strong to this day. The 50’s and 60’s saw an explosion of activity in the automotive, aviation, and electronics industries. When the Department of Defense put a focus on the fledgling microchip industry, the computer science industry suddenly became a viable sector.

Larry Ellison is one person who benefited from the government’s focus on the computer industry. Ellison’s company, Oracle, created the complex but user-friendly software that the smaller and faster computers would use. When Ellison founded Oracle in the 1980s, it traded as a penny stock and was able to secure a small contract with the Central Intelligence Agency. Some of those that followed the government’s lead and purchased Oracle when it was just a penny stock realized gains of over 8,000%. Just over 20 years after Oracle was founded, Ellison is now ranked 14th on the Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world.

A more recent example is in 2005 when President Bush passed the Energy Policy Act that included a mandate to increase the amount of bio-fuel mixed with gas sold in the United States. Ethanol has proven to be a key additive and since 2005 the yearly ethanol production has more than doubled. Monsato is an agricultural company that has a division that sells genetically modified corn, which is used as a raw material for ethanol. Prior to 2005, Monsato stock traded around $17 per share. Since the passing of the Energy Policy Act, Monsato’s stock has soared upwards of $140 per share, which resulted in more than 748% gain for some investors.

With the passing of the stimulus package, the alternative fuel sector will receive four times as much funding than previously allocated. Greenchek has developed a hydrogen injection technology that has been proven to reduce the amount of emissions and reduce automotive fuel consumption. The Greenchek technology meets President Obama’s primary goal of being environmentally conscious and saving consumers’ money.

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Replacing Gasoline With Water

Run your car on water? It sounds too good to be true; replacing one of the most expensive commodities with one of the cheapest. But they’re starting to do it.

Well not exactly. Instead of actually replacing all the gasoline in the car with water, what they’re doing is extracting hydrogen from water and then using that hydrogen to augment the gasoline supply, providing better mileage and a reduction in emissions. It’s called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI).

Here’s how it works. As a standard vehicle engine runs, part of the energy produced is used to generate electricity. This is normal, and is used to run the many electrical components of the car, as well as charge the vehicle’s battery so you can later start the car after it’s shut off. But with an OHGI system, a portion of that electricity is used for separating distilled water into its two base elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The system then injects the hydrogen (and oxygen) into the vehicle’s engine, where it improves the combustion process, significantly increasing mileage while reducing emissions.

If this all sounds too simple, like some kind of parlor trick, it does have its critics. They say due to inevitable inefficiencies, it will take more energy to split the hydrogen from the water than could possibly be recaptured in the combustion process. But others are quick to point out that the process doesn’t involve just the creation and burning of hydrogen, but rather with improving the efficiency of the overall combustion process, and that’s where the net gain comes from.

In any event, there is no shortage of supporters, including corporations, pointing not only to their own experiences but to results from a variety of independent tests. There’s no question in their minds that the technology does indeed boost gas mileage and reduce emissions.

A number of companies are profiting from the new interest in hydrogen, although most are not directly related to OHGI:

• Air Products & Chemicals (NYSE: APD) is the world’s largest supplier of merchant hydrogen and an industry leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The company is working to bring safe, low-cost hydrogen production to the marketplace.
• Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: QTWW) supplies hydrogen storage products for OEM vehicle applications, refueling systems for fuel cell vehicles, and hydrogen-powered concept cars built from the ground up.
• Ballard Power Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLDP) designs and manufactures clean energy hydrogen fuel cells. The company’s fuel cell technology is ideal for transit operators that wish to make their bus fleets cleaner and more efficient.
• FuelCell Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: FCEL), a leading developer and producer of stationary fuel cells, has begun building a DFC-H2 demonstration unit designed to produce electricity and heat while also generating hydrogen gas for transportation.

One company that is very much a part of the OHGI move, however, is San Francisco based GreenChek Technology, Inc., (GCHK.OB) which calls its patent-pending system the most efficient and reliable product on the market, basing its claims on third-party testing carried out at Clean Air Technologies International in Buffalo, NY. Its OHGI system is adaptable to any combustion engine, regardless of fuel source, and is designed to improve gas mileage by at least 5% to 15%, while reducing emissions by as much as 50%. In addition, it can be retrofitted to any vehicle, creating a target market of virtually every car, truck, train, and ship in the world.

In an increasingly green obsessed world, water may turn out to be the hottest fuel on the planet.

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GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB) is “One to Watch”

February 27, 2009

GreenChek Technology Inc. provides world-class mobile Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction technology, while greatly enhancing fuel economy for the mobile transportation industry. The company’s mission is to become the pre-eminent supplier of Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology for mobile transportation and industrial power generation applications.

GreenChek’s patent-pending OHGI technology efficiently separates distilled water (H2O) into its two base elements, hydrogen and oxygen, two of the most abundant elements on the planet. By injecting the elements into a traditional combustion engine, OHGI technology significantly decreases emissions and reduces fuel consumption. The only by-product is safe, clean, water vapor with reduced greenhouse gases.

GreenChek has designed its revolutionary Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology to take a leading position in the emerging market for emissions reduction technology and fuel economy enhancement. Through this technology, the company offers a clean, safe, inexpensive, alternative energy solution for the mobile transportation and industrial power generative industries as well as for individual consumers.

GreenChek intends to leverage its proven in-house expertise in OHGI technology to achieve long-term growth, while emerging as a global leader in the development and production of emission reducing devices for mobile and power generative applications. The scalability and versatility of the company’s OHGI technology allows easy adaptability, enabling aggressively penetration and the opportunity to establish market share in numerous industries.

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GreenChek Technology Inc. (GCHK.OB): Cutting-Edge Technology, Revolutionary Profits?

November 17, 2008

GreenChek Technology (GCHK) is a maker of a hydrogen-generating system that helps internal combustion engines burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently. The company’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation (OHG) system produces and then injects hydrogen gas into a regular internal combustion engine. Hydrogen enhances the combustion process by allowing a more complete fuel burn while significantly reducing harmful emissions typically consisting of unspent fuel. GreenChek has operations in the U.S., Canada, Asia and Europe.

The Onboard technology is also used for emissions reduction technology and fuel economy enhancement in trucks, locomotives, and automobile engines. Independent studies have shown that GreenChek’s technology lowers emissions by as much as 50%, reduces fuel consumption, increases horsepower, improves engine life, reduces maintenance costs and requires only minimal driver maintenance and intervention. The company is forming partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as TNT and Norbert Dentressangle Group, as well as with the French government and conducting field trials of its technology

Last week, California-based GreenChek announced it signed a distribution agreement with Technical Environmental Solutions Europe Ltd. to bolster its presence in the European market. GreenChek has said it is counting on international markets to be key distribution points for many of its products. Analyst coverage of GreenChek’s shares has been scant to this point, though Beacon Equity Research rates the shares a “buy” with a one-year price target of $3.42. The market for carbon dioxide emissions reduction is estimated to be $500 billion annually, so potential investors could be getting on the forefront of this boom with GreenChek’s shares.

Shares of GreenChek, formerly known as Ridgestone Resources Inc., closed at 70 cents on Friday and have traded between 44 cents and $1.18 over the past 52 weeks. The company has a market value of $44.8 million and was founded in 2006. GreenChek has about 64 million shares outstanding, most of which are owned by insiders.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Greenchek Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB)

October 29, 2008

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, GreenChek Technology Inc. manufactures and distributes hydrogen injection technology. The company operates in the United States, Canada, Asia, and in Europe. Their hydrogen injection technology is for mobile transportation and stationary power generation applications. While enhancing fuel economy for the mobile transportation industry, GreenChek also provides innovative mobile Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction technology.

GreenChek developed their Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology. Their OHGI technology is available for retrofitting into trucks, locomotives, and most automobile engines. The company’s technology runs on distilled water. Water separates into Hydrogen and Oxygen through an electrolysis process powered by a car battery. This then receives reinjection into the vehicle’s engine. The burned hydrogen fuel reverts to clean water vapor instead of green house gases.

GreenChek’s ERD™ 1.0 is a patent pending device that allows any internal combustion engine to operate with reduced emissions and greater fuel economy. Effectiveness of their OHGI technology has received verification by Clean Air Technologies International Inc., who specializes in real-time vehicle and engine exhaust measurements. Emissions lessened by up to 50 percent and fuel economy was enhanced an average of eight percent after significant third party testing on the ERD™ 1.0.

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  • Liquor Group Wholesale Inc. LIQR (22)
  • Inc. LFLS (47)
  • LOGIC Devices Inc. LOGC (1)
  • Logility Inc. LGTY (1)
  • LoJack Corp LOJN (3)
  • Longhai Steel Inc. LGHS (10)
  • LottoGopher Holdings Inc. LTTGF (26)
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. LTUS (1)
  • Low Carbon Technologies (LWCTF) (3)
  • Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI (17)
  • Mabwe Minerals Inc. MBMI (56)
  • Macquarie Infrastructure Company MIC (5)
  • Maine and Maritime Corp. MMA (1)
  • Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL (6)
  • Makeup Inc. MAKU (2)
  • Mammoth Energy Group Inc. MMTE (5)
  • Mantra Venture Group Ltd. MVTG (10)
  • Marijuana Company of America, Inc. MCOA (37)
  • Mariner’s Choice International Inc. MCII (2)
  • Martin Nutraceuticals MNIU (11)
  • Material Technologies Inc. MTCH (44)
  • Max Media Group Inc. MXMI (9)
  • Max Sound Corp. MAXD (30)
  • MC Endeavors Inc. MSMY (2)
  • MedeFile International Inc. MDFI (46)
  • MediaG3 Inc. MDGC (1)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) (13)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions REFG (19)
  • Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. MIHI (16)
  • Medical Transcription Billing Corp. MTBC (13)
  • Medina International Holdings Inc. MIHI (3)
  • Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH (3)
  • Medivisor Inc. MVSR (1)
  • Mega Media Group, Inc. MMDA (30)
  • MegaWest Energy Corporation MGWSF (2)
  • Memry Corp. MRY (2)
  • Metro One Development Inc. MODI (2)
  • Mexico Energy Corp. MXC (1)
  • MGX Minerals, Inc. MGXMF (52)
  • Micro Identification Technologies Inc. MMTC (44)
  • MicrocapMoney (2)
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT (4)
  • Midway Gold Corp. MDW (1)
  • Military Resale Group MYRL (19)
  • Minco Silver Corp. MSV.TO (1)
  • Mindpix Corp. MNDP (1)
  • MIP Solutions Inc. MSOL (7)
  • MIT Holding MITD (36)
  • MitoPharm Corp. MTPH (1)
  • Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. MZTI (14)
  • Mobile Entertainment Inc. MBEI (1)
  • Mobile Lads Corp. MOBO (43)
  • Momentous Entertainment Group Inc. MMEG (19)
  • Monaker Group Inc. MKGI (48)
  • Money4Gold Holdings Inc. MFGD (3)
  • Holdings Inc. MBKR (2)
  • Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited MSQ.V (1)
  • Moxian Inc. MOXC (62)
  • mPhase Technologies Inc. XDSL (12)
  • MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. MEVT (4)
  • Muscle Flex Inc. MFLI (55)
  • MusclePharm Corp. MSLP (23)
  • Mvive Inc. MVIV (22)
  • My Automated Advisor (4)
  • MyECheck Inc. MYEC (99)
  • Inc. MYST (1)
  • Nanogen Inc. NGEN (2)
  • Nanometrics Inc. NANO (1)
  • NanoSensors Inc. NNSR (1)
  • NanoTech Entertainment Inc. NTEK (30)
  • Napster, Inc. NAPS (5)
  • National Automation Services Inc. NASV (67)
  • National Coal Corp. NCOC (2)
  • National Waste Management Holdings Inc. NWMH (24)
  • Naturally Iowa Inc. NLIA (2)
  • NavStar Technologies Inc. NVSR (16)
  • nCoat Inc NCOA (8)
  • Neah Power Systems NPWZ (14)
  • Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT (4)
  • Neoprobe Corp. NEOP (6)
  • NeoStem Inc. NBS (6)
  • Net Element Inc. NETE (19)
  • NetSol Technologies Inc NTWK (64)
  • Neurobiological Technologies Inc. NTII (3)
  • NeuroMama Ltd. NERO (15)
  • Neutra Corp. NTRR (37)
  • New Asia Gold Corp. NWAG (1)
  • New Generation Biofuel Holdings Inc. GNB (3)
  • NewMarket China Inc. NMCH (7)
  • NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT (7)
  • Newport Digital Technologies Inc. NPDT (61)
  • Nexia Holdings Inc. NXHD (51)
  • NexMed Inc. NEXM (8)
  • NeXplore Corp. NXPC (4)
  • Next One Interactive Inc. NXOI (7)
  • NextGen Bioscience Inc. NXGB (1)
  • NextPhase Wireless Inc. NPHS (1)
  • Nexus Enterprise Solutions Inc. NXES (30)
  • NF Energy Saving Corp. of America NFES (1)
  • Nhale Inc. NHLE (18)
  • Nilam Resources Inc. NILR (4)
  • Nitro Petroleum Inc. NTRO (5)
  • North Bay Resources Inc. NBRI (10)
  • NuTech Inc. NTCI (1)
  • Nutra Pharma Corp. NPHC (21)
  • NutraNomics Inc. NNRX (30)
  • NuVim Inc. NUVM (1)
  • NVIDIA Corp. NVDA (1)
  • NXGen Holdings Inc. NXGH (1)
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions Inc. OGES (63)
  • Obee's Franchise Systems Inc. OBFM (1)
  • OBJ Enterprises Inc. OBJE (27)
  • Odyne Corporation ODYC (15)
  • Omega Commercial Finance Corp. OCFN (2)
  • OmniaLuo Inc. OLUO (1)
  • Omnicity Corp. OMCY (26)
  • Omninet Media.Com, Inc. ONMC (5)
  • On The Go Healthcare Inc. MODI (13)
  • On the Move Systems Inc. OMVS (102)
  • Oncolin Therapeutics Inc. OCOL (1)
  • One Step Vending Corp. KOSK (2)
  • One World Holdings Inc. OWOO (61)
  • Ones to Watch (1,353)
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  • Open Energy Corp. OEGY (4)
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  • Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. ORMP (2)
  • Organic Alliance Inc. ORGC (2)
  • ORHub, Inc. ORHB (32)
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  • OxySure Systems Inc. OXYS (23)
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  • Pamplona Picks (1)
  • Pan Global Corp. PGLO (82)
  • PanGenex Corp. PGCX (3)
  • Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. PZG (3)
  • Patient Access Solutions Inc. PASO (7)
  • Patriot Energy Corp. dba TelTeck Solutions Inc PGYC.PK (11)
  • Patriot One Technologies, Inc. PTOTF (25)
  • Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC (6)
  • Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. PAE (1)
  • Peoples Educational Holdings Inc. PEDH (2)
  • Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. PGOG (12)
  • Perfect Web Technologies, Inc PWBI (11)
  • Perfectenergy International Ltd. PFGY (1)
  • Performance Health Technologies Inc. PFMH (31)
  • Pet DRX Corp. VETS (1)
  • Petro Resources Corp. PRC (2)
  • Petrogress, Inc. PGAS (27)
  • PetroSun Inc. PSUD (41)
  • Petroteq Energy Inc. PQEFF (50)
  • Phantom Fiber Corp. PHFB (2)
  • Pilot Financial Communications (3)
  • Pipex Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP (2)
  • PITOOEY! Inc. PTOO (14)
  • Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVOTF (1)
  • Planet Nutrition Inc. PNHL (4)
  • Platina Energy Group Inc. PLTG (8)
  • PlayBOX Inc. PYBX (5)
  • Players Network PNTV (15)
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. PSTI (10)
  • Positron Corp. POSC (3)
  • PotNetwork Holding, Inc. POTN (59)
  • Power of the Dream Ventures (1)
  • Power Play Development Corp. PWPY (17)
  • Powersafe Technology Corp. PWSF (1)
  • Premier Energy Corp. PNRC (1)
  • Pressure BioSciences Inc. PBIO (41)
  • PreveCeutical Medical Inc. PRVCF (22)
  • PRG Group Inc. PRGJ (2)
  • PrimEdge Inc. PEDI (1)
  • Private Equity Securities (93)
  • Pro Motors Group Corp. PMGU (2)
  • Pro Travel Network Inc. PTVL (2)
  • ProBility Media Corp. PBYA (33)
  • ProGaming Platforms Corp. PPTF (22)
  • Proginet Corp. PRGF (3)
  • Prom Resources PRMO (9)
  • Propalms Inc. PRPM (3)
  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVCT (12)
  • Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE (23)
  • Pulmo BioTech Inc. PLMO (4)
  • Puramed Bioscience Inc. PMBS (3)
  • Pure Biofuels Corp. PBOF (4)
  • Pure H2O Inc. PURH (1)
  • Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. PNOW (99)
  • Purio Inc. PURO (5)
  • Puritan Financial Group Inc. PTNG (1)
  • Purple Beverage Company Inc. PPBV (8)
  • QED Connect Inc. QEDC (4)
  • Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc. XING (2)
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  • Rancher Energy Corp. RNCH (9)
  • Raptor Resources Holdings Inc. RRHI (50)
  • Raven Gold Corp. RVNG (3)
  • Red Lake Exploration Inc. RLKX (19)
  • RegalWorks Media Inc. RWMI (4)
  • Regenicin, Inc. RGIN (6)
  • Reign Sapphire Corp. RGNP (13)
  • Reliant Financial Services Inc. RFNS (1)
  • Renhuang Pharmaceuticals Inc. RHGP (3)
  • ReoStar Energy Corp. REOS (1)
  • Resort Savers Inc. (RSSV) (10)
  • Revett Minerals (1)
  • RJD Green Inc. RJDG (19)
  • Rock Energy Resources Inc. RCKE (4)
  • Rodman & Renshaw (432)
  • Ronn Motor Company Inc. RNNM (6)
  • Rox Resources Ltd. RXRS (3)
  • Royal Quantum Group, Inc. RYQG (10)
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  • Rudy Nutrition RUNU (27)
  • RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. RXII (3)
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  • Santa Fe Holding Company SFHD (3)
  • Save The World Air Inc. ZERO (12)
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  • SilverSun Technologies Inc. SSNT (30)
  • Simtrol Inc. SMRL (74)
  • Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. SMEV (130)
  • Singlepoint Inc. SING (150)
  • Sino Agro Food Inc. SIAF (1)
  • Sinobiomed Inc. SOBM (4)
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  • South Sea Energy Corp. SSGY (7)
  • Soyo Group Inc SOYO (2)
  • SpaceDev Inc. SPDV (5)
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  • Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. TADF (15)
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  • TapImmune, Inc. TPIV (15)
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