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Greenstone Holdings Inc. (GSHN.PK) Introduces Anz Ceramic Coating for Construction Hard-hats

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

In many markets, the larger companies are often responsible for rolling out new lines of products designed to make markets go. Unfortunately, many of these products are dreamt up by somebody in a lab or behind a desk. Getting into the field to really find out what’s what is all too often neglected. For those companies and investors willing to get down into the mud, there is a profit to be made in places that may have been overlooked.

Greenstone Holdings Inc., a specialty chemicals developer and marketer, works to develop and market construction-related coatings, sealants, and material-specific protective chemical products. The company markets its products through direct sales channels, distributors and partnerships. Its flagship product is called GreenShield, which works to protect construction materials from moisture damage.

Currently, the company has a small but growing stable of products. For the most part, each product is designed to increase efficiency on a job site in one way or another. Its GreenShield product is not only a money saver in its ability to reduce material waste, but to keep workers moving and on schedule. This is accomplished by not needing them to deal with damaged materials. In the same vein, the company’s Anz ceramic coating is designed to keep worker’s heads cooler by placing a coating on their hard hats. In this case, a cooler head means a more productive worker.

Greenstone Holdings is a company on the move. Its major thrust is to address those issues that are always griped about but never really addressed. In all likelihood, the company will find its brands being sold to the bidder that wants to add them to their own stable of products. The construction chemicals business may be dominated by the “big boys,” but new products and profit often come from the small company right there on the site asking questions and giving answers.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Greenstone Holdings, Inc. (GSHN.PK)

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Greenstone Holdings, Inc. (GSHN.PK) manufactures and sells chemicals utilized to enhance wood and paper product’s resistance to the environment. The Company’s products primarily include GreenShield, a proprietary chemical process to create composite material from wood, paper, and other material; and RockKote, which can be used on existing decks and playground equipment to stop harmful chemicals from leaching out.

Greenstone is in the business of providing a variety of unique chemical technologies that are primarily used in the building and construction industry. The Company’s first brand name product, GreenShield™, offers a “green” solution to protect wood based building materials and other products including lumber, logs, plywood, drywall, window, door, railroad ties, fencing, and utility poles from moisture and fire. The $25 billion water damage market is one example of many that the GreenShield sealer can find a niche in.

Greenstone also distributes Green-Dri™, revolutionary biological dry kiln for drying wood; Permeate™, a very unique chemical sealer for metal, concrete, and other construction material; MagneLine ®, a very strong polymer cement mortar to reinforce metal and concrete structures such as bridges and highways; and Crystal-Guard™, an asbestos encapsulant that enables the economical detoxification of removed asbestos.

The demand for environmentally friendly chemicals that can improve the durability of wood products and extend their service life is on the rise. According to data provided by insurance companies, homeowner’s insurance claims arising out of water damages, including mold, rot and freezing, exceeds $25 billion annually.

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