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GREM USA (GRMU.OB) Begins Talks with Top Guitar Manufacturer

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Preliminary talks have commenced between GREM USA (OTC BB: GRMU), a rapidly growing design and manufacturing company of custom hand-crafted electric guitars, and a renowned guitar manufacturer in regards to a possible merger. The name of the manufacturer will be announced on a later date following a formal agreement of a letter of intent. It has been confirmed that the manufacturer is a nationally recognized leader in producing guitars throughout the United States and internationally, with revenues in the tens of millions of dollars, and is believed to meet the requirements for listing on NASDAQ National Market. GREM watched their stock increase 260.00% at the closing of Friday’s trading.

The merger would yield GREM the acquisition of a complementary business vehicle which it may use to access new public markets and enhance shareholder base. Benefits of the merger would include an increase of production at GREM’s manufacturing facility with the assistance of the manufacturer, substantial tax advantages to the manufacturer, and strong brand recognition of GREM guitars in the high-end market. GREM intends to continue producing guitars from their manufacturing plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana and would inherit thousands of additional distribution channels for their custom guitars. Certain officers and directors of GREM would be replaced by the manufacturer’s own personnel, although GREM is the anticipated surviving entity.

This merger is in its initial stages and may take months to complete, if both parties agree to the terms. GREM believes that the impact of the proposed merger will be very beneficial to common shareholders. If the agreement does fall through, the shareholders would have the opportunity to become part of a prosperous and mature company that could be listed on a major national exchange. It is the belief of the management that, since the manufacturer is well-known, there would be no difficulty in attracting new investors to the new entity.

“We’re excited about the beginning of this process, and believe it could be a historic transaction in the US markets. Every way we’ve looked at this, it makes a lot of sense. Given our current market capitalization of fewer than 500 thousand dollars, we think the merger process with a Manufacturer of this magnitude would add substantial value to our shareholders,” said Edward Miers, president of GREM USA. “If we are able to consummate this process, it would effectively result in GREM shareholders, who may have acquired our shares while we were valued at a couple hundred thousand dollars, a million dollars, or even several million dollars, to own a near-proportionate interest in a Manufacturer that could easily be expected to garner capitalizations exponentially higher than levels GREM has ever achieved. We believe this transaction would result in all shareholders experiencing a considerable appreciation in the value of their holdings, and that’s why we’re going to work diligently to make this transaction a reality.”

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Stock Guru Featured Client: GREM USA (GRMU.OB)

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

GREM USA (GRMU.OB) is a company focused on designing and manufacturing their own line of custom, handcrafted guitars. The company is a leader in producing high quality, handcrafted guitar instruments for the music products industry.

As of March 2008, the company had 41 Custom Grem Guitars in production. Grem has nine distinct models of electric guitars that have been prototyped and built. Grem’s guitar models include the Uppercut, The Standard, The Free Radical, The Free Radical Bill Leverty edition, The Ace, and a Special Edition line. The company plans on improving their production methods to keep up with the high demand for their quality guitars. Grem has filled orders for several select customers and artists through their 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

GREM USA also plans to market their guitars through several exclusive endorsement agreements. The company has one such agreement with U.S. and international recording artist, Bill Leverty. Grem has a similar endorsement agreement with U.S. and international recording artist Michael Sweet.

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