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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Healthnostics, Inc. (HNSO.PK)

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Healthnostics, Inc. (HNSO.PK) is a medical and biotechnology analytics Company focused on providing comprehensive patient clinical monitoring and risk management systems to care hospitals, while utilizing its internet portals to deliver medical and biotechnology resource information to industry professionals and the general public.

The Company’s products include MedGuardian, MedBioWorld, FamilyMedicalNet, and I-Link Integration Engine. The management team has many years of experience in the healthcare industry and has a proven, successful track record. Healthnostics has Intellectual Property that has been created as a result of many years of development and its value has already been proved.

Healthnostics generates a majority of its Internet Portal Services revenue through advertisement and the purchase of products and services through affiliated partners. Because the Company has developed semantic search tools, they can generate additional revenue through matched advertising and are only beginning the process of selling sponsorships to medical journals and pharmaceutical companies.

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