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Stock Guru Featured Client: Hemisphere Gold, Inc. (HPGI.PK)

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Hemisphere Gold, Inc. (HPGI.PK) is an exploration and acquisition company focused on gold properties and high yielding, untapped mineral-producing properties. The company is committed to exploring properties around the world in the best gold districts available.

The company’s Suriname property is spread over 72,000 hectares located on a mineral belt in the Surinamese part of the Guyana Shield. The location of the Surname property is integral in making the property an emerging major gold producer. The property is considered underexplored and known to be located on a gold bearing geological formation. Suriname is a democratic country, and mining operations have existed since the 1700’s. Areas in Suriname known to be gold-bearing include Sara Creek, Benzdorp, Nassau, and Saramacca.

Hemisphere utilizes the Belt Play strategy. This strategy is best defined as a company investing in a concession in the same geological belt as known deposits. The company used this increasingly common strategy to acquire the Suriname property and is hopeful that its property will provide good returns for investors. Suriname was ranked the 17th richest country in the world for natural resources by the World Bank in the year 2000.

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