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Monday, June 16th, 2008

Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. (PGOG.OB) is a New York-based biodegradable plastics company. The company’s focus is on the development and global marketing of 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic, food-contact compliant, 100% bio-degradable plastic products. The company currently offers plastic trash and kitchen bags, dropcloths, and pet pick-up-after bags.

Perf Go Green uses recycled plastic bags combined with an oxy-biodegradable proprietary application method to produce the film for the biodegradable bags. This product, when discarded in soil in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen, decomposes into simple materials found in nature. PGOG Green Bags will completely breakdown in a landfill environment in 12-24 months, leaving no residue or harmful toxins. This is a vast improvement over traditional plastic bags, which are estimated to take 1,000 years to degrade.

The potential market for PGOG’s Green Bags is enormous. It is estimated that Americans throw away approximately 100 billion plastic bags a year, and globally there may be a trillion plastic bags used annually. If PGOG gained only a small percentage of this potential market, it would mean millions of dollars in revenues for the company.

There are several macro trends in Perf Go Green’s favor. First is the continuing rise in the price of oil. Since plastic is made from oil, the cost of manufacturing plastic bags is rising and companies are looking for cheaper alternatives. PGOG’s plastic bags are made from recycled plastic, so PGOG does not have to worry as much about the price of oil. Another trend is that major US retailers are going ‘green’. PGOG’s Green Bags are expected be sold, beginning in August, at major retailers such as: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy,, and

Governments are also attempting to go ‘green’, as evidenced by the city of San Francisco banning the use of all traditional plastic grocery bags. China is actually leading the way in this trend and is in the process of moving from plastic grocery bags to other alternatives. This would, of course, be an incredible opportunity if PGOG chooses to pursue it.

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HotOtc Featured Company: USA Superior Energy Holdings Inc. (USSUE.OB) Estimates First Project Value at $122 Million Based on $85 per/Barrel Oil, Pumps 1,000 Barrels in 1st Half of April

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Especially in Texas, hot out-of-the-shoot is the way that most start-up companies want to be thought of. They do their due diligence and make the business go right from the start. There is always a little trepidation when investing in a relatively new company entering an established market, but if its plans workout, there can be a tremendous profit upside.

USA Superior Energy Holdings Inc., an oil and gas exploration and recovery company, works to recover oil and gas from marginalized shallow wells through the use of new technological processes. The company is beginning operations in Texas and is planning projects in Virginia and Tennessee. During 2007, the company worked to build its corporate structure for operations by assembling an experienced team with over 50 years of experience in the oil and gas markets. It also researched and acquired properties where opportunity appears to exist.

The company’s first target property is located at the Bateman fields of Texas. After extensive testing, the company has announced that $122 million of oil at $85 per/barrel is anticipated. As the company fine tunes its nitrogen and horizontal extraction technologies, other possible targets will be addressed in a similar fashion.

What makes the company’s business model work is the remnants of oil left behind after initial drilling and extraction has taken place. In the past, only 15-30% of possible in-ground reserves were extracted given the level of technology used. In today’s technological world, the process of removing in-ground reserves has advanced to a point where the company can remove an additional 15-30% through the processes of nitrogen injection and horizontal drilling.

As the company has made projections based on $85 per barrel of oil, it does appear that it is ready to get up to speed fairly quickly. Its first wells have pumped approximately 1,000 barrels of oil in just the first half of April, with expectations that output will quickly move higher. USA Superior Energy has spent the time to get its corporate self in order and is primed to take advantage of rising prices at the pump.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Basic Earth Science Systems Inc. (BSIC.OB) Brings Two More Facilities On-line with No Surprises

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

As oil and gas prices continue to set new highs, the talk is always about how old wells can be brought back online. The talk, however, always has a “will and can” tense associated with it. In many instances, those that are using these tenses in their discussions are missing the companies that are already there and producing. These companies have the properties, have the wells pumping, and are showing barrels and CF for their efforts at today’s prices.

Basic Earth Science Systems Inc., an oil/gas exploration and development company, works to find and develop existing and undiscovered domestic oil/gas deposits. Its major holdings are working interests in 83 producing oil and 10 gas wells located in North Dakota, Montana, South Texas, Wyoming, on-shore Gulf Coast and Colorado. As of last report, the company has 1,185,000 equivalent barrels of oil reserves.

In many respects, the company is very “old line” in terms of the way it approaches the oil/gas exploration and development business. It focuses on cash generation and practical land acquisition. Since its founding in 1969, the company has experienced both the ups and downs that markets such as oil and gas provide. As such, it has learned quite a bit about how to approach drilling, exploration and land acquisition. In recent years, it found that at $50-60 a barrel, land acquisition did not fit the company profile after it had already met its land acquisition targets. Now, with record prices for oil, the company is reaping the benefits of acquiring land within its target range as it fit the company’s acquisition profile.

Balance is another positive measurement of the company. When management felt that it had met its oil property requirements, it began to understand that its natural gas position was not in line with its property allocation strategy. As a result, the company began investing in on-shore Gulf gas properties it felt had potential for no other reason than it needed balance. These strategic moves have now born out management’s wisdom and a very nice flow of cash. Basic Earth is a long haul company in the oil and gas game. It has been there and back, and made it in one piece.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Domestic Energy Corp. (DMEC.PK) Purchases 90 Gas Wells with Cash and Stock

Friday, May 16th, 2008

With the exception of oil refineries not being able to pass along costs as quickly as oil prices are rising, the energy complex is having a field day in today’s commodities marketplace. Prices continue to rise as pundits wonder just how high they can go. Unlike oil, however, gas is a commodity that has a solid foundation. If a home uses gas to heat or cook, its owners are stuck with paying what the market dictates. This may be true with home heating oil as well, but unlike gasoline, homeowners cannot simply decide to use less; a certain amount of heat is necessary to keep pipes and people from freezing. Taking advantage – as some energy companies are being charged with doing – may offer a moral quandary, but as natural gas prices rise somebody is destined to profit under capitalism.

Domestic Energy Corp., an oil and gas exploration and development company, works to exploit both worked-over and new gas and oil wells in Tennessee shale regions. The company recently announced that it is now actively engaging in the Chattanooga shale regions after test results indicated gas deposits at shallow depths and in sufficient quantities.

In the last year, a competitor (Consol Energy Inc.) drilled its first horizontal well in the region, finding 3.5 MMCF of natural gas. The company feels that this well indicates their opportunities will prove out as profitable in the region, and warrants moving forward with Tennessee’s approximately 1,000 abandoned gas wells. To take advantage, the company has purchased rights (May 14, 2008) to 90 of the wells as a first step in the region, along with construction of modern transportation systems to existing markets.

While many investors have been involved with the escalating price of crude oil, they have virtually ignored the natural gas component that is following along with oil’s rise. Prices have been on the move as of late, even as the heating season comes to an end, because many manufacturing and production facilities have converted to natural gas. If this company can bring new sources of gas to market in a timely fashion, they should be in the right place at the right time. Their efforts will need to be aggressive, but even if they do miss the start of the 2009 heating season, they are still positioned to show solid returns if gas maintains its current trend.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Gulf Coast Oil & Gas (GCOG.OB) Indicates Reentry Projects Showing Great Promise in Era of $100+ Oil

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Having infrastructure in place and a solid plan running when the stars align is a bonus any company would enjoy. If an investor can be at that same place and time, profit is in the offing.

Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Inc., an exploration and development company, seeks to re-enter historically producing gas and oil properties within the United States in search of untapped energy reserves. It currently is in the process of developing one existing lease in Texas and exploring another in Louisiana.

The company’s efforts at its Texas lease are currently producing gas and oil at three re-entry locations. It is working to begin efforts at two others. The oil at this lease has been producing at one time or another since the 1940’s, and shows excellent potential for producing modest output into the future. Geological reports indicate favorable porosity and sand formations in historically positive lateral fracture form. The company’s Louisiana lease also shows excellent potential and is expected to find re-entry in the near future.

The company is aware of the costs associated with re-entry, and concentrates on shallower depths to minimize exploration and development costs. Its current efforts are all less than 3,000 feet, with the most current development prospects nearer 2,200 feet. From a positive perspective, information with regard to profit potential of proposed exploration and development sites were based on $50 per barrel prices; before the current run-up in per barrel prices. If the company’s pricing structure holds true, it would appear that it is positioned for a nice and profitable run.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Peabody Energy (BTU) Raises EPS Expectations on 15% First Quarter Growth

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Coal is perhaps one of the most visible minerals used in today’s world. The average consumer or manufacturing giant may not actually see it in its black, raw form, but they are likely to experience its power when they flip a light switch. For all the efforts to wean the world off of fossil fuels, the need for coal is still there. Without it, the world stops. At some point in the future, the world’s reliance on coal may diminish somewhat, but until then there is plenty of coal, and profit, to go around.

Peabody Energy Inc., the world’s largest coal mining company, works to maximize potential energy from coal to its highest possible levels. Providing the United States with approximately 10% of its electric energy needs and 2% of the worlds needs, the company operates at every level to convert coal energy into electricity.

In today’s environmentally conscious world, the company works to provide the everyday energy needs of industry and consumers, while minimizing the release of emissions to the environment. To accomplish this task, the company offers reclaimed methane from coal beds and continuing advances in technology. Currently, the company has witnessed an eighty percent drop in several emissions categories since the 1990 baseline was established.

By every account, the company is surpassing financial expectations. First quarter 2008 growth was up 15% and expected EPS for the year was raised from $1.20 to $2.00. Although US operations are contributing significantly to the company’s performance, international sales and demand are leading current and expected growth. International demand from expanding countries is a significant factor for the company, contributing nearly 50% of sales.

Meeting this demand has been a success, as past improvements in equipment efficiencies at Australian operations have made the company a lean producer. Although the world would like to see less use of coal in its manufacturing and consumer use, there appears to be little likelihood that it is going to see a reduction any time soon. Big coal is producing and seeing the results paying off in a solid way.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Sarissa Resources Inc. (SRSR.PK) Readies Dead-Moose Lake Property for Gold, Copper and Nickel Mining Operations

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

A junior mining operation is about as close as one can get to the actual gold rush days of the Yukon, when miners headed into the wilderness for adventures and discoveries unknown. If they struck it rich, their pockets came home full of money and their heads full of stories beyond belief.

Sarissa Resources Inc., a junior development mineral exploration company, operates exploration activities in Peru and Northern Ontario, Canada. Currently, the company is making advances in the Northern Ontario properties and slowly investigating its Peruvian opportunities.

The company holds rights and ownership positions in several properties in Northern Canada. The Dead-Moose Lake property, however, is the property that is currently showing signs of mineral deposits. The recently released Ontario Geological Survey Open File Report 661, the Montreal River Headwater Area Sediment Survey for Northern Ontario showed the highest levels of certain minerals in the region tested, which is within the company’s now-staked boundaries. Further testing by the company confirms that there are five target sites to be further developed with gold, diamond, platinum, nickel and copper recovery being highlighted.

Getting toward the removal of these potential deposits became much more a reality in recent weeks as the company entered into an agreement with Botanic Oasis International Inc. to take advantage of the Dead-Moose lake property. Operations are just getting underway but the prospects do appear somewhat encouraging according to the company.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Hasbro Inc. (HAS) Eagerly Awaits the Opening of Ironman Movie with Full Action Figure Line

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Offering consumer products that have a short life cycle is a tough business. The fickle nature of the customer means that the company has to have a quick-reaction team in place to respond to whatever trend may pop up without notice. If, however, a company can develop a solid revenue stream that has a predictable nature, it will be able to dabble and grow in areas where these kinds of “betting rights” can mean great gains.

Hasbro Inc., a game and toy designer, manufacturer and marketer, offers a broad and balanced program of toys and toy-related programs to the marketplace. From board games to video products and licensing, the company works in all facets of the game and entertainment marketplace. The toy marketplace is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely competitive with a fairly short product life cycle. Finding and developing a toy brand is a difficult task and one that Hasbro Inc. is famous for. Battle Ship, G.I. Joe, RISK, TONKA and Yahtzee are some of the toy and game brands that the company controls.

Branding of toys and games, however, is only a starting point for the company. Branding of toy product groups is also a strength of the company. It controls: Parker Brothers, PLAY SKOOL, Milton Bradley and TRANSFORMER brands, to mention a few. Although the company has been remarkably successful with its toy products, it is branding efforts that appear to be generating a significant amount of new growth. Currently, the company has license to the new Ironman movie with a full range of action products. The movie opens this coming May 5th and should be an indicator of how the company’s quarter will go. In terms of licensing, the company is keeping pace with the electronic age and all the potential licensing and branding options it has to offer. It has agreements with ES Design Inc. to market its products in forms that might appeal to a morphing and diverse younger demographic. Since this demographic is so much more attuned to the computer and electronic age, having agreements in place to adapt whatever product may be in vogue at the moment is important.

The company has been keeping a fairly consistent and profitable string of years moving forward. Its diluted net revenue was $1.97 per share for 2007, which was a nice increase from 2006s’ $1.29 per share. Looking at the company’s overall position is a difficult prospect at any one point through the year except at its fiscal year end. Generally, this is because it generates more than two-thirds of its income in the third and fourth quarters. This, however, is a slowly diminishing consideration as the company finds itself more involved with movie product licensing projects with Marvel Inc. Its association in this regard found large revenue generation from its Spiderman product lines last year and leads to great expectations this year with the May 5th opening of Ironman. In a market that is fairly dependent on disposable income, the company has positioned itself well with a range of price points and avenues to a variety of young “wanters.” It is a stable company that has laid a tremendous foundation and is set to produce revenue for the foreseeable future.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Utah Uranium Corporation (UTUC.OB) Looks to Take Advantage of the Run-up in Potash

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Keeping an eye out for what’s going on in your part of the marketplace is wise. Keeping an eye out for what’s going on in similar areas of the marketplace is even more important. It is here where new sources of revenue, which you might not have even thought about, can come.

Utah Uranium Corporation, a junior exploration and development company, operates from Moab, UT in its hunt for uranium. As successful as the company has been in its search for uranium, it may actually be finding a more profitable venture forming at the moment. The company recently filed for exploration of potash adjacent to an existing potash company that has been in operation since the 1960s. Estimated reserves are always suspect in the mining industry, but in this instance, the likelihood of significant potash reserves appears fairly good. The US Geological Survey indicates that most of this part of Utah has significant deposits of potash and associated minerals. The existing concern has been extracting very reliable tonnage for decades.

The reasoning for this slight deviation in mineral focus lies in the company’s history in the fertilizer marketplace and the commodity pricing that potash currently offers. Commodities, in general, have been rampaging of late, and potash has tagged along. Potash is integral in many manufacturing processes, while also being rather important in agricultural production. Given the weak dollar at the moment, the opportunities for domestic and export customers are very positive if the company can locate and get the mineral out of the ground.

Uranium is also showing fairly positive results in the commodity pits, although they have been a bit up and down of late. This is fairly typical of a market that is working through an end-market that requires permits and legislative action. Current nuclear reactors are a stable source of sales but new plants can be proposed and stopped fairly quickly as political winds change. Nonetheless, the company has been having some successes and is proceeding at a prudent pace.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Level 3 Communications Inc. (LVLT) Closes Gap at End of First Quarter

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Level Three Communications Inc., a communications company working with internet, phone and energy products operates primarily in the mainstream consumer communications marketplace. The company has many programs derived from the final stages of the AT&T breakup and internet opportunities not associated with AT&T. Owing to the company’s history, it also maintains positions within long term coal contracts market from its Broomfield Colorado base. The company has been in operation since 1886 and has kept pace with opportunities as they presented themselves.

The company’s main product base operates around intercity phone lines. As of December 31, 2007, the company controlled 67,000 miles of phone lines in 116 markets across the country. Although not as extensive as in the United States, the company also operates in Europe with 10,000 miles of phone lines. The company also operates at almost every level of the internet. It offers products at each level of possible service and is considered a leading player within the internet services market. Perhaps one of the more visible product offerings that the company is pursuing in the internet arena is user identification. Primarily revolving around 911 issues, the company has made progress in meeting the needs of those that act on 911 issues and hopes to be considered a leading edge company in the field.

The company appears to be making some solid headway in its efforts to solidify its core businesses. Revenues were slightly off what analysts had expected but found them to be acceptable given current conditions. As a result, analysts tended to let Level 3 pass relatively unnoticed and consider the company a good future prospect within the market that it operates. Level 3 is right in the middle of the communications mix and ready to fight for a dominant position as the market sorts out which company will take control of which part of the communications marketplace. This company is well positioned and ready to go.

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Universal Travel Group Inc. (UTVG.OB) Completes Major Acquisitions and Readies for 2008 Beijing Olympic Business

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Serving the travel needs of a mobile world is no small task. Add in all the little subtleties of traveling from one culture to another, and a recipe for disaster is in the mix. Having a system in place that accounts for all the little things is the key. If a company can account for all the little things, profit should flow easily and steadily.

Universal Travel Group Inc., a full service travel operator working primarily with package tours to the Peoples Republic of China, is a Los Angeles base concern with many beneficial and required ties to China. Operating in China holds certain challenges for any business operation. Operating a travel business operation in China requires an even deeper understanding of how the Chinese system operates across many different regions and cultures. Universal Travel Group has this deep appreciation and puts it to good use where foreign travelers are concerned.

The company’s main objective is to become the leading travel services company in China. To move toward this goal, the company completed several acquisitions in 2007. Although the company appears to have come together fairly quickly through acquisition, it has kept pace with revenue growth and net income able to withstand corporate challenges, unusual winter weather and the coming onslaught of the summer Olympics.

Revenues for 2007 were up significantly owing to the multiple acquisitions made by the company. Understanding growth for the year ending December 31, 2007 is a complicated affair, but the company does indicate that revenues came in at $44 million or a 343% increase over the preceding year. Guidance for 2008 appears to indicate a strong year for the company having weathered large snowfalls that shut down much of the company’s routes and preparation plans for the summer Olympics.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Indigo-Energy Inc. (IDGG.OB) Looks for Additional Lease Options to Keep up with Oil and Gas Demand

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The price of oil and gas has always been the priming agent to extracting domestic supplies that were once considered economically unreachable. Now, oil and gas prices are at the needed price level, and many smaller companies are taking advantage. Some may still be planning to take advantage, while others are already there and counting their coins.

Indigo-Energy Inc, A Nevada registered energy explorer, driller and marketer works to exploit new and existing oil and gas leases in the Upper Devonian sand formations of Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Each of the company’s leaseholds has been tested and are considered to offer significant reserves of oil and gas.

The company approaches its exploration, development and marketing programs from a very practical point of view. Nothing is haphazard, and no move made without first having all aspects of the proposed well sites understood and in place before drilling begins. The company has arranged over $6 million in funding for current operations and is in the process of seeking additional funding for acquisition of additional leases. Successful testing on several of the company’s sites was completed (most certified by US agencies). Favorable contracts have also been put in place for transportation and delivery of gas and oil products.

As a result of Indigo-Energy’s solid planning efforts, a steady revenue stream has been established. Since drilling began in 2006, the company has been on target for adding 30 wells in the region along with transit systems to the nearby Dominion gas line. As with all other aspects of the company’s growth, “practical” planning methods used at each of these well locations has been laid out with the future in mind. Adjacent properties are being considered and may be added as conditions permit. Infrastructure is in place at little expense to the company with gas and oil production underway. Many development companies are on their way toward production, but Indigo-Energy is there.

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HotOtc Featured Company: ICP Solar Inc. (ICPR.OB) Solidly Situated in Mainstream North American Retail and Ready to Expand Throughout Europe

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Sometimes it’s the small little things in life that offer the most potential for reward. These small items are the kind that people don’t think much about until they are absent. Using new technology, and applying it to these small little things, can often lead to very large profits if technologies are applied efficiently and correctly. This is called elegant design, and it’s increasingly being found where more efficient technologies meet consumer need.

ICP Solar Inc., a developer, manufacturer and marketer of solar power cells and products, works to provide a full range of solar power applications to retail and industrial users. Where many solar power companies strive to provide only for larger applications, ICP Solar strives to bring innovative solar concepts to every facet of everyday life. Like small camping power solutions to large construction sites, the innovative use of solar power can meet any need if the right product is used in the most efficient way.

The company hastens to mention that it does work with larger customers to meet individual industry needs by developing new products of unique design, but sees its everyday products as its legacy of elegant industrial design. In many respects, these elegant designs are finding their way into a profitable retail position. The company is finding excellent results from its camping products for Coleman, retail products for Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and other mass merchants, and automotive accessories. The company’s products are proving to be hot sellers and show that a seemingly arcane concept like solar power can trickle down to the smallest retail level if a flexible set of minds comes together and provides simple solutions.

As the company is currently expanding its presence into Europe, through an agreement with Conrad Electronics (a leading high end on-line merchant), and solidifying its up-and-downstream positions within North America, it appears that solar power products have a leader in the retail marketplace. As the market for solar power continues its 40% annual growth, companies are quickly staking their claim to the many different possibilities that solar has to offer. Industrial, manufacturing or retail; finding your turf and securing your boundaries is where it’s at in solar. ICP Solar appears to have itself well positioned for whatever the sun decides to offer.

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HotOtc Featured Company: First Solar Inc. (FSLR) – A Commercial Thin Film Solar Power Module Manufacturing Company Not to be Ignored

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

First to market is where any company wants to be when a new market is working to find its feet. In the first-to-market game, the one who has the most toys first wins. More toys mean more capital to solidify a company’s position, and capturing as much market share as possible as fast as possible leads to capital. In the solar power world, the time of Edison has passed and the time of General Electric is beginning.

First Solar Inc., a thin film solar power module manufacturer, provides full service photovoltaic products and services to grid connected commercial companies desiring 30,000 kW of power or more from their PV systems. The company does not currently offer solar power systems to the residential marketplace.

From a North American perspective, First Solar Inc. is a bit of innovation when it comes to providing solar power electricity to the marketplace. In North America, the general focus on solar power is often directed toward the residential customer. First Solar Inc., works from the opposite direction, offering full systems and support for large systems found primarily in Europe. The company’s technology-driven thin film products are suited for larger projects where efficiencies and predictability can realize substantial benefits. Although the company’s highly automated manufacturing process produces consistent products required for larger projects, it is likely that their successes are derived from the predictability that the products yield. Low-light power conversion rates and a system wide physical durability makes power-related decision making predictable for customers, a highly desirable selling point for all concerned.

Predictability is also found in the company’s earnings and general business plan. It has a manageable distribution and installation system in place which is structured in such a way that not any company can install and service its systems. Indeed, consistency across all aspects of the company is a new concept in the burgeoning solar power marketplace.

From a positive point of view, the company’s revenues are anything but consistent, reflecting the company’s breaking out of the solar power commercial field. The company’s $504 million 2007 revenue results are up significantly from its year ending $135 million in 2006. Quarter over quarter results reflect the same increases through the 2007 calendar year. It is difficult to speculate from an overall standpoint, but – considering that the company derives a majority of income from Europe and is generating obscene amounts of revenue for a marketplace known as an emerging market – the future of First Solar Inc. appears remarkable and one that should not be ignored.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Enzyme Environmental Solutions (ESSO.PK) Projects Earnings Could Top $30 million

Monday, April 14th, 2008

There is a reason that some people have chosen to go into the trash hauling game. Trash needs to go somewhere, and it’s going to cost to get it there. Although today’s companies are more upstanding then the waste haulers of yesteryear, dirt and waste are still a very lucrative game. People will continue to be dirty and have an unquenchable need to be clean. Add green solutions with an efficiency element, and there is a large potential for money to be made.

Enzyme Environmental Solutions Inc., a developer and marketer of environmentally sound, enzyme-based cleaning products, works to offer solutions for a wide variety of cleaning issues. From a wider perspective of what constitutes “cleaning” markets, the company addresses: clothing stain removal, hazardous waste soil remediation issues, and air odor solutions. The spectrum of possible uses is exceedingly large, with the company currently offering 36 distinct products and ongoing plans for additional introductions as testing and approvals warrant.

The beginning of April 2008 has been a fairly busy period for the company as it changes its listing name, negotiates with a Korean concern, announces plans with a leading convenience store chain and convenience store supplier, and brings new products to market. Most immediate to the company’s financial performance is the signing of agreements with two major convenience store companies. Marathon Oil, a leader in gas and convenience item sales, and BrewMaster Inc., a provider of coffee and other convenience store items, are expected to boost the company’s retail exposure.

Looking internationally, the company has signed agreements with a Korean swine producer for air sanitizing products designed for its production facilities. This particular agreement could generate upwards of $80 million or more as laws requiring fresh air around swine and other odor-producing enterprises are enforced more stringently.

The company also made a clear attempt to waylay any confusion regarding its name change from Cucos Inc. to Environmental Solutions Inc. Apparently, somebody within the company missed filings required by PINKSHEETS, causing confusion with shareholders. There are no issues involved with the name change, but there is a 30-day waiting period to clear the issue up.

Perhaps the largest upside news for the company is the successful conclusion of its Phase III trials for hazardous waste clean-up. The company’s new enzyme has worked well in trials for a scrap yard and may be on its way for use in a variety of other hazardous waste applications. Future introduction steps are currently underway with a very large upside potential looming. From all appearances, the wheels are beginning to turn quickly for Enzyme Environmental Solutions Inc.

Let us hear your thoughts below: Featured Company: Novori Inc. (NOVO.OB)

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Novori Incorporated, an online high-end jeweler, is currently trading at $0.23 per share, which is close to its 52 week low of $0.15. believes that Novori Inc. is the most undervalued play out of all online diamond and fine jewelry retailers. They foresee the industry going crazy in the future as more people look towards online sales for all types of goods. According to Forrester Research, online retail sales will nearly double within five years, from $172 billion in 2005 to $329 billion in 2010.

The CFO of Novori, Mark Neild, commented briefly after the release of Novori’s newest product line, The Sareen Collection, saying, “Having online exclusivity is very important to us, and is a strategy that we will continue to vigorously pursue. The Sareen Collection is a very attractive and unique product offering of extremely high quality. We are committed to offer our customers exceptional quality such as this and it is doubly pleasing that this collection is also unavailable at any other website.”

After the late 2006 release of the movie “Blood Diamond”, the diamond buying community has been very concerned with the origins of diamonds. Novori ensures that their diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. Another important note on the company is that it prides itself on the highest quality standards in the industry and provides consumers with unique online tools that allow them to explore, build and purchase their own custom-made diamond rings in a way not previously offered by traditional retailers.

Although the company’s financials have yet to be filed with the SEC, on March 27th they announced that unaudited third quarter sales for 2008, compared to third quarter 2007, have increased 36.5%. Year-to-date sales from 2007 to 2008 are up 43.6%. With positive sales trends and increasing demand in the entire market, it may be hard to believe that the stock is only trading at $0.23 cents.

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HotOtc Featured Company: CYTEC Industries Inc. (NYSE: CYT) Posts Its Typical and Predictable 5% Year-Over-Year Growth

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

At the most basic manufacturing level, the world’s producers require a solid base of material supplies with which to create their products. Insuring that there is a source of the material(s) needed to feed the manufacturing pipeline is the elemental requirement of a global manufacturing economy. With that need, and at that level, comes a steady and predictable set of companies ready to supply the need. They may not be fancy, or high fliers, but they can always be counted upon to deliver steady and reliable results.

CYTEC Industries Inc., a specialty chemicals and materials company, offers basic building block chemicals and value-added materials to end-use manufacturing companies. In many respects, the company offers first stage materials for the manufacture of just about any product that can be made. Its base of operations is in Patterson, NJ, but it operates on an integrated worldwide scale.

The company’s core businesses involve building block chemicals and engineered materials such as composites and nonwovens, but it finds its primary focus in specialty chemicals (Surface Specialties) such as resins, pressure-sensitive products, coatings, urethanes and additives. These products are found in mining, automotive, paper, construction and opto-electronics, to name just a few.

At the end of March 2008, the company – confronted with the rising cost of petroleum products (the primary raw material in a majority of the company’s products) – found it necessary to pass through a 5-10% price increase to individual markets. Generally, this price increase should be accepted and is likely to affect the company’s results only slightly, if at all.

The company is truly a global provider of chemicals and materials. As such, it is relatively insulated from market swings in individual markets around the world. In this respect, it is also well positioned to service all markets around the world. The company’s presence in China is significant, as is its presence in Europe – two markets that will likely drive the world’s markets well into the future. Whether the world’s markets are up or down only affects the degree of profit that the company earns. For the world to continue to produce, it needs its basic feed stocks, and Cytec Industries is there to provide them.

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Boundary Bay Resources Inc. (BBRE.PK) Signs Definitive Agreement with OilTec

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Today Boundary Bay Resources Incorporated proudly announced that on March 22, 2008, a definitive agreement was executed with OilTec LP (“OTL”). In the agreement, Boundary Bay Resources acquired a 40% working interest of OTL’s leasehold interest in the already producing Chevron Fee # 3 well, which is located in Marion County, Oklahoma, in exchange for $75,000. The well is already producing to a depth of 6,400 feet. Boundary Bay has also acquired the right to purchase a 25% working interest in any subsequent wells drilled at the Chevron Fee property that are reworked and/or re-completed or re-entered for a pro rata share of cost.

When this agreement was in the developing stages, President and CEO of Boundary Bay, Lee Borschowa, said that, “this letter of intent illustrates that we are committed to our strategic plan to continue in the acquisition of working interests in established oil and gas properties.” Within two weeks from the initial letter of intent to purchase, the deal was completed and BBRE was locked in to this low cost, high reward opportunity.

Boundary Bay Resources was recently featured by the website in an article describing the “extremely bullish sector” and the current state of oil. The website emphasizes the fact that the US is an oil-using giant and accounts for nearly 25% of the world’s oil consumption, creating a perfect market for Boundary Bay as they continue to grow through acquisition. With world consumption expected to grow by 1.3 million barrels per day in 2008 and 2009, the market has endless potential.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Boundary Bay Resources Inc. (BBRE.PK) Announces Acquisition of 50% Stake in Currently Producing Oil Property and Existing Inventory

Monday, March 24th, 2008

As oil prices continue to do what oil prices are doing these days, the focus is often on the big players, where billions of dollars worth of references are tossed around like candy. What is being missed is the smaller player – the one that is quietly going about its business of producing a stable and reliable amount of oil in the regions and wells that nobody else wants. As those coin machines in the super market can well attest, pennies do add up to a nice chunk of change if one knows how to package and sell their use.

Boundary Bay Resources Inc., a positive cash flow oil and gas exploration company, works to acquire smaller producing oil and gas properties in order to fund acquisition of smaller, re-work, or potentially larger properties/leases. From a general perspective, smaller leases/wells can range from only several barrels of oil per day on up.

Using positive cash flow is the basis for the company’s business plan. It feels that having oil properties, which are currently producing at predictable rates, in its stable of properties is the best method for the company to grow in a manageable and revenue-positive way. In other words, the company does not wish to acquire debt unless it finds that the lack of debt is hampering opportunities for growth.

While some may indicate that this model is fairly utopian in nature, it is nonetheless a plan that offers a conservative approach to being involved in the often rough and tumble world of oil and gas exploration. In many instances, companies feel that they need debt financing in order to reach a level consistent with profitability and growth. Boundary Bay Resources does not seem to feel this way, and instead follows a strategy of growth through sustainable internal revenue growth. This is not to suggest that debt is not included in the company’s overall strategy, but that it is just a smaller component.

Recent news has found the company following the path of becoming involved with additional properties. A $50,000.00 venture with Nitro Petroleum Inc. gives the company a 50% interest in a Seminole County, Oklahoma well and an inventory of over 200 barrels of oil for immediate sale. It is believed that involvement in this re-work project will produce revenue for future projects during the remaining lifetime of the well.

The often heard phrase “small is beautiful” may work well for some companies, but it is not the entire plan for Boundary Bay Resources Inc. Growth in a responsible way is the future for this company. It is just following a long term strategy that will provide a stable path toward that growth. As oil prices continue to hover near record prices, the company’s overall goal of taking advantage of re-work properties domestically is likely to result in a solid payday with positive consistent revenues being generated well into the future.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Planet Resource Recovery (PRRY.PK) Sees a Solid Predictable Path to Oil Revenue in the Near Term

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Oil reserves are difficult to assess, often leading to rumors in the U.S. and elsewhere that oil is running out, or at least running low. These rumors are often fueled by inadequate extraction technologies, or a perception that the country as a whole is using too much oil. Now, however, technology has caught up with those “dry wells”. The U.S. may still be pumping less domestically, but with new additives and pumping chutzpa, the market is flowing again.

Planet Resource Recovery Inc., a holding company, works to develop companies and products that offer oil recovery and waste oil remediation artifacts to the oil extraction, storage and remediation industry. Currently, the company is working to offer a proprietary product that dislodges hydrocarbons in an environmentally sound and efficient manner. Primary customers are: storage tank operators, enhanced oil well recovery firms, and environmental remediation companies.

The company feels that its proprietary product line, PetroLuxus, is uniquely positioned to aid oil companies in the recovery, storage and remediation issues associated with petroleum extraction today. From a production standpoint, the product helps to reopen closed wells without the added need of heat/steam processes. Overall, the product appears able to reduce operating costs all along the production and distribution chain.

A pilot plant has been constructed with private funding, and the company holds a realistic expectation that the plant, which is fully scalable, will open in the near future. Additional funding appears to have been put in place with a $5 million infusion through restricted shares and warrants spread over the next three years. Generally, the company appears to be following its fairly detailed business plan at every point. Uniterruped continuation along this path should produce respectable revenues in the near term.

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HotOtc Featured Company: VISA (V) Expects 20% Growth Over the Next Two Years

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

VISA Inc., the world’s largest credit and debit card transaction processing company, launched an initial public offering (IPO) today with a remarkable 57% rise in its initial price offering by noon. The company had been talking about its IPO for some time, and is now finding that the offering is being particularly well received considering the current US and global economic cycle.

In many respects, the IPO was payback time for the banks that supported the company over the last 50 years. These banks – Chase, Bank of America, National City, and CitiGroup – will benefit greatly in a time when writedowns from lending practices have hampered their balance sheets. Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan should also find a nice boost from the IPO as legal fees are predicted to top out at approximately $500 million.

The company doesn’t expect to see the sort of hyper-growth that its distant competitor, MasterCard, saw after its IPO, but rather a solid 20% growth over the next two years. Past VISA’s desire to trim approximately $300 million in expenses after the merger, its future appears to be as a stable prominent blue chip. It does not have any exposure to the current financial morass that other transaction companies, like American Express, currently have, and sees only positive results from legal issues that always seem to be floating about given its nature.

In many respects, the company will stand to gain from the general economic conditions of the times, even if they do not improve. If people start relying on their credit cards to get through slower economic times, the company will benefit through transaction fees without worrying about whether the bill is paid or not. Additionally, though cash may not be dead as far as younger users are concerned, it is definitely not the leading form of purchasing power they prefer in today’s electronic age. Further, non-discretionary spending in this regard is expected to grow from 43% to 55% in the next few years, making transaction velocity move higher without effort. For the most part, the company appears to have everything under control and is ready for a very profitable ride regardless of conditions, legal concerns or gloom of night.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Purple Beverage Company Inc. (PPBV.OB) Announces Distribution Agreement with Large Southern California Distributor

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

When a new product is being launched, being seen in the right hands is very important. But how to go about the process is the key. If a company offers a cooler product launch during an Alaskan whiteout, a tough go may be ahead. If it launches the same cooler product in chic hotspots, a more profitable outcome is likely.

Purple Beverage Company Inc., a development stage manufacturer/marketer and distributor of natural beverage products, is currently working to expand regional presence within its market. The company has recently completed a merger with Venture Beverage Company Inc. to facilitate this expansion and expects to develop new markets in the Miami, Maui and Los Angeles regions. The company’s current market presence is within the Manhattan, NY marketplace.

The company, at this point, is a true development stage company in a market that offers high potential returns. It has a fairly leveraged position at this point, and appears to have a marketing plan in place designed to make its primary product a national brand, given the correct financing and backing. From all appearances, the company is not a free spending company. It spends to expand the company and does not overly compensate anyone involved with it.

The beverage marketplace is one that has great reward potential if a product can gain a following in the correct places, and at the correct times. Purple Beverage looks to be following a plan that will gain that following in several fairly strategic markets. Manhattan, Miami, Los Angeles and Maui are “stylish” markets where exposure and association with “in” products is considered all important. If the company can gain favor with these people, its rise should be attainable and very profitable.

A newly signed distribution agreement in the Southern California marketplace will go quite a long way in establishing the brand’s “trendiness.” The distributor, Haralambos Beverage Company, is one of the largest distributors in the Southern California marketplace with an on-site and off-site presence in retail outlets, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Not only will this distributor’s experience with other brands – such as Corona, Snapple and Vitaminwater – aide in the “marketing “trendiness of the product, it will place the product in the “in” locations. The fact that the Purple products are good mixed-drink mixers will also help with its rise and subsequent profitability.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Cody Ventures Corp. (CVCP.PK) Adds Members to its New Social Networking Site

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Although the incredible pace of internet companies going public may have slowed in recent years, there are still areas where new entrants can prove profitable. Social networking sites are the flavor of the day and have proven their ability to generate “buzz” in a host of social areas, not the least of which is a stable revenue source when positive “buzz” can be generated.

Cody Ventures Corp., an internet content and website development company, is currently in the process of growing a new interactive social networking site. In addition to its other activities, the company is hoping to develop a “buzz” among younger socially active “creative type” personalities on The site is seeing its membership base rise in the writer and artist/musician membership categories. As these categories begin to flesh out, the company has hopes of attracting advertising dollars directed toward these 18-25 yr. old age demographics (strictly an observation from visiting the site.) Ultimately, the site will be solely supported through paid advertising.

Although the site has made its initial foray onto the World Wide Web, it still needs to get that “buzz” going. In the social networking world, this is a fairly easy thing to do once the “buzz” starts happening. Often these sites go from 0-100 in a matter of months, so being aware of the sites progress is an important consideration. If an example of this phenomenon is needed, one only needs to look toward the social networking website where, in only a few short years (if that) the site went from $0.00 to being sold to Rupert Murdoch for $580 million. There are several leading social network sites and all appear to be doing fairly well. Finding a social network that is addressing an as-of-yet untapped social category is the key. has a few interesting aspects to its concepts that other sites do not have when it comes to advertising. Where other social networking sites are generally geared toward the social interaction of the participants, this site has the potential to become a talent cooperative. In essence, the site is a social/business incubator for the next big music/writer/artist, and a collaboration of like minds, providing talent scouts a window into the world of the creative mind and process.

Playing marketing advocate, it would appear that if this website takes off, it will provide a good place for talent agents, producers, dealers, suppliers and other supporting product marketers to advertise or find the next big thing. The site is definitely finding its footing and is adding members at a solid pace. When it hits a critical mass of members, it should become a stable entity unto itself and begin to morph into whatever the membership makes it. By then, however, revenue will be assured.

Let us hear your thoughts below: Featured Company: Mega Media Group Inc. (MMDA.OB) Signs Multi-Year Agreement

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Mega Media Group Incorporated announced that its radio broadcasting division, Echo Broadcasting Group, has signed a multi-year contract for station-specific custom Portable People Meter listening estimates for “Pulse 87 FM,” (WNYZ-LP). WNYZ-LP broadcasts on the audio portion of a low-power television station on VHF channel 6. Also announced today was the news that MMDA has signed an agreement to license standard syndicated Portable People Meter radio ratings services for the New York Metro.

These agreements will take effect when Arbitron commercializes the new audience ratings technology in New York. They allow Mega Media Group to use both the monthly WNYZ-LP station-specific custom Portable People Meter listening estimates as well as the standard syndicated New York Metro Portable People Meter radio ratings. Pierre Bouvard, President of sales and marketing for Arbitron, expressed the excitement of the agreement by stating, “PPM makes it possible for Arbitron to provide custom reports of the audience of Pulse 87 FM, a new station specifically targeted to the multi-racial and diverse mosaic of the five boroughs of New York City.”

Alex Shvarts, Mega Media’s CEO, stated, “The increased reach of this new frequency will give Mega Media the potential to become a more viable player in the New York City radio market. In addition, the security of a long-term lease agreement will allow us to invest more aggressively in our radio programming division in the coming months.”

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HotOtc Featured Company: Smith Micro Software Inc. (SMSI) Finds that with Development Expenses Out of the Way Future Profits Can be Expected

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Smith Micro Software Inc., a wireless communications software provider, offers wireless software for cellular systems that operate on multiple platforms. The company has solid contacts within the wireless marketplace and appears to have little comparable competition within the market. There are others offering products to the wireless market that perform the same tasks as Smith Micros’ but none are quite comparable to what the market is asking for. The company expects to be profitable in the second half of 2008 after recouping development costs incurred in the first half of the year.

The company had several onetime charges and a certain drop in multi-media revenue in 2007, but most feel, however, that this is not an overriding issue for the company and should be offset by future contracts and improved tax performance. Their present position in the cellular phone business, and the wireless industry in general, is likely to more than compensate for the drop in multi-media revenues as customers continue their insatiable need for the latest and greatest in wireless products.

It is the company’s position within the wireless world, and its product base in this regard, that make it primed for growth. The product base that the company offers is designed to take advantage of wherever the wireless phone market may go, particularly in the mobile arena. Within the US, mobile services are just beginning to ramp when compared to other regions of the world. If, and presumably when, Smith Micro Software begins to tap this potential aspect of the market, it can be anticipated that it will do very good in the markets as opposed to just good.

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