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ICP Solar Technologies Inc. (ICPR.OB) Leaps to International Status with Letter of Intent

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Vision is an elusive talent for many company managers. It is, in many instances, quite a bit easier to follow the crowd and try to make a company go through traditional channels instead of breaking with the crowd and going a different way. Sometimes the less taken path leads to a dead end, others times it leads to success as paths once again converge. Just because a company is taking a different path does not make it less of an opportunity, only a hidden opportunity. Recognizing the different path and the opportunity it presents is the key, a key that could be very profitable.

ICP Solar Technologies Inc., an integrated solar power products manufacturer and marketer, works to manufacture and market solar power related products at the retail and residential levels. The company holds license to the Coleman brand solar power rechargeable products line and has recently signed a letter of intent to purchase a Spanish solar power photovoltaic products company.

Where most solar power products companies have been focusing on the commercial and residential markets for solar power, ICP Solar has chosen to focus on the retail products solar power market. This is not to suggest that the company does not have its sights set on the residential and commercials solar power markets, but rather that it has chosen to enter the solar marketplace from a different point. It has chosen to establish a beachhead in the retail solar power products marketplace first and then move into the heating and power aspects of the industry on its own timeline. October 2008 is that time of choosing as the company begins to take advantage of its proprietary processes, solar roof tile products and a Spanish photovoltaic power company, Ibersolar Energia S.A.

In many respects, October 2008 is turning into a significant leaping point for the company. It has joined with a lifestyles company to drill down into the upscale digital products marketplace to find applications for its solar retail products while also pursuing the international solar heating and power markets. Although the retail project is sure to position the company for the inevitable use of solar in retail product applications, the purchase of Ibersolar will greatly add to its closer term revenue opportunities.

Ibersolar is a well established solar power company in Europe, offering a full range of residential and commercial solar power products and systems. The company will also bring an established customer base and contacts in government and supplier circles. The acquisition has, in one stroke, moved ICP Solar into the world of the larger international solar player, while offering economies to facilitate its growth. Where ICP Solar may have been dismissed in the past, it is now ready to compete and profit on a truly global marketplace wherever it may lead.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: ICP Solar Technologies, Inc. (ICPR.OB)

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

ICP Solar Technologies, Inc. (ICPR.OB) researches, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells leading-edge solar energy products such as solar panels, solar cell-based products, solar monitoring software and solar power management solutions. ICP Solar’s management team has over 50 years of experience within the renewable energy sector.

Since the company’s founding in 1988, ICP has managed to become the leading innovator in the solar industry. ICP has their own intellectual property and next generation technologies that have been mostly used in the consumer solar market. The company is focusing on also tapping into the OEM, rooftop and power generation segments of the solar industry.

ICP Solar owns their own brands which include Sunesei®, Isun®, Sunsei® Mobile, Sunsei® Industrial, and Sunsei® Home. ICP has a Solar S tile project designed for residential BIPV application and is managed in partnership with IbersolarEnergia SA in Spain. The company’s full product line of solar panels and accessories range in use for RVs, boats, trucks, cars, ATVs, motorcycles, backup power, and homes and farms. ICP is positioned well for success with the solar energy industry producing growth of 40% per year.

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HotOtc Featured Company: ICP Solar Inc. (ICPR.OB) Solidly Situated in Mainstream North American Retail and Ready to Expand Throughout Europe

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Sometimes it’s the small little things in life that offer the most potential for reward. These small items are the kind that people don’t think much about until they are absent. Using new technology, and applying it to these small little things, can often lead to very large profits if technologies are applied efficiently and correctly. This is called elegant design, and it’s increasingly being found where more efficient technologies meet consumer need.

ICP Solar Inc., a developer, manufacturer and marketer of solar power cells and products, works to provide a full range of solar power applications to retail and industrial users. Where many solar power companies strive to provide only for larger applications, ICP Solar strives to bring innovative solar concepts to every facet of everyday life. Like small camping power solutions to large construction sites, the innovative use of solar power can meet any need if the right product is used in the most efficient way.

The company hastens to mention that it does work with larger customers to meet individual industry needs by developing new products of unique design, but sees its everyday products as its legacy of elegant industrial design. In many respects, these elegant designs are finding their way into a profitable retail position. The company is finding excellent results from its camping products for Coleman, retail products for Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and other mass merchants, and automotive accessories. The company’s products are proving to be hot sellers and show that a seemingly arcane concept like solar power can trickle down to the smallest retail level if a flexible set of minds comes together and provides simple solutions.

As the company is currently expanding its presence into Europe, through an agreement with Conrad Electronics (a leading high end on-line merchant), and solidifying its up-and-downstream positions within North America, it appears that solar power products have a leader in the retail marketplace. As the market for solar power continues its 40% annual growth, companies are quickly staking their claim to the many different possibilities that solar has to offer. Industrial, manufacturing or retail; finding your turf and securing your boundaries is where it’s at in solar. ICP Solar appears to have itself well positioned for whatever the sun decides to offer.

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