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Stock Guru Featured Company: IDGLOBAL Corp. (IDGJ.PK)

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

IDGLOBAL Corp. (IDGJ.PK) is a leader in scientific identification. The company is primarily a brand protection solutions provider and utilizes integrated Nano-Molecular Marker authentication and Track N’Trace technologies. IDGLOBAL’s goal is to eliminate and prevent counterfeiting and product diversion.

IDGLOBAL uses Track N’Trace technology integrated with Nano-Molecular Markers™ to secure supply chain solutions that can track the distribution and sale of merchandise. In essence, the technology will allow for the detection, prevention and elimination of diversion and gray market activity. The Nano-Molecular Markers™ are embedded in products that can be scanned with 100% accuracy for assurance of the authentication of the brand product. The Track N’ Trace technology offers a complete forensic trace.

IDGLOBAL’s technologies can be used in multiple market sectors. The company plans to market to the following: apparel/fashion, automotive parts, software, I.D., documents, military equipment, pharmaceuticals, aircraft parts, original fine art, sports memorabilia, and smart/credit cards. Globally, the estimated annuals sales generated from counterfeit products is $600 billion, while the estimated lost to American companies from counterfeit products is $20 billion.

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IDGLOBAL Corp. (IDGJ.PK) Technology Integral to Contemporary International Business

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Crime, loss, piracy, and business expansion have unfortunate but almost inevitable links. Counterfeit operators and thieves are amongst the first to pick up signs of business success and use such companies and their brands for their nefarious activities. Management teams have to attach nearly as much importance to protecting assets at their sites, as to attending to other revenue generating tasks.

IDGLOBAL is based in North America, but the company’s products and services have world-wide significance. Some emerging economies have unfortunately been at the vanguard of the business piracy movement, turning a blind eye to surreptitious production and distribution of fake goods. The security situation in many important markets is another matter for management concern.

IDGLOBAL (IDGJ) has products to help trace stolen company assets, as well as to help consumers and retailers distinguish between genuine brands, and illegal copies. The company has posted impressive business results during the first three quarters of last year, and there are signs that it is now stable on a high growth path to profitable operations.

IDGJ could shortly graduate from listing in pink sheets to the OTC Bulletin Board. This is a sign for investors that the company is able to combine valuable technology with sound business management. IDGLOBAL has taken a firm position as a reliable way of protecting brands, fighting counterfeit and protecting assets. These are surely qualities which every company will support with custom. The company is incorporated in Nevada, and has important process facilities in British Columbia.

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