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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Rides Wave of Airport Security

December 27, 2010

The history of airport security is largely a reflection of world and American political relations over the past 80 years. The fact is, aircraft hijackings, sometimes termed skyjackings, have occurred almost since the first days of commercial airline flights. Few people remember, but the very first recorded hijacking of an aircraft took place back in 1930, when Peruvian political activists took over a small aircraft to drop leaflets over Peru. The biggest wave of hijackings began in the 1960s, when anti-Castro Cubans began hijacking planes to flee Cuba. In 1961, when the U.S. broke off relations with Cuba, pro-Castro activists and others began to hijack U.S. planes, diverting them to Cuba. Dozens of hijackings attempts, successful or otherwise, followed, with over 60 at its peak from 1968-1969.

By the early 1970s, the first major attempts to securitize airports, screening passengers and baggage, were put into place, though not before the infamous takeover of a Boeing 727 in 1971 by D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved aircraft hijacking in U.S. history. But U.S. airport security got its biggest boost with 9/11 and the war against terrorism. Since 2001, there has been a continuous move to identify and employ more efficient airport security technologies and procedures, an effort that shows no signs of lessening. Earlier this year, over $1 billion was set aside by the Obama administration for new security technologies, with about $300 million being applied to the screening of passengers.

IDO Security is one of the newest firms riding the airport security wave. The company’s flagship product, called MagShoe™, is a unique system for screening passengers that fills a critical security gap. It provides for the quick and accurate scanning of the foot area of passengers, an area not adequately scanned with current systems, without forcing the user to remove shoes, avoiding one of the major complaints of passengers. The device has already been ordered and used by airports around the world, but is just now piercing the huge U.S. market. The company recently signed a distribution agreement with JEI, Inc., to market MagShoe to government agencies and other U.S. markets, and the system is already being evaluated by the GSA for formal approval.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Zeros In On The U.S.

December 17, 2010

IDO Security, makers of the MagShoe™ security system for shoes-on weapons detection, has already been successful in generating sales around the world. Their one-of-a-kind device that allows the quick and accurate detection of weapons in the shoe area, without requiring shoe removal, is being used in airports, prisons, and other high-security locations, in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. And now the company has in its sights the United States, one of the biggest security markets of all.

IDO recently announced that they have forged a distribution agreement with JEI, Inc., a long established distributor of electronic equipment for public safety and military intelligence, to market MagShoe to government agencies and other markets in the U.S. As part of the arrangement, JEI has submitted the MagShoe to the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) for formal approval.

IDO Security has been looking for a strong U.S. distributor, seeking someone with a lot of experience in the public sector. JEI fits the bill, with over 40 years in the U.S. security and safety markets. In addition to U.S. airports, final GSA approval will open the door to all federal buildings, prisons, court houses, military bases, and U.S. embassies around the world.

IDO’s continued success is based upon the clear need that MagShoe fills, a low cost and efficient solution to weapons detection that does not require individuals being scanned to remove their shoes, a major complaint of air travelers. IDO says that MagShoe is also more accurate in detecting threats than current procedures, which are prone to human error. The system integrates seamlessly with existing detectors and procedures, is fast and fully automatic, detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) – A Product Of The World’s Most Demanding Security Environment

December 9, 2010

When it comes to airport security, the gold standard is not the United States, it’s Israel, a nation in a constant state of alert since its modern birth over 60 years ago. No country is so focused on protecting its citizens, its infrastructure, and its very existence. With Israel, it’s not a matter of convenience or political posturing, it’s a matter of raw, every day survival.

As a result, Israel has been forced to innovate, developing and implementing the strictest and most creative approaches to air security in the world. The challenges faced by Israel are, in many ways, the same as those faced by security designers in the U.S. Although it could be argued that Israeli citizens are more keenly aware of potential threats, and are willing to accept restrictive and invasive procedures that would make Americans balk, there is always a pressure to minimize inconvenience. To this end, Israel has tapped cutting-edge technologies, generating solutions that increase security while decreasing user complaints.

Trace-Safe from Israel and Raptor from the U.S. have co-developed a chemical process called TraceGuard, which can free particles from fabric and luggage for speedy detection and analysis. Suspect Detection System (SDS) has an automated interrogation and background check technology for spotting people with possible criminal intent. Explosive sniffers, biometrics, advanced surveillance, every technical tool that can advance security capabilities and their smooth implementation is being explored in Israel. The idea in Israel is to concentrate on people, not just their luggage, and to consider the entire airport area, not just planes.

A prime example, already being bought up by airports around the world, is a device called MagShoe by IDO Security. Traditional scanners do a poor job of evaluating the area around the feet, resulting in one of the most hated air passenger rituals, having to remove shoes. MagShoe does away with that, detecting concealed weapons in seconds by simply having the individual step on the ankle high device. It’s easy, accurate, and safe. With increasing traveler grumblings about security procedures, interest and sales of MagShoe are taking off.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces LOI from UK Distributor for First Multi-Site Order of New MagShoe 3G(TM) Series

December 2, 2010

Yesterday after the closing bell, IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced it has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) for its first multi-site deployment of the new MagShoe 3G™ Series issued by IDO Security’s local agent, Birmingham, UK-based Scan-X Security Ltd. The company stated that the LOI was the result of a successful field trial conducted earlier.

“We are very pleased with the way things are developing for the new 3G series. Our efforts in Europe during the last few months have proven that the multiple pilots and trial runs are an effective means of demonstrating the MagShoe to potential large clients and ultimately receiving orders,” commented IDO Security’s International Sales & Marketing Manager, Dani Werber.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Answers the Call for Safer and Less Invasive Security Screening Methods

November 30, 2010

IDO Security, Inc. continues to market its patented shoe scanning device across the globe as the cries for more efficient and less invasive security screening methods continue to escalate. The company’s technology not only provides a safe and secure shoes-on weapons metal detection solution that can be easily implemented to existing screening devices, but also provides a system that is comfortable and convenient for travelers.

“There has been an endless outcry from the public with regards to the new pat-down and full body scan procedures that have been implemented by TSA at the airports as well as pleas by the head of the TSA asking travelers for their patience and cooperation as we head into one of the busiest travel seasons,” recently stated President and CEO of IDO Security, Michael Goldberg. “We continue to reach out to officials across the world with urgency to act on this outcry and provide travelers an increased security presence while also giving them sense of privacy and comfort at a time where security threats are at their highest.”

IDO Security patented shoe scanning device offers a convenient step-on functionality that extends security screening and metal detection to include the ankles and feet, without requiring shoe removal. The company’s device has been used in such establishments as airports, seaports, border crossings, courthouses, prisons, and even at schools and sporting events in stadiums.

Today it seems terrorism is a daily occurrence, affecting someone, somewhere around the world. Although increased security measures are more necessary than ever before, the issue can be dealt with in a far less intrusive manner. IDO Security offers a unique solution to address security concerns while simultaneously improving the traveling experience.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Goes To China

November 24, 2010

When IDO Security first developed MagShoe™, the foot level security scanning device that eliminates the need for passengers to remove their shoes, it’s doubtful that anyone in or out of the company fully anticipated the level of interest around the world that would be generated. And now, based upon growing demand in the area, the company is traveling to China to train distributors on the latest iterations of MagShoe.

The International Marketing Manager for the company, Dani Werber, said of the trip, “We are most excited to be able to introduce our new state of the art models to the Asian marketplace, especially given our earlier success in placing the MagShoe™ in China. The strong interest shown in the new and improved models by our distributors is a testament to what we believe will be a much greater revenue opportunity throughout Asia as we see continued interest throughout Europe and the remainder of the world.”

MagShoe is seen by the company, and increasingly by airport and other security operations around the world, as filling a critical void in today’s systems by extending screening to the area around the lower legs and feet, an area not adequately covered by standard scanning systems. The product’s advanced design increases accuracy and minimizes safety concerns, without requiring the user to go through the trouble of removing their shoes. MagShoe integrates seamlessly with existing detectors, is very quick and easy to use, and is highly cost effective. But perhaps most importantly, with all the current complaints about the invasiveness and inconvenience of security checks, MagShoe is timely, perfectly filling a worldwide need.

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IDO Security (IDOI.OB) Now Covering Five Continents

November 19, 2010

The increasingly popular “shoes-on” detection system called MagShoeTM, the flagship product of IDO Security (IDOI.OB), has been finding buyers all over the world, primarily for use in airport and prison security. The system is a quick and easy way of checking around the feet, an area current security systems do not effectively scan, without requiring the user to take off their shoes. With MagShoe, the individual being inspected simply stands briefly in the relatively small knee-high device, the scan taking less than two seconds.

Demand for the product has been skyrocketing as airports and other secured locations come under growing pressure for less invasive inspection procedures. The system meets all international standards for quality assurance, and has undergone testing by the U.S. TSA, as well as the UK Department of Transport, and the German BKA, along with others.

The company now has a global network of distributors and system integrators, providing demonstrations, sales, implementation, and support services over five continents. The following list of international MagShoe distributors gives an idea of the spread this young product has already managed to achieve.

• Kenya – AGSC-Africa Ltd.

• USA – Bryant Integrated Technologies
• Brazil – ORMAX Tecnologia em Segurança

• India – Lotan Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
• China – Hwan Technology and Trade Co.
• Hong Kong – Digital East Limited
• South Korea – DaeSang, Inc.
• Thailand – “LETS” – Law Enforcement Technology Solution Co. Ltd.
• Vietnam – Inserime Company LTD
• Philippines – ADLIB International Sales Incorporated

• Australia / New Zealand – XTEK Ltd.

• Czech Republic – MERCOTRADE s.r.o.
• Poland – PIMCO Ltd.
• Slovakia – Group 4 Securicor
• France – Soft Diligence
• Germany – Interconsult 2003 Ltd
• Italy – Seteco SpA
• Spain / Portugal – PROSELEC Seguridad SAU
• England / Ireland – SCAN-X Security Ltd.

For more information, visit the company website at

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Delivery of First MagShoe(TM) Order to the National Prison of Andorra

November 15, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced that it has supplied the first MagShoe™ order to the National Prison of Andorra through its agent in Spain and Portugal, Proselec Seguridad, S.A.U (

In addition, the company announced another MagShoe™ order out of Spain for installation at the Corvera Castellon Airport. There are more than 100 correctional facilities in Spain and Portugal housing over 63,000 inmates. Each facility has multiple security checkpoint locations within the buildings.

“We believe this is the first of many expected installations of the new MagShoe™ 3G model in the national prisons of Spain and Portugal. The MagShoe™ is a great source of added security to prevent outside weapons from entering the prison at any time, therefore protecting the guards, staff, visitors and prisoners,” commented IDO Security’s International Sales & Marketing Manager, Dani Werber.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces National Distribution Agreement with JEI, Inc. and Submission of MagShoe(TM) to the GSA

November 8, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced a distribution deal with JEI, Inc. for the United States. As part of that deal, JEI has submitted the MagShoe™ to the U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) for approval and ultimate sale to various Federal Agencies throughout the nation.

“We have been searching for a high level U.S. Distributor with a solid and long standing imprint in the Federal and State Government marketplace for the MagShoe™ for some time and we are very excited to have found such a company to work with. JEI, Inc. brings decades of experience to the table working with a wide range of public sector clients providing them with cutting edge security solutions,” stated Mr. Michael Goldberg, CEO of IDO Security.

Mr. Goldberg added, “Through JEI we have submitted our application to the GSA to become an approved vendor for the U.S. Government and further expand our market presence finally bringing the MagShoe™ to the United States. This will be a major milestone for the company. Once approved by the GSA, we open a world of opportunity. United States Embassies around the world as well as all federal buildings, including prisons, court houses, armed services bases and of course airports will become markets for us once approved. We believe the new security threats coupled with the growing older threats highlight the necessity for the use of such a low cost and highly valuable solution such as the MagShoe™ at all security checkpoints to help address and combat the ever growing security threats facing our nation.”

“We are extremely excited to have been chosen by IDO to bring the MagShoe™, which we believe to be such a high level and much needed security device, to the attention of the U.S. Government as well as state and local governments. Once we secure the GSA approval, we will begin to market to the various Federal Agencies and in the interim, we will be gearing up for all of the other markets that we feel are so viable in today’s ever increasing security conscious marketplace,” commented JEI President, Jack Mahoney.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Participation at the Israel Homeland Security International Conference

November 3, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative Magshoe™ shoe scanning device, announced earlier today that it exhibited its new MagShoe™ 3G at the Israel Homeland Security International Conference which was held October 31 to November 3, 2010 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Delegates and security officials from countries worldwide attended the conference to discuss homeland security topics such as technology advances, airport security, crisis management and safe communities.

“This was a significant conference for us to showcase the MagShoe™ 3G. Officials from around the world gathered here to discuss the increased threats our nations are faced with today,” commented Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security.

IDO Security showcased its new MagShoe™ 3G in a small exclusive exhibition of selected Israeli technologies. The innovative shoe scanning device was presented to delegates by officials from IAA (Israeli Airport Authority) as a proven technology that works in Ben Gurion Airport and speeds up the Passenger Security Process without lowering the high level of security at the airport.

“The new MagShoe left a strong impression on officials and delegates that saw the demonstration first-hand and many have shown interest in setting up pilots and evaluation tests in their country, all of which could very well lead to major sales in the coming year,” conlcuded Werber.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces First MagShoe(TM) 3G Order to Spain

November 2, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced this morning that the company will be fulfilling an order from Spain for its new MagShoe™ 3G units. The MagShoe’s anticipated destination is the new private Corvera Castellon Airport near Valencia, Spain.

“We are thrilled to receive our initial order for the new MagShoe™ 3G from our agent in Spain, Proselec. They have also indicated additional orders to follow in the coming months once the initial units are in place and operating,” commented Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security, Inc. “Spain is a strong believer in the safety and comfort of their country and its people and we believe IDO Security will be able to provide such measures for all that travel through the Castellon Airport.”

“We continue to see strong interest within the aviation sector across the globe and as security threats remain high in airports, we believe other countries will begin to see the need to not only provide safety and security for the millions of passengers that travel to and from these countries, but also to provide a faster and more convenient method of passing through the airport security checkpoints,” continued Werber. “The MagShoe can easily be incorporated with existing screening devices that are already in airports and, unlike the recent concerns expressed over other screening technologies, the MagShoe is non-invasive nor harmful to the body.”

According to the press release, the newly developed airport will be capable of handling approximately 3 million passengers every year, with expandability for up to 12 million passengers a year. The MagShoe™ will speed up the security process at the airports’ checkpoints by eliminating the need for passengers and airport staff to take off their shoes for manual inspection, allowing a more comfortable and secure check-in process.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Has Answer For British Airways

October 29, 2010

When the chairman of British Airways recently criticized the increasingly strict U.S. boarding procedures, one of the first things he targeted was the requirement for travelers to take off their shoes. British Transport Secretary Philip Hammond added his own take, indicating his desire to allow airlines to look at ways of easing the boarding process through different security procedures, changing them if they can reduce queuing and offer a better traveler experience. But U.S. officials were quick to point out the importance of such procedures, and how they were jointly agreed on.

A simple solution to at least one aspect of the controversy, developed by IDO Security, is a one-of-a-kind “shoes-on” detection system. Called MagShoeTM, the system addresses the major complaint of travelers, the need to take off their shoes for security inspection. In addition, the makers claim that their system is more accurate in detecting threats than current procedures, more completely allaying security concerns.

MagShoe simply calls for the traveler to stand briefly in the relatively small knee-high device, the scan taking less than two seconds. A red/yellow/green light indicator, along with an audible alarm, clearly signals the scan’s results, making it applicable to even crowded and noisy environments, such as busy airports or stadiums. The system meets all international standards for quality assurance, and has undergone testing by the U.S. TSA, as well as the UK Department of Transport, and the German BKA, along with others.

Together, it represents a collection of features that IDO Security considers unmatched:

• Seamless integration with existing metal detectors and procedures for a complete security solution
• Lightning fast – clear, accurate results in seconds
• Highly accurate – ignores metal normally found inside shoes to reduce false alarms
• Fully automatic and easy-to-use; no training required
• Extremely cost-efficient and affordable
• Compact and portable for use anywhere
• Thorough detection of all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous
• Convenient, sanitary, quick alternative to manually removing shoes

MagShoe is actively being used by airports in various parts of the world, including Israel, and is currently being evaluated in the United States.

For more information, visit the company website at

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Introduces New Safety Rails System to Product Lineup

October 20, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative Magshoe™ “shoes-on” weapons metal detection system, announced this morning that it has introduced a new Safety Rails System to complement the new MagShoe™ 3G series.

Incorporating a new design and features based on field experience with the previous Safety Rails model and demands made by customers, the new system comes with a number of accessories. These accessories include a pole-set for the SLT-3 (Signal Light Tower), which allows users to position the signaling device in an easier, more efficient way.

“The new design incorporates suggestions that were made by our clients and the response by the marketplace has been very positive,” commented Mr. Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Director for IDO Security.

Mr. Werber added, “We strive to not only provide a safe and secure shoes-on weapons metal detection solution but also provide a system that is comfortable and convenient.”

The MagShoe™ offers a convenient step-in device that extends security screening and metal detection to include the ankles and feet, without requiring shoe removal. The MagShoe™ has numerous applications such as airports, seaports, border crossings, court houses, prisons and even at schools and sporting events in stadiums.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Participation in Israeli Homeland Security Business Delegation to Brazil

October 18, 2010

This morning, IDO Security, Inc. announced that it took part in the Israeli Homeland Security Business Delegation to Brazil. Senior airport and transport security officials from Brazil and other Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina, visited Israel to seek technologies and collaborations with Israeli security companies.

“The delegation was a great platform for us to showcase the new MagShoe™ 3G directly to Brazilian security officials including the Aviation Authorities, the Justice Ministry and the Mayor’s Office as well as representatives of the Advisory Committee and senior officials from the COB (Brazilian Olympics Committee),” commented Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security and the Company’s representative at the delegation.

Mr. Werber added, “As more and more countries continue to increase security at various venues and checkpoints, airports and government facilities will not be the only locations that will utilize the MagShoe™ 3G. The World Cup and Olympic Games are perfect examples of venues where the MagShoe™ 3G can ensure safety among employees, players, and millions of fans that attend these events from all over the world.”

Brazil anticipates hosting several major international sporting events in the coming years, including the 5th CISM (International Military Sports Council) Military World Games in 2011, with about 110 nations and 7,500 participants, the Soccer World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games, followed by the 15th Summer Paralympics Games. Over $30 Billion will be spent to develop, build and upgrade infrastructure, with approximately $3 Billion going to the Homeland Security sector, providing IDO Security and MagShoe(TM) 3G an excellent opportunity to increase sales and expand influence.

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) President Interviews with SmallCapVoice

October 13, 2010, Inc. announced this morning that a new audio interview featuring IDO Security, Inc. is now available on their website. To listen to the interview, please visit the following link:

A recognized corporate investor relations firm, with clients nationwide, SmallCapVoice is known for its ability to help emerging growth companies build a following among retail and institutional investors. The firm offers individual investors all the tools they need to make informed decisions about the stocks they are interested in. Tools include stock charts, stock alerts, and client information sheets that can assist with investing in stocks that are traded on the OTC BB and Pink Sheets.

Headquartered in New York with a subsidiary in Israel, IDO Security designs, develops and markets the patented MagShoe™ weapons metal detection system. Filling a critical void in today’s metal detectors by extending screening to the lower body and feet, MagShoe™’s “shoes-on” design maximizes security, thoroughness and accuracy while eliminating the need to remove shoes for increased convenience and safety. To learn more about IDO Security, Inc. visit its website at

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Pilot of MagShoe(TM) 3G in Major European Airport

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced this morning that it has been conducting a trial of the MagShoe™ 3G at a major International Airport in Western Europe. For the past two months the company’s units have been installed and used on a regular basis in a number of International and European boarding gates.

“This is a major accomplishment in our overall strategy to penetrate the burgeoning European market,” commented Mr. Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security. “So far the reaction of airport officials and the general public has been extremely positive.”

Mr. Werber added, “The trial is scheduled to run until the end of the year. Although, as requested by the Airport Authority, at this time the exact location cannot be disclosed, once this trial is completed and the MagShoe™ is approved for use, we expect a major order for our shoe scanning device (SSD).”

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Distributor Agreement with ORMAX Tecnologia em Seguranca

October 11, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe™ shoe scanning device, announced this morning that it has entered into a distributor agreement with ORMAX Tecnologia em Segurança as part of its marketing efforts in the Brazilian market.

“This is a totally new market for the MagShoe™ with great potential and as such we have looked to cooperate with a serious player in the Brazilian market. Ormax is the perfect partner, with a large Homeland Security related client base, proven sales capabilities, local assembly and production capabilities and years of experience in the Brazilian security market. Our cooperation is very close and we expect results relatively soon,” commented Mr. Dani Werber, Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security, Inc.

“We see great potential for MagShoe™ in Brazil and Latin America,” Mr. Avi Dvir, CEO of Ormax, stated. “As a leading supplier of Homeland Security equipment to many different police and security agencies in the region we know that this solution is the link that was missing for our clients to have a much higher level of security in their operations.”

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Announces Success of Exhibitions in Spain and the UK; Receives Initial Orders

October 6, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative MagShoe(TM) “shoes-on” weapons metal detection system, announced this morning that it has received initial orders for the new MagShoe(TM) 3G following marketing presentation made to local partners in various countries and two international security exhibitions: SICUR in Madrid Spain (March 2010) and Counter Terror in London UK (April 2010). The orders were placed by agents in Brazil, China, UK and Ireland.

“These initial orders are a good indication of the serious interest shown in these countries,” stated Dani Werber, International Marketing Manager for IDO Security. “Our agents and distributors are going to be very busy in the coming months, introducing the new MagShoe(TM) 3G series. Although these initial orders are for small quantities, mainly for pilots and evaluation processes, which is a usual stage in acquiring new technology and products, we are confident that after these successful pilots and tests, we will receive major orders.”

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IDO Security Inc. (IDOI.OB) Video Chart for Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

IDOI saw a big increase in volume yesterday and a nice gain of over 50%. This video chart discusses what to look for today and is also a lesson in long term divergences with smoothed indicators.

Please click the following link:

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Receives Order from Ben-Gurion International Airport for Additional MagShoe M-100 Units

IDO Security, Inc., developer of the innovative Magshoe™ “shoes-on” weapons metal detection system, announced yesterday after the closing bell that it has received another order for MagShoe™ M-100 units to be installed in Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport. This order is in addition to the numerous units already operating successfully for more than two years.

“We see this new order as a vote of confidence in the MagShoe™, as Ben-Gurion is known for its very high level of security,” commented Mr. Dani Werber, International Sales & Marketing Manager for IDO Security.

Mr. Werber added, “Since the MagShoe™ is in operation at the central check point in the international terminal, the whole process of scanning passengers at the check point is much quicker, making everybody’s work much easier, keeping passengers satisfied and at the same time keeping the high level of security. The units in Ben-Gurion airport are of an earlier model, we expect the airport to ‘switch’ to the new MagShoe™3G series later this year.”

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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Led By Strong International Team

September 27, 2010

IDO Security Inc., developer of the MagShoeTM system for shoes-on metal detection, now being grabbed up by airports around the world as a must-have security addition, is led by a remarkably diverse international team of managers and directors.

• Michael Goldberg (President & Director) – Responsible for the overall vision and direction of the company, Mr. Goldberg has over 30 years of business and legal experience. He has an extensive executive background as President and CEO of RX Medical Services, overseeing health center operations around the country, in addition to serving on the boards and as a member of audit and compensation committees for a number of public companies. He’s also the Managing Director of Monarch Capital LLC, a private operation providing consulting services to both private and public companies. Moreover, as a trained lawyer, he also brings an important legal perspective from his early work as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and in private practice.

• Henry Shabat (General Manager) – Mr. Shabat offers both consulting and managerial services experience, primarily related to homeland security, including development and manufacturing of wireless communications and aeronautical systems, police and security encrypted communication systems, and border control systems.

• Dani Werber (International Marketing Manager) – With diverse international security experience, including work with Israel’s national security agency and EL AL, the country’s national airline, as well as loss-prevention work for various multi-national companies, Mr. Werber has provided the international contacts and familiarity to set up and manage the company’s worldwide distribution network.

• John Mitola (Director) – Mr. Mitola has a broad range of experience, including work in the energy and environmental industries, venture capital, engineering, and construction. He is the Chairman of the Illinois Toll Highway Authority, one of the largest transportation agencies in North America, and is a managing partner of Kingsdale Capital International. He also spent six years as CEO of Electric City Corp.

• Irit Reiner (Director) – Pertinent to IDO’s airport and travel security involvement, Ms. Reiner offers nearly 25 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. She is currently a director of Medical Exchange, Inc., and was a manager with ISSTA, the premier flight and tour operator to Israel. She also oversaw the management and operation of several branch offices for Israeli-based tour company Diesenhaus-Peltours.

• Amos Eiran (Director) – Mr. Eiran has more than 40 years of high-level experience in the business, financial, and political realm, with both private and public operations in the U.S. and Israel. He currently serves on the board of a number of major companies. He has also held a number of government positions in Israel, and is now the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Israel.

For more information, visit the company website at

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IDO Security Inc. (IDOI.OB) is “One to Watch”

September 15, 2010

IDO Security, Inc., headquartered in New York with a subsidiary in Israel, focuses on developing solutions for shoes-on weapons metal detection. The company’s flagship product, the patented MagShoe™ system, instantly and accurately detects metal items concealed on or in footwear, ankles or feet without requiring the removal of shoes. Taking only 3-4 seconds to scan, the detection system solves possibly the most problematic issue in the security checkpoint routine.

The MagShoe is produced at the company’s main manufacturing facility in Rishon LeZion, Israel where it offers local sales and support via a worldwide network of industry-leading distributors and system integrators. Designed for security and loss prevention at high-security venues and checkpoints, IDO Security’s products are currently in use at international airports, cruise lines, government agencies and other locations requiring strong security.

The company’s detection systems employ state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to detect weapons and other controlled metal articles. By providing accurate measurements, the MagShoe solutions keep false alarms at minimum – detecting potentially dangerous items while ignoring metal typically found in footwear such as heels, zippers and ornaments. The advanced technology reduces the number of manual inspections required, allowing personnel to focus on the real threat.

President and Director Michael L. Goldberg guides the direction of the company with an extensive business and legal background spanning more than 30 years. Prior to joining IDO Security, Mr. Goldberg spent 17 years as the Chairman, CEO and one-time President of RX Medical Services, a medical company that owned and operated small rural hospitals, clinical laboratories and MRI/CT centers across the US. He has served on the boards and as a member of audit and compensation committees for a number of public companies.

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  • MediaG3 Inc. MDGC (1)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) (13)
  • Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions REFG (19)
  • Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. MIHI (16)
  • Medical Transcription Billing Corp. MTBC (13)
  • Medina International Holdings Inc. MIHI (3)
  • Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH (3)
  • Medivisor Inc. MVSR (1)
  • Mega Media Group, Inc. MMDA (30)
  • MegaWest Energy Corporation MGWSF (2)
  • Memry Corp. MRY (2)
  • Metro One Development Inc. MODI (2)
  • Mexico Energy Corp. MXC (1)
  • MGX Minerals, Inc. MGXMF (52)
  • Micro Identification Technologies Inc. MMTC (44)
  • MicrocapMoney (2)
  • Microsoft Corporation MSFT (4)
  • Midway Gold Corp. MDW (1)
  • Military Resale Group MYRL (19)
  • Minco Silver Corp. MSV.TO (1)
  • Mindpix Corp. MNDP (1)
  • MIP Solutions Inc. MSOL (7)
  • MIT Holding MITD (36)
  • MitoPharm Corp. MTPH (1)
  • Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. MZTI (14)
  • Mobile Entertainment Inc. MBEI (1)
  • Mobile Lads Corp. MOBO (43)
  • Momentous Entertainment Group Inc. MMEG (19)
  • Monaker Group Inc. MKGI (48)
  • Money4Gold Holdings Inc. MFGD (3)
  • Holdings Inc. MBKR (2)
  • Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited MSQ.V (1)
  • Moxian Inc. MOXC (62)
  • mPhase Technologies Inc. XDSL (12)
  • MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. MEVT (4)
  • Muscle Flex Inc. MFLI (55)
  • MusclePharm Corp. MSLP (23)
  • Mvive Inc. MVIV (22)
  • My Automated Advisor (4)
  • MyECheck Inc. MYEC (99)
  • Inc. MYST (1)
  • Nanogen Inc. NGEN (2)
  • Nanometrics Inc. NANO (1)
  • NanoSensors Inc. NNSR (1)
  • NanoTech Entertainment Inc. NTEK (30)
  • Napster, Inc. NAPS (5)
  • National Automation Services Inc. NASV (67)
  • National Coal Corp. NCOC (2)
  • National Waste Management Holdings Inc. NWMH (24)
  • Naturally Iowa Inc. NLIA (2)
  • NavStar Technologies Inc. NVSR (16)
  • nCoat Inc NCOA (8)
  • Neah Power Systems NPWZ (14)
  • Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT (4)
  • Neoprobe Corp. NEOP (6)
  • NeoStem Inc. NBS (6)
  • Net Element Inc. NETE (19)
  • NetSol Technologies Inc NTWK (64)
  • Neurobiological Technologies Inc. NTII (3)
  • NeuroMama Ltd. NERO (15)
  • Neutra Corp. NTRR (37)
  • New Asia Gold Corp. NWAG (1)
  • New Generation Biofuel Holdings Inc. GNB (3)
  • NewMarket China Inc. NMCH (7)
  • NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT (7)
  • Newport Digital Technologies Inc. NPDT (61)
  • Nexia Holdings Inc. NXHD (51)
  • NexMed Inc. NEXM (8)
  • NeXplore Corp. NXPC (4)
  • Next One Interactive Inc. NXOI (7)
  • NextGen Bioscience Inc. NXGB (1)
  • NextPhase Wireless Inc. NPHS (1)
  • Nexus Enterprise Solutions Inc. NXES (30)
  • NF Energy Saving Corp. of America NFES (1)
  • Nhale Inc. NHLE (18)
  • Nilam Resources Inc. NILR (4)
  • Nitro Petroleum Inc. NTRO (5)
  • North Bay Resources Inc. NBRI (10)
  • NuTech Inc. NTCI (1)
  • Nutra Pharma Corp. NPHC (21)
  • NutraNomics Inc. NNRX (30)
  • NuVim Inc. NUVM (1)
  • NVIDIA Corp. NVDA (1)
  • NXGen Holdings Inc. NXGH (1)
  • Oakridge Global Energy Solutions Inc. OGES (63)
  • Obee's Franchise Systems Inc. OBFM (1)
  • OBJ Enterprises Inc. OBJE (27)
  • Odyne Corporation ODYC (15)
  • Omega Commercial Finance Corp. OCFN (2)
  • OmniaLuo Inc. OLUO (1)
  • Omnicity Corp. OMCY (26)
  • Omninet Media.Com, Inc. ONMC (5)
  • On The Go Healthcare Inc. MODI (13)
  • On the Move Systems Inc. OMVS (102)
  • Oncolin Therapeutics Inc. OCOL (1)
  • One Step Vending Corp. KOSK (2)
  • One World Holdings Inc. OWOO (61)
  • Ones to Watch (1,353)
  • Onstream Media Corp. ONSM (5)
  • Onteco Corp. ONTC (4)
  • Open Energy Corp. OEGY (4)
  • Optical Systems Inc. OPSY (2)
  • Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. ORMP (2)
  • Organic Alliance Inc. ORGC (2)
  • ORHub, Inc. ORHB (32)
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  • OurPet's Company OPCO (78)
  • OxySure Systems Inc. OXYS (23)
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  • Pamplona Picks (1)
  • Pan Global Corp. PGLO (82)
  • PanGenex Corp. PGCX (3)
  • Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. PZG (3)
  • Patient Access Solutions Inc. PASO (7)
  • Patriot Energy Corp. dba TelTeck Solutions Inc PGYC.PK (11)
  • Patriot One Technologies, Inc. PTOTF (25)
  • Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC (6)
  • Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. PAE (1)
  • Peoples Educational Holdings Inc. PEDH (2)
  • Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. PGOG (12)
  • Perfect Web Technologies, Inc PWBI (11)
  • Perfectenergy International Ltd. PFGY (1)
  • Performance Health Technologies Inc. PFMH (31)
  • Pet DRX Corp. VETS (1)
  • Petro Resources Corp. PRC (2)
  • Petrogress, Inc. PGAS (27)
  • PetroSun Inc. PSUD (41)
  • Petroteq Energy Inc. PQEFF (50)
  • Phantom Fiber Corp. PHFB (2)
  • Pilot Financial Communications (3)
  • Pipex Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP (2)
  • PITOOEY! Inc. PTOO (14)
  • Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVOTF (1)
  • Planet Nutrition Inc. PNHL (4)
  • Platina Energy Group Inc. PLTG (8)
  • PlayBOX Inc. PYBX (5)
  • Players Network PNTV (15)
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. PSTI (10)
  • Positron Corp. POSC (3)
  • PotNetwork Holding, Inc. POTN (59)
  • Power of the Dream Ventures (1)
  • Power Play Development Corp. PWPY (17)
  • Powersafe Technology Corp. PWSF (1)
  • Premier Energy Corp. PNRC (1)
  • Pressure BioSciences Inc. PBIO (41)
  • PreveCeutical Medical Inc. PRVCF (22)
  • PRG Group Inc. PRGJ (2)
  • PrimEdge Inc. PEDI (1)
  • Private Equity Securities (93)
  • Pro Motors Group Corp. PMGU (2)
  • Pro Travel Network Inc. PTVL (2)
  • ProBility Media Corp. PBYA (33)
  • ProGaming Platforms Corp. PPTF (22)
  • Proginet Corp. PRGF (3)
  • Prom Resources PRMO (9)
  • Propalms Inc. PRPM (3)
  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVCT (12)
  • Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE (23)
  • Pulmo BioTech Inc. PLMO (4)
  • Puramed Bioscience Inc. PMBS (3)
  • Pure Biofuels Corp. PBOF (4)
  • Pure H2O Inc. PURH (1)
  • Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. PNOW (99)
  • Purio Inc. PURO (5)
  • Puritan Financial Group Inc. PTNG (1)
  • Purple Beverage Company Inc. PPBV (8)
  • QED Connect Inc. QEDC (4)
  • Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc. XING (2)
  • QPC Lasers Inc. QPCI (3)
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  • Rafarma Pharmaceuticals Inc. RAFA (31)
  • Rainbow Coral Corp. RBCC (33)
  • Rancher Energy Corp. RNCH (9)
  • Raptor Resources Holdings Inc. RRHI (50)
  • Raven Gold Corp. RVNG (3)
  • Red Lake Exploration Inc. RLKX (19)
  • RegalWorks Media Inc. RWMI (4)
  • Regenicin, Inc. RGIN (6)
  • Reign Sapphire Corp. RGNP (13)
  • Reliant Financial Services Inc. RFNS (1)
  • Renhuang Pharmaceuticals Inc. RHGP (3)
  • ReoStar Energy Corp. REOS (1)
  • Resort Savers Inc. (RSSV) (10)
  • Revett Minerals (1)
  • RJD Green Inc. RJDG (19)
  • Rock Energy Resources Inc. RCKE (4)
  • Rodman & Renshaw (432)
  • Ronn Motor Company Inc. RNNM (6)
  • Rox Resources Ltd. RXRS (3)
  • Royal Quantum Group, Inc. RYQG (10)
  • Royal Standard Minerals Inc. RYSMF (2)
  • Rudy Nutrition RUNU (27)
  • RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. RXII (3)
  • Santa Fe Gold Corp. SFEG (5)
  • Santa Fe Holding Company SFHD (3)
  • Save The World Air Inc. ZERO (12)
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  • Seawright Holdings Inc. SWRI (1)
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  • Silver Falcon Mining Inc. SFMI (1)
  • SilverSun Technologies Inc. SSNT (30)
  • Simtrol Inc. SMRL (74)
  • Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. SMEV (130)
  • Singlepoint Inc. SING (150)
  • Sino Agro Food Inc. SIAF (1)
  • Sinobiomed Inc. SOBM (4)
  • Sinovac Biotech Ltd SVC (1)
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  • Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd. SOLF (2)
  • Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. SOUL (14)
  • South Sea Energy Corp. SSGY (7)
  • Soyo Group Inc SOYO (2)
  • SpaceDev Inc. SPDV (5)
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  • Sweet Success Enterprises Inc. SWTS (35)
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  • Symposium Production Corp. SYPJ (1)
  • Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. TADF (15)
  • Tao Minerals Ltd. TAOL (1)
  • TapImmune, Inc. TPIV (15)
  • Tapinator, Inc. TAPM (26)
  • Taplmmune Inc. TPIM (1)
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