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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Industrial Biotechnology Corp. (IBOT.PK)

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Industrial Biotechnology Corp. is a green technology company that specializes in developing methods to replace petroleum-based compounds with clean renewable resources across a wide range of industries. The company’s production processes utilize ALCHEMx Production Platforms™, which integrate sustainable manufacturing and distribution with supply chain partnerships to conform to customer specifications. Industrial Biotechnology’s management team is comprised of biotechnology specialists, business leaders, and international lawyers.

Industrial Biotechnology has three operating subsidiaries. Renewable Fuels of America Corp. (RFAC) is partnering with Cosan SA, the world’s largest sugar cane processor based in Brazil, to produce and supply sugar cane-based biofuel to the U.S. market. Renewable Chemicals Corp. (RCC) plans to produce ethanol derivative chemicals as an alternative to petroleum-based compounds in the consumer packaging, agricultural, pesticides, energy, materials and polymer industries. IBC Technologies Inc. is the third subsidiary, focused on technology and intellectual property. It develops processes for manufacturing chemicals more cheaply and efficiently, while minimizing environmental impact.

The potential market for sugar cane ethanol use in the U.S. is huge. Emerging Markets Online indicates U.S. biodiesel consumption grew from 25 million gallons in 2004 to 750 million gallons in 2007. Most of the ethanol currently produced in the United States derives from corn, which faces supply limitations due to its use as a food source. Sugar cane is not a food source, and can be produced in sufficient quantities to meet demand. Sugar cane is also the most cost-effective, energy-balanced and environmentally friendly fuel source compared to other alternative fuels.

Industrial Biotechnology has positioned itself to benefit from the growing trends of alternative energy use and environmental stewardship, by harnessing both the skills of its experienced management team, and the power of the mighty sugar cane plant.

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