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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: International Consolidated Companies, Inc. (INCC.OB)

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

International Consolidated Companies, Inc. (INCC.OB) is focused on the acquisition of healthcare, technology, and environmental companies. The company looks for other companies located within the Asian markets to extend country’s growing potential.

International Consolidated Companies has chosen to enter the bio-tech pharmaceuticals and bio-engineered medicines markets. The pharmaceutical market in China has managed to maintain steady growth with reported revenues of $54.6 billion in 2007. The company offers foreign companies a chance to get on the U.S markets.

The companies that International Consolidated considers for acquisition must meet specific criteria within their acquisition model. International Consolidated retains a percentage of each target company in order to develop a growth-oriented investment base. Recent acquisitions include China Gene, Ltd. (Hong Kong), along with its subsidiaries Shanghai Huaxin High Biotechnology and Sichuan Kelan Bio-Tech Pharmaceutical Company.

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OTCPicks Featured Company: International Consolidated Companies, Inc. (INCC.OB) Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire U.S. Businesses

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

International Consolidated Companies, Inc. recently signed a letter of intent to acquire businesses with unaudited USD $40 million in revenue, USD $4 million net profit, and USD $50 million in assets. Included in the letter is the acquisition of Hebei Jiasheng Pharmaceutical & Chemical Limited Co. and its subsidiaries located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province Peoples Republic of China.

The company and its subsidiaries amount to over 21 years of experience and host a strong management team. Currently, the company employs over one-thousand people, and brings an extended background in research, sales, and manufacturing. With the manufacturing and selling of biopharmaceutical compounds to the United States and European markets, the company has begun to establish markets for their products in key foreign countries.

Having a clear and sensible corporate vision, the company plans to expand into already existing markets with new and existing products. Attaining a vast knowledge of the marketplace and regulatory compliant operation, combined with their sales and marketing expertise, gives the company a clear competitive edge. Incorporating the International Consolidated Companies, Inc. family, the company is steadily growing with the reputation in China for attracting well managed and highly respected quality companies.

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