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InvestSource Featured Company: Funds Tech Corp (FNDS.OB) Entering the Financial Card Services Market Worldwide

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Many take a bank account for granted. Around the world, however, over 50% of workers cannot gain access to money changing options. Increasing use of pre-paid debit cards, however, gives access to millions looking for financial services.

Funds Tech Corp., a financial software/hardware transaction processing company, works to offer customers with limited banking opportunity pre-paid debit cards. Additionally, the company is now working to offer payroll options for companies that are increasingly forced to pay these same employees cash for services. The company estimates that the potential worldwide market for these types of debt card services is over $100 billion annually.

Further market opportunity exists when foreign workers are considered. The company has instituted a services product that enables many foreign workers the ability to efficiently send money home to relatives in a similar but different way than Western Union. Revenue is generated through fee per transaction at 750,000 ATM’s and 5.5 million locations worldwide.

Although the company has been finding limited success in North American markets, it is realizing its major growth projections in Africa and on the European continent. South African wholesaler’s have found a positive response and are working toward certification and expansion across the continent. European countries are also beginning to take advantage with alliances and customers experiencing positive results. All customers of the company’s services indicate plans for expansion.

Diversification of the company’s stock base is the current focus of the company internally. A recent 2-1 stock split has increased outstanding shares from 7 million to over 14 million. The company indicates that its goals are being met as planned. From a general perspective, goal setting appears to point toward the end of 2008 as a positive revenue period.

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InvestSource Featured Company: Universal Detection Technology Corp. (UDTT.OB)

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Universal Detection Technology is focused on developing, marketing, and distributing a large range of products purposed to combat the threat of terrorism. The company offers sophisticated surveillance equipment as well as cutting-edge airborne pathogen, radiation, and bioterrorism detection technology.

With the assistance of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Company developed a bacterial spore detection system that provides uninterrupted monitoring of the air for unusual levels of bacterial spores such as anthrax. Universal Detection Technology has already provided its anthrax detection kits to the U.S. Army and sold two bacterial spore detection systems to the Government of the United Kingdom.

The Company is dedicated to developing products to keep innocent people safe as terrorists use more sophisticated biological weapons. Universal Detection Technology understands how crucial it is to stay alert to these new threats, and through its advanced technology, intends to keep our nation safe.

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D & E Communications, Inc. (DECC) – An Opportunity for Investment

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

D & E Communications, Inc. (DECC), located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania is a provider of various communication services. The company offers high-speed data, internet access, local and long distance telephone service, IT services, network monitoring, security solutions, and video services.

In August 2007, the company announced that it would carry the Big Ten Network, a new national network launched that month dedicated exclusively to Big Ten Conference television programming. Dave Moore, vice president of marketing, believes the network will be an instant hit with Penn State fans in the area.

“We’re really very pleased that our customers will be able to get the Big Ten Network from the beginning,” said Moore. “State College is obviously Big Ten country, and I expect the Big Ten Network to become a popular destination very, very quickly.”

For the third quarter of 2007, the company reported improvements in operating and net incomes compared to the same quarter in 2006. However, operating revenues showed a slight decrease due to a decline in directory revenue, the result of the renegotiation of a contract with the directory publisher.

“I am pleased with the progress that we are making in growing our broadband connections, the number of subscribers in our CLEC markets and in the improving financial performance of our Systems Integration segment,” said James W. Morozzi, President and CEO of D&E Communications.

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Is the InvestSource Featured Company Universal Property Development & Acquisition Corp (UPDA.OB) Just a Management Cash Cow?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Can fossil fuels make for good business in the long term? What do we dislike everyday more than gasoline and heating oil prices? A world of alternative energy sources is the new management mantra. We may love to hate the Middle East Sheikhs living off nearly centurion crude prices, but let us not forget good old Texas in the ‘liquid gold’ rush!

Universal Property Development & Acquisition Corp. is clearly set for profit growth. The company not only has bounteous oil and natural gas assets, but assiduously targets new acquisitions for vertical integration. Geer Tank Trucks is a striking example of forward thinking by management, because control over logistics is a sustainable competitive edge when it comes to marketing energy products to consumers. Speaking of marketing, Universal Property Development & Acquisition Corp also has Continental Fuels (OTCBB:CFUL) in its war chest of achievements.

There is a fly in this business ointment: solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cells are missing from the portfolio, when we view Universal Property Development & Acquisition Corp as a holding stock in the energy sector. That is not to insinuate that the management has given no thought to the future of alternative fuels, but to suggest that the wise will queue up for a slice of this cake without any further loss of time!

Choosing between profits and risk in business can make investors like children in a toy shop. OTCBB:UPDA is special because it gives you best of both worlds. Lick your chops as oil prices inexorably head north, while you bask in the security of a management team with a clear vision of the future of the energy business.

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InvestSource Featured Company: Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc. (STHG.PK) Announces Agreement with Savage Arms to Coat Shooting Ranges

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Steadfast Holding Groups Inc and Savage Arms announced today that they have signed the papers on a mutual agreement to coat two firing ranges with their Polyurea spray. This agreement is expected to generate $300,000 in annual revenue for the companies. According to John Calash, the CEO of Steadfast, this arrangement is only the beginning, “These are the first of several ranges we will be coating and what we visualize to be a long business partnership between Steadfast and Savage Arms.”

Steadfast holdings began as a company that creates spray on liners for the automotive industry, bonding to the bed of trucks, as well as selling other aftermarket products for the automotive industry. Their primary product, Polyurea, has potential applications in military, industrial and commercial arenas. Its many applications include acting as a barrier against chemical solvents and fuels on concrete and metal surfaces. Other products the company is licensed to sell are: A. R.E. Truck Caps and Lids, Tool Boxes, Nerf Bars, Tube Steps, Running Boards, Rack Systems, Rail Caps, Tonneau Covers, Fender Flares, Grilles, Visors, Bug Shields, Roll-Up Covers, Side Rails, Mud Guards, Floor Mats, Lights, Trailer Hitches, Stainless Steel Accessories and Lift Kits.

The Savage Arms Company has dealt in Arms and Ammunition since 1894. They are based in Utica, N.Y. and in addiction to arm,; the company also owns shooting ranges and a line of retail clothing. In 1992 they patented an Eco-friendly shooting range system, SNAIL, which has been adopted by the NRA, FBI and many Special Forces Units.

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InvestorSource Featured Company: Mindpix Corp. (MNDP.PK) Files Product Patent Prior to Upcoming Q1 2008 UltraFlex Launch

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Mindpix was proud to have announced recently that the patent for the UltraFlex exercise device has been filed in anticipation of their 2008 quarter one product launch.

Mindpix is composed of a group of positive and powerful media group companies, which include UltraFlex Fitness, UltraFlex Medical, Mindpix Production, and Mindpix Development. In 2007, UltraFlex was awarded with “the fitness product of the year” by Ms. Fitness Magazine.

UltraFlex Fitness promotes a new style of resistance training called Target Perfect Resistance, and is responsible for developing and marketing the patent pending UltraFlex Fitness Rod. Unlike many other fitness products, UltraFlex produces a dynamic and variable resistance, increasing and decreasing through a range of motions, and by alternating hand, body and product positions.

With Target Perfect Resistance anyone will feel comfortable and confident in using UltraFlex, regardless of age and ability. Eight exercises provide a total body workout in the beginning, intermediate and advanced positions. There are well over 150 exercises featuring the amazing UltraFlex.

UltraFlex medical is set to make substantial inroads to the $11 Billion U.S. outpatient rehabilitation market. Currently, UltraFlex medical is working closely with rehab industry professionals to create a unique and proprietary physical therapy program.

Mindpix Production continues to produce, direct, and provide post-production services for promising documentaries and other niche profitable projects.

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InvestorSouce Featured Company: Expert Group Inc. (EXPT.PK) is Proud to Announce 2.5 Million in Loans for December

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Expert Group, Inc is excited to announce that it has originated over 2.5 million in loans for the month of December, which is a 25% increase over the previous month.

Expert Group Inc. is a diversified financial services company that markets a variety of financial products and services through Expert Financing, Expert Group Title Services, and Expert Credit Fix. The company offers stock option plans to their loan officers, brokers, title agents, and processors.

Since its inception, Expert Group Inc has produced over 50 million in origination. Specializing in residential and commercial loans, Expert Group Inc has streamlined the lending process saving customers time and money. At Expert Mortgage you can find a mortgage professional that will be able to speak in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

Shirley Rico states, “It’s believed that the rate cut by the Federal Reserve Bank has created a boost in demand and consumer confidence. First time home buyers are being presented with grants to achieve the dream of homeownership.”

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Investor Source Featured Company: President of Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc. (STHG.PK) Featured in Interview

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007, Inc. announced today that an audio interview featuring the President of Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc., John Calash, is now available at One of the topics of discussion provided by Mr. Calash include his personal insight into the factors that led to an increase in sales in the first three weeks of the fourth quarter, which have exceeded the total for the fourth quarter in 2006. During the third quarter there was a reported 46% increase in sales over the same period in 2006. To listen to the interview you can go to the following link:

Known for its ability to help emerging growth companies to build a following among retail and institutional investors, is a recognized corporate investor relations firm with clients spanning across the United States. By utilizing its stock newsletter to feature daily stock picks, audio interviews, and portrays its clients financial news releases, offers individual investors all the tools necessary to make educated decisions about the stocks they’re interested in. displays stock charts, stock alerts, and investor fact sheets can facilitate with investing in stocks that are traded on the OTCBB and Pink Sheets.

Steadfast Holdings Group, Inc. (STHG) is a holding company that owns 100% of Steadfast Automotive, Inc., and its subsidiary Steadfast Custom Linings, LLC. Currently, The company is looking to expand its operations through franchising the Steadfast Custom Linings, LLC business model and by the expansion of company owned stores. As a result, this would require all products to be purchased from Steadfast Custom Linings LLC.

The core business of STHG rests on its truck bed protection product which offers specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to the truck’s bed. STHG also distributes an assortment of products to the automotive aftermarket.

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InvestorSource Featured Company: CornerWorld Corp. (CWRL.OB) Intigrates with Napster to Offer Digital Music Catalog

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Cornerworld Corp. (OTCBB:CWRL) made an announcement today that it has commenced a new offering with Napster, Inc., the pioneer of digital music. The agreement will provide CornerWorld members with unlimited access to Napster’s complete digital music catalog, which consists of more than 5 million music files and will be available through CornerWorld’s flagship site,

Earlier this year CornerWorld and Napster, Inc, signed a distribution agreement that gave Napster the non-exlusive right to reproduce and distribute original content from CornerWorld members over to Napster’s subscribers as part of their digital music store.

Scott Beck, Chief Executive Officer of Cornerworld commented, “The strength of our relationship with Napster is testament to our burgeoning foothold in the world of social networking. Now, along with musician’s ability to distribute their original content through Napster’s customer network, Cornerworld users can access every music file within the Napster catalog through” He continued, “We are very excited with the new development and are working diligently to foster relationships with other best-of-breed providers, such as Napster, to enhance the CornerWorld user experience and member growth.”

CornerWorld, Inc. is a new independent media source that provides a free “business manager,” a service offered by the company that allows anyone with sellable content to post their services on the web. CornerWorld projects live video feeds to enhance the social networking aspects of content sharing; and introduces new functionality that displays, rates and encourages interaction. It’s free to join and is user friendly by offering four levels of membership: amateurs, rated amateurs, instant professionals and professionals.

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InvestorSource Features Advanced Wound Technologies Mid-Atlantic, Inc. (OTC: AWTM)

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Advance Wound Technologies Mid-Atlantic Inc. is focused on providing state of the art medical equipment at a low cost enabling almost anyone access to the highest quality equipment. Since the Medical equipment industry is highly fragmented, the company has aligned itself with strategic partners locally and regionally who have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the products. This extends the capabilities of both Advance Wound Technologies and is partners.

They currently offer three products all aimed at the prevention of bed sores. The Microsolo900 is the dolphin bed used in patient transporting and holding while in a hospital. The Company also offers a surgical Bed that prevents pressure sores while undergoing long surgeries, and an at-home-bed (Micro-Mini) for in home care. Financial services are also available to customers to facilitate easy acquisition of their equipment, in addition to leasing programs.

Future outlooks for the Company is very bright with the aging baby boomer population in the US expected to rise significantly. The increase in population aged over 65 is projected to be over 20 % by year 2050. This will greatly increase the demand for medical products in the future as Baby Boomers retire and life expectancy continues to rise.

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InvestSource Sends Coverage Alert on ValueSetters, Inc. (VSTR.PK)

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

ValueSetters, Inc. is a Networking Online Wholesaler focused on connecting manufactures and distributers with independent retailers. The Company’s reach extends to manufacturers, importers, and distributors of all types and sizes, and is dedicated to uniting the proven capabilities of its consolidation model with the dynamic marketing power of recently acquired 30fold. ValueSetters enables its members to operate profitably, and offer neighbors, friends and family opportunities to buy new products within their local areas. The cost synergies resulting from the elimination of duplicate administrative, accounting and back office functions creates higher profit margins.

It is crucial that business relationships are leveraged to their fullest potential in the increasingly competitive business environment. ValueSetters believes its merger with 30fold ( is beneficial in all facets. The website is been led by a committed management team for 30 years. The comprehensive network marketing expertise of 30 fold, and its existing member base, offer further capabilities to ValueSetters as it seeks to continue growing its client base.

The model set forth by ValueSetters has been accepted by an eager audience. The Company announced that its active memberships have increased 600% over the past year as more independent retailers discovered the benefits of the new Team Member Management system, which allows more advanced tracking and support of Team Member activities. Currently the Company has almost 8,000 independent retailers in its network and a database of approximately 170,000 customers.

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