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OTCPicks Featured Company: JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK) Taking Steps to Protect Shareholder Value

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

JC Data Solutions, Inc. (OTC: JCDS) announced that they are taking steps to combat illegal trading activities and will commence the process to conduct share counts of their securities.

The company attained evidence that certain brokers may have issued phantom shares, and according to the NASDAQ Regulation SHO Threshold List, JCDS has been listed for over forty days, confirming that stock manipulations have taken place.

Cary Allen, CEO of JC Data Solutions, Inc. stated, “Our intentions with this announcement are not to alarm our investors but to inform them that we are aware of the likelihood of stock price manipulation involving JCDS stock. Our business continues to grow with a recent adding of two new resellers; one in the northeast (TMG Documents) and one in Texas (Lone Star Marketing Company). Considering we are a non-reporting company, proper release of revenue figures cannot occur at this time but virtually all areas of our business have shown increased revenues over the last year as well as our overall debt and overhead have remained low.”

He continued, “This all being said we see no reason for our price per share to remain at this low level and we intend to take the necessary action to protect our shareholders from what we believe to be manipulation or our stock price. Our first priority is to become Pink Sheets Current; we have stepped up the filing process and expect to have it complete shortly. We are also engaging in council to begin proper accounting procedures of JCDS stock and how to handle the evidence of short selling.”

“This rule proposal will help protect and enhance the operation, integrity and stability of the markets in the clearance and settlement system, and also puts market participants on notice that the Commission will continue targeting abuses in this area,” commented Erik Sirri, Director of the SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets.

JC Data Solutions is an ACH service provider and manufacturer of data management systems and services. The company targets the healthcare, attorney, and the oil and gas industries.

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JC Data Solutions, Inc (JCDS.PK) Completes Several Installations of Its Medical Forms Generator

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

JC Data Solutions, Inc (JCDS.PK) announced that through their resellers, Precision Products Inc. and MD Point CMS, Inc, the company has finalized the installation of their FormGen product in several hospitals. Specifically, the company installed the FormGen Medical Generator at the Midtown Surgery Center Houston in Texas; the Prestonwood Surgery Center in Dallas; the Specialty Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas; the Slocum Surgery Center in Portland, Oregon; and the Scotts Bluff Surgery Center in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska.

This proprietary software is designed to streamline the multitude of forms used by the medical field into a single application. Through the use of this software, forms are electronically prepared with patient data – allowing users to create, distribute, and communicate. Subsequently, hospitals will be able to save time, manpower, and cost through the utilization of this simple format.

Carry Allen, CEO, commented, “As expected this product can and does make an impact on productivity within the medical services organizations that use it. We continue to see sales increase and believe this will continue to be a hot selling product for JCDS for some time to come.”

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK)

Friday, February 1st, 2008

JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK) is an ACH Service Provider as well as a Manufacturer and Distributor of Data Management Systems. The Company offers innovative and cost effective solutions for digital data processing and management. Their services include data collections, management and storage for clients in the oil and gas industry as well as legal services and healthcare industries.

JC Data was founded in 1996 and began by collecting data for GTE, which is currently Verizon. The Company continued to collect data in various ways by providing electronic forms for companies including Phillips Electronics, SBS, and many attorney firms. It recently entered into an agreement with PRIMEXX Operating Corp., which allows JC Data to provide Automated Clearing House Deposits (ACH) services for disbursement to investors.

Data management technology has progressed greatly. The advances enable companies to convert paper files into an electronic format and to process large amounts of data at very high speeds. The demands for these advanced technologies help reduce cost and improve operations with more efficiency.

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Beacon Equity Research Features JC Data Solutions, Inc. (JCDS.PK) With a $0.02 Price Target

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

JC Data Solutions offers an array of products and solutions which target a variety of industries. This broad scope enables the company to provide a one-stop shop for all of its client’s data storage, management and retrieval needs.

The demand for Data Management Services is increasing as companies convert paper documents into electronic records in order to improve operating efficiency, accelerate decision-making and safely store and retrieve large amounts of data.

JC Data Solutions has formed a strategic partnership with High Tech Communication which distributes JC Data’s healthcare and legal services products to resellers in Southern California. The company has plans to sign other distribution agreements and expand its distribution channels nationally.

The analyst concluded, “With its niche focus and broad product offerings, we believe the Company is well-positioned to capitalize on new business opportunities in the rapidly expanding data management, storage and retrieval industry and generate increasing revenues.”

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