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Joytoto USA, Inc. (JYTO.OB) to Distribute Online Games to US Consumers

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Joytoto USA Inc. (JYTO.OB) is the California-based subsidiary of a Korean company which engages in the online game and electronics products and components manufacturing business. The electronics products and components business is that of a virtual, original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer of consumer electronics for retailers around the globe.

The more interesting part of Joytoto USA’s business is the online game business. That business segment operates online games in North America pursuant to an exclusive North American master license agreement with Joyon Entertainment of Korea. The master license agreement gives Joytoto USA’s wholly-owned subsidiary access to Joyon Korea’s library of successful online video games.

On May 21, 2008 Joytoto USA announced plans to distribute online games to consumers in the U.S. to satisfy growing demand. Online games will be selected from Joyon Korea’s extensive library of 24 popular and successful online games. Game categories include massive multiplayer online role playing games, first person shooter games, casual games, and board games. Joyon USA will have the exclusive rights to each of the 24 game titles, server software, and client software for 10 years, with the option for two additional 5-year periods thereafter.

Entry into the North American market seems to be a natural fit for the company. Revenues from US online gaming services is poised to increase from $1.1 billion in 2005 to $3.5 billion in 2009, according to a study done by market research and consulting firm Parks Associates. Joyon’s online games have enjoyed great success in the Asian markets, where they have generated approximately $100 million in revenues.

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JZZ Technologies, Inc. (JZZI.PK) Signs Consulting Contract with Ola Grimsby Institute

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

JZZ Technologies, a leading provider of unique software solutions to physical therapists, physicians, sport practitioners, sport-specific training facilities and similar professions, has a signed a consulting agreement with Ola Grimsby and three other senior instructors at the Ola Grimsby Institute to incorporate JZZ’s motion analysis products into their methodology of assessments and interventions.

Mr. Grimsby commented, “The research will be conducted by OGI students and/or instructors using JZZ Technologies’ motion capture system to ascertain the normative data and three dimensional biomechanics of extremity and spinal functions. The research proposal includes the conjunct rotations in extremity joints as well as the documentation of individual coupling of spinal movements. The data will serve as a reference for diagnostic procedures as well as a tool for rehabilitation of functional disabilities. The clinical outcome of these studies is currently incorporated in OGI students’ Ph.D. dissertations, which will be published and presented at several international conferences this year.”

Aaron Pines, President and CEO of JZZ Technologies stated, “Partnering with one of the premier physical therapy postgraduate institutes in the world is a large step forward for us. Ola and his group are helping us create one of the most useful products targeting the physical therapy industry in some time. Insurance companies are requiring doctors, therapists, and basically anyone involved in rehabilitative care to provide evidence that their treatment is working prior to payment. Our product will provide the means by which practitioners can validate their therapy objectively”.

Mr. Pines went on to say, “Incorporating our product in OGI’s curriculum places us in the forefront of the physical therapy marketplace. It’s a unique position to be in front those students who we hope will eventually become system owners/clients.”

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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: JZZ Technologies, Inc. (JZZI.PK)

Monday, May 12th, 2008

JZZ Technologies, Inc. (JZZI.PK) is a leader in 3D motion picture capture software. The company provides their software primarily to physical therapists, physicians, chiropractors, and other sport-specific training professions. JZZ owns the exclusive marketing rights to two products, the E-Factor and the Fit-Factor.

JZZ’s E-Factor software program is able to capture and evaluate biochemical efficiency in sports motion, exercise technique, running, and most other forms of physical activity. The E-Factor is different from the competition because it is a 6-degree-of-freedom motion capture system that is not video-based. The Fit-Factor is able to capture and measure simple and complex joint range of motion, providing valuable information to those who need it.

JZZ works with the Ola Grimsby Institute in order to expose students to their products. Approximately 2,000 new physical therapists graduate from the Institute every year. The company also expects to tap into other markets, such as workplace injury prevention, geriatric rehabilitation, ergonomic environmental applications and sport fitness product validation studies. Projected revenues for the next five years are expected to reach $7,500,000 for the E-Factor software program and $6,000,000 for the Fit-Factor software program.

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