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Otcstockexchange Featured Company: Kingslake Energy Inc. (KGLJ.PK) Starts Drilling in Kentucky

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Natural gas is increasing its presence in the US marketplace as oil and other energy issues deal with environmental and political headaches. Clean and plentiful, natural gas has grown so large that getting even a small part of the proverbial pie can be financially rewarding.

Kingslake Energy Inc., a natural gas exploration and production company, works to locate and exploit natural gas deposits in the rich Appalachian basin region. Currently, the company holds leases in the Devonian Shale area of Kentucky with permitting of four locations complete and selection of another 6 at or near completion.

Following a well thought out and long term strategy, the company has four wells in production and eight more nearing the production phase. Given the geologic nature of the lease holdings, it appears likely that a consistent and long term production life, for wells in these lease holdings, will be maintained. Generally, historical gas production at these types of shale deposits fit well with the business plan of the company. Since its founding, the company has planned for the long term. Over the long term it plans to be a consistent and steady provider, making sure that all bases are covered so shareholders can receive reliable return on investment. Considering energy prices and the quantity of natural gas anticipated, the company’s strategy appears to be on, if not ahead of, expectation.

The apparent reserves and forward progress that is being made bode well for the future of this company. Its discoveries are also well placed, in that they lie somewhat near national distribution points. Generally, this makes transportation to market quite a bit more cost effective. Capitalization is always an issue but as natural gas prices move in a positive direction for the company, there appears to be a bright future ahead for an increasingly established energy concern called Kingslake Energy Inc.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Kingslake Energy, Inc. (KGLJ.PK)

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Kingslake Energy, Inc. (KGLJ.PK) is a US company dedicated to being a large independent presence in the exploration and production of natural gas. The company explores and drills in the Appalachian Basin, an area including Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In the multi-million dollar US natural gas exploration and production market, the company has adequate capital resources to fund its programs. The company has also acquired four prospects in Kentucky totaling approximately 4,000 acres. Two of the prospects are in Western Kentucky and two are in Eastern Kentucky. Seismic has been acquired on two of the prospects and one well drilled, resulting in a natural gas discovery.

In January 2008, the company announced that it had drilled and completed its first producing natural gas well in the proven Devonian Shale formation. Lease blocks are being assembled as quickly as possible with a plan to accumulate a substantial land position in the basin. With drilling success running at 90%, the company is confident that these low risk, moderate depth and excellent reserves wells will result in substantial cash flows.

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