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Legend Media Inc. (LEGE.OB) Announces Acquisition of Additional Radio Minutes in Shenzhen

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Legend Media Inc. (LEGE.OB), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Well Chance Investments Limited, intends to build a leading consumer advertising network in China, reaching consumers through multiple advertising mediums. Legend Media has put the company’s near-term focus on reaching consumers through the Chinese radio market.

On September 11th, 2008 Legend Media announced entrance into a contract to acquire the rights to radio advertising in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is one of the jewels in China, a city of 12 million people located just north of Hong Kong. This area is one of the fastest-growing areas in China, economically speaking.

The contract grants the company exclusive rights to 45,990 minutes of radio advertising inventory at an average cost of less than $15 per minute. The newly-acquired rights bring Legend Media one step closer to reaching its goal of adding six channels to its rapidly expanding inventory by year-end. The company has also recently closed other acquisitions in Beijing and Tianjin.

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RedChip Featured Company: Legend Media Inc (LEGE.OB)

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Legend Media Inc (LEGE.OB) is an advertising company that engages in the development and management of a technology platform that deploys advertisements across its various advertising mediums in the People’s Republic of China. The company was founded in 2007 and is based out of Utah, but has its foreign headquarters in Beijing, with an additional office in Chengdu.

Legend Media is China’s leading radio advertising firm, and continues to build a client base across all of China’s largest provinces. The company has benefited from the fast-paced growth of the Chinese economy, and – since they were the first mover in purchasing air-time at radio stations – they have been bombarded with companies desiring airtime.

One advantage of Legend Media is that it offers its customers an exceptional amount of experience and unique services including brand management, media studies, and media projects. The wide range of stations and airtimes allows the company to offer fully customizable advertising packages targeting specific demographics for the direct sale of air-time to advertisers and for advertising agencies that purchase the advertising air-time for their clients.

Advertisers are in safe hands with Legend Media advertising their products, and to prove it, they use internally generated statistical reports to provide consulting services to enhance the effectiveness of their customer’s marketing campaigns. These reports have shown that radio advertising with Legend Media is up to 49% more effective than comparable television advertising, making advertising with Legend Media an open and shut case.

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Legend Media, Inc. (LEGE.OB) Successfully Completes Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Legend Media, Inc. (LEGE.OB), a leading Chinese consumer-based advertising network that targets consumers through multiple advertising mediums with a specific near-term focus on radio, recently announced that the company’s common shares have been approved for trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “LM2.F.” Operated by the Deutsche Boerse AG, FWB, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world’s largest trading centers for securities.

As a rapidly growing advertising business focused on the Chinese radio market, exposure on the Frankfort Exchange will facilitate trading by more European investors and allow them to buy shares in their local currency. In turn, this will also help Legend Media gain a more significant presence in Europe. The Frankfort Exchange is the largest of all German stock exchanges and responsible for approximately 90 percent of securities trading volume in Germany.

Legend Media, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Well Chance Investments, Limited, has been establishing a diverse network of partners in China and the United States in order to build the company’s customer base, refine its business development strategies, and identify additional acquisition candidates. Thus far in 2008, Legend Media has announced two separate acquisitions as the company continues its China-wide expansion plans.

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RedChip Featured Company: Legend Media, Inc. (LEGE.OB)

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Legend Media (LEGE.OB) is a rapidly growing advertising business focused on the Chinese radio market. Legend Media was founded in December of 2007 and is headquartered in Beijing China. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Well Chance Investments, the company is building its foundation through the rapid acquisition of ad agreements with China’s leading radio stations.

Legend Media is acquiring comprehensive and exclusive rights to sell ad space for a growing number of China’s leading radio systems. The company obtains advertising blocks through direct relationships with the PRC-controlled provincial and national radio stations, as well as through the acquisition of existing businesses owning radio advertising rights. Legend Media’s first two acquisitions allow them to reach over 30 million people in China. In order to fund such future purchases, earlier this month Legend Media announced a $5 million private placement with an institutional investor.

China has a radio audience of over 500 million people and growing. There are more and more autos in China and people commuting to work. Substantial increases in radio listening time behind the wheel have driven the demand for Chinese radio ad space, resulting in higher ad rates and increased margins. Legend Media is well positioned in this growth area. The company’s first-mover advantage in China’s deregulating radio advertising space should allow them to win long-term contracts in many provinces throughout China.

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