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Linkwell Corp. (LWLL.OB) – A Leading Disinfectant Healthcare Firm in China

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Linkwell Corp. (LWLL.OB) is a leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of healthcare-related disinfectants in China. The company conducts its business in China through its 90-percent-owned subsidiary, LiKang Disinfectant.

Linkwell’s disinfectant healthcare products are a nationally recognized domestic Chinese brand. The company has a national marketing and sales presence throughout all 22 Chinese provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and 4 special municipalities in the country. Linkwell’s products include disinfectants in liquid, tablet, powder, and aerosol form.

Linkwell has currently more than 5,000 clients, including distribution companies, medical suppliers, hospitals and other medical facilities throughout China. The company has worked to establish a national presence in nearly 1000 medical service units in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong.

Linkwell has increased its revenues by a 100-percent compounded rate since 2004. The company expects similar growth rates for the foreseeable future. Despite rising commodity costs, Linkwell is expected to earn about $1 million on $10 million in revenues in 2008.

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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Linkwell Corporation (LWLL.OB)

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Linkwell Corporation (OTC: LWLL) is an established leader in China’s disinfectant industry. The company owns 90% of Shanghai Likang Disinfectant High-Tech Company, Limited (Likang). Shanghai Likang Disinfectant High-Tech Company, Limited (Likang) is a science and technology enterprise founded by the China Army Second Military Medical University in 1988, which changed its name to Likang in 1993. Likang specializes in the production, sale, and distribution of a wide variety of disinfectant health care products and services.

With over ten years of research and development experience focusing specifically on their products, Likang was a pioneer for the application of technology in the disinfectant industry in China. As of today, the company is an outstanding and influential technical enterprise within China’s disinfectant industry. The company’s products can be found in hospitals and various medical facilities throughout China, and with their advancements they have been able to establish a national presence in more than 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions, as well as in nearly one thousand medical services units in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong. Over the years, Likang has made numerous efforts to expand their sales base internationally.

Linkwell currently owns three subsidiaries in which they operate the majority of their business. The company intends to diversify their portfolio with pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use as well as cosmetic and biological products. Likang Disinfectant, a wholly owned subsidiary, has proven to be a profitable subsidiary involved with the company’s disinfectant products. Likang International Trade Company is the company’s last profitable subsidiary and was founded in December of 2006.

Likang relies heavily on their research and development departments, and through intense and comprehensive procedures they have developed a line of disinfectant product offerings. The company conducts the majority of their tests at the Second Military Medical University, where they have developed and manufactured several dozen kinds of series-products in the field of skin mucous disinfection, hand disinfection, surrounding articles disinfection, medical instruments disinfection, and air disinfection.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: Linkwell Corporation (LWLL.OB)

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Linkwell Corporation (LWLL.OB) develops, manufactures, and markets sanitation, safety and disinfectant healthcare products within the People’s Republic of China. Linkwell is operated through its wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai Likang Disinfectant High Tech Company.

Linkwell is the number one disinfecting company in China. The company markets 56 disinfectant products and sells its products on a wholesale basis. Linkwell’s customer base includes hospitals, medical suppliers, and distribution companies. It has 50 government certified products that include nine trademarks for personal, medical equipment, and environmental usage.

Linkwell has a reputation for introducing three or four new products annually. With the sanitation standard growing stricter as populations increase, the company is constantly researching disinfecting and sanitation innovations. Linkwell also meets and exceeds all standards of the 27th order of Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China.

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Linkwell Corporation (LWLL.OB) Answers Cries for Improved Health Conditions

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

China’s disinfectant market is estimated around $6.25 billion. Linkwell Corporation (OTCBB:LWLL) is taking advantage of this market by developing, manufacturing and distributing disinfectant healthcare products throughout China through its subsidiary, Shanghai Likang Disinfectant High Tech Company (Likang). Likang provides a national marketing and sales network spanning 22 countries, five automotive regions and four special municipalities of China.

Each day new threats of infections and disease outbreaks are found in headlines around the world. Global concern for protection has created an interest in disinfectants, growing the already booming market. Linkwell has established a recognizable domestic Chinese brand that includes liquid, tablet, powder and aerosol form disinfectants. The company’s line of products includes skin and mucous membrane disinfectant, medical device disinfectant, surface and environment disinfectant, and hand disinfectant.

In further efforts to bank on such a huge market, Linkwell recently announced it retained Segue Ventures for business consulting and as its investor and public relations representative. In a press release Linkwell CEO Xuelian Bian said this move will enable the company to raise its visibility within the investment community and financial media markets. Segue will assist Linkwell in business planning, development, design and execution for its investor relations campaign.

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