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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Medivisor Inc. (MVSR.PK)

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Medivisor Inc. is a medical communications company dedicated to providing concise and timely medical information to healthcare industry professionals. Headquartered in Huntington Station, New York, the Company exclusively serves the bioscience and pharmaceutical markets. They offer specialized medical marketing consulting, graphic design, web site marketing strategy, and market research.

Medivisor provides concise and timely medical information through the internet on advances in medicine and changes within the industry. They also utilize sales representatives who make periodic visits to healthcare providers. The Company’s business model provides a cost effective, efficient way to make medical personnel aware of opportunities, tools, information, and resources available to them as part of their patient care. Medivisor also collaborates with pharmaceutical distribution companies to market and grow sales of new and current drugs. This aids in lowering current marketing costs and helps to bring products and services to market.

Medivisor reached an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement with Cura Pharmaceutical. Cura is a pharmaceutical business that develops, distributes, and sells innovative and generic pharmaceuticals. It focuses on selected niche specialty markets through the offering of distinctive products and services. The agreement with Cura is for the marketing of Mucotrol™.

Mucotrol™ is prescribed for the management and relief of pain for Mucositis, which often leads to mouth sores. These sores may be caused by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and irritation due to oral surgery. The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 300,000 cancer patients in the U.S. suffer from mucositis associated with cancer treatments.

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