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Memry Corp.’s (MRY) CEO Presents at Noble Financial Capital Conference

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Memry Corporation (AMEX: MRY), a provider of design, engineering, development and manufacturing services to the medical device and other industries focusing on the company’s proprietary shape-memory alloy and polymer extrusion technologies, recently announced that the company’s chief executive officer, Robert Belcher, presented at the Noble Financial Capital Markets M.A.D. MAX Equity Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During the presentation, Mr. Belcher explained that the company has a strong growing pipeline and solid balance sheet. Additionally, he stated that the company is generating momentum and is investing in areas to generate revenue growth. The medical device market is expected to reach $11 billion by the year 2011. Medical device products include stent components, catheter components, guidewires, laparoscopic surgical sub-assemblies and orthopedic instruments. The rapid growth of this market has increased outsourcing for device manufacturing.

Memry Corporation is currently pursuing acquisition opportunities that will allow the company to expand its scope with unique technologies that are patent-protected. In addition, the company is currently investing in development projects, new technologies and sales and marketing initiatives. Given the current state of the economy, management is cognizant of expenses and is always looking for areas to improve costs and achieve process efficiencies.

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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Memry Corp. (MRY)

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Memry Corporation provides design, engineering, development, and manufacturing services using proprietary shape memory alloy (SMA) and specialty polymer-extrusion technologies. The principal SMA used by Memry is a nickel- titanium alloy called nitinol. In 2004, Memry added to its product portfolio by acquiring Putnam Plastics and its polymer-extrusion and polymer-based components. Memry’s objective is to become the world leader in developing and processing shape memory materials with high quality and significant user value. Almost all of the company’s sales are to the medical device industry.

The company operates in two segments, Nitinol Products and Polymer Products.

The Nitinol Products segment offers design support, as well as manufacturing and marketing of products, which possess the ability to change shape in response to thermal and mechanical stress, while returning to their original shapes following the stress. Its products consist of semi-finished materials, (which include raw nitinol material, nitinol wire products, nitinol strips, and nitinol tubes), as well as formed components and sub-assemblies sold to original equipment manufacturers.

Memry’s products are used in a variety of medical products including stents, filters, embolic protection devices, guidewires, catheters, surgical instruments and devices, orthopedic devices, orthodontic apparatus, high pressure sealing devices, and fasteners. The Nitinol Products segment also provides design assistance to OEMs, as well as the manufacturing and marketing of prototype components and products.

The Polymer Products segment designs, manufactures, and markets specialty polymer-extrusion products to companies serving the medical device, laser, fiber-optic, automotive, and industrial markets. Its products include co-extruded tubing used in various medical tubing applications, T.I.E. tubing, thin walled thermoset polyimide tubing and wire coatings, single and multi lumen tubes, taper/bump tubing; braided reinforced tubing; and wire coating.

Memry is pursuing growth strategies aimed at achieving technical leadership, gaining market share with existing and new customers, and improving returns and profitability. The overarching purpose of many of Memry strategies is to move the company up the value chain by providing more value added products and services.

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