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Metro One Development, Inc. (MODI.OB) Partners with Interactive Pioneer Imagin8 to Provide Innovative Virtual Products to the North American Housing Market

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Metro One Development, Inc. (MODI.OB), a custom builder and property developer in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada, recently announced a new partnership with Canadian multimedia and interactive pioneer, Imagin8. Under the terms of this agreement Imagin8 will develop state-of-the-art virtual 3-D walk-through tours for the U.S. and Canadian housing and condominium markets.

This unique and interactive presentation is expected to assist in purchasing assessments by providing potential buyers with the realistic look and feel of a property. The innovative interactive media platform works through glass and transforms any glass surface into a creative form of 3-D expression. The company will market this glass-based showcase technology to real estate developers and condominium sale centers throughout North America.

In addition, this product will allow developers and builders to offer a fulfilling and memorable experience for their customers by offering a 3-D view of a building’s layout throughout all the phases of construction. The virtual tour will also allow a degree of interactivity, which will add to the buyer’s individual experience.

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Stock Guru Featured Client: Metro One Development, Inc. (MODI.OB)

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Metro One Development, Inc. (MODI.OB) plans to build its business by acquiring and renovating residential, commercial and industrial properties in the Greater Toronto area with a more personal design perspective. The company is focused on existing properties as well as building properties from the ground up.

Metro One plans to develop into a leading custom builder and property developer. Metro is able to take on both smaller home projects and larger, fully customized and scalable developments. The company differentiates itself from the competition by fabricating the foundations and architecture to create more personalization in design solutions, tailored to the customers’ demands and space intentions.

Metro One plans to focus their development and building in the Greater Toronto area. The real estate demand in the Greater Toronto area continues to thrive and grow due to strong municipal, provincial and national economic conditions. In 2007, residential sales increased 12% since the last sales recording in 2005. Commercially, the City of Toronto has 283 million sq. ft. of industrial space, making it 3rd in North America for the amount of used industrial space as the demand for warehouse and distribution centers is increasing throughout the whole area.

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