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Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Honors Viscount Systems, Inc. (VSYS) with the “Be What’s Next” Award

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Viscount Systems, a leading-edge supplier of security systems and software, today reported it has been presented with a “Be What’s Next” award from Microsoft for its participation in the Microsoft Global Security’s Good Samaritan Project that was submitted to the Microsoft “What’s Next” competition.

The project’s purpose is to create a social network of employees to reply to and assist in the event of emergencies by using the Freedom security platform to integrate Microsoft Kinect software with Microsoft Windows phones through an Azure Cloud application. When the Kinect software identifies an emergency condition, Freedom Cloud software is used to identify staff in the relevant Freedom access control zone to send an emergency assistance message on their Windows phone.

“We were very pleased to have the opportunity to work on this project with Microsoft Global Security and to share in this honor,” stated Stephen Pineau, President and CEO of Viscount. “Viscount’s part of the Good Samaritan project focused on applying Microsoft’s leading edge Cloud and mobile platforms to the security industry. This project and our other R&D initiatives have resulted in the company filing numerous patents in the past year that relate to the Cloud, mobile devices, NFC, converged logical/physical identity management, smart cards, identity management and visitor management. As we begin to commercialize these products we believe that we are well positioned to become the leading provider of mobile and cloud solutions to the physical security industry.”

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Analyst Says Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Shares Could Rise 22 Percent Next Year

Friday, November 21st, 2008

According to Brad Reback, an Oppenheimer & Co. analyst, Microsoft Corp.’s shares could climb as much as 22 percent in the near term. Mr. Reback stated that the stock could jump as much as $4 from yesterday’s closing price based on conservative earnings projections for the coming year. He went further to say that the stock could fall by $1 in the worst case scenario. He raised his raiting from “Perform” to “Outperform.”

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Greenfield Online, Inc. (SRVY) to Be Acquired by Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) for $17.50 per Share

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Greenfield Online, Inc. (NASD: SRVY), a global interactive media and services company that collects consumer attitudes about products and services, enabling consumers to reach informed purchasing decisions about products and services, recently announced that the company has entered into a merger agreement to be acquired by Microsoft Corporation (NASD: MSFT) for $17.50 per share in a transaction valued at approximately $486 million.

Prior to entry into the merger agreement with Microsoft, Greenfield Online terminated its previously announced merger agreement with affiliates of the Quadrangle Group, LLC, following the expiration of the matching rights granted to Quadrangle under the merger agreement. Per the terms of the termination of the merger agreement, Greenfield Online is required to pay Quadrangle Group, LLC a $5-million fee.

Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will sell the assets of Greenfield Online’s Internet Survey Solutions (ISS) business to an unnamed financial buyer. The company anticipates that the merger with Microsoft and the subsequent sale of the ISS business will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2008.

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Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Trademarked HDi Logo to appear on All Toshiba HD DVD Players

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) announced today that its trademarked HDi logo will soon appear on all Toshiba HD DVD players. In addition, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will include the HDi logo on packaging for HD DVD movie titles beginning in the fourth quarter of this year. HDi technology is Microsoft’s high-performance implementation of the interactivity layer for the HD DVD format, which has taken the movie-viewing experience to an entirely new level with such advanced features as network connectivity and community scenarios. HDi is also a trademark of Microsoft, as recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in its July 2007 notice of allowance for trademark.

This is yet another big step forward for the HD DVD supporters as it continues to work to win the HD DVD vs Bluray battle. Much like the once heated VHS vs BetaMax battle of the 80’s, the format war in the High Definition Age continues today. Microsoft is a heavy support of HD DVD and its capabilities, even offering a HD DVD player add-on for its popular gaming system the XBOX 360. Microsoft HDi technology powers the interactive capabilities in every stand-alone HD DVD player on the market as well the HD DVD drive for Xbox 360.

Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president of the Consumer Media Technology Group at Microsoft stated in regards to HDi, “As the market for high definition evolves, consumers will want more out of the next generation of DVD than just superior picture and sound — they’ll also want to personalize their experience and tap into fan communities for their favorite movies and TV shows. Using Microsoft HDi, studios can bring these interactive experiences to life in a way never seen before. We’re helping our studio supporters push the envelope with new features that are not only redefining how people experience movies at home, but also changing the way studios approach the filmmaking process.”

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