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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Mindpix Corp. (MNDP.PK)

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Mindpix Corp. (MNDP.PK) is an upcoming powerful and positive media group of companies. The companies include: Ultraflex Fitness, UltraFlex Medical, Mindpix Production, and Mindpix Development. All companies are actively engaged in ‘for profit’ productions or projects. Mindpix Corp is formerly known as, Inc.

UltraFlex Fitness develops and markets the UltraFlex Fitness Rod. UltraFlex Fitness focuses on promoting a new style of resistance training called Target Perfect Resistance and has a patent pending for the UltraFlex Fitness Rod.

UltraFlex Medical is focused on making significant strides in the $11 billion US outpatient rehabilitation market. This company already works within the rehabilitation industry with specialists and professionals in order to develop innovative and proprietary physical therapy curriculums.

Mindpix Production produces, directs, and provides post production services for documentaries and other niche projects with promise for profit, while Mindpix continues to produce, direct, and provide post-production services for promising documentaries and other niche profitable projects.

Mindpix Corp also has a celebrity spokesperson agreement with actor Mario Lopez. The agreement allows for Mr. Lopez to serve as a host and spokesperson in the Company’s fitness product offerings.

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