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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Money4Gold Holdings Inc. (MFGD.OB)

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Money4Gold Holdings Inc. specializes in the large-scale recycling of gold, silver and platinum. The company offers the upside potential of the thriving precious metals markets by the broad-scale acquisition, recycling and production of gold, silver and platinum, while providing a new level of service and payout to individuals and groups wanting to sell their precious metals.

Through its consumer websites, including;; and, the company provides a convenient, efficient and secure method for individuals to recycle items containing precious metals. Utilizing a direct relationship with one of America’s largest and most respected refiners, Money4Gold is committed to making a higher payout to customers than traditional outlets by bypassing traditional recycling intermediaries and passing on the savings to customers.

Today’s high precious metals prices and economic downturn have led to a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to cash in their gold and other precious metals items. The convenience of the Internet and the security of Money4Gold’s online and shipping procedures make a compelling business model for serving these individuals better, with higher payouts, while earning a robust margin for the company.

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Money4Gold Holdings Inc. (MFGD.OB): A Different Kind of Gold Company With Golden Profits?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Money4Gold Holdings (MFGD) is a buyer of gold, platinum and silver jewelry from consumers. The company gives sellers cash for their jewelry and refines the precious metals back to their original form. The company primarily produces gold, platinum, and silver metals from recycling customers’ jewelry, coins, electronic components, and heirloom collectibles. It also offers recycling services for other precious metals, including platinum and palladium. Money4Gold is the only public company in the burgeoning cash-for-gold industry.

Money4Gold’s business stands to benefit as the US economy remains sluggish and consumers need cash. Consumers in need of extra money for daily living expenses are target customers for Florida-based Money4Gold. Earlier this month, shares of Money4Gold were rated “speculative buy” by Beacon Equity Research with a price target of $1.17. The company is seeing increased customer activity in recent months, which can only serve to bolster its bottom line. Money4Gold went public earlier this year and the company is poised to reap the benefits of further appreciation in the per-ounce price of gold.

The third quarter was the Money4Gold’s first as a public company and the company expects to report specific results for quarter in November. Money4Gold is also achieving payment acceptance rates of approximately 95 percent, indicating that Money4Gold’s payout percentages have been directly in line with or exceeding customer expectations. Money4Gold partners with Republic Metals Corp., one of the largest US gold refiners. Republic Metals also holds about 10 million Money4Gold shares according to recent data.

Shares of Money4Gold closed at 55 cents on Tuesday and have traded between 1 cent and $1.65 over the past 52 weeks. The company has a market value of $94.1 million. Shares of Money4Gold are also listed on the Berlin and Frankfurt exchanges in Germany, reflecting the company’s large international following.

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Money4Gold Holdings, Inc. (MFGD.OB) – Cash Paid for Precious Metals

Monday, October 20th, 2008

In tough times consumers turn to their old jewelry boxes to cash in on those unused precious metals. Money4Gold increases shareholder value by producing gold, platinum and silver without the risks of mining, large capital costs or the environmental hazards associated with mining. This is a pure recycling play of the 24 karat kind.

Gold and silver, which have been enjoying a sustained rising market, shows no sign of decreasing demand. Manufacturers of technology such as computer parts use gold and silver as conducting wires for their purity in data transmission. Recycled precious metals represent 23%-25% of the global supply each year. In 2007, 29 million ounces of gold came to market worldwide from recycling, an approx. $20 billion marketplace. It’s easy to see how the majority of recycled precious metals, approx. 83%, come from jewelry as consumers are finding any way possible to meet cash needs in a down economy.

Money4Gold’s system is easy and simple to use. Anyone can go to their website and order a secure G-Pak. The G-Pak is filled with the jewelry and metals that are no longer used and sent the refinery where the items are then inventoried. Professionally trained and experienced appraisers will test your items to verify they contain precious metals and in what purity the precious metal exists (quality). The items are then weighed to determine the exact amount of precious metal received. Then based on the appraisal of your items, a payout value is achieved. A check is sent out the very same day.

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