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mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL.OB) is “One to Watch”

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Trading on the OTCBB, mPhase Technologies, Inc. focuses on developing and commercializing a new battery technology. Headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey, they do this through their wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc. They base their technology on a well-patented phenomenon known as electrowetting. This phenomenon provides a unique way to store energy and manage power.

Research groups at several universities including MIT, Rutgers, and the University of Wisconsin are now publicizing their work on electrowetting and superhydrophobicity and superlyophobicity. They are working to create “smart” structures on metal, ceramic, or polymer surfaces that resist getting dirty, fogging up, or forming ice. These structures can find use on displays, lenses, as well as other applications.

mPhase Technologies Inc. is looking to use this phenomenon in their Smart NanoBattery. They are looking to manipulate the liquid electrolyte via a proprietary silicon structure – a porous membrane – coupled with unique battery architecture.

In December, mPhase Technologies announced that they signed a contract with the Porsche Design Studio, in Austria. The studio will design a premium version of the AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight. The flashlight will contain mPhase’s proprietary lithium reserve battery. A breakable barrier in this battery separates the solid electrodes from the liquid electrolyte until the battery receives manual activation. The mPhase battery remains in an inert state with no leakage or self-discharge until activation, and offers potentially infinite shelf life.

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US Army Awards Small Business Tech Grant To mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL.OB) For NanoBattery Development

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) announced Tuesday that it is the recipient of a $750,000, two-year grant for continued development of a “smart” lithium nanobattery that will provide backup power to a specific, critical computer memory application.

mPhase was awarded a Phase 2 Small Business Technology Transfer Program grant, part of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, from the U.S. Army Research Office. Its progress to develop a low-power “green” battery for continuous power, through a previous $100,000 Phase 1 grant in 2007, led to further interest and to Phase 2.

“The Phase 2 work will focus on further refinements to the technology, and will be leveraged into similar commercial applications for large scale program deployments,” a company news release states.

A multi-cell battery offering uninterrupted power for a minimum of 20 years is the goal.

mPhase will continue to work with the Energy Storage Research Group (ESRG) at (New Jersey) state-run Rutgers University over a two-year period. “Rutgers is pleased to support a New Jersey company in this project and we look forward to continuing the development effort with our colleagues at mPhase on the design of the arrayed micro battery,” said William Adams, director of the university’s Office of Corporate Liaison and Technology Transfer.

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mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Subsidiary Working to Create a “Smarter” Battery

Friday, June 27th, 2008

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (BB: XDSL), working through their wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., is a technology development company focusing their efforts on the evolution of nanotechnology and micro-fluids to improve battery performance. AlwaysReady is in the midst of developing their Smart NanoBattery, a reserve lithium battery designed especially for portable electronics. The company believes that their patented technology can be a revolutionary advancement in the storage and management of energy.

The company discovered a new way to separate the liquid electrolyte from the solid electrodes that in turn keeps the battery fully charged until the user activates the battery. This allows for the battery to be stored for decades without losing energy, which will reduce the number of batteries consumers buy and throw away. The company refers to the Smart NanoBattery’s approach to power management as Power on Command.

According to mPhase, their Smart NanoBattery is the first reserve lithium battery with virtually infinite shelf life, automatic, manual or remote activation, and the perfect size for today’s portable electronic devices. The battery is also environmentally friendly, because it doesn’t get thrown away as often as standard batteries, therefore reducing unwanted chemicals and metal waste in landfills.

As of now, mPhase’s patented AlwaysReady Smart NanoBattery is under development for emergency equipment and memory backup applications. There are numerous commercial and military applications that can benefit from the Smart NanoBattery, ranging from unmanned sensors, emergency flashlights and alarms, to backup power for cell phones and medical and health-alert devices.

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mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Possesses Great Potential with the Smart NanoBattery

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) and its wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc., is developing the Smart NanoBattery with a mechanical activation mechanism that is expected to position the company competitively against conventional battery manufacturers and capture substantial market share. This mechanically activated Smart NanoBattery provides Power On Command™ and offers greater user control and energy storage than standard batteries. This proves to be a much-needed feature in various portable electronics markets like emergency devices and sensor markets.

The construction of the Smart NanoBattery consists of an internal breakable barrier that separates the liquid electrolyte from the battery’s electrodes. When the barrier is intact, the chemicals have no way of mixing and the battery is not active, therefore preserving all the inherent energy without any discharge or leakage. As long as the battery is in this state, it can be stored for decades without a noticeable decline in potential energy. When the barrier is broken, the electrolyte contacts the electrodes, beginning the chemical reaction that provides power to the emergency device. The device would then be on full power.

“The ability to separate the liquid electrolyte from the solid electrodes can improve the reliability of a broad range of portable electronic devices and opens new markets for us,” said Fred Allen, CEO of AlwaysReady. “It is a distinct competitive advantage that other battery companies just don’t have. With their batteries, power dissipation begins the day they are manufactured. That is just not an efficient use of potential energy.”

Other mechanical activation methods are being pursued by the company. A possible application would be to initiate battery activation by dropping an appropriately designed device from some significant height, such as dropping a fleet of sensors from an airplane, as activation would occur on impact. This application could be used in the agricultural and military arenas.

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mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Nanobattery Shows Resiliency in Gun-Fired Test

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) recently announced that a prototype of their smart nanobattery was successfully deployed in a gun-fired test at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. The initial test was conducted by the U.S. Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) of Picatinny, New Jersey. The test consisted of the battery delivering power to the test load inside a standard military anti-tank round (M830A1 or Heat-High Explosive Anti-Tank) and demonstrated superb resiliency, as it survived the harsh environment and the tremendous acceleration at a g-force in excess of 45,000 (m/s2).

AlwaysReady and the U.S. Army have been associating with one another for a while, and the gun-fired test was part of a prototype evaluation process that the Army is conducting as part of their CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement) with the company. Engineers from AlwaysReady worked with a team from Picatinny involved in the development of precision guidance components, in order to successfully package the reserve electrochemical storage system that can operate during a very high “g” round. The company hopes that they can incorporate this battery technology into smart, gun-fired munitions programs being developed by Picatinny.

“This impressive test result provides another solid data point which speaks to the applicability of this technology for military use,” commented Dr. Fred Allen, CEO of AlwaysReady. “Our battery provided power ‘on command’ exactly when it was needed. We look forward to bringing more technological advantages to the military as well as commercial applications.”

Mr. Carlos M. Pereira, the ARDEC Advanced Precision Concepts Branch chief and principal investigator, stated, “‘This battery successfully initiated upon firing and operated flawlessly throughout the test. We are pleased that the AlwaysReady battery performed as intended, especially given the extremely harsh environmental conditions of the test. This will facilitate further development of our guidance systems.”

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mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Announces Security & Defense Expo Award

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

mPhase Technologies, Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., received an award at the Mid-Atlantic Security & Defense Expo held June 19th in Princeton, New Jersey, and sponsored by the New Jersey Technology Council.

mPhase Technologies and AlwaysReady are the inventors of the Smart Battery, and as such are undisputed leaders in global battery technology. Using more than ten technology patents, mPhase and AlwaysReady have revamped the concept of the battery to create a product that is environmentally friendly, has a potentially infinite shelf life, generates lower manufacturing costs, provides for flexibly arrayed power configurations, provides almost instantaneous power, and allows for versatile packaging. This revolution is the first real advance in battery technology in 150 years.

The Mid-Atlantic award was presented to recognize AlwaysReady’s revolutionary advancements in batteries for use in consumer electronics, commercial applications, and military electronic devices. mPhase was one of forty original applicants for this prestigious award, only four of which were handed out by a panel of independent judges from organizations representing the security and defense industries.

The expo was attended by more than 150 industry professionals, who viewed both existing and “futuristic” products and services designed to assist the defense and Homeland Security industries. The award-winning Smart NanoBattery could be used to provide reserve power for munitions or remote sensors, and also to activate emergency alarms and portable lighting for first responders and others in the event of a national crisis.

Commenting on the award, Fred Allen, CEO of AlwaysReady, said: “We are delighted to have received another award from the NJTC. We believe this award is another source of validation as our Smart NanoBattery as a valuable battery with significant potential applications in the Defense and Security markets. It is gratifying to have our efforts recognized and appreciated, especially within this competitive and rapidly growing industry.”

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mPhase Technologies, Inc. (XDSL.OB) has Great Potential in a Massive Market

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

mPhase Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL), through their wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., is bringing nanotechnology from the laboratory into the marketplace. By incorporating a breakthrough in nanotechnology and microfluidics, the company developed an innovative battery architecture that takes advantage of the characteristics of liquids to be super-hydrophobic on a nano-textured surface. The result is an electrolyte separated from the electrode until power is needed, allowing an almost infinite shelf life.

Their featured product is the NanoBattery, which offers a revolutionary approach to conserving energy and power management. Compared to the standard reserve battery, the NanoBattery’s chemical reaction can be stopped, thus allowing the battery not to drain fully. Features of the battery include; environmentally friendly, potentially infinite shelf life, low manufacturing cost, power management functionality, flexible arrayed configurations, and versatile packaging.

The company intends to unveil the NanoBattery into the rapidly emerging field of energy harvesting, as well as other sectors. The field of energy harvesting generally refers to the process of capturing and storing energy. Utilizing prospective energy fields such as solar, wind, thermal, and kinetic energy, the development of alternative energy sources is gaining interest from the public and companies expanding upon research, and there are substantial increases in funding. According to LUX Research, energy storage is a $41 billion market. With potential markets spanning billion-unit industries, energy harvesting could be “the next big thing” in power.

Commenting on the possibilities of energy harvesting and the NanoBattery was mPhase CEO, Ron Durando, “Energy harvesting devices such as solar cells depend on external occurrences such as a sunny day, so they are not always available when power is needed. Because the Smart NanoBattery offers Power on Command™, it provides a convenient integrated power solution, where multiple power sources can work together, building on each of their technical strengths.”

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mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL.OB) Helping to Expedite the Evolution of Batteries

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

mPhase Technologies Incorporated has made the most significant breakthrough in battery technology in more than 100 years. The company’s new AlwaysReady Smart NanoBattery is helping batteries keep pace with the highly evolved electronics they are used to power. The technology inherent in this new NanoBattery provides the manufacturer the ability to produce it on such a miniaturized level it can be placed on a microchip.

The new NanoBattery uses a chemical reaction similar to traditional batteries, but it utilizes a unique mechanism to combine the chemicals and control the characteristics of the reaction. mPhase refers to the controlled reaction as “Power on Command”, because it allows the user to locally or remotely activate and deactivate the battery, freely switching between an active and inactive state. Activation is initiated on the user’s command, causing the chemicals to mix, electrochemical reactions to occur, and power to be supplied to an electronic device. This unique ability makes the NanoBattery a perfect fit for military and other specialty applications, as well as implantable medical devices.

An interesting feature of mPhase’s NanoBattery is the ability to manage power. The battery cells are arranged in a configuration that allows each cell to be independently addressed and activated at different times, as needed. This feature can drastically extend the useful life of the battery. An AlwaysReady Smart NanoBattery that is designed to provide power continuously for ten years can be clustered into an array of identical cells that are designed to turn on sequentially, as one group dissipates and eventually dies. This would allow the use of multiple batteries being combined and sequenced to last continually for several decades!

Other advantages of the NanoBattery include a much longer shelf life. Currently the NanoBatteries have a shelf life of 15 – 20 years, but the technology itself could potentially enable a virtually unlimited shelf life. NanoBatteries are also much quicker than traditional batteries to ramp up to full power, and relatively inexpensive to mass produce. They can offer high power and energy density using a variety of chemistries. NanoBatteries are also easy to miniaturize without a significant loss of output, which is why they are ideal for high-tech advanced systems and military applications.

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mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL.OB)’s Nanotechnology Brings Batteries Out Of the Dark Ages

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

In 1869, the custom-made horse drawn buggy was the most modern of transportation vehicles. Yet in just 100 years, the technology of travel advanced so far that we placed a man on the moon. These leaps in technological prowess have to be counted in multiple factors of ten, from those early days of horse drawn travel to our present standard of supersonic flight. Likewise the transistor, developed in just 1947, consisted of over half an inch square of wires, coils, and connections. Yet in just 50 years it was shrunk down to a mere 20 atoms wide at its thinnest part.

Yet nowhere are these magnitudes of change so completely lacking than in the technology of battery development. It’s been said that – from the very first day the modern battery cell was invented to the highest quality, most advanced battery that today’s money can buy – the performance has only increased by a miniscule eightfold (quite small when compared to our progression in other technologies). This is because batteries simply conform to technical restrictions set in place by nature, and don’t seem terrifically impressed by man-made concepts such as Moore’s law.

Finally, as if it wasn’t bad enough that battery performance hasn’t been able to advance very far, there are two more headaches to ponder when considering a battery as a power source. Namely, there are distinct size-to-power ratios that must be adhered to, and there’s also the disturbing fact that even if no power is being used to operate its particular device, the battery is still losing 7 to 10 percent of its power per year just by sitting.

mPhase Technologies (Trading under the symbol XDSL) is committed to changing the status quo. mPhase is revolutionizing the development of future battery performance by incorporating the use of nano-technology, and the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., has completely redesigned the traditional concept of the battery. By utilizing the latest in nanoscale technology, mPhase has developed working batteries with a potentially infinite shelf life, faster ramp to power, economical manufacturing standards, adaptability regarding size constraints and packaging needs, and an ultimately environmentally friendly profile.

These attributes are the elusive holy grail for a host of applications ranging from next-generation handheld gaming devices or high-tech PDA/cell phones to an array of sophisticated military, medical, industrial, and consumer technologies. As the proliferation of high-tech devices explodes, mPhase is developing the very power-source batteries that can accommodate them. Time may have left battery advancement behind, but mPhase is catapulting it into the future, and in doing so has captured the eye of dozens of high-volume original equipment manufacturers from around the globe, along with the US military itself. This is a technology that’s been long overdue, but mPhase has brought it to us with stunning success. Keep an eye on this space for future developments.

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mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Announces Coverage

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. will be featured in upcoming Daily Newsletters, Daily Blogs, Message Boards, and the Small Cap Daily Internet broadcasts put out by QualityStocks. QualityStocks has over 600,000 subscribers to The Daily Stock Newsletter, which is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters and puts it all into one Free Daily Newsletter Report.

Mr. Ron Durando, CEO of mPhase, has the company focused on leading the development of next-generation battery technology. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., has revolutionized the traditional concept of the battery by providing potentially infinite shelf life, lower manufacturing cost, power management functionality, faster ramp to power, versatile packaging, and a flexible array of configurations while being environmentally friendly.

Mr. Durando stated, “mPhase has a unique and solid business foundation, and appreciates the opportunity to sponsor the QualityStocks Newsletter, Video and Blogs. QualityStocks is providing a much needed service in the micro-cap and small-cap markets.”

Michael McCarthy, Director of Business Development for, stated that QualityStocks is very pleased to have mPhase as a featured company. McCarthy added that the company, XDSL, is methodically establishing itself as a category leader.

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mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL.OB) is “One to Watch”

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

mPhase Technologies is committed to leading the development of future battery technology. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., has revolutionized the traditional concept of the battery by providing potentially infinite shelf life, lower manufacturing cost, power management functionality, faster ramp to power, versatile packaging, and a flexible array of configurations while being environmentally friendly.

Batteries are used in a countless number of electronic devices that are demanding higher performance, longer lasting power, and environmentally friendly methodologies. mPhase’s Smart Battery can be used in a wide array of industries including military, medical, industrial, and consumer technologies, as well as many more.

The company has received prestigious awards from NASA, Frost & Sullivan, Deloitte, and NJTC. mPhase has also attracted the attention of the media, including Wired, Bell Labs Tech Journal, Scientific American Magazine, Langmuir “NanoNails,” Battery Architecture, Power Sources Conference, NJ BIZ “Science and Success,” Credit Suisse, and Nano Circle.

mPhase’s battery technology offers significant improvements over conventional batteries because it is based on nanotechnology. Commenting on the integration of battery and nanotechnologies, Dr. Dominik C. Muller, equity analyst at Nanotechnology & Alternative Energy, stated, “In recent decades, there has been a quantum leap in terms of the miniaturization and improvement of electronic devices. By contrast, battery technology remains at the initial stage of development in many areas. It is already becoming apparent that nanotechnology will play a central role in advancing this development process.”

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mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. (XDSL.OB) Successfully Demonstrates The Smart NanoBattery

Friday, April 4th, 2008

mPhase/AlwaysReady, Inc. (OTCBB: XDSL) successfully demonstrated the electronic activation of the revolutionary Smart NanoBattery in front of a live audience yesterday in NYC. The company demonstrated the ability to obtain power on command from a fully assembled Smart NanoBattery that does not self-discharge. The Smart NanoBattery keeps the liquid electrolyte separate from the solid electrodes with a nanostructured membrane and is therefore completely fresh when power is needed for the first time, unlike conventional batteries.

“Demonstrating this electrical activation mechanism in front of a packed house was exhilarating and represents a major milestone in showing how the Smart NanoBattery can be potentially integrated into portable electronic systems,” said Ronald A. Durando, CEO of mPhase Technologies Inc. The company also announced that another demonstration is planned for a new high-power lithium Smart NanoBattery that can be activated on command. MPhase has scheduled the demonstration for May.

The company states they are making incredible progress in a short period of time. MPhase, through its subsidiary AlwaysReady Inc., focuses on developing and commercializing new battery technology. The company bases its product on a well-patented phenomenon known as electrowetting.

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