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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: NanoSensors, Inc. (NNSR.OB)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

NanoSensors, Inc. (NNSR.OB) is a nanotechnology development company based in Santa Clara, California. The Company’s principal business is the development and marketing of sensors and instruments to detect explosive (X), chemical (C) and biological (B) agents (“XCB”), along with the management of intellectual property derived that will enable NanoSensors to create nanoscale devices.

The Company is currently building sensors that incorporate the technology covered by its license agreement with Michigan State University to detect ecoli and salmonella in food and water. NanoSensors is also committed in the long term developing of sensors and instruments for Homeland Security applications that employ advanced nano-technologies like porous silicon and carbon nanotubes in order to detect malicious agents. The company’s near-term growth is generated by acquiring technology licenses and assets, such as the Michigan State license. This enables the company to rapidly and more cost-effectively develop and commercialize products.

NanoSensors’ technology operates in the nanoscale of ten to the minus ninth meters. The technology is also sensitive to the presence of nano-scale size molecules of BCX agents. Nano scale surface structures are also used to detect the presence of these molecules at nano concentrations. Devices created on the nanoscale have shown to have potential in refining existing applications across diverse industries such as computing, materials and manufacturing, electronics and national security. It predicted that nanomarkets will reach approximately $17.2 billion by 2012.

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