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NeXplore Corporation (NXPC.PK) – Searches for its Place among Internet Giants

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

In the history of the world, stories like David and Goliath are abundant. Hollywood has always cheered us on to root for the underdog, and we respond because our genuine, heartfelt sympathies always lie with the little guy. We want him to win because everyone deserves a shot at the top. The business world is no different. We have companies that make products and services which can perform as well as those made by the giants in industry, though the companies themselves may not be able to compete as successfully. If you aren’t afraid, and have the heart, you may be interested in one of those little guys; a company named NeXplore Corporation.

NeXplore is a new Internet search company whose mission is to radically improve the online experience. Its flagship product NeXplore Search™ is an innovative social search engine that makes finding information on the Internet more personal, more efficient, and worlds more fun. The company is inviting users to discover a visually engaging, user-friendly, multi-media interface that makes navigation effortless.

NeXplore is hoping to generate its revenues from advertising, and Internet advertising is booming. According to The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Internet advertising revenues for the first half of 2007 reached $10 billion. Ad revenues remained concentrated with the leading ad-selling companies like Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) and MSN (NASDAQ:MSFT), which accounted for 70 percent of total revenues in the second quarter of 2007.

Google is established as the unrivaled king of the online advertising universe with Yahoo! in second place. But the race is not over according to David Hallerman, eMarketer senior analyst, “Google acknowledged that even though paid search gives it a robust revenue stream, that alone won’t be enough to compete against Yahoo!, MSN and other major players in the years to come.”

So how can NeXplore become one of those major players? It started the process last year by launching an Ads program called NeXplore Ads™, a full-lifecycle ad creation and management platform that enables marketers to effortlessly create, manage and modify in real-time highly targeted, interactive search advertising campaigns. The company plans to receive a significant portion of its revenue from selling advertising space on its portal and allowing third parties to provide sponsored services and placements on the portal under sponsorship agreements. The NeXplore Ads™ pilot program is currently underway with several advertisers.

The company also has several other products under development which are anticipated to go live in 2008. The new products include:™, a cool new web destination offering music contests and providing musicians with viral tools for promoting their work and staying in tune with their fans;™, a universally accessible social computing platform providing users with a highly customizable interface for managing every facet of their online activity; and AdCircle™, an online classified advertising platform that provides a more enjoyable and productive experience for buyers and sellers alike. The company has also received $250,000 as a prepayment from a customer for advertising, and signed a contract with Yahoo! Search Marketing, which includes revenue sharing provisions relating to advertiser fees generated by users clicking on ads.

NeXplore’s plan of operation for the next twelve months is to continue development and release of its products, and to increase brand awareness. In order to get up that hill and compete with the giants, NeXplore will first have to deal with its own difficulties. It is still a development stage company with no operating history, which makes an evaluation of its business and prospects very difficult. Since inception the company has generated no revenues and suffered recurring losses and net cash outflows from operations. Operating loss for the year ended June 30, 2007 was $4,193,148. It has funded operations through common and preferred stock issuances, a small line of credit guaranteed by an officer, and related party loans in order to meet strategic objectives. This capital has been, and will be, used to fund further software product development, introductory marketing campaigns, and operating expenses.

NeXplore’s primary competitors are Internet search and retrieval companies who have longer operating histories in the Internet market, greater name recognition, larger customer bases and significantly greater financial, technical and marketing resources. But sometimes the underdog surprises us. Nexplore has not let the “Big Bad Wolf” scare it, and its plan of attack is still in full swing. Its goal is to attract 10,000,000 visitors to NeXplore Search by the close of third quarter by sending out 30 million personalized electronic invitations per month, enticing demographically targeted end users to try out the new search engine. If the visitors come, and more than likely they will – even if it just to see how much better NeXplore is compared to other search engines – then NeXplore may have a better story to tell.

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OTCPicks Featured Company: NeXplore Corporation (NXPC.PK) Launches New Marketing Campaign

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

NeXplore Corporation (OTC: NXPC) announced today the launching of a high-volume marketing initiative that is focused on the company’s recently developed Web 2.0 search engine, NeXplore Search ( The search engine was developed to bring an optimal end-user experience and rich media display, as well as social network integration. The goal of this bold marketing initiative is to attract 10,000,000 unique visitors to NeXplore Search by the close of the third calendar quarter this year.

Part of the marketing initiative involves sending thirty million personalized electronic invitations per month to entice demographically targeted end users to try out the new search engine. The company has begun a revenue-sharing program for partnering with select high-traffic Web destinations that will embed NeXplore Search into their Web properties. Following up the invitations and partnership program, NeXplore plans to acquire high traffic internet destinations that will generate millions of visitors through advertising on a number of strategically identified online networks.

“NeXplore Search Public Beta has been live for three months now. From user feedback we’ve received thus far, we’re convinced that people who give NeXplore Search a shot will find the experience very refreshing and rewarding. We’re entering a new, steep growth phase. NeXplore Search is ready to scale, and we’re going to take bold and creative measures to get the word out,” stated Scott Grizzle, Chief Marketing Officer for NeXplore.

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NeXplore Corp. (NXPC.PK) is Developing the Next-Generation Search Engine

Monday, March 17th, 2008

NeXplore Corp., based in Frisco, Texas, is focused on improving the online experience by creating Web tools that empower users to define a virtual world designed for their needs and interests. All four of the company’s major projects are in the development stage. NeXplore Search is anticipated to be the first product to be released to the public.

Most consumers today utilize a search engine for information on the internet. Consumers research for such items as work related information, how to improve their yard, how to help their children with homework, etc. The possibilities are endless. With the number of pages on the Web increasing, along with the number of consumers attempting to locate information, NeXplore Search is a tool that will redefine how users search the Internet. Currently, the Web 2.0 search engine is in private beta development, but a Public Beta will soon be released. The search engine will have a graphical user interface where users can interact with search results and advertisements, as well as a drill-down of search results.

Along with the increased number of consumers searching the Web, the number of online communities is on the rise. NeXplore MyCircle is a social networking interface that takes a consumer to the next level. Search results using MyCircle will allow users to navigate the pages in real time, rather than having to load and reload pages via hyperlinks. It allows consumers the ability to create a single platform where they can access and manage all of their personal networking sites. will be a music video contest site that will allow unsigned artists to upload their videos into contests. Each contest will have its own requirements and prizes. Because all consumers can submit their video, any consumer can win. What takes to the next level is a Book-the-Band feature that allows artists to be booked for a show, providing another avenue for unsigned artists to get their music out to the public and to music agencies looking for new talent.

NeXplore AdCircle will assist buyers and sellers with their online classified experience. Sellers will be able to upload their classified ads for free. For a small fee, the sellers can also add audio and video, or even have their ad placed on a targeted search results page to increase sales. The result will be a much better experience for buyers and sellers alike, many of whom have had to rely on grainy photos and written descriptions.

NeXplore Technologies has its focus set on changing the Internet experience for all consumers. The scope that these four products in development cover will touch almost every user. The company is poised to become a leader in the Web 2.0 environment.

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NeXplore Corp. (NXPC.PK) is “One to Watch”

Monday, January 21st, 2008

NeXplore is committed to drastically improving the online experience by providing web tools and destinations that give users the ability to define a World Wide Web that is perfectly suited for their distinctive needs, interests and pursuits.

The Company’s flagship product, the NeXplore Search, is uniquely designed to function as a social search engine that finds information more efficiently while making the experience more enjoyable and fun. NeXplore’s engineers have utilized the latest advances in Web 2.0 technologies to reach new heights in online productivity, community and comfort.

NeXplore’s Ad creation and management tool, AdCircle, leverages the highly interactive interface of NeXplore’s Search to stand out from the competition and elevate the online classified ad experience for both buyers and sellers. For a competitive fee, sellers are able to upload an array of multimedia content to increase sales and provide buyers with a rich, classified search experience.

Co-Founder, President and CEO Mr. Edward Mandel has a proven record of leading in the technology and business communities. Before co-founding NeXplore, he was the vice president of enterprise solutions for Concerto Software and founded a company that received Customer Interaction Magazine’s Product of the Year Award and was ranked third by Deloitte & Touche among the fastest growing technology companies in Texas.

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