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Next 1 Interactive, Inc. (NXOI) and 3RD Home Ink Agreement to Provide Unique Luxury Travel Options

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Next 1 Interactive, a multi-faceted media company specializing in travel and real estate, today announced its agreement with, in which Next 1 will offer travel options and incentives to its customers and 3RD Home vacation owners.

“We see this agreement as the beginning of a valuable relationship between two companies with great concepts and services, and it should clearly allow for extra benefits to our 3RD Home customers,” Wade Shealy, CEO of 3RD Home, stated in the press release. provides second home owners a means of “expanding” the use of their second home without using it as an actual “rental” property. 3RD Home enables homeowners to exchange time in their second home for stays at premiere luxury destinations worldwide. The company’s Web site allows members to deposit weeks in their second homes in the club and then reserve another home at any time. The average home values are more than $2.5 million.

Next 1 will market the program under its “Extraordinary Vacation Homes” brand using 3RD Home’s booking engine. Promotional efforts will be made via TV, Web, the company’s past vacation list, and other media programs.

Next 1 Interactive will be listed as a preferred partner for various travel services, including planning, concierge, and bookings through its Maupintour Extraordinary Vacations division. Next 1 will also begin offering real estate services through the “Next One Realty” division for 3RD Home members who want to purchase any of the vacation properties.

“As Next 1 expands in partnerships, our goal is to increase value for existing and future clientele. The 3RD Home program and Next One Interactive services, such as Maupintour and Next One Realty, are an excellent opportunity to do just this. We are excited about introducing our new counterpart, as a unique service, providing a well-rounded experience for both company’s clientele,” Bill Kerby, CEO of Next 1 stated.

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Next One Interactive Inc. (NXOI) Video Chart for Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Although NXOI fell through support at a penny recently, it has come right back up to challenge the old support/new resistance. Today will be an interesting day for the stock to see if it has the strength to pop back above and close over $0.01 to re-establish the area once again as support.

To view the video chart, visit the following link:

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Next 1 Interactive, Inc. (NXOI) Announces “Interactivity” Rebranding of R&R Television Network

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Today before the opening bell, Next 1 Interactive, Inc. announced that it will rebrand its R&R Television Network to “Next 1 Network.” The main purpose of this rebranding is to expand the message of “interactivity,” consistent with the parent company and all programming across the network. The television channel will be linked with Next 1’s Video on Demand Networks so viewers can get instant access on multiple devices.

Next 1 Network will be available via television, internet live streaming, mobile devices, tablets, and a host of additional options serving the continuously expanding needs of today’s consumers. The television channel will be equipped with highly interactive advertising that directs viewers to visit one or two minute videos for “Real Estate on Demand” & “Travel on Demand.” These videos, similar to cable TV’s current video on demand, will be located in dedicated sections for maximum ease and accessibility. The real estate video clips will feature extensive views, inside and out, of local homes listed for sale. The travel video clips will feature unique and exciting travel destinations along with specially priced travel packages made available by advertising sponsors and the Next One Interactive travel division.

The “Real Estate Video On Demand” & “Travel On Demand” sections will also be made available on dedicated websites, giving viewers a second “online” alternative in which to purchase or inquire about those same real estate listings or travel packages available through cable television. This provides an additional opportunity to transact for Next 1 Network viewers using internet live streaming, mobile devices, and tablets.

Next 1 believes the two keys to attracting users are: ease of access to information and timeliness of the content. Together with its partner RealBiz Media, the company is continuously creating valuable and relevant content of the most recent real estate listings and is posting them to TV and Web based Video on Demand platforms via its technology application.

Next 1 said it will continue to focus on three areas of programming: Real Estate, Travel and Lifestyle. Programming will be reorganized into blocks that reflect each area of interest. Real Estate, Home Improvements and all things home related will fall within the “Next Home” block and Travel & Destination programming will come under the title “Next Trip.”

“Next 1 Lifestyle” will offer unique and exciting programming that aims to explore and enhance Personal Lifestyles for men and women of all ages. “Next 1 Lifestyles” introduces a new block of programming, “Next Gen,” featuring original, educational, and entertaining programming for kids. The “Next Gen” children’s block is an important addition to the company’s lineup as it will fulfill an FCC requirement for broadcasting “over the air.”

“In today’s interactive world, viewers should have the choice to engage and purchase what they see while watching any program of interest on any device from anywhere. Next 1 Network’s goal is to help our viewers become the most knowledgeable real estate and travel consumers today by offering informative programming and On Demand Videos that allow them to make successful choices on an increasingly, time efficient, easily accessible basis. This is the crux of what heightened interactivity is all about,” stated Bill Kerby, CEO of Next 1 Interactive.

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Next One Interactive, Inc. (NXOI) Shows the Potential of Interactive Media

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Next One Interactive sees itself as building the future of interactive media. The Florida based company is focused on video and media advertising over Internet and television platforms, through two divisions, media and travel. The company specializes in travel and real estate, offering targeted content via various digital platforms. Their stated mission is to create a targeted travel, real estate, and lifestyle programming network, with interactive advertising and transactional shopping components, utilizing cutting edge marketing and multi-media technologies.

Next One covers broadcast, cable, satellite, broadband, and mobile media, with their newest venture, the full time R & R TV network, already available in 26 million households, providing interactive information on vacation destinations and real estate. R & R Networks is now the nation’s second largest travel program channel and second largest real estate program channel. The company also delivers content and messages from sponsors on interactive VOD (Video On Demand) outlets, and was a primary entrant into interactive television and VOD. It has built multiple revenue streams, including transactional commissions and referral fees, as well as advertisers, sponsors, and partners.

On the real estate side, Next One Interactive and RealBiz Media have created Connextions, a unique real estate marketing platform for real estate companies and professionals. The platform seamlessly integrates pictures, virtual tours, and videos, publishing to all of the biggest real estate and social networking sites, as well as to television. It’s the only real estate marketing offering that combines the latest Internet and television technologies in a single solution, and it’s now available to every realtor in the country.

On the Travel side, the use of advanced interactive media maximizes the company’s ability to present great vacation destinations in the optimum way. The power of the company’s reach can be seen in the fact that R & R now has 80% of the reach of the Travel Channel, which sold at $1.475 billion to Scripps Network in 2009.

For additional information, visit the company’s website at

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Next One Interactive, Inc. (NXOI) Announces Strengthened Relationship with Vivicast Media

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Today before the opening bell, Next One Interactive, Inc. announced that it is expanding its relationship with Vivicast, the leading source for OTT, mobile, CATV and IPTV programming. Initially focused on the US, the multi-year distribution deal previously executed with the media company is now going global for multiple platforms. According to today’s release, both companies will be working closely to offer the innovative network around the world.

R&R TV merges targeted lifestyle, travel and real estate programming, making it a perfect match for Vivicast’s focus on multi-national, multi-platform programming. Vivicast will be offering the channel to all cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile operators that are interested in high-quality, innovative programming.

“We already have a signed agreement with a major global operator and adding R&R to our wide variety of offerings is a real coup for us,” stated Amy Shapiro, Vice President of Programming and Marketing. “With more sophisticated, travel savvy consumers on every continent, R&R appeals to a wide range of people and we’re very happy to be working closely with them.”

Bill Kerby, CEO of R&R’s parent company Next 1 Interactive, added, “By working with Vivicast, we know that the innovative approach that we have is shared by our distributor. Vivicast is focused on the changing world of entertainment programming and we’re very excited about this agreement.”

According to a source within the company, R&R will be able to be delivered over multiple multimedia devices including Netflix’s Roku, Apple’s iPads, WebTV devices and others. Vivicast Media will be showcasing R&R Television and other new and exciting content at their booth (#547) at the upcoming TelcoTV 2011 being held in New Orleans from October 25-27.

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Next One Interactive (NXOI) Combines Television and Interactive Broadband Technologies for New R & R TV

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Next One Interactive, Inc., an interactive media company focused on video and media advertising using Internet and television platforms, has released one of its newest ventures, R & R TV, Inc., (RRTV). The new offering is an interactive television network allowing consumers custom controlled access to vacation and real estate information, with supporting solutions for web and cellular devices. The idea is to combine the high media environment of television with the interactive capabilities of web and cellular, ideal for the presentation of visual-rich vacation and real estate content.

RRTV is available in over 26 million households, with programs on great vacation destinations and nationwide homes. Using Integrated Transactional Media™, RRTV provides a unique opportunity for both viewers and advertisers, covering multiple media outlets. As a bridge for advertising and programming content, R&R offers consumers a comfortable and compelling way to view and transact with specific travel and real estate interests, all through their remote control.

With today’s consumers facing thousands of entertainment and information options, marketing must now have available a non-linear interactive approach, targeting an extremely fast growing market expected to top $45 billion by 2012. Control is the key to attracting these tech-savvy consumers who in turn become powerful brand ambassadors.

Next One Interactive features high quality Internet websites that attract mass amounts of traffic, creating a brand that advertising clients can trust. The Next One team consists of creative programmers, web designers, writers, and analysts, all focused on driving and applying this new technological approach to reach today’s consumer.

In particular, RRTV, in partnership with Comcast, has formed Home TV On Demand, which delivers a state-of-the-art real estate showroom to over 17 million households in 60 local markets. This is not a print listing service, but essentially a 24/7 Open House on TV, providing video tours of homes, available free to all Comcast digital subscribers.

For additional information, visit the company’s websites at and

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Next One Interactive, Inc. (NXOI) is “One to Watch”

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Next One Interactive, Inc. is a multi-faceted media company primarily focused on travel and real estate. Via multiple digital platforms, such as satellite, cable, broadcast, broadband and mobile, the company engages in the delivery of targeted content. Next One also features high quality Internet websites that attract mass amounts of traffic, creating a total brand solution its clients can trust.

As a result of the virtually infinite number of platforms available for promotion, it is much more difficult for advertisers to plan for and strategically incorporate the right combination of platforms into their advertising mix and resulting media campaigns. Publishers are also struggling to find viable strategies in today’s new interactive age that help them reach their goals.

Next One’s business plan includes multiple revenue streams from real estate and travel content delivery, including transactional commissions, referral fees, advertising and sponsorship. The multiple revenue streams and integrated media platforms allow for the delivery of measurable return on investment to its advertisers, sponsors and business partners.

The company’s management team is comprised of professionals from the travel industry, the broadcast and cable television industries, Internet advertising development and sales, interactive television, radio broadcasting, computer programming and platform development. This unique combination of skill sets provides Next One with a major competitive advantage.

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