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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: NextGen Bioscience, Inc. (NXGB.OB)

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

NextGen Bioscience, Inc. (NXGB.OB) is a drug development biotechnology company focused on the identification, evaluation and acquisition of drug candidates for treatment and prevention of oncological and infectious diseases in human beings.

The Company intends on becoming a world leader in the bioscience industry with the development and commercial licensure of novel therapeutic proteins that disrupt the advance of life-threatening cancers. The company leverages cutting-edge research collaborations to achieve breakthroughs in anti-cancer treatments. The company then licenses these patented drug product candidates to Big Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies.

NextGen is rapidly building its portfolio of proprietary biotechnology. NextGen’s target market, cancer treatments, is the largest disease market, exploding at a 20% growth rate each year. The company’s treatment niche is based on recent discoveries that indicate that many tumors are derived from a single cancer-initiating cell population that has stem cell properties (a cancer stem cell).

NextGen has chosen to concentrate on the identification of certain cell-specific characteristics, making it possible to identify precursor cells of tumors, and then conduct a more extensive ‘fingerprinting’ profile that will enable the development of cell-specific anti-cancer treatments. This will allow for a ‘tailor made’ cancer treatment strategy that is superior to existing therapies in its ability to eradicate malignant cells while leaving healthy tissue intact.

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