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Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM) Announces Several New Developments

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

2008 is shaping up to be an extremely eventful year for Onstream Media. On Tuesday, the company released a cover-all press statement that included a listing-status report, modifications to a recent acquisition agreement, and details surrounding recent product upgrades.

On October 1st, a letter was received from NASDAQ stating that Onstream’s common stock is subject to de-listing as a result of the company’s failure to hold a required annual shareholder meeting by the end of its fiscal year (September 30th). A hearing has been set for November 20, 2008 with the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel to address the issue. On an added note, in order to maintain NASDAQ Capital Market listing eligibility, Onstream common stock must close at $1.00 per share bid or more for at least ten consecutive business days before December 30th.

Playing into the reason why Onstream pushed back its annual shareholder conference were changes made to a definitive September 15th merger agreement with Narrowstep, Inc. According to the amended agreement, the total number of Onstream common shares to be initially issued is to be reduced from 9,100,000 to 8,100,000. This, and other small changes, warranted a re-assessment of the estimated purchase price; previously $11.8 million, now figured to be $5.1 million.

In addition to these developments, this quarter will mark the launch of Onstream’s upgraded DMSP (Digital Media Services Platform) Streaming Publisher. The software provides media companies and other content developers with cutting-edge publishing resources. Changes made to the previous system include advanced online video advertising capabilities; an integral aspect of operation in a market that is estimated to be worth over $3 billion by the year 2012.

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RedChip Featured Company: Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM)

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM) is a leading provider of on-demand, live rich media, specializing in online audio and video corporate communications. Onstream’s digital asset management ASP technology provides tools for webcasting, web-conferencing, and content publishing services to help increase any organization’s productivity and revenue in an affordable and secure environment.

With the vast amount of digital media available, companies often face the challenge of combining various elements into an integrated format. Onstream provides users with a set of tools to streamline the integration of data, video, and voice across multiple geographies. Onstream’s mission is to reduce client costs by eliminating the need to build, manage, and operate their own media management infrastructure through the use of its secure hosted platform.

Onstream has a number of media services including web-casting, web-conferencing, a digital media platform, and entertainment services. The web-casting services allow companies to broadcast announcements over the internet with the ability to access slides and video, include interactive Q&A sessions, and conduct audience polling. The web-conference services allow users to share applications, create a whiteboard to exchange free-form text or drawings, text message with other participants, and even record the event. The digital media platform enables users to encode, store, collaborate, retrieve, and distribute rich media libraries of unlimited size via an IP-based global network. Finally, Onstream’s Entertainment Digital Network subsidiary (EdNet) provides the entertainment and advertising industries with a global connection for production and post-production facilities, music labels, producers, and directors. High-quality audio, compressed video and multimedia data can be accessed through its network of almost 200 international associates and over 600 North American affiliates.

Onstream has created partnerships with a number of companies to ensure the quality of the services they provide. Onstream partners with leading independent software and technology platform providers, such as Adobe, Microsoft, SAIC, and RealPlayer, to continue to provide a reliable and scalable solution to its customers. As greater numbers of companies turn to the internet to enhance internal and external communication, the more important Onstream’s services will become.

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Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM) Announces Agreement with WorldVibe Entertainment

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Onstream Media Corp., a company that provides both live and on-demand Internet video services, has announced the signing of an agreement with Es Mi Planeta (It’s My Planet), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The WorldVibe Entertainment Group.

Onstream will be facilitating the Internet broadcast of the group’s new reality show, Batalla de las Americas (Battle of the Americas), as well as providing on-demand and pay-per-view services. Online launch has been scheduled for the beginning of September. In addition to Internet broadcasting, Onstream will be hosting the event’s files, providing all necessary bandwidth for the entire length of the show.

Batalla de las Americas is scheduled for thirteen weeks, and will be broadcast on conventional television, as well as on the Internet. The show will appear in both the US, and Latin American countries.

Randy Selman, president and CEO of Onstream stated: “Our ability to help Es Mi Planeta make the online video presence for the show available to tens of millions of people across the globe is a true honor. In support of the show’s grand-scale needs, we are bringing to bear a comprehensive selection of Internet TV services in combination with Akamai’s world-leading content delivery network. The combination of these technologies will give viewers the highest quality, richest online video experience possible.”

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RedChip Announces Initial Research Coverage on Onstream Media Corp. (ONSM)

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

RedChip announced that it will begin research coverage on Onstream Media Corp, a leading Application Service Provider of live and on-demand, rich media communications.

The company recently introduced a set of enhancements to its proprietary webcasting platform, including a webinar service providing the means to hold a virtual seminar online in real time, a Flash-based player, embedded Flash video, and audio and video editing capabilities.

RedChip Research’s Analyst, Piyali Chakravarty, M.B.A., wrote in the report, “ONSM has a current price/sales multiple of about 5, and we are estimating revenue of $16.8 million for the full FY08. In ONSM’s August 2007 10Q filing, the ending number of shares disclosed by the company was approximately 42 million. We use this number to represent shares outstanding for FY08, which is subject to possible other conversion of warrants and convertible securities.”

He continued, “We are expecting the company to generate revenues of $0.40 on a per share basis in FY08. The company’s revenues are growing faster than 50 percent of its peer group. We believe it would be quite realistic to assign a P/S multiple of 8, which is only slightly higher than the average multiple for the peer group and represents a 33 percent increase from current multiple levels for ONSM.”

“The P/S multiple of 8 that we are assigning to ONSM is 64% less than that of ONT, which has a similar pattern of revenue growth rate as ONSM. Therefore, by multiplying the full year FY08 revenue per share estimate of $0.40 by a P/S multiple of 8, we arrived at our target price of $3.20, which represents substantial appreciation from current levels,” the analyst concluded.

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Onstream Media, Corp. (ONSM) Set to Introduce New Products

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Onstream Media Corporation (ONSM), a leading online service provider for digital media, announced early Wednesday that they are ready to upgrade their already popular Visual Webcaster service.

The companies video broadcast upgrade will include utilizing the industry standard 16:9 aspect ratio, called Visual Webcaster HD(TM) in Windows, RealTime, QuickTime and Flash media formats.

Onstream Media will also offer iEncode(TM), a full-featured, webcasting solution. iEncode will enable the webcasting of audio and video to any viewer through a partnership with Akami, as ONSM will use their Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Randy Selman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Onstream Media stated “Onstream Media was able to rapidly respond to the accelerating demand for higher quality video in web based applications worldwide, and specifically to our larger media, entertainment and broadcasting clients, with the introduction of these new enhancements improving the user experience. These new upgrades represent yet another important step forward in providing a complete solution for all of our clients’ digital media communications requirements”.

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