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Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) Completes Biggest Solar Project

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Open Energy Corporation (OEGY.OB), a California-based solar power development company, announced Thursday that it has completed installation of its largest solar electric project to date, totaling 17,000+ square feet of glass panels embedded with photovoltaic cells, for the California Academy of Sciences, a soon-to-open science museum in San Francisco.

The solar panel array will ring the museum’s roof, generating 213,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, or about 10% of the Academy’s anticipated electrical needs, and will be one of the biggest photovoltaic glass canopies in the United States. The solar installation will also be a key factor in the Academy’s attempt to achieve LEED Platinum certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the U. S. Green Building Council.

Open Energy is a renewable energy company with a focus on solar energy and photovoltaics. The company emphasizes that, every day, the earth receives enough solar energy to fulfill its entire energy requirements for one full year.

Open Energy (OEC) offers SolarSave® photovoltaic roofing materials and equipment for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. The company also holds an exclusive, worldwide license to a solar thermal technology called SunCone™ CSP (Concentrating Solar Power), which is currently being developed to produce electricity and potable water using only the power of the sun.

OEC has developed and patented a portfolio of breakthrough technologies to expand the use of solar energy in the commercial production of electricity, fresh water, and related commodities. The company plans to build strong domestic and international demand for SolarSave® products via industry promotions, and through their network of dealers and solar integrators, while also completing development and commercialization of their SunCone™ technology.

OEC bases its plans on the fact that renewable energy is becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy, due to escalating oil and gas prices, political instability in the Middle East, growing concerns about the impacts of global warming, and clear public support for energy alternatives. Since 2000, the global solar industry has accelerated at an average annual growth rate of 38%, according to industry consulting firm Solarbuzz, and is expected to grow to over $18 billion by 2010. Government grants, tax incentives, and requirements that utilities buy back excess power generated by photovoltaic systems, have all helped to spur the growth of the solar industry.

The company points out that, although Japan currently leads the world in photovoltaics, followed by Germany, the U.S. now ranks third with 30% tax credits provided by the recently enacted U.S. Energy Bill, and incentive programs offered in all 50 states. In 2005, California passed the largest solar funding initiative in U.S. history.

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Beacon Equity Featured Company: Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB)

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) is a renewable energy company focused on the development and commercialization of a portfolio of technologies capable of delivering cost-competitive electricity, fresh water and related commodities on a global basis. SolarSave, part of Open Energy, manufactures roofing membranes, roofing tiles, and custom architectural PV glass.

The products developed and manufactured by SolarSave have the ability to bring solar power to consumers’ houses. The company recently posted a press release, noting the solar power boom in California. In 2007, Sacramento had more than 3,000 homes under construction, or planned construction, to be built with preinstalled solar systems.

The state of California is taking the initiative of embracing solar power by spending approximately $3 billion to encourage the addition of solar systems onto existing housing. Many companies are joining the California government in promoting the financial benefits of solar power.

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Shares of Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) Advanced Strongly Today – Up 30.77% as Company Announces Letter of Intent

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules, reported the signing of a letter of intent for broad initiatives targeting the expansion of the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) products sales of each company.

Suntech will provide cost effective and high quality production for Open Energy’s SolarSave® PV Tiles. The companies will market each other’s broad portfolio of BIPV products within the North American market.

Suntech will also have the right to acquire up to 5% of the outstanding shares of Open Energy as part of this strategic cooperation.

David Saltman, CEO of Open Energy, stated, “This alliance with Suntech is of major strategic importance to our company. Suntech is a high volume manufacturer of quality solar photovoltaic products and in our meetings with its Chairman and CEO, Dr. Zhengrong Shi and Suntech’s production and engineering staff, we were convinced that Suntech is the ideal partner to manufacture SolarSave® tiles in China thus enabling us to enhance our sales volumes and margins.

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Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) Signs Open Purchase Order with Large World Ranking Solar Producer

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Open Energy Corp. (OEGY.OB) reports that it has signed an open purchasing agreement with Motech Solar, the world’s seventh largest producer of solar photovoltaics, to supply 6″ multi-crystalline cells.

The Solar Energy arena, looms larger with every passing day.

Dr. Simon Tsuo, the CEO of Motech noted that “With the expansion of our second manufacturing facility in the Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park, we have increased our production capacity to 240 megawatts per year.

We are confident that the US market for photoelectric products will grow quickly in the next several years, and believe Open Energy’s building integrated products will have great market appeal.

Our high performance poly-crystalline cells are well suited for the SolarSave® Membrane product, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with their company.” 

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