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Automotive Software Designers, Inc. (OPSY.PK) – A Stock Guru Profiled Company

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Automotive Software Designers (OPSY.PK) is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Optical Systems, Inc. Optical Systems Inc. purchased the company in November of 2007. The company provides front office software for automotive dealerships.

Automotive Software Designers’ software is called Save-A-Deal. It significantly improves the dealership’s efficiency by automating workflow within the dealership, eliminating manual forms and reducing the time to finance a deal. The company sees their software as capable of changing the industry and fully expects their software to change the way dealerships sells cars. The Save-A-Deal software improves the dealers profits, while at the time automating, simplifying, and personalizing the car buying experience for customers.

Save-A-Deal software can be used by both large and small auto dealerships throughout the U.S. Recently, the company announced an affiliation with is a well-known marketing company. Automotive Software Designers’ job will be to build brand awareness in the car dealership industry for Automotive Software Designers.

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Stock Guru Featured Client: Optical Systems, Inc. (OPSY.PK)

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

Optical Systems, Inc. (OPSY.PK), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Automotive Software Designers, Inc., provides front office software solutions to automotive dealerships. The innovative software offered by OPSY enables automotive dealerships to automate workflow within a dealership, eliminate manual forms, and reduce the time needed to finance a deal. The Company’s product, Save-A-Deal Software, offers inventory management, reporting for sales and general managers, Internet CRM capability, and DMS integration.

The Save-A-Deal software was first created four years ago. Over time, the software has improved and evolved to offer a better and more efficient product to automotive dealerships. The software’s Inventory Selection and Management features are sold as an additional feature due to its distinct and advanced offerings. The added features can reduce the amount of clicks from 20 clicks to 4 clicks. The Save-A-Deal software also offers DMS Integration, which reduces time spent typing as well as integrates inventory and finalized deals.

The company expects its software to change the way cars are sold by helping dealerships focus more on their customers’ needs. Automotive Software Designs’ products and services are already being used by large and small automotive groups throughout the United States, and have received positive reviews from a number of clients.

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