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Otcstockexchange Featured Company: China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc. (CJGH.PK) Rides Nicely to Profit Under the Radar

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

When customers and consumers use their purchases they rarely think about all the individual parts of the product that make up the whole. Those individual parts, however, make up a significant market if they are the right parts. If you look a little closer at a product, you may find that investing in the little things can often lead to larger profits.

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Inc., a ball baring manufacturer, works to provide a variety of ball bearings to domestic and international markets. The company indicates that it has had a successful 2007 and has used its current position as a top 5 ball baring manufacturer domestically to expand plant and equipment. Expenditures appear to be in line with a consistent and predictable expansion strategy within domestic and international markets.

World demand for ball bearings has been a solid catalyst for the company. It manufactures a variety of ball bearings from ceramic to steel. Although income generation could not be characterized as overwhelming, it is solid and predictable as the company adds longer term contracts and increases production levels to meet current and future demand world-wide. Expenses have been in line with expansion plans with the only real exposure to income is the costs of raw materials. Generally, all indications are that the company is proceeding on a very well calculated and executed strategy designed to keep the company well positioned for long term growth within a fairly consistent and reliable global market.

Considering the global market for ball bearings, and Chinas’ position within the export market, the company should face little exposure to swings in international markets. The company exports to the USA, Brazil, India and Germany while keeping pace within China. The future also looks bright for the company as new contracts have been signed and a continuing expansion of new products are offered. All appearances point toward a solid future of stable growth for Golden Horse.

Let us hear your thoughts below: Featured Company: Budget Waste Inc. (BDGW.PK) Hauling in Several Positive Directions

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

The trash trade has been around since the first apple core hit the ground. In current times, however, it has gotten a bit more complicated then it was. Recognizing the many possible ways to take advantage of another man’s’ trash is the way to profit in a marketplace that is about as stable as it gets.

Budget Waste Inc., a waste services company, offers complete waste services to business, industrial, construction and residential customers across Western Canada. As governmental regulations address disposal of differing waste types in differing ways, Budget Waste Inc. offers the flexibility that is required to keep commercial and municipal organizations in compliance. From this standpoint, the company is a diversified provider of a variety of waste disposal methods.

Growth of the company is planned through acquisition. Recently, however, the company has announced the intent to build a recycling plant in Alberta to meet demand where no service existed in the past. The new facility is expected on-line by the middle of 2008 and is expected to process a full range of waste products in addition to a tidy profit.

Growth through acquisition, however, is the main source of growth for the company. Current plans have been laid for the acquisition of Broad Band Communication Services Inc. in the near future. This company has plant and equipment valued at just over $C3 million and long standing and stable contracts valued at approximately $C7 million. Waste services of this particular company acquisition, however, are not the main profit point for Broad Band Communications Inc. It has indicated to Budget Waste Inc. that negotiations with a US concern for the placement of an ethanol and water distribution system are going well and that a South American company has signed for a utilities infrastructure project. Each is expected to contribute significantly to revenues for many years.

As can be said for many Canadian companies in this part of Canada, pragmatism and a positive perspective of teamwork is found. As progress is made with these two concerns, it is not all unlikely that another synergistic acquisition is waiting in the wings for just the right timing to take place.

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Otcstockexchange Featured Company: Kingslake Energy Inc. (KGLJ.PK) Starts Drilling in Kentucky

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Natural gas is increasing its presence in the US marketplace as oil and other energy issues deal with environmental and political headaches. Clean and plentiful, natural gas has grown so large that getting even a small part of the proverbial pie can be financially rewarding.

Kingslake Energy Inc., a natural gas exploration and production company, works to locate and exploit natural gas deposits in the rich Appalachian basin region. Currently, the company holds leases in the Devonian Shale area of Kentucky with permitting of four locations complete and selection of another 6 at or near completion.

Following a well thought out and long term strategy, the company has four wells in production and eight more nearing the production phase. Given the geologic nature of the lease holdings, it appears likely that a consistent and long term production life, for wells in these lease holdings, will be maintained. Generally, historical gas production at these types of shale deposits fit well with the business plan of the company. Since its founding, the company has planned for the long term. Over the long term it plans to be a consistent and steady provider, making sure that all bases are covered so shareholders can receive reliable return on investment. Considering energy prices and the quantity of natural gas anticipated, the company’s strategy appears to be on, if not ahead of, expectation.

The apparent reserves and forward progress that is being made bode well for the future of this company. Its discoveries are also well placed, in that they lie somewhat near national distribution points. Generally, this makes transportation to market quite a bit more cost effective. Capitalization is always an issue but as natural gas prices move in a positive direction for the company, there appears to be a bright future ahead for an increasingly established energy concern called Kingslake Energy Inc.

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OTCstockexchange Featured Company: Budget Waste Inc. (BDGW.PK) Signs Letter of Intent to Work with Broadband Communication Services

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Recently Budget Waste Inc, a waste solutions company in Western Canada that provides complete waste and recycling services to commercial, industrial, construction, homebuilding, oilfield and residential clients, announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Broadband Communication Services Inc. (BBCS). A closing to this deal is anticipated to be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2008. In the deal Budget Waste will acquire approximately $3.2 million in assets from BBCS and inherit several existing long term contracts valued between $15-20 million over the next 3 years.

Broadband Communications Services Inc. is based in Nebraska City, Nebraska and has been in business for over 15 years. The Company has a large customer base including industry leaders such as AT&T, Conoco Phillips, Qwest and Level 3 communications. BBCS is a construction and infrastructure Placement Company that operates underground construction companies throughout the United States and had revenues of $7.3 million for 2007.

CEO of Budget Waste, Jim Can, is very excited for this business opportunity and stated, “BBCS will complement our current business and permit both companies to take advantage of intercompany synergies and new market opportunities. We are using this strategic acquisition to position Budget as a broader market service provider.”

Budget Waste Inc. is focused on growth and is using a growth through acquisition strategy with exceptional success. With regulations throughout North America pressing companies and individuals to be more vigilant in the way they handle their waste products, they see tremendous opportunity for expansion. They are confident that extraordinary growth coupled with a focus for their customers’ needs will bring their stockholders outstanding value for the confidence they have placed in BWI.

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OtcStockExchange Featured Company: China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc. (CJGH.PK) Seeks Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

This week Chinese ball bearing manufacturer China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball inc. announced that it will be seeking listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. According to management, this move comes as an effort to gain international exposure and tap into the European investing market. “European investors have a strong interest for investing in both steel and manufacturing companies. Particularly Chinese companies with projects where there is leverage to rising commodity prices plus the blue-sky potential of an aggressive expansion program that can significantly increase revenues. This new listing provides the company with increased exposure to worldwide capital markets,” says Qiang Ma, President of China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball, Inc.

China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball is one of the leading corporations manufacturing steel balls bearings in China, and it is also an enterprise producing stainless steel balls appointed by the coal industry department. They also manufacture various kinds of non-standardized steel balls and a highly effective vibration isolating lubricant. The company’s revenue has been increasing since 2001, with recent sales of $4.1 million for fiscal 2005, $11.5 million for fiscal 2006 and most recently filed $7.9 million for the eight months ended Aug. 31 2007.

The company has also shown strong positive cash flow and working capital while keeping a current ratio above 1.1 since 2004. Based on the company’s strong historical performance and their current initiatives to expand to new European markets and raise capital for their future endeavors, the future looks bright for China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel.

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