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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.OB)

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.OB) acquires, identifies, explores and develops proven undeveloped mineral deposits in the Western US. Their focus is on exploring for gold and base metals such as tungsten and uranium

Pacific Gold Corp. owns four operating subsidiaries. Nevada Rae Gold, Inc. owns and operates the Black Rock Canyon gold mine, located in north-central Nevada. Pilot Mountain Resources Inc. owns Project W, a large tungsten based deposit. Fernley Gold, Inc. has acquired the exclusive lease rights to mine the Lower Olinghouse Placers. And Oregon Gold, Inc. owns the Bear Bench claims and Defiance mine, located in southwestern Oregon.

In 2007, Pacific Gold completed its modernization program at the Nevada Rae facilities, allowing continued production of gold. The company also installed new dewatering equipment from Knelson Gravity Solutions, allowing reduced time and cost for mine reclamations.

Pacific Gold Corp. intends to acquire existing natural resource deposits located throughout North America with either a lease or purchase, then develop the acquired deposits into producing mines as soon as possible following acquisition.

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Beacon Equity Research Issues Update on Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.OB)

Monday, July 30th, 2007

Pacific Gold identifies, acquires, explores, and develops proven mineral deposits in the United Sates. The company was incorporated in Nevada in 1996 and operates through five subsidiaries that cover several thousands acres of mineral rights in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado.

In a recent press release, Pacific Gold announced that it has completed its modernization program at the Nevada Rae facilities and resumed producing gold. Earlier the company installed new equipment which could reduce the time and cost for mine reclamation requirements and significantly improve the gold recovery rate.

The estimated value of US metal mine production in 2006 was more than $23.5 billion, a 51% increase from 2005. The prices for several mineral and energy commodities, including gold, have reached new highs and as a result miners’ profit and exploration activities are expected to increase.

Since Beacon Equity’s initial report, PCFG.OB shares have increased by 26% and the research bureau believes there is potential for more growth. The analyst closed the report stating, “The Company’s estimated value of base metals reserves of nearly $2 billion, its progress of operations at the Nevada Rae facilities and a strong gold price environment allow us to restate our Speculative Buy rating and price target of $0.9 per share of common stock.

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Beacon Equity Research Rates Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.OB) as “Speculative Buy”, as Company Plans Aggressive Growth

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG) has been rated “Speculative Buy” with a target price of $.90 by Beacon Equity Research.

The full report is available at

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.OB) began operations in 2003. Its business is identifying, acquiring, and developing proven, undeveloped mineral deposits in the western US.

The Company is focused on gold as well as base metals such as tungsten and uranium.

PCFG owns and operates five subsidiaries that control several thousand acres of mineral leases and mining claims in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado. Its subsidiaries are Nevada Rae Gold, Inc., Oregon Gold, Inc., Pilot Mountain Resources Inc., Pacific Metals Corp., and Fernley Gold, Inc.

PCFG plans to grow by purchasing or leasing existing mineral deposits across North America. According to management, with the acquisition of Project W, a large tungsten-based deposit, the Company had achieved approximately 55% of its goal.

To date, the gross value of PCFG’s estimated gold, tungsten, vanadium and uranium resources approaches $1.7 billion, which leads Beacon Equity Research to conclude that the 2009 growth target can be readily achieved.

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