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Axiom Management, Inc. (AXMA.PK) is a Rapidly Emerging Company in the Staffing Industry

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Axiom Management is a full-service staff recruitment, fulfillment, and human resources management company. The company provides services to logistics providers, warehouses, clerical and technical companies, and light manufacturing businesses.

Axiom is compliant with all of OSHA requirements which sets the company apart from much of the competition and provides it with recognized authority. The company has also distinct itself from the rest of the market by being able to market its staffing and risk management services as a complete package or separately.

Axiom’s management team has the experience necessary to guide the company to greater success. Peter Morals, president of Axiom, has served as a COO of a regional staffing where he helped revenues grow from $11 million to $55 million in three years. The CEO, James Clapp has 24 years experience in the warehouse, transportation and logistics industries and has served as the COO of a national logistics company.

The company plans to grow by strengthening the business of its Strategic Insurance Group subsidiary, expanding its core staffing operations, and by acquiring profitable businesses. Axiom has identified several acquisition candidates that represent over $67.5 million in annual revenue and has already signed Letters of Intent to acquire a multi-location staffing company in upstate New York.

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Pilot Financial Communications Is More than Just Another Vendor

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Pilot Financial Communications Network understands that the financial environment is constantly changing. In order to survive economic downturns, they diversify and become more complex.

Their primary focus is on the new markets rather then older markets that have already had their 15-minutes of fame. They work hand in hand with companies’ management teams in order to accumulate greater profits on a long-term basis.

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Pilot Financial Communications Understands the Ever Changing Financial Markets

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Today companies are required to promote uniqueness, values and innovation in order to survive in the ever changing financial environment. They also must become more complex in order to be prepared for industry downturns or changes in consumer preferences.

As businesses strive to subsist, they find that they must depend on other businesses to promote health and longevity. This is where the Pilot Financial Communications Network steps in to help.

The Pilot Financial Communications Network works hand in hand with management to attain maximum shareholder value on a long term basis. They offer diverse business expertise and talent, in addition to a network of financial experts providing clients with an in-depth understanding of the financial markets of today.

Like the riverboat pilots of old, navigating the world’s waterways and guiding their ships to safety, the professionals at Pilot Financial Communications Network know the obstacles and understand the ever changing currents of today’s financial markets.

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