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Planet Nutrition Holdings Inc. (PNHL.PK) Reports Record Revenues for its Nutritional Supplements Lines

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Finding the right mix of product offerings is usually the biggest hurdle that a small retail operation has to overcome in its journey to profit and success. If the company’s product base is too limited, its customer base may change and move on as tastes change. If the company’s product base is to diversified, it may find a fracturing of the core customer base. If it can blend a diversified product line, however, it will be ready for growth and the possibility of the Holy Grail of retail…the franchise.

Planet Nutrition Inc., a retail nutrition chain, offers a full range of dietary supplements, nutrition drinks and health related products to the general public. Although recent announcements regarding a letter of understanding relating to exercise equipment will be important to the company’s future development, the company will likely see its major profit potential arise from franchising opportunities.

If a comparison were to be made regarding similar operations, it might be best to compare against the GNC Nutrition model. The comparison, however, would be somewhat limited in that Planet Nutrition Inc. also offers several distinctly different product lines than GNC Nutrition. With over 15 major supplement product lines being offered, nutrition supplements are the core product base of the company. From this base, however, the company also offers other non-traditional nutrition products such as nutrition “smoothies” and sun tanning options. In a certain sense, product offerings past the operations main nutrition lines might be considered “wellness” products rather than nutrition products.

Likely intended to broaden the company’s overall focus on health and wellness, Planet Nutrition’s’ recent understanding with Extreme Fitness will not only add a different consumer to its nutritional products customer base, but a somewhat differing product as well. Extreme Fitness is an exercise equipment manufacturer with an educated and dedicated following. Largely selling its equipment to professional sports teams, advanced athletes and many US Olympic training venues by word-of-mouth sales, this soon-to-be subsidiary (after shareholder approval) was founded by educated engineers with a flair and talent for taking ideas from paper to gym, all in-house.

From a retail nutrition sales standpoint, Planet Nutrition appears to be growing toward a one-stop health wellness franchise operation with further product opportunities opening in the process. It seems that the founders of this now morphing concern have a long range growth plan and are beginning to make the initial stages of it happen.

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Planet Nutrition, Inc. (PNHL.PK) Bulks Up With New Vitamins; Acquires Equipment Manufacturer

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Packing a protein punch, Planet Nutrition, Inc. (PNHL.PK) launched a robust new product line that features vitamin supplements for both males and females, including body essentials like L-Glutamine, Creatine, Omega 3, Glucosomine & Chondroitin, and Branched Chain Amino Acids. This announcement comes on the heels of the diet and nutrition retailer signing a letter of intent to buy Extreme Fitness, a manufacturer of state of the art fitness equipment.

“This new [vitamin] product line will be one of the new featured products we sell,” Chief Executive Dan Starczewski said. “We are happy that we teamed up with a quality manufacturer who makes top quality products, the kind of products we are proud to sell to our customers.”

On the physical fitness side, Planet Nutrition’s acquisition of Extreme Fitness will “improve both companies,” according to Starczewski. Extreme Fitness has manufactured high quality, commercial strength training equipment for 22 years, supplying products such as free weight machines to celebrities like Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Jack Nicklaus, and Randy Travis. The company also offers a complete line of body weight training equipment that is geared toward professional, college and high school athletes.

“Adding a manufacturer of high quality fitness equipment products will allow great synergy for both companies,” Starczewski said.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Planet Nutrition, founded in 1999, also announced earlier this year that it has filed all of its disclosure information to, allowing the company to display a yield, rather than a stop, sign on the site. Shares were off by 8% at $0.0011 during trading Tuesday.

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Shazam Stocks Featured Company: Planet Nutrition Holdings, Inc. (PNHL.PK) Announces that Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman was Victorious Saturday Night

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Planet Nutrition Holdings, Inc. announced that Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman won his fight against Terry Martin. The fight went the distance as neither Eastman nor Martin could submit or knockout their opponent. The judges scored the bout for Eastman.

“This was a very exciting event for Planet Nutrition,” commented Dan Starczewski, President and CEO of Planet Nutrition. “I’m happy that we have Marvin Eastman as part of the Planet Nutrition Team and look forward to his next fight.”

Developed in 1999, Planet Nutrition, Inc. has been a retailer of nutritional products and programs in the diet and nutrition industry. With their superior product line and employing innovative marketing techniques along with strategic partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, the company has held an outstanding commitment to quality and satisfactory value for their customers.

Recently, Planet Nutrition entered into an agreement with Peak Fitness, a fitness center chain in North and South Carolina, to open nutritional product stores in each of its 37 fitness centers. By 2009, the Company expects to be generating $10 million in annualized revenues from the Peak Fitness center store network. The Company has already opened one store inside a Peak Fitness Center and is averaging sales of $700 per day with no advertising and no grand opening to drive traffic.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Planet Nutrition, Inc. (PNHL.PK)

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Planet Nutrition, Inc. (PNHL.PK) provides products and nutritional programs for the diet and nutrition industry. The Company offers a widespread line of products from established manufacturers and laboratories of nutritional and diet products. The Company’s product offerings range from nutritional supplements, such as vitamin, minerals and herbal supplements, to tanning beds and fitness equipment.

The Company uses its website,, to market its products. Planet Nutrition products result from partnerships with manufacturers and distributors as well as collaborations with fitness centers. Through an agreement with Peak Fitness, the Company is able to open nutritional product stores in the fitness chain’s 37 centers and is expected to generate revenues of $10 million from these stores.

There is a growing concern in the United States about health and weight issues, in particular, obesity. The Nutrition Business Journal shows that the global nutrition market grew from $172 billion in 2003 to $226 billion in 2006. The demand for nutritional products and options is expected to grow due to continuing growing awareness of a needed healthier lifestyle. Planet Nutrition is well positioned for strong growth in the future with an increasing health conscious society.

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