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Pro Motors Group Corp. (PMGU.PK) Stands Out From Other Automobile Dealerships

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Pro Motors Group Corp. (PMGU) is focused on manufacturing an affordable system that utilizes Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cell Technology to increase fuel efficiency 30-300% in more than 60 vehicles. The technology can not only be used in every gas powered vehicle, but also the entire diesel market as well as commercial applications.

Global warming, increasing gas prices, and consumer demand have created a large market for this system. With automotive aftermarket sales reaching trillions of dollars each year, the revenue potential is enormous. Uniquely designed not to diminish performance or void warranties, the system enables retail consumers and businesses to ‘Go Green’ without cutting back.

In a recent three day Coast-to-Coast test conducted with the popular Ford Fusion, Pro Motors Group Corp. found that the system was able to bear the harsh conditions of both flooding and tornadoes. Even with the extreme climate conditions, the Hydro Assist Fuel Cell Technology increased fuel efficiency 100%. In another test using a Ford Cargo Van, they found a 261% increase of fuel efficiency.

The company employs a management team comprised of several members with more than 30 years of individual experience who are focused on building partnerships with other established, reputable names in the automotive industry. Recently, the company announced that it has retained the services of Schock Media to drive the sales and market expansion of the Hydrogen Assisted Fuel Cell Technology. Schock Media principals Jeff Schock and Doug Brown have had experience providing corporate imaging, brand positioning, and strategic relationships for Fortune 500 clients in the past and have the experience necessary to take Pro Motors Group to the zenith of the exploding consumer energy sector.

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Pro Motors Group Corp. (PMGU.PK) is “One to Watch”

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Pro Motors is an auto auctioneer with a complete dealership in Southern California. Vehicles can be purchased directly off the lot, or using the company’s auction website to place bids nationwide, 24 hours a day. Cars purchased from Pro Motors are generally priced at or below $10,000, and come with five-year/100,000 mile warranties.

The company’s plans to open several dealerships across the United States will add to the convenience of the nationwide auction and delivery already being offered. Additionally, Pro Motors Group is set to acquire Hydrogen Green Fuel Technology during the third quarter. Hydrogen Green Fuel Tech. is a company offering what is called the Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell (HAFC), a system that is absolutely guaranteed to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by anywhere from 30 to 300 percent. Implementation of the system in Pro Motor’s auction vehicles has the potential to dramatically increase sales.

In related news, Pro Motor’s has officially retained the services of Schock Media, a marketing firm that has dealt with such names as Sony, Hershey Foods, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola, to name a few. Schock Media will assist in the marketing of the HAFC system, and increase Pro Motor’s overall recognition.

CEO of Pro Motors Larry Palmer said, “We are thrilled to have Schock Media working with the Pro Motors Group team. We are confident that their brand strategies and marketing plans will take us to the top of this exploding consumer energy sector.”

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