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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Proginet Corporation (PRGF.OB)

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Proginet Corporation (OTCBB: PRGF) is a security software company specializing in security software for managed file transfer and security applications. Their services provide companies the ability to securely automate, schedule, and audit the transfer of data between all types of computers, both internal and external to the company, and at the same time securing, controlling, and managing enterprise user communities and their access to corporate resources and information assets.

Proginet displays their products in three categories: data security and movement, identity and access management, and Legacy solutions. Their products have the ability to support all major computing platforms, from Windows to the Mainframe. The company’s core products include; CyberFusion Integration Suite®, SlingShot™, SecurForce™, SecurAccess®, and SecurPass®.

Their principal solution is CyberFusion Integration Suite, a managed file transfer solution that provides a single point of control for various file-transfer operations. The company’s security software products are anchored by SecurPass, a software solution to maintain the security of information utilizing password management; SecurForce, a software suite providing provisioning and user life-cycle management, while at the same time delegating and automating various identity management processes; SecurAccess, a sign-on solution for the enterprise that enables users to access various corporate resources and applications using a single password; and SecurAccess with VASCO Tokens, which delivers two-factor authentication that allows for secure user access to corporate resources and applications.

Over the years the company has supplied organizations throughout the world, and their customer base is made up of more than 30 countries, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. These organizations and companies have come to rely on Proginet technology to provide them with maximized enterprise data control, ensure the security of their information, users, and systems, achieve regulatory compliance, improve productivity, and ultimately reduce operating expenses.

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Proginet Corp. (PRGF.OB) Signs Reseller Agreement with Major Government Contractor

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Proginet Corp, a leading developer of enterprise software for advanced managed file transfer and security applications, has signed a new partnership agreement with Intelligent Decisions, Inc., a leading systems integrator and IT solution provider to the federal government. This partnership will allow Intelligent Decisions to market CyberFusion Integration Suite™, Proginet’s flagship solution for advanced managed file transfer to its customer base. Intelligent Designs is an approved government contractor and does business with commercial enterprises and many of the largest federal agencies within the U.S. government.

According to Proginet, CyberFusion Integration Suite™ is the world’s most advanced managed file transfer solution. CFI helps organizations overcome the fundamental challenges they face every day as they strive to secure, control, and integrate the data that drives their business. CFI provides a single point of control from which to manage all file transfer activity, both inside and outside the extended enterprise and ensure compliance with all major regulatory mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and HIPAA.

Addressing the benefits of this partnership, Kevin Bohan, Proginet’s Chief Information Officer stated, “The Company believes this will be a great partnership and “Intelligent Decisions is a significant player in the federal marketplace. With over 20 years of experience solving the government’s most daunting IT challenges, Intelligent Decisions ensures that defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies can address their technology requirements. Having a partner of such stature bringing us into deals with large federal customers could have substantial long-term benefits. The company has a strong security practice that will be well complemented by CFI and its enterprise capabilities for secure managed file transfer,” he concluded.

Intelligent Decisions also welcomes the new partnership as is noted by Roy Stephan, CISSP, Director of Cyber Security who stated, “The federal government relies heavily on legacy communications for file transfers. This has become a major challenge due to the heavy focus on data security resulting from regulations such as FISMA and HIPAA. Our government customers are looking for a way to secure these legacy communications and reach compliance quickly and easily. Our preferred approach in this arena is using the CFI Suite from Proginet. This approach helps secure data across global systems in a backwards-compatible way, avoiding the cost and complexity of a complete infrastructure upgrade. It is the fastest path to successful compliance for legacy systems.”

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Dutton Associates Rated Proginet Corp. (PRGF.OB) with a Target Price of $2.00

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Proginet was recently awarded a “Strong Buy” rating from Dutton Associates. The company is a highly respected provider of security software for business enterprises, and has accelerated its growth in revenue and profitability.

The rating was given for several reasons. First, the last two years in “Business to Business” activity on the internet has created strong security, and gives the company a great position to capitalize on the growing industry.

Second, a new product is expected to be launched this year which could make a huge contribution in 2008 revenues. The software uniquely addresses several business problems related to E-mails and attachments.

Third, the strategic alliances with Value Added Resellers and System Integrators broaden the company’s marketing reach on a global basis for its existing and new products to come.

Finally, there is plenty of growth for share prices to grow as Proginet shares are currently selling below standard industry valuation metrics. The strong prospects for growth and the industry metrics gives Dutton Associates strong reasons to believe that the shares are deeply undervalued and poised for advancement.

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