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PulmoBioTech, Inc. (PLMO.OB) Introduces New Molecular Imaging Agent

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

In the field of nuclear medicine, it is necessary to perfect non-invasive diagnostic methods, and PulmoBioTech is contributing greatly to this need. The company recently announced the completion of bio-distribution studies concerning its PulmoBind molecular imaging agent.

The process of imaging on a cellular level requires the use of specialized molecules which are chemically engineered to bind to specific cells in the body, and these are then bonded to radioactive tracers. PulmoBind is a bonding agent that has been found to surpass those traditionally used in the field on several points. Essentially, it is a totally harmless substance known as adreno medullin which, upon injection, travels to and bonds with the tissue in the lungs more effectively than commonly used albumin macro-aggregates (AMAs). PulmoBind is safer as well, and provides the ability to capture images that are not possible with the older method.

Perhaps the best reason to consider PulmoBind a significant advancement in medicine is that, unlike AMAs, it will cause absolutely no damage to the patient’s lungs. The substance serves its purpose, and is subsequently flushed from the body via the kidneys and bladder in a matter of four hours. Not to mention that this is all possible without requiring hospitals to purchase expensive equipment upgrades; PulmoBind simply replaces the obsolete AMAs. The scientists at PulmoBioTech are not only offering progress to patients with pulmonary problems, but to the entire field of nuclear medicine.

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Pulmo BioTech Inc. (PLMO.OB) Completes DFH-12 Studies

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Pulmo BioTech Incorporated announced this week that its subsidiary, PulmoScience Incorporated, has completed the bio-distribution studies on its DFH-12 product candidate for the PulmoBind technology of molecular imaging of the lung’s vascular system. The completion of this study is a milestone for the company, proving the success of their molecule, code named DFH-12, and its application in other imaging technologies.

DFH-12 works, via injection, because the molecule is designed to bond only to the inner walls of the vascular system of the lungs. The DFH-12 molecule is tagged with a radionuclide, so the integrity of the lung’s vascular system can be imaged using the gamma cameras present in all hospitals with nuclear medicine imaging departments.

The new molecule’s success was demonstrated in several independent cases that showed the molecule is predominantly retained in the lungs for 30 minutes after injection, with only minor retention (~ 1/10th) in the liver and heart. The study also showed that the molecule is quickly eliminated from the body, with dispersion rates through the kidneys and bladder complete after 240 minutes.

The study shows the effectiveness of DFH-12 with gamma cameras, but the company believes that there are several other useful applications for its product line, including MRI and CT scanners. If successful, the company will change the landscape of nuclear medicine and its ability to diagnose conditions like pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension and lung inflammation.

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Pulmo BioTech Inc. (PLMO.OB) Recently Announced Potential MRI Applications for PulmoBind

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Pulmo BioTech Inc. is a venture capital company focused solely on medical research, development and marketing. They are dedicated to bringing revolutionary new medical techniques and technologies to those in need of medical solutions. Recently, Pulmo BioTech announced the possibility of a new application for its PulmoBind molecular imaging technology.

 Pulmo believes that there are several useful applications for its product line in conjunction with traditional MRI scanners. The company announced that it has had preliminary success with also tagging its molecular imaging candidates with a magnetic resonance contrast agent. If this work is successful, it will allow the medical community to use MRI scanners for lung vascular studies and potentially increase the addressable market for PulmoBind.

The PulmoBind molecular imaging technology by itself is designed to allow the imaging of the vascular system of the lungs by a diagnostic clinician and thus enable the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension and lung inflammatory conditions. These products have the potential to completely replace the conventional technology being used for a nuclear medicine-based diagnosis of several medical problems. Based on the preliminary trials and the rapid pace at which medicine has been advancing in the last decade, Pulmo BioTech Incorporated should remain on the radar of smart investors.

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Pulmo BioTech, Inc. (PLMO.OB) is “One to Watch”

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Pulmo BioTech, Inc is dedicated to bringing revolutionary medical diagnostic technologies to the market. The company’s current product base is composed of an array of molecular imaging substances developed for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension, and lung inflammatory disorders. Presently, these substances are in the process of receiving regulatory approval before entering Phase I human trials.

The company has used the brand name “PulmoBind” for these substances. These products have the potential to completely replace the conventional technology being used for a nuclear medicine-based diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. The substances could also create new markets for the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, as well as other disorders of the pulmonary system.

Pulmo BioTech’s staff has extensive experience and a reputation for bringing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to their projects. The team has proven themselves in both small and large firms, and has worked with a broad range of investment institutions. Their business experience and high academic and medical credentials are a key strength to Pulmo BioTech.

The director and CEO, Garry McCann, has worked within the fields of CAT X-ray generators, medical imaging CCDs and IR Image Sensors. He earned his MBA from Warwick University Business School and a BSc in physics from the University of Surrey. Prior to this position, he was the managing director of NE Technology Ltd, an international leader focused on designing and manufacturing radiation detection equipment.

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