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Lab Report Confirms Purio, Inc. (PURO.OB) Makes Safe Drinking Water from Dirty Pond

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Purio Inc. (OTCBB: PURO) announced the first of two independent lab reports showing the company produced potable water from a dirty water source. The reports are on water samples produced through Purio’s two demonstrations, in August, of their transportable water purification system.

“This lab report confirms results obtained from our on-board monitoring system,” says Leonard Girard, Chief Science Officer with Purio. “Our first demonstration this season processed dirty water from an open pond located in a farming region of North Central Saskatchewan, Canada, during the hot mid-summer growing season.”

Girard said the test’s goal was to process about 3,250 gallons (12,250 liters) of drinkable water per day, free from E. coli and coliform bacteria. The report showed the water initially had Most Probable Number estimates of 66 per 100 milliliters of E. coli and 720 per 100 mls. of total coliform bacteria. Both bacteria were reduced to untraceable amounts. The water’s acidity was also reduced to 7.96 pH.

“Our monitors, as well as the accredited lab report both agree that the drinking water produced was clear, bacteria-free and sanitary,” Girard said.

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Purio Inc. (PURO.OB) Reports Success in Initial Testing

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Purio, Inc. is the owner of a unique water purification technology that is applicable to several varying industrial, commercial, and residential needs. The company recently announced the favorable results of its mobile water treatment demo, taking place in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The tests involved bringing a scaled-down version of Purio’s proprietary clarification unit into homes to analyze its productivity. The unit proved its ability to derive pure, safe drinking water from a variety of contaminated sources, and samples will now be sent out for independent testing in order to confirm the results.

Purio Spokesman Earl Switenky explained why his company’s technology is a cut above the rest: “Because our technology clarifies water without the use of membranes, we have captured the attention of interested parties from around the world. Some have admitted their skepticism that they don’t believe that our claims are possible. Through our operations and testing through this week, and the following accredited lab reports, we intend to make believers out of even the most discriminating observers. The economical processing methods we use may open doors of possibilities for thirsty communities and companies around the world who simply won’t accept unsafe drinking water any longer.”

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Purio Environmental Water Source Inc. (PURO.OB) is “One to Watch”

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Many people in America walk to the water cooler at work and pour a glass without thinking twice, while everyday an estimated 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water. An additional 500 million people reside in countries that do not have an adequate water supply for all of their citizens, and as agricultural, personal and industrial demand for clean water increases, these numbers will continue to rise. This is where Purio Environmental Water Source Inc. steps in to provide solutions to the current global water crisis.

Purio possesses patented technology and equipment for water treatment that is both versatile enough to work in many environments and capable of filtering a significant amount of water in a timely manner. The patented technology has a wide range of applications, including wastewater treatment, process water recycling, and drinking water production. The water that remains after the process is suitable for human consumption, as well as agricultural, industrial, domestic and recreational uses.

Purio’s purification process mechanically separates suspended solids from liquids, without the use of membranes or filters. When the process is applied to residential wastewater, the solids can be further processed through various forms of bio-reduction technology, including composting, thereby creating a value-added byproduct suitable for use in agriculture, horticulture, or landscaping. With this proven method, Purio hopes to cash in on the $400 billion global water market, specifically in countries in dire need of a solution.

The Washington-ased company has recently announced that, over the spring and summer of 2008, they will be conducting a two-phase demonstration of their product. The first phase will consist of turning polluted water into safe drinking water with two units being run at full capacity. This means that each machine will produce over 10,000 gallons of safe drinking water per day. The second phase of the demonstration will take place in the Town of Meath Park, where Purio will take sewage water and clarify and sanitize it. That water will than meet safe-disposal standards and be used for irrigation of nearby farms.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Client: Purio, Inc. (PURO.OB)

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Purio, Inc. (PURO.OB) is involved in designing, manufacturing, and commercializing water treatments systems and products. The company owns patented technology that is used for wastewater treatment, water recycling and drinking water production. Purio’s products are suitable for densely populated urban areas, ships, and for replacing outdated water systems.

The company’s technology has been effectively tested by the Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West. The technology also met enhanced primary treatment standards for biological oxygen demand, total suspended solids and removal of phosphorous. Purio is working toward refining its technology with the installation of state-of-the-art digital control systems and the replacement of iron components with lighter weight metals. The technology is also portable, allowing for easy mobility when needed.

The water treatment and processing market is a $450 billion industry. This market is expected to grow to $650 billion by the year 2025. The United States alone is expected to spend an estimated $203 billion over the next 20 years treating polluted wastewater. The need for water treatment around the world is second in importance only to power generation and oil.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Purio Environmental Water Source, Inc. (PURO.OB) Provides Solution to Water Crisis

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Purio Environmental Water Source, Inc. is a growing company that recognizes the need to create practical and successful solutions to the ever growing water problem. In a report conducted by the World Water Commission, they estimate that 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to safe drinking water, 3 billion don’t have the resources to access sanitized water, and another 500 million preside in countries with an insubstantial water supply. Ultimately, the report indicates that the world water consumption will increase by 40% over the next twenty years.

The company first acquired of a patented water treatment technology that has the potential to fulfill a significant demand for clean water suitable for human consumption, agricultural, industrial, domestic, and recreational uses. The patented technology incorporates a wide range of applicable capabilities including wastewater treatment, process water re-cycling, and drinking production. By working through a continuous-flow water/suspended-solids primary separation system, the system separates suspended solids from liquids, without the use of membranes or filters. When applied to wastewater, the solids are processed further through various forms of bio-reduction technology composting creating a more suitable product for agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping use.

The Purio technology was independently tested by Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation-West (CETAC-WEST). Operational data from the test facility, a wastewater treatment plant serving a community of 120 homes over a nine month period and exceeded initial expectations. The evaluation confirmed the unit’s ability, alone, to meet “enhanced primary” treatment objectives in terms of BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids). It exceeded expectations by reaching “tertiary” standards in phosphorus removal.

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