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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) Says ‘Try-It’ With New Distribution Deal

Friday, August 29th, 2008

The new color for the season in Buffalo, NY is Purple. Try-It Distributing’s non-alcoholic division, Balkan Beverage, has signed on to place the Purple Beverage Company’s signature drink in the region’s stores (OTCBB: PPBV).

“We have been hearing about Purple since it burst on the scene late last year and are pleased to bring this exciting product to our customers,” said Try-It Distributing President Paul Vukelic. “After watching the brand achieve great success in other areas of the country, it seemed only natural for us to add the product to our inventory of high-end beverages.”

Purple is a blend of seven powerful antioxidant-rich fruits — the açai berry, cranberry, black cherry, black currant, blueberry, pomegranate, and purple plum. It was introduced in late 2007 and has since had features in Health and Family Circle magazines and aired on ABC’s “The View.”

Purple can also be found in select GNC stores across the country, as well as in various restaurants, bars, nightclubs, delis, drug stores, health food stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) Produces and Distributes a Powerful Antioxidant Beverage

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) has developed and is marketing its powerful “Purple” drink. The drink features a unique combination of ingredients, and the company boasts that Purple is “The most powerful antioxidant beverage on the planet”.

The drink contains the juices of seven different fruits and berries, including the powerful açai berry normally found on the floodplains of the Amazon rainforest. The açai berry (pronounced ah SIGH ee) boasts the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known berry. The six other fruits and berries include blueberry, blackberry, black cherry, pomegranate, black currant, and purple plum, each contain its own special combination of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The combination of antioxidants from these different sources produces a synergistic, “Cascade Effect”. One bottle of Purple can replace several large doses of vitamin supplements.

Currently, Purple Beverage distributes its product through nutrition retailer GNC and supermarket Kroger, although increasing demand from health-conscious adults is forcing the company to develop additional outlets. Due to the increased demand, the company is forging new distribution arrangements with other supermarkets, restaurants, nightclubs and convenience stores. This will not only address the current increasing demand but will also expand awareness of the product to new potential customers. Finally, Purple Beverage is garnering increased media attention from sources such as CNBC, Forbes and Smart Money.

Purple Beverage is stocked with dedicated industry veterans including serial entrepreneur and CEO Ted Farnsworth. Farnsworth began his first business venture as a teenager, cooking and selling food to regulars at his parent’s tavern. As an adult living in South Florida, he built, partnered in and managed several businesses, including the Psychic Hotline, (an agricultural internet website) and Xstream Beverage Network. The purpose of Xstream was to develop and distribute its own brand of beverages and consolidate the fragmented specialty-beverage market.

A recent addition to the Purple management team is Marketing Executive Michael K. Lorelli. Lorelli was the former marketing chief of PepsiCo, so he brings a wealth of soft drink experience to his current position at Purple Beverage. Lorelli will be leading the marketing effort as Purple expands throughout the U.S.

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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) Expands New England Distribution

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB), the maker of a unique and tasty blend of seven of the world’s most powerful antioxidant-rich juices, including the exotic açai berry, black cherry, pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry, recently announced that Northeast Beverage Company of Rhode Island, a leading regional beverage distributor, has agreed to distribute the company’s signature beverage, Purple, throughout Northern Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Since debuting in late 2007, Purple has been praised by such high-profile publications as Health Magazine and Family Circle. Additionally, because adding alcohol to antioxidant-rich berries increases their antioxidant capacity – a fact confirmed by researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture – Purple is becoming one of the trendier cocktail mixer choices in nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

This agreement with Northeast Beverage Company, which has existing relationships with key retail and on-premise accounts across the region, will expand the company’s distribution further through the New England area, further supporting Purple Beverage Company’s goals of becoming a national brand. Purple is currently being sold in select GNC stores across the country, as well as in restaurants, nightclubs, drug stores, health food stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) Adds a Pro to the Marketing Team

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Marc de Grandpre, former Managing Director of the New York Red Bulls®, has accepted an offer to join the Purple Beverage Company’s marketing team in his new role as Vice President of Marketing alongside two other former Red Bull team members; Dan Morelli, former director of sales for Red Bull® North America, Inc., and Keith Riley, former national director of on-premise for Red Bull® North America, Inc.

Mr. deGrandpre’s career spans many years, including directing East Coast marketing for the team’s parent company, Red Bull® North America, where he elevated the unit from third to first place in sales volume for the company in just 18 months and was credited with implementing consumer marketing strategies that grew the company’s consumer brand awareness from 13 to 91 percent, resulting in an average yearly sales increase of 122 percent during his five years in that position. He also served as Global Product Manager for Nike Bauer Hockey, where he was instrumental in establishing Bauer as the co-leader in the protective equipment category.

Ted Farnsworth, Founder and CEO of Purple Beverage Company, maker of the all-natural antioxidant-rich beverage, Purple, said, “We are thrilled that Marc has agreed to come over to the Purple Beverage team. With more than nine years at Red Bull®, first as a Director of Marketing and then as Managing Director of the New York Red Bulls® soccer team, he has the marketing and promotions experience to help make Purple a household name.”

“I’m excited to work with an emerging brand like Purple, which will bring me back to my beverage roots,” said de Grandpre. “I’ve been watching Purple aggressively take over market position since it launched late last year and look forward to joining an innovative beverage company, once again, with the goal of taking its brand to the next level.”

“Marc has proven time and again that he is a results-oriented leader who exceeds sales goals and positively impacts the brands with which he is associated,” added Farnsworth. “We are confident that his combination of strategic planning and innovative grassroots and sports marketing experience will further accelerate Purple’s rapid pace to becoming a national brand.”

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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) Signs Distribution Agreement with Crosset Company

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Purple Beverage Company, Inc, a producer of nutritional New Age beverages, announced that it has signed with Crosset Company, a grocer distribution company with a diverse product line, for the placement of its beverage in specific outlets throughout the Midwest.

Ted Farnsworth, Purple Beverage Company’s Founder and CEO commented, “We are very excited to partner with Crosset Company to introduce Purple to the Midwest. With the addition of Crosset’s ten-state distribution base, Purple will reach consumers in the heartland and enhance our national distribution program.”

Tim Shepart, Director of Procurement for Crosset Company said, “The decision to add Purple to our beverage line-up was an easy one. The beverage has already gained such popularity on both the East and West coasts that we anticipate the Midwest will be no different.”

Purple was introduced in 2007. It can be consumed as an on-the-go drink or in a healthy fruit smoothie. The beverage contains antioxidant-rich juices including acai berry, pomegranate, black cherry, black currant, purple plum, blueberry and cranberry.

Not only is Purple a great health drink, it can also be added to cocktails and is projected to be very popular cocktail drink in clubs. The added value of mixing Purple with alcohol is that the alcohol increases the power of the antioxidant-rich berries. This was confirmed by research from the United States Department of Agriculture and by a study at Kasetsart University in Thailand.

More information regarding Purple can be found by visiting Consumers can purchase a 10 oz. bottle in health food stores, restaurants, drug stores and supermarkets in select locations, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii. GNC recently welcomed Purple in February, which anticipates nationwide distribution of the product early in 2008.

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Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (PPBV.OB) to Hit Southern California Hot Spots

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Purple Beverage Company, Inc. (OTCBB: PPBV) today announced the completion of a distribution agreement with Haralambos Beverage Company, which represents Snapple, Vitaminwater, Corona and Corona Light in retail stores, delis and various social locations such as hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Per the agreement, Haralambos will present Purple to the Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

“We are very excited to partner with Haralambos Beverage Company to introduce Purple into this thriving beverage market,” Purple Beverage founder and CEO Ted Farnsworth said in the press release. “As one of the largest distributors in Southern California, Haralambos Beverage Company has the unparalleled capability to power Purple throughout the region, supporting both our off-premise and on-premise strategies.”

President of Haralambos Beverage, Tony Haralambos, said Purple’s ability to attract consumers in highly-competitive markets convinced him the product would mesh well with prime locations in California.

“We are very selective of the products we take on,” Haralambos stated. “But after watching Purple develop a strong consumer base in competitive markets, such as New York and Florida, we knew we’d found a winner. Purple easily created a demand for itself, not only in retail stores but also in on-premise outlets like bars and restaurants. Here in Southern California, these outlets cater to the nation’s most trendsetting, health-conscious consumers. We definitely see both a need and a niche for Purple in our market.”

Purple is on shelves of health food stores, restaurants, delis, drug stores and convenience stores throughout New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii, and is gaining popularity for its combination of antioxidant-rich juices, including the exotic acai berry, black cherry, pomegranate, black currant, purple plum, cranberry and blueberry.

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HotOtc Featured Company: Purple Beverage Company Inc. (PPBV.OB) Announces Distribution Agreement with Large Southern California Distributor

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

When a new product is being launched, being seen in the right hands is very important. But how to go about the process is the key. If a company offers a cooler product launch during an Alaskan whiteout, a tough go may be ahead. If it launches the same cooler product in chic hotspots, a more profitable outcome is likely.

Purple Beverage Company Inc., a development stage manufacturer/marketer and distributor of natural beverage products, is currently working to expand regional presence within its market. The company has recently completed a merger with Venture Beverage Company Inc. to facilitate this expansion and expects to develop new markets in the Miami, Maui and Los Angeles regions. The company’s current market presence is within the Manhattan, NY marketplace.

The company, at this point, is a true development stage company in a market that offers high potential returns. It has a fairly leveraged position at this point, and appears to have a marketing plan in place designed to make its primary product a national brand, given the correct financing and backing. From all appearances, the company is not a free spending company. It spends to expand the company and does not overly compensate anyone involved with it.

The beverage marketplace is one that has great reward potential if a product can gain a following in the correct places, and at the correct times. Purple Beverage looks to be following a plan that will gain that following in several fairly strategic markets. Manhattan, Miami, Los Angeles and Maui are “stylish” markets where exposure and association with “in” products is considered all important. If the company can gain favor with these people, its rise should be attainable and very profitable.

A newly signed distribution agreement in the Southern California marketplace will go quite a long way in establishing the brand’s “trendiness.” The distributor, Haralambos Beverage Company, is one of the largest distributors in the Southern California marketplace with an on-site and off-site presence in retail outlets, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and bars. Not only will this distributor’s experience with other brands – such as Corona, Snapple and Vitaminwater – aide in the “marketing “trendiness of the product, it will place the product in the “in” locations. The fact that the Purple products are good mixed-drink mixers will also help with its rise and subsequent profitability.

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Spotlight on The Purple Beverage Company (PPBV.OB)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Founded in 2007, Purple Beverage Company, Inc. is an anti-oxidant beverage company based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The company engages in the development, marketing, and distribution of a functional beverage product in the United States. The company offers a hip new beverage product under the brand name ‘Purple’, which has consumers clamoring for its pleasant, tangy taste.

PURPLE is considered to be the new antioxidant beverage and was named a “Hot Product for 2008”. It’s an all-natural, no sugar added beverage that combines seven antioxidant-rich juices, including the super-trendy acai berry, as a must-have for health-conscious consumers who want to combine great taste with nutritional value.

PURPLE has been featured on the popular daytime talk show, ABC-TV’s “The View.” It was also featured in Phil Lempert’s Supermarket Guru, a widely popular online publication within the food and beverage industry. PURPLE has also received accolades from such high-profile publications such as Health Magazine and Family Circle and is quickly becoming one of the most popular antioxidant cocktail trends in nightclubs and lounges.

PURPLE can be found in health food stores, restaurants, delis, drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores in select locations. And in order to increase its exposure and image, the company is also offering free samples via its website as well as hired entertainment industry legend Chaka Khan as it’s spokes person.

In comparison with its industry competitors, the Purple Beverage Company has reached a 52 week high in recent trading session and is up over 3% since last year. At last trade the current stock value is $1.55. The company is also rapidly growing and late last year the company hired Michael Lorelli, former President of Pepsi-Cola East, as strategic marketing advisor. Mr. Lorelli has also worked with other Fortune 100 companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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