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QPC Lasers Inc. (QPCI.OB) Finds Industrial Customers Aiding Growth, New Consumer Electronics Laser Research Moving Ahead on Schedule

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

For the ordinary investor, some companies and their products are a bit further removed from common thought than others. In more than several instances, people can be heard to say, “it does what?” Truth be told, there are far too many products available that defy explanation or definition, yet they all represent solid investment potential if the investor has some idea of what the end-product is supposed to do. An investor that finds a product integral to a common use will be the one that profits quietly and handsomely.

QPC Lasers Inc., a laser diode design and development company, works to design/manufacture and sell commercial lasers for military, consumer electronics and medical applications. The company draws deep from the laser theory talent pool to develop and market some of the most advanced consumer and industrial lasers/optics offered to the market today. It deals quite extensively with new patents as it searches for the most efficient and productive lasers/diodes possible. In recent weeks, the company has added to its 9 newly granted patents and is awaiting approval on 7 more. For the most part, these new and prospective patents relate to the weight, size and heat management of lasers.

The market for lasers may seem a bit farfetched for the average investor to think about. They are, however, a diverse product group that makes many of the products used everyday possible. Consumer electronics is one of the larger markets for lasers, with the company participating at every step. Consumers want clearer, crisper and faster when they think consumer electronics. QPC Lasers are more than happy to provide. If the consumer electronics marketplace is not a big enough market to sell into, consider the military and medical applications for lasers. These markets have plenty of potential for dozens of laser companies. QPC Lasers appears to have already staked its claim in these areas and is doing well when it comes to orders.

Medical applications have offered great opportunities for revenue growth, but it is the defense and Homeland Security Departments that have helped the company operate with increasing quarterly growth. How long this feeding trough will be available is open to speculation, but the company appears ready for whatever my come. Consumers will always be looking for the next best electronic item and medical researchers will always find ways to invent new imaging and measuring technologies. One way or the other, QPC Laser is in the middle offering solid technology for product advancement and its own profit.

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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. (XING)

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. is principally engaged in the sale of telecommunication terminals and equipment, including cord and cordless telephone sets, and the production and sale of mobile phones and accessories, throughout all of China. The company has grown substantially since they first started original design manufacturing (ODM) in 1992, and today has become the fourth-largest domestic manufacturer of mobile phones. Over the years, they have expanded their product lines to cover telecommunications terminals and related products, including conventional fixed-line telephone, fixed wireless phones, ADSL, mobile phones, and consumer electronic products.

Through their two primary subsidiaries, CEC Telecom Co., Ltd (CECT) and Qiao Xing Communication Industry Co., Ltd (HZQXCI), they are able to incorporate many of their services and products within China’s booming mobile phone industry. China has one of the largest demands for mobile phones and XING is implementing their two-pronged sales strategy of offering their “CETC” branded phones at the high-end of the market and targeting their “COSUN” branded phones at the mass-market level.

CECT has evolved into one of the leading domestic manufacturers of mobile handsets in China in terms of unit sales volume, as they develop, produce and market a wide range of mobile handsets with an increasing focus on differentiated products that generally generate higher profit margins. Qiao Xing Communications Industry is one of the largest local indoor telephone players in China and an emerging mobile phone player in the Chinese market, focusing on higher-end indoor phones and economy mobile phones.

The company has an established in-house research and development capacity that is demonstrated through their innovative products. Their PDA mobile phone launched in 2004, multimedia phones began in 2005, mobile phones that possessed the greatest standby battery were introduced in 2006, and information security mobile phones with five-star ratings commenced in 2007. Additionally, the company launched the first model of LCD telephone sets and the first model of wireless fixed phones in China. The company employs 241 for the development of their own products alone. They have also created strong strategic relations with renowned domestic and international telecommunication terminal R&D firms, such as TechFaith (NASDAQ: CNTF), and Longcheer.

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