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Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) Receives Critical Approvals, Adds the “Big Muddy” to its Potentially Profitable Well Sites

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

As smaller oil and gas exploration companies enter the market, older oil and gas leases are getting snapped up. Often these companies make the prospects of profit sound like a gusher is going to come spewing forth at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately for them, this is rarely the case. For more experienced oil exploration and development companies, however, the return has already begun with a nice little pond of profit resulting from older wells. If an investor can find a company that has its “ducks in a row” and is producing oil, they can likely enjoy a flow of profits as reworked wells spring to life once again.

Rancher Energy Corp., an oil and gas exploration and development company, reworks older, proven oil fields through more innovative extraction and exploration techniques. The company operates primarily in the Powder River Basin in the southwest corner of Wyoming.

Although there are many oil exploration and development companies working to extract “left behind” oil in the US, most are currently in the lease acquisition phase of the process. Rancher Energy is now past this stage and extracting the “left behind” oil from its wells. The last two years has found the company producing approximately 16,000 barrels of oil per year and reaping the rewards. Its current efforts are also finding solid successes from the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, with their granting of approvals to work the company’s Big Muddy project. Now that this project has received its critical approvals, the company can seek appropriate financing to rework the site and add additional barrels of oil to its selling base.

In many respects, the company’s larger issues don’t revolve around the extraction of remaining oil, but rather around reducing and streamlining the operation’s administrative costs. The company is producing oil, along with contracts with companies such as ExxonMobile for CO2 extraction, but has found that its overhead is limiting potential. Success, it seems, breeds a whole new set of issues. The company has since reduced headcount and is adding new systems to better manage its successes, but more is likely needed as a new growth phase begins.

There are worse issues to deal with, but at present the company has yet to find them. Company management felt comfortable when oil prices were at $59 per barrel and is now enjoying the varying oil prices of around $117. As the company moves forward, it is likely that investors in the company’s new Big Muddy project may just be ready to roll around in their own little lake of muddy profit.

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Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) Stock Price Increases 9.68% Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) share prices rose 9.68% Wednesday afternoon, as 51915 shares were traded.RNCH.OB recently filed their Income Statement, form 8-k, and financial statement for term ending March 31, 2007.

Revenues for the company increased to $1.2 million, with a higher increase expected for 2008 as the companies producing fields will have four full quarters to contribute to their overall revenue.

Rancher Energy Corp. was also able to raises approximately $89 million in private placements. Out of the $89 million secured, $73 million of the private placement was used to acquire three historically productive oil fields in the Powder River Basin

Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) Reports 2007 Financial Results and Highlights

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Rancher Energy announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2007. The revenue was slightly increased to $1.2 Million. 2008 revenues are expected to increase substantially after the company’s producing fields have four full quarters to contribute.

During the fiscal year, Rancher Energy raised around $89 million in private placements. $73 million of the private placements was used to acquire three historically productive oil fields in the Powder River Basin.

During the past year, the company strengthened its management team by adding four senior executives and by adding Mark Worthy to the company’s Board of Directors. Worthey was a founding officer and former senior vice president of Denbury Resources. He played a key part in building Denbury into one of America’s most prominent CO2 recovery companies.

John Works, President and CEO of Rancher Energy, commented, “Over the past eight months we have achieved a number of key milestones that are critical to our objective of becoming a formidable player in the CO2 enhanced oil recovery industry. We raised significant equity capital, purchased three promising oil fields, secured a long-term CO2 supply source, and assembled a strong team of executives, board members and support personnel, all of whom are committed to building shareholder value through consistent performance. We have since turned our attention to a fresh set of milestones — completion of a significant financing, which we expect will be primarily debt; construction of a CO2 supply pipeline and related infrastructure; and completion of the resale registration statement. While we face customary challenges along the way, we are working diligently to achieve these milestones. We appreciate the support of our investors and employees at all levels of the organization and look forward to reporting our progress as it unfolds.”

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Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) Selects Two Contractors to Work on CO2 Pipeline and Surface Facilities

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Rancher Energy announced that it chose Trigon EPC and Nicholas Consulting Group to conduct front-end design work on surface facilities and a CO2 pipeline. The project is related to the company’s enhanced oil recovery program in the Powder River Basin.

Trigon EPC, LLC and Nicholas Consulting Group, Inc. (NCG) will execute front-end engineering and design (FEED) studies to construct a CO2 infrastructure and a pipeline which will connect the Company’s fields to a CO2 pipeline operated by Anadarko Petroleum.

The President of Rancher Energy, John Works, stated, “The selections of Trigon and NCG are important milestones in the Company’s plans to use CO2 flooding to develop three fields in the southwest corner of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin — the South Glenrock B, Cole Creek South and Big Muddy fields. Details on routing, timetable and financial arrangements for the pipeline and surface facilities are being planned.”

He continued to say that the addition of the two contractors and the initiation of two FEED studies demonstrate the progress the company is making to establish its goal. Rancher Energy is excited to move forward in this critical part of their business plan.

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Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH.OB) – Oil Price Projections Increased

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Rancher Energy engages in the development, production and marketing of oil and gas in North America. The company has successfully acquired five oil and gas fields with a history of production and significant potential for the future.

Just minutes ago, Yahoo news published a story on the rising Oil prices. Projections of gasoline prices increased nearly 4.3 cents to $1.925 a gallon. Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading Corp. stated that gas is recovering and continued to say the overall buying in commodities is supporting oil prices.

Rancher Energy has experienced management including outstanding expectations for the oil fields they have acquired. They are expected to quickly convert these assets to profits for the company and the investors.

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Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH) Shares Moved Up Nicely Today 5.81% Following Analyst Rating of “Speculative Buy”

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

The shares of Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH) moved up strong today with a gain of 5.81% on very high volume of 1,057,157.  The Company has been making great strides and just received an analyst rating of “Speculative Buy.”

The Company appears poised for more good news, given its three new fields in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming. Combined, they hold a huge potential of recoverable oil reserves estimated to represent approximately 115 million barrels. 

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High Potential and Low Risk Oil & Gas Projects Create a Winning Formula for Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH)

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

With assets in Wyoming and Montana, Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH) follows a savvy business strategy, that features high potential and low risk.  This winning strategy relies heavily on traditionally productive fields, third party assessments, and trustworthy engineering reserve studies.   

This well funded firm is strategically positioned for success, having a management team that combines an extensive energy industry business background with hands-on oil & gas production experience.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques Using CO2 Propels Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH)

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

The use of Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems using CO2 is key for Rancher Energy Corp. (RNCH) in the quest for greater oil recovery, from its mature fields.  This is the solid strategy for the newly acquired fields in the Powder River Basin.

The Company has secured a supply of carbon dioxide (CO2) from Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for use on these projects. CO2 injection is among the newest forms of Tertiary Recovery Methods.  It is found to be especially useful with certain geologic and geophysical settings.

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Rancher Energy Corp. (OTCBB: RNCH) Plans Using CO2 Injection on Key Fields in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

With its $76 million in private placement completed, RNCH has acquired three fields in Wyoming , namely Big Muddy, Cole Creek South, and South Glenrock B. These three fields together represent approximately 115 million barrels of recoverable oil.

The Company plans to develop the fields using CO2 injection. The energy industry has found this technique to be a very effective tool. It is often referred to as a tertiary enhanced oil recovery process that stimulates production with mature fields.

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