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Dutton Associates Featured Company: SES Solar, Inc. (SESI.OB)

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

SES Solar, Inc researches, develops, sells, and installs solar energy products, including photovoltaic modules and solar roof tiles. SES Solar’s goal is to transform its business from a small custom manufacturer of solar modules and tiles into a large-scale producer of modules using a new proprietary assembly process. The company emphasizes its high-quality, durable designs and the fact that it can easily integrate its products into new or existing buildings. The company’s new proprietary assembly technology for solar panels provides higher-quality electrical contacts, better performance and reduced cost.

SES Solar is building a new, fully automated manufacturing facility centrally located in Europe near its base in Geneva, Switzerland. The company plans to consolidate production there, after finishing construction in the summer of 2008. After construction, SES Solar will use the plant to produce and test prototype products, license them in accordance with European (and other) standards, and then begin production and sale on a limited basis. The company plans to increase its customer base and its sales, and then ramp up production in 2009.

The plant will produce a diversified product line, but generally two types of products: solar tiles and modules.

Solar tiles: SES Solar has developed a new technology for the production of a next-generation solar tile which maximizes power output by using the latest generation photovoltaic cells and joining them using ultra-thin, invisible connectors. Since the tiles use this innovative connector design, they show reduced power loss, are easier to install, less expensive, and more efficient than current solar tiles.

Modules: The plant will also produce high power-rated modules, which are simply more densely packaged interconnected assemblies of photovoltaic cells. The module design provides reduced visibility and therefore greater architectural attractiveness.

In addition to manufacturing solar tiles and modules, SES Solar provides other engineering and architectural design services for its customers. SES Solar provides manufacturing engineering solutions for photovoltaic module production lines. SES Solar also designs and installs photovoltaic assembly facilities of one to ten megawatts, and provides architectural integration of photovoltaic modules.

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SES Solar Inc. (SESI.OB) Maintains “Speculative Buy” Rating in Update from Dutton Associates

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Dutton Associates recently updated its coverage of SES Solar (SESI.OB) and maintained its rating of “Speculative Buy” with a $2.10 price target.  
SES Solar was formed as a result of a September 27, 2006, reverse acquisition between SES and Societe d’Energie Solaire, a Swiss-based company that researches, develops, produces, and installs solar energy (photovoltaic or PV) products, including PV modules and roof tiles, with a special emphasis on high-quality products that can be architecturally integrated into new or existing structures.

Dutton believes that SES is well positioned to benefit from soaring demand for solar energy in Europe and worldwide once it consolidates production in a new plant in Geneva Canton, Switzerland early in 2008. This facility will be fully automated and will incorporate innovative manufacturing techniques, resulting in lower labor costs, higher quality electrical contacts, greater operating efficiencies, and higher production volumes.

Management expects to complete the plant by the end of 2007 and to initiate production in the first quarter of 2008.

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