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Small Cap Voice Featured Company: Seven Arts Pictures plc (SAPX)

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Seven Arts Pictures plc, an independent motion picture production and distribution company, is focused on producing and licensing motion pictures in the United Kingdom and internationally. Based in London, the United Kingdom, Seven Arts Pictures plc operates in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

The company leverages proprietary and non-proprietary structures in the US, Canada, UK, and Hungary to reduce film production costs. Seven Arts Pictures takes advantage of tax motivated financing structures to subsidize and support film production. The company also reduces its financial risk by pre-selling certain domestic and international rights to distributors before production commences.

Seven Arts Pictures does not anticipate wide US theatrical release for many of its pictures. Instead, the company will derive the majority of its revenues from pre-sale agreements payable upon delivery of the movie. The company has also positioned itself to benefit from expected revenues generated from digital sales when technology changes and consumers download movies directly.

The management team at Seven Arts Pictures has a wealth of experience in the film industry, including financing transactions, risk management, film production and distribution. Management has been directly involved in many successful feature films such as Terminator 2, Basic Instinct, Total Recall, Rambo, Rambo III, Platoon, The Big Easy, Johnny Mnemonic and Showgirls.

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Aradigm Corporation (OTC BB: ARDM)

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Aradigm Corporation (OTC BB: ARDM), an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company, is committed to developing and commercializing a portfolio of drugs designed to treat severe respiratory diseases. With its clinical expertise, targeted development efforts, and strength of a well accomplished leadership team, the company is poised to capitalize on niche opportunities for new and improved products used in the treatment of severe respiratory disease. For further information, visit the Company’s web site at

Seven Arts Pictures (SAPXF.OB) Acquires Worldwide Rights to “Mortal Armor:The Legend of Galahad”

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Seven Arts Pictures PLC (SAPXF.OB) is a UK-based independent producer and distributor of quality feature films. The company has distinguished itself as a source for both high-quality films (such as those shown at the Cannes Film Festival) and marketable, big-budget feature films that appeal to a worldwide audience.

Seven Arts is making a specific effort to acquire and distribute films with substantial DVD and home video potential, even if there is limited theatrical release. Such “made for DVD” films are particularly popular in the “horror” and “family entertainment” genres which Seven Arts is pursuing aggressively. One strategy that Seven Arts is pursuing is to assist in the actual production of several films each year to provide additional product for its distribution system. The company hopes to increase its library of approximately 21 films to more than 75 films within the next 5 years.

Seven Arts is currently involved with the Arthurian historical epic adventure, “Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad”. This film, which is in pre-production, follows the journey of young Galahad in his quest for the Holy Grail, which a dying King Arthur believed might save his war-ravaged kingdom from destruction. As the story unfolds, Galahad finds his first love, meets his long-lost father, Lancelot, and seeks to prove himself a worthy knight. The company has secured the worldwide rights to the film.

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Seven Arts Pictures (SAPXF.OB) Expects Revenues to Exceed $15 Million in 2008

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Seven Arts Pictures (SAPXF.OB), an independent producer and distributor of feature-length, high-quality, low-cost films, recently announced revenues of more than $10 million in 2007 and profits of $2.2 million. The company anticipates revenues to exceed $15 million in 2008 and expects profits for drama, adventure and horror-comedy entertainment to post a significant increase in the months ahead.

The company’s core business strategy is to finance, produce and distribute four to seven films per year with budgets of less than $10 million each and with built-in margins based on pre-sales of 30 to 50 percent. When combined with careful construction of the film’s director, actors, producer and writer, the company creates a valuable long-term asset as a library title. Seven Arts Pictures business model is not based on blockbuster receipts from first-run theatrical release, but instead on pre-sales of DVD and pay-per-view, along with pay and free television rights worldwide.

Seven Arts Pictures plans to expand its current movie library of 35 films to more than 125 titles within the next five years by producing four to seven films per year and by carefully acquiring additional titles. The company will seek to acquire completed films for distribution as an agent for a fee of 15 percent to 20 percent. Seven Arts believes there is significant value in the “straight to DVD” market and will continue to exploit this area going forward.

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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: Seven Arts Pictures PLC (SAPXF.OB)

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Seven Arts Pictures PLC (SAPXF.OB) operates through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Seven Arts Filmed Entertainment Limited. The company is engaged in the production and licensing of motion pictures around the world. The company operates in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, but is based in London in the United Kingdom.

Seven Arts Pictures’ intends to finance, produce, and distribute approximately 4-7 films annually; films that have budgets under $10 million each. Their strategy includes using little of their own money and obtaining fees for their distribution services and for tax-preferred investments on certain motion pictures. The company’s strategy also includes distributing made-for-DVD pictures. In early 2007, Seven Arts owned a library that consisted of 21 films, and hopes to grow that number to 125 films by 2013.

Seven Arts Pictures creates a reduced financial risk for each film by pre-selling domestic and international rights to other distributors prior to production. The company expects high revenues through technology changes for direct downloads of movies. Seven Arts Pictures also expects success due to strong strategic relationships with other theatrical distributors like MGM, Sony, Paramount and Fox.

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