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Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) to Exhibit the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Starting today and continuing on through this coming Friday, many game professionals will be headed to San Francisco for one of the industry’s biggest conference, The Game Developers Conference (GDC) which is the world’s largest professionals-only game industry event. It is the essential forum for learning, inspiration, and networking for the creators of computer, handheld, mobile, and online games.

The conference attracts over 16,000 attendees, and included among its attendees and presenter this year, will be Signature Devices who will be exhibiting at Booth # 6449 in the north hall of the Mascone Center. The Company will be showcasing its products and technologies to video game developers, publishers, distributors and other interested parties.

The Company will also be presenting its proprietary products to third party developers and displaying its online Web 2.0 gaming community, a site that offers numerous free games for subscribed users. The Company chose to release the Web 2.0 gaming community’s engine and tools for free to encourage more developers to develop games for the community, which will, in turn, drive more users to subscribe.

The company’s management welcomes the opportunity to exhibit at this event and CEO, Kenneth Hurley stated, “We are very excited to showcase our products at this year’s Game Developers Conference. The Company has a very big year planned with the release of 17 new products debuting in our catalog. We believe the GDC is one of the biggest launching points in the video game industry.”

Signature Devices, Inc. is a California based company that creates, develops and manufactures advanced information technology, including computer systems, software and electronics products. Signature Devices also owns Graffiti Entertainment, LLC.

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Beacon Equity Research Featured Company: Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK)

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) is a manufacturer, developer and marketer of advanced information technologies. The list of technologies includes computer systems, software, and electronics products. The Company primarily focuses on creating, developing and publishing interactive games for consoles and personal computers.

Signature Devices has developed software for the world’s top game publishers, including Electronic Arts, Crytek, Expresso Fitness, and SNK Playmore. They have also contributed to several leading game titles such as Samurai Showdown, Medal of Honor, Far Cry and Paradise Lost.

The Company develops and publishes software through Graffiti Entertainment, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary. Graffiti Entertainment has received the rights to develop a new XBox LIVE Arcade game that has strong potential to generate future sales to millions of XBox console gamers.

The Company has also developed a special platform that combines hardware and software solutions as well as enables production of high quality images and graphics for game developers. Signature Devices has exclusive license contracts with console manufacturers such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, which allows them to publish and develop software for their platforms.

The entertainment and gaming software industry generated annual revenues of about $8 billion in 2006 in the US alone. Industry sales are forecasted to rise to $10.2 billion by 2011. The video game market is expected to reach $54 billion as well as produce 16.5% annual growth through 2009. Signature Devices is well positioned to benefit in this growing market.

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Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) – A TwinTrader Highlighted Company

Friday, December 14th, 2007

TwinTrader recently highlighted a press release published by Signature Devices, Inc. that announced the signing of a new distribution agreement with Navarre Distribution Services. The agreement was signed for the distribution the company’s video games and PC software.

Kenneth Hurley, Signature Devices’ Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are pleased that Navarre, a leading distributor of PC software, console games and DVD movies has decided to move forward with us. Through our partnership with Navarre, we expect that market visibility for products will increase significantly as thousands of retailers throughout North America will include our video games and PC software on their shelves and e-commerce websites.”

He continued to comment, “The distribution agreement allows us to tap into greater than 6,300 stores and over 100 million people per week that visit these stores. This is great exposure for our products.”

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Signature Devices, Inc (SDVI.PK) Rated “Speculative Buy” and Awarded $0.63 Target Price

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

Signature Devices, Inc (SDVI.PK) has recently been rated a ‘Speculative Buy’ by Beacon Equity Research. Additionally, a target price has been set at $.63 cents while the stock is currently trading at $.10.

Signature Devices, Inc. manufactures, develops and markets advanced information technologies. Such technologies include various computer systems, software, electronic, and network products. Signature’s goal is to create, develop, and publish interactive games for consoles and personal computers. In fact, SDVI has already developed software for the world’s top game publishers – Electronic Arts, Crytek, Expresso Fitness, and SNK Playmore, to name a few.

Furthermore, Signature Devices is also developing and publishing games for all of the leading consoles including Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, Playstation Portable (PSP), Playstation 3, and Sega Dreamcast. Rising demand concurrent with the introduction of new game consoles shows a significant opportunity within this rapidly growing market.

Because Signature Devices has plans to publish game titles that are already developed by other manufactures, the company can minimize initial capital costs and the time-to-market. Therefore, the company can quickly capitalize on industry growth opportunities. The company is poised to capitalize on such grow since it is already serving as a consultant for leading game publishers.

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Wall Street News Alert Featured Company: Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) Settles Lawsuit

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Signature Devices announced today that SNK Playmore has agreed to settle a lawsuit which was filed after the company breached a contract with Signature Devices. The lawsuit was initiated in 2006.

Kenneth Hurley, chief executive officer of Signature Devices, Inc., said, “We are pleased with the outcome of this legal proceeding, all of which demonstrates Signature Devices commitment to defending its rights for compensation under development agreements, thereby protecting the investment of its shareholders, employees and sub-contractors. This settlement shows our commitment to fair and equitable development agreements as both a publisher and developer. It is also a great feeling to be free from pending litigation and to get back to the fundamentals of our business.”

The General Counsel for Signature Devices stated, “In the end we received tens of thousands of dollars from SNK to settle the lawsuit. We could have taken this further, but were willing to settle early and have a clean slate with no more pending litigation. If SNK Playmore would have paid as agreed, we could have avoided litigation and saved both companies unnecessary expenditures.”

Wall Street News Alert is placing aggressive investors on alert and recommends them to monitor the progress of Signature Devices. Signature Devices is focused on creating, developing and manufacturing advanced information technology, which includes computer systems, software and electronics products. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, it is also a full service developer and publisher of games for advanced entertainment consoles.

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Wall Street News Alert Highlighted Company: Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) Begins Development for New Product

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Signature Devices subsidiary, Graffiti Entertainment, announced that it has been given the right to develop a new Xbox Live Arcade game. The company plans to publish the game next year and is very excited about the developing process. The CEO stated, “We are excited to ‘jump in’ on the Xbox 360 and introduce our title to the millions of gamers around the world playing on the console.”

Last week the company also announced that it acquired rights to publish two new games for their upcoming online distribution system. Graffiti Entertainment is actively evaluating a number of titles for development and publication on next generation consoles with plans to have a selection of titles available this year.

Wall Street News Alert is issuing an aggressive investor alert on Signature Devices. The company has a long list of PC and Xbox game credits including “SAMURAI SHODOWN V” for Xbox, “King of Fighters ’94 Rebout” for Xbox, “Farcry” and “Medal of Honor – Pacific Assault,” and many others.

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Wall Street News Client: Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK) Subsidiary Begins Developing New Game for Nintendo

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Signature Devices’ wholly owned subsidiary, Graffiti Entertainment, announced that it has begun development on “Mazes of Fate DS,” an action-role playing game which is expected to be available in October.

The Director of Sales for the company stated, “”Role Playing Games are one of the most exciting and stable genres for video games. ‘Mazes of Fate’ for Nintendo DS provides players a ‘traditional’ RPG through fifty different levels. There is no question that this game will provide even the most avid gamers with many hours of high-quality entertainment.”

Wall Street News recommends investors to watch Signature devices as its subsidiary has recently announced that it is in negotiations with several developers to publish products for major consoles, hand-held systems and the PC.

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Wall Street News Issues Stock Alert for Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK)

Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Yesterday after the closing bell, Signature Devices announced that their subsidiary, Graffiti Entertainment, is in active negotiations with several developers to publish products for major consoles, hand-held systems and the PC.

The CEO of both Signature Devices and Graffiti Entertainment stated, “We are thrilled to be in the strategically advantageous position of being able to cherry-pick the finest titles for each hardware system out there. We have been getting fortified and are now ready to take advantage of the ever-increasing video game market, with U.S. sales of software, hardware and accessories amounting to over $12.5 billion in 2006.”

The company has successfully published 5 products in 2006 and anticipates publishing 7 more this year. The worldwide video game industry is valued at about $30 billion dollars and gives the company plenty of potential to produce large revenues.

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Wall Street News Issues “Aggressive Investor Trade Alert” for Signature Devices, Inc. (SDVI.PK)

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

Signature Devices’ wholly owned subsidiary, Graffiti Entertainment, develops and publishes interactive software for advanced gaming consoles, and is focused on creating mass-marketable games by setting new trends.

Earlier this year the company announced that it is an official publisher for Nintendo. The U.S. video gaming market has grown consistently, and is currently a 12.5 billion dollar market.

Graffiti Entertainment is experiencing a very active year as it plans to release a variety of titles. Next year, the company plans to release more titles for three major game consoles in addition to a PC game.

Wall Street News recommends investors to watch Graffiti Entertainment closely as it has accomplished much in the past few years and has plenty of potential to grow in the future.

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