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Small Cap Voice Featured Client: Sino Agro Food, Inc.’s (SIAF.PK)

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Sino Agro Food, Inc.’s (SIAF.PK) main business focus is on developing and acquiring viable agriculture related businesses in P.R.C. The company also promotes the application of environmental friendly technologies to enhance shareholders’ benefits. The Company is carrying on the following agro-based activities: Modern Fishery Developments (fully owned subsidiary), Dairy Farming and Cattle Growing, HU Flowers Plantation and Related Market Gardening, and Plantation of Grass Mats and Related Engineering Services.

In P.R.C., the rapid progress of industrialization within the last decade has caused the needs of developments and activities of the agriculture industry, (i.e. diminishing of agriculture land, scarcity of farm laborers, industrial pollution and the generally over usage of chemical etc.), to become unbalanced. Because of this unbalance, P.R.C. Government has directed many incentive schemes and policies with the aim to revitalize and to modernize its agriculture industry. The incentives include protection of agriculture land, stringent laws in governing the ownership and usage of agriculture land, tax free incentive applying to incomes generated from the industry and enforcing environmental friendly developments.

Sino Agro Food is acquiring 30% equity stake in TSD (the inventor and patent owner of the “Grass Mats Growing Technology”) and will transform TSD into a Joint Venture Company to expand its grass mats development to cover further area of 165 acres within the year 2008. Singo Agro Food management has many years of experience in various sectors of the agriculture industry. The company’s business operations are and/or will be operated by its subsidiaries, and as such its main function will be as their ultimate holding company.

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