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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Sky Petroleum, Inc. (SKPI.OB)

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Sky Petroleum, Inc. is an emerging oil and gas company investing in international exploration and development activities in a productive oil & gas region offshore of the United Arab Emirates. Sky Petroleum’s vision is to pursue high-impact oil and gas projects that demonstrate the potential to evolve into world-class hydrocarbon discoveries.

Based in Austin Texas, The Flower Valet was founded in 2002, later changing its name to Sky Petroleum, Inc. Sky Petroleum, Inc.’s core management and technical team include proven oil and gas professionals with extensive international experience in all aspects of exploration, operations and venture capital markets.

Sky Petroleum’s short term strategy is to seek and quickly evaluate discoveries, and to quickly advance its developments by accessing existing infrastructure. To support this strategy, Sky Petroleum, Inc. believes its financial participation in the upcoming infill-drilling program in the Mubarek Field will provide the basis for near-term cash flow and growth.

A supplemental short-term strategy is to continue to pursue high-impact oil & gas projects that demonstrate potential to evolve into world-class discoveries. To support this strategy, Sky Petroleum, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Sastaro Limited, has secured the right of first refusal for the possible future development of Crescent’s Sir Abu Nu’ayr Island concession, located offshore of the UAE. The company believes that this project offers the potential for a major hydrocarbon discovery.

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