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Find the Hidden Gems with Smallcap Sleepers

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Smallcap Sleepers is committed to find overlooked stocks with sound fundamentals. The website’s editors actively search the markets for small caps that are inactive, and then reveal them to their growing subscriber base.

The website provides research information and updates for investors who are looking for a consistent flow of smallcap investment ideas. Their special analysis focuses on U.S. stocks with less than a $500 million market cap and the best risk/reward ratio.

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Discover Undiscovered Stocks Before the Investment Community at Smallcap Sleepers

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Every week Smallcap Sleepers reveals a new overlooked stock with sound fundamentals. Each company must reach their 12 stringent requirements in order to ensure the safest investment and biggest potential gains.

After a new company is featured, Smallcap Sleepers supplies shareholders with ongoing updates. They are regarded as the most prolific independent smallcap research newsletter in the marketplace today.

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Often it is a Smart Investment Strategy not to Follow the Pack, but to Look for Hidden Gems or Sleepers, as Found by Smallcap Sleepers

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

The Smallcap Sleepers newsletter is more than a weekly smallcap stock pick. The editors purposely search out smallcaps that are typically “asleep” when they reveal them.

As they execute and the market catches on, they “wake-up” and investors can book the gains. The editors track their ideas and alert you with new commentary until it’s time to remove them, for profit, with a wake-up call.

The site provides serious smallcap stock research and ongoing updates for professional investors who need a predictable flow of quality smallcap investment ideas. Published by Knobias, a leading provider of smallcap financial information, Smallcap Sleepers is the most prolific independent research newsletter generating unbiased smallcap investment ideas in the marketplace today.

As an investor, deploying capital in the smallcap universe on a regular basis can be a demanding process. Their special formula of research and analysis, focused on U.S. stocks under $500 million, helps you narrow the list to those smallcap names with the most risk/reward upside. And it doesn’t stop with stock picks and research. They provide entry-to-exit analysis and updates to support every smallcap stock idea they showcase.

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