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Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ELTP) Announces New Management Appointees

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Elite Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of abuse-deterrent opioids and niche generic products, today reported new appointments to key management positions. Dr. Kennedy Smith, J.D., M.B.A. joins Elite as Vice President of Legal; Dr. Jason LePree as Vice President of Scientific Affairs; and Dr. Sophy Abraham as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

“We are pleased to welcome Ken, Jason, and Sophy to the Elite team and I’m thrilled with the caliber of expertise that these individuals bring to Elite,” said Nasrat Hakim, Elite’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “These additions greatly strengthen our management team in key areas and enhance our internal expertise in product development, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property to support the development of our opioid abuse deterrent products.”

Prior to his new role at Elite, Dr. Smith served as Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for Alpharma Incorporated. Before that, he was Head of North American Intellectual Property for Sanofi Aventis. In both roles, Dr. Smith held global responsibilities for intellectual property pertaining to multiple business units involved with many technologies. These included branded products, animal health products, active pharmaceutical ingredients, generic drugs, and vaccines. He also has a strong background in abuse deterrent intellectual property. Dr. Smith holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Houston, an M.B.A from Lehigh University, and a J.D. from the University of Houston.

For his new role at Elite, Dr. LePree brings a wealth of experience in formulations, analytical research, and development. His previous position was Principal Scientist, Formulations Research and Development for Capsugel. Dr. LePree also draws upon a background in research and development, as he served in R&D positions at Abon Pharmaceuticals, Penwest Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, and Hoffman-LaRoche. With a B.S. in Pharmacy from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin, he is also active in academia as an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy at Long Island University.

Having worked over 20 years at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Abraham has significant regulatory and analytical experience. Prior to Elite, she served as Senior Regulatory Associate at Teva. Dr. Abraham holds a B.S. in Zoology, Botany, and Chemistry from the University of Kerala, India and a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Baroda, India.

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Shifting the Focus of Breast Cancer Awareness

Monday, October 20th, 2014

All throughout October 2014, DreamTeamNetwork will be posting a succession of blogs on breast cancer awareness, research and more news in support of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. We are proud to show our continued support for this compassionate, laudable cause and hope you will too!

This year, we have been shining the light on a different kind of breast cancer awareness—a message more appropriate to today. Today’s message of awareness might adapt and shift focus in a number of different directions, including:

Emphasizing Unmet Needs
People with metastatic breast cancer are living an incredibly difficult existence with a long-term diagnosis. They go about their lives with an incurable condition, receiving treatment until death.

Pointing to Critical Areas for Research
Certain crucial areas to be researched include:

• Breast cancer’s causes – The more that is known about the causes of breast cancer, the more the cancer might be prevented;

• Metastases – The more is known about why secondary malignant growths develop at a distance from a primary site of cancer, the more these too might be prevented or better managed, if and/or when they arise;

• Better, more effective and less harmful treatments for all molecular subtypes of the disease; and

• Improvements in diagnostics or pathology so that patients with minimal or slow tumors can safely avoid overtreatment.

Stressing That Patients Have Options
Patients should be informed of all of their options and given room to ask questions of their physicians. The best medical care happens when patients are educated about their condition and care options, can enter the doctor’s office or clinic with a reasonable understanding of their condition and choices, and share in decisions about their care.

Recognizing That the World is Disease-ridden
Awareness is important but it also demands perspective, including the fact that breast cancer is one of many illnesses from which all kinds of people suffer and some die. There is no severity or merit contest for cancer. Each person in each situation deserves good medical care provided with respect and access to the necessary medication.

To take action and make a difference, consider supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation ( or one of the many other organizations fighting against this deadly cancer.

Noble Financial / Capital Markets Equity Conference on Club Med, Sandpiper Bay, Florida’s Horizon

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Noble Financial / Capital Markets is in the midst of planning its 11th annual Equity Conference to be held January 18 – 21, 2015 at Club Med, Sandpaper Bay, Florida. This will be the second year in a row Noble has held the Equity Conference at the 220 acre resort. Sandpiper Bay is approximately 40 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport (PBI).

Called “the ultimate adventure in capitalism,” Noble will be host to one hundred fifty corporate executive teams and qualified institutional investors. The three-day program kicks off with a Sunday watch party featuring the AFC/NFC Championship NFL Games before continuing to formal presentations, cocktail receptions and one-on-ones. Also planned are scheduled executives / investors lunches and dinners, and three evening events that will expand the business day allowing for ample networking opportunities.

Registration includes all food and beverage and access to the club’s athletic and sporting amenities. Companies that register early have first call on the date and time of their presentations, a $1000 discount on the cost of registration, and allowance for one executive from each company to bring his or her spouse/partner at no additional cost.

Registrants can anticipate a spouse / partner & children’s program which promises to turn the conference into an enjoyable family experience. Noble encourages interested parties to plan early as space is limited as record attendance is expected. The conference marks the beginning of the company’s second decade of conferences (D2). Register today by going to For more information and a glimpse at the conference agenda please visit

Noble has been in the investment banking / capital markets business for nearly thirty years with its analysts and bankers averaging more than 25 years in the industry. The company has developed important verticals markets in technology, healthcare and media. Noble endeavors to be a market leader in the small-cap, emerging growth arena. Its strategy is to achieve this status by providing an ethical, timely, quality product to both its corporate partner and institutional investor customer base.

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The 2015 ROTH Conference – It’s All about the Experience

Friday, October 17th, 2014

There is a place where hundreds of private equity investors, venture capitalists and institutional investors gather in the spring. It is a rich environment for business development opportunities in the small-cap and mid-cap space. It is the annual ROTH Conference.

The ROTH Conference is a must-see event, a powerfully effective marketing platform that brings together key decision makers within the U.S. and abroad. The conference was conceived to provide investors with unique opportunities where they could gain insight into emerging growth companies and is now considered one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. Last year’s event was even crowned one of the top business and financial industry events in the country.

The next ROTH Conference will be held on March 8-11, 2015 at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California. It will be the 27th occurrence of the annual event.


In line with the success of previous years, next year’s conference will host over 3,000 attendees and nearly 500 participating companies.


Over three and a half days, the event will present:

• 10 concurrent tracks of company presentations
• Thousands of one-on-one or small group meetings
• Numerous expert and thematic panel discussions
• A private track
• Three nights of signature evening entertainment

By the time the conference adjourns, it will have featured presentations from hundreds of public and private growth companies operating in a variety of sectors, including:

• Business Services
• Consumer
• E-Commerce and Retail
• Healthcare
• Industrials and Resources
• Media and Technology
• Solar and Cleantech

For more information about the conference, registration and sponsorship opportunities, visit

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Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) Pursues Greener Pastures

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Intelligent Highway Solutions is branching out. The developing Sacramento, California-based company is taking its vast knowledge of electrical solutions and applying them to new commercial ventures—of late, agricultural lighting systems and smart parking systems.

From the time it was established in 2011, IHSI has developed high and low voltage electrical solutions for commercial use as well as for various platforms—advanced lighting systems, electrical installations, temperature control systems and communication and wireless integration. Nowadays though, IHSI is using the latest technological developments to advance plant growing and commercial parking systems.

Agricultural Applications

IHSI holds exclusive distribution rights to lighting technologies that have the potential to improve yields and reduce costs for plant growers engaged in the legal cannabis industry. Consequently, the company has been offering its proprietary lighting systems as a leading solution for this booming sector.

With the installation of the company’s 300-watt lighting system, it is expected that medical cannabis growing facilities can generate larger, healthier yields of cannabis. The 300-watt lighting system is enhanced with increased lumens and photon density to achieve energy savings and provide the plant nursery with the necessary color spectrum and light to create an optimal growing environment. The company’s 100-watt system, which runs at a lower temperature, has also resulted in substantial energy reduction.

Commercial Parking Applications

Among IHSI’s offerings is a smart, wireless parking solution that could be used to improve the management of parking facilities at colleges, commercial lots, hospitals and municipal locations.

IHSI provides general and maintenance services for the assorted systems used for smart parking and so much more. Using proven technology, the company develops strategies that can be used to better manage the parking activities at large commercial garages and lots.

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LD Micro Schedules 7th Annual Invitational Investor Conference for December 2-4

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

LD Micro’s seventh annual Main Event investor conference is slated to take place December 2-4, 2014, at the Lux Hotel in Los Angeles, California. More than 230 companies have been invited to present at Main Event to showcase their unique positions and innovations to an audience of several hundred investors looking for trading ideas in the micro-cap space.

Established in 2002, LD Micro focuses on seeking-out undervalued companies in the micro-space and relaying its finds to the investment community via an annual publication of recommended stocks and comprehensive reports.

As part of its broader mission to help small-cap companies secure their spot on the map, LD Micro’s 7th Main Event will feature panel discussions, a keynote presentation by LD Micro founder Chris Lahiji, as well as evening cocktails for an environment of shared discussion and networking.

The conference will feature companies in a wide range of growth industries – from technology to biopharmaceuticals – that the broader markets may fail to recognize.

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Victura Construction Group, Inc. (VICT) is on the Front Lines after Catastrophic Events

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Last May marked the infamous, three-year anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that tore through Joplin, Missouri, just across the northeastern Oklahoma border. As one local reporter noted, the city, like Moore, Oklahoma, lost a hospital. The community’s health care facilities became symbols of overall recovery and revival.

Victura Construction Group is a holding company focused on strategic acquisitions within the construction industry that service the restoration and re-building needs that follow catastrophic events. The company in many ways can be considered a vital player in the overall recovery process through the deployment of solid business practices and management, ethics and financial resources where applicable. The foundation of VICT’s business model is driven through its leveraging of strategic industry relationships to help ensure success on behalf of company acquisitions.

VICT’s service niche becomes even more valuable following the overlay of post catastrophic event market statistics. Weather and climate disaster data strongly suggests construction expertise and resources following such an event not only have played a pivotal role in the economic and emotional rebuilding process but one whose relevance will continue grow and be relied upon following natural and technological disasters going forward. In 2013, there were 9 weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. These events included a drought event, 2 flooding events, and 6 severe storm events. Overall, these events resulted in the deaths of 113 people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted. Given the daunting economic strain of such occurrences, the relevance of VICT’s business model becomes crucial.

While opportunity for players within the construction industry predictably mirrors economic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP), housing starts and current employment statistics, Victura’s market opportunity is identified through occurrences which are ‘catastrophic’ by nature, making the target far more apparent and verifiable.

A common occurrence accounting for massive economic impact, both positive and negative, comes in the form of coastal area flooding. As we continue to refine and improve our country’s recovery mechanism, never before has the need for swift, proficient and cost effective renovation and re-build services been more apparent. Reuters reports that as sea levels rise, tidal flooding along the U.S. coast is likely to become so common that parts of many communities, including the nation’s capital, could become unusable within three decades, according to a new report from nonprofit science advocacy organization, Union of Concerned Scientists.

The report’s projections build on recent studies – including one by Reuters published last July – that documented a dramatic increase in tidal flooding over the past half century. Many coastal communities are already struggling to cope with routine flooding that makes streets impassable and overwhelms storm-water systems.

Using a methodology similar to those of the recent studies, scientists projected the trends 15 to 30 years into the future at 52 sites around the country. The study used moderate sea-level rise projections from the National Climate Assessment, a U.S. government report based on input from some 300 scientists, engineers, industry officials and other specialists.

With flooding being just one of dozens of events creating revenue opportunities for VICT, it is clear the company is doing well demonstrating the necessary experience and market sense to differentiate itself and seize burgeoning market opportunities to the benefit of its shareholders.

A Different Kind of Breast Cancer Awareness

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Throughout October, DreamTeamNetwork will be posting a series of blogs on topics dealing with breast cancer awareness, research and other news in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). We are proud to show our support for this cause and hope you will too!

As the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign marks another year, it may sometimes appear dated and unnecessary. For the advocates however, the need for more breast cancer awareness, research and better care hasn’t waned. Patients may have different needs and advocates different styles but patients also need support and researchers funds.

As a global community, we all can benefit from a special reminder that breast cancer has no cure and cannot be ignored. It is a disease that over 520,000 people worldwide and 40,000 people in the United States, mainly woman but not exclusively so, die from each year.

So, maybe what is needed this October then is a new kind of breast cancer awareness about details, such as the following:

• There are some parts of the world, including a few U.S. communities, where a stigma about having cancer endures. The existence of the NBCAM campaign may just lead a few women who are hesitant about seeking out care for breast tumors to go and get it.

• For some people affected with breast cancer, cheerful walks and other activities organized for NBCAM provide an opportunity to find solidarity and support.

• Too many people are wrestling with serious diseases year-round, not only breast cancer but other cancers and diseases as well. For all the good intentions and enthusiasm that NBCAM brings together, a heartening vibe sometimes runs counter to the overwhelming nature of the disease.

To take action and make a difference, consider supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation ( or one of the many other organizations fighting against this deadly cancer.

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Sanomedics International Holdings (SIMH) Reduces Debt – Fortifies Path to Shareholder Value

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Sanomedics International Holdings focuses on providing products, services and ideas through collaborative efforts between physicians, entrepreneurs, and medical companies. Together these groups bridge the gap between the high-technology medical world and the home healthcare environment. The net result is one that drives innovative technologies from concept to development, and ultimately revenue producing market sales. Sanomedics plans to grow its business through acquisitions, operating within the sleep disorder diagnosis treatments space. SIMH is active in its pursuit to acquire sleep therapy operating businesses. Its strategy involves integrating a portfolio of world-class products and service providers in the growing sleep apnea market. Its goal is to provide sleep apnea patients with a reliable “end-to-end” solution.

The market opportunity appears to be bright as sleep apnea is estimated to affect about 4% of men and 2% of women. In one study referenced at of people over 18 years of age, “obstructive sleep apnea was estimated to develop in 1.5% of people per year over the 5 year study. It is probably more common than either of these numbers because the population is becoming more obese, and obesity worsens obstructive sleep apnea.”

Within the highly competitive, preventative medicine marketplace, investors can rest assured Sanomedics is engaged in activity necessary for its financial health and viability. The company has just announced its liabilities have been reduced by 8% and in so doing has strengthened its balance sheet following the restructure of $1 Million, plus interest, in debt owed to TCA Global Credit Master Fund LP (“TCA”). The restructure of its TCA debt was announced in a press release and a Form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on September 29, 2014.

Sanomedics President, Keith Houlihan, added, “Our plans to build a solid foundation and strengthen the value of this company and its balance sheet, while garnering financial flexibility have not wavered in the slightest. Rather, they have been re-energized with this modest, but significant improvement in our liabilities. We remain committed to putting this company on the right path to long term growth and appreciation for benefit of not only Sanomedics and our shareholders, but also those in the healthcare industry that need innovative solutions to meet the patient care and safety demands that come with our growing and aging population.”

Additionally, SIMH designs, develops, markets, and distributes a line of non-contact clinical thermometers in the United States. The company’s products are served to the market under the Caregiver name to healthcare providers. This group includes hospitals, medical clinics, physician’s offices, assisted living facilities, acute care hospitals, and a variety of long-term care institutions. It sells its products through distributors, resellers, and sales representatives and is located in Miami, Florida.

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QualityStocks is on the Apple App Store!

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? If so, good news! You can access the latest micro-cap and small-cap news, in-depth articles on emerging growth companies, our currently featured companies, real-time Twitter updates and Facebook posts, and new “Ones to Watch!”

It is part of our mission statement to help the investment community discover emerging companies that offer excellent growth potential. Our team works very hard to bring the same high-quality content you expect from QualityStocks to your mobile devices.

To check out the new app, search for “QualityStocks” on your device or visit

DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) Supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Monday, October 6th, 2014

October 1st kicked off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international health campaign to:

• Increase awareness of the disease
• Raise funds for research into the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of the disease
• Offer the latest information and additional support to those affected by breast cancer

While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages or to encourage others to do the same. A lot of progress has been made but there is still a long way to go.

This year, DreamTeamNetwork is supporting the cause and we hope you will too! We have been dedicated to this cause for years and are proud to show our support once again. Throughout the month of October, we will be posting a series of blogs on topics related to breast cancer research, awareness, and other news.

A major step you can take now in the fight against breast cancer is to learn more about the disease. Do your research. Visit the websites of major and minor breast cancer charities, research organizations and advocacy groups. Support organizations that are inspiring change through education and awareness, organizations such as the:

National Breast Cancer Foundation (
The NBCF provides mammograms—a major diagnostic and screening tool used to detect breast cancer early—for women in need.

Breast Cancer Action (
The breast cancer advocacy organization actively promotes discussions about the causes and prevention of breast cancer.

Out of the Shadow of Pink (
In 2009, this male breast cancer advocacy group, along with A Man’s Pink and the Brandon Greening Foundation for Breast Cancer in Men, joined together to globally establish the third week of October as “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week.” While occurrences of male breast cancer are rare and generally overlooked, they do occur.

THAT Marketing Solution, Inc. (VSHGD) Appoints Lou Grant to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Positions

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

THAT Marketing Solution recently announced that Lou Grant has been appointed to be CEO and Chairman of the company. The company is best known for its work within the fields of digital marketing and online commerce. Targeting a marketplace that generates $200 billion in sales, THAT Marketing Solution leverages proprietary digital marketing strategies and mechanisms to help companies transact more online sales.

Mr. Grant has a long and prestigious career within business that has spanned over 40 years. He is renowned for his ability to turn a profit in a variety of profits (including over $100 million in three companies during a single year.) His first major international success was his successful relationship with Calvin Klein during the 1970s. Mr. Grant was appointed to the United Nations to serve as the Director of Corporate Mobilization, Telecommunications & Internet Infrastructure in the 1990s.

Mr. Grant entered the communications industry in 1994 with the founding of his company Quorum International. He was able to turn a profit of $21 million in sales per month by the 21st month with the company. Mr. Grant would go on to start two other communications companies (N’Touch, which he sold in 1996, and GoSolo Technologies, which he sold in 2004.)

Since 2004 Mr. Grant has worked mainly as a consultant and he has helped multiple businesses figure out ways to become more successful. His ability to think outside of the box to figure out new solutions has made him a viable candidate for paving the way for THAT Marketing Solution to continue to grow as we enter the mid-2010s.

For more information, visit

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Achieves High Ranking in 50 Years of Operations

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Since its inception in 1964, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust has supported small and mid-sized emerging and growth companies with tailored business solutions. In its 50th year of operations, the company has become the fourth-largest agent in the United States, amassing a reputation build on customer service, flexible offerings, innovative technology, and unparalleled execution and value.

“As proud as we are of our history, we are even more proud of the fact that we satisfy our clients time and again. Annual industry surveys repeatedly prove not only that we offer the best value among major agents, but that we satisfy clients better and have an overall performance that is better than any competitor,” the company touts on its website.

The ranking is hard earned in today’s high demand business world and couldn’t be done without the support and dedication of a team of professionals that respond quickly and efficiently to a company and its shareholders.

Service of this caliber requires knowledge of changing industry rules, regulations and standards, as well as the ability to identify and allocate the appropriate resources necessary to keep companies in compliance with these changes.

In addition to fundamental offerings, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust offers companies a range of valuable services, including:

• Employee plan administration
• IPO and SPAC services
• Annual meeting and proxy services
• Corporate actions and escrow services
• EDGAR/XBRL filing
• Stock plan administration
• Dividend reinvestment plan and direct stock purchase plan administration
• Dividend Disbursement Services

For shareholders, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust offers:

• Immediate responses to phone inquiries and same-day responses to email inquiries
• Secure 24/7 online account access via ContinentaLink
• Online access to important IRS and other forms and documents
• Definitions of key terms and answers to frequently asked questions
• Online proxy voting

Leveraging five decades of experience and a robust portfolio of business solutions, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust has carved a secure niche in client and shareholder services.

For more information, visit

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GTX Corp. (GTXO) Enters Personal Security Market with GPS SmartSole™

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

GTX Corp., provider of personal location wearable technologies, has entered into the personal security market with its patented GPS SmartSole™. The system was initially created to aid people with memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and autism, but is now known to help journalists, diplomats and frequent business travelers who travel to dangerous regions of the world by keeping their loved ones and co-workers updated as to their whereabouts.

Citing the dangers that members of the media and international professionals face in their travels and work overseas, H.E. Ambassador and CEO of The Brewer Group Companies, Jack Brewer, references the power of GPS SmartSoles as providing a real sense of security in today’s uncertain world. GTX Corp. believes the SmartSoles, worn within the sole of ones shoe, can provide a much-needed solution to today’s escalating security challenges. The GPS-equipped shoe insoles give those who wear them the ability to communicate to their associates and loved ones on their well-being and logistical whereabouts through GPS and cellular monitoring technology.

The GPS SmartSoles mini-proprietary GPS/cellular chipset and SIM card is unique to each wearer. The GPS SmartSoles communicate via cellular networks and send location coordinates through a wireless data connection, similar to sending SMS messages on a cell phone. This system creates a safety net of reliability and peace of mind for its users.

Chairman and CEO of GTX Corp., Patrick Bertagna, said, “First we want to thank Jack and his team for helping us create awareness in this new vertical application for the SmartSoles. We believe the personal security market has big potential, especially in light of all that is happening in the world with journalists, high profile individuals and international travelers. Heightened security has become top of mind as global uncertainty grows. In the event of the unthinkable happening, time is your best hope, so knowing in near real-time if someone has gone missing maximizes their chance of a safe recovery. Our GPS SmartSoles were originally created to monitor the whereabouts of individuals at risk of wandering with the intent to quickly and safely recover them. The security market is a direct extension of our core purpose, providing a seamless solution for a newly at risk audience of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The GTX Corp. business landscape lies within the wearable technology sector. The company is a leader in enterprise, 2-way GPS real-time personal location based services. Since 2002 the company has been known for its patented GPS Smart Shoe, Smartphone GPS Tracking App, and GPS SmartSole. GTX provides solutions to the critical and timely, “where is (blank) question.”

For more information on the company, visit

Thinspace Technology, Inc. (THNS) Sees 871% Increase in Net Revenue

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Headquartered in Port Orange, Florida and with offices in the UK, Canada, and India, Thinspace Technology is a global provider of application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud client technology solutions. Thinspace Technology’s offerings are deployable to organizations of all sizes within the public and private sectors.

In a recent headline, Thinspace Technology reported some noteworthy results for Q2 2014. The company’s net revenue for this period was $2.59 million, up 871% from $267,000 in Q2 2013 and 230% from $784,000 in Q1 2014. Gross profits for the quarter were estimated at $865,000.

The news comes on the heels of other company developments, including Thinspace’s sales reach-extending acceptance into Amazon Web Services’ global partner program and the appointment of veteran global technology expert Chris Bautista as new company CEO. Bautista draws upon a background in management consulting and technology expertise. Most recently he served as a principal at Infosys Limited, the innovator behind what is known today as the global delivery model of technology solutions. Bautista’ past experience includes positions at Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture, and at Diamond Technology Partners, now known as PwC.

In another move for bolstering its efforts, Thinspace Technology earlier this year created a technical advisory board, with experienced professionals Ben Charian, Julian Levy, and Claudio Rodrigues as its first members. With these experts’ insights and guidance, Thinspace aims to garner further market traction and stand out from competitors in its target markets.

Thinspace Technology currently has over 5,000 enterprise clients worldwide. Its public and private sector clientele include NASA; PwC; Deutsche Bank; Toyota; federal, state, and local government agencies; universities and schools; and housing associations. With its wide scale of application delivery, desktop virtualization, and cloud client technology offerings, Thinspace emphasizes ease-of-use, flexibility, and affordability in the technology solutions it delivers to its client base.

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3PEA International, Inc. (TPNL) Partners with MZ Group to Lead Investor Relations Effort

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

3PEA International, a leader in payment processing and prepaid debit card program management for corporate, consumer and public sector applications, announced the company has named MZ Group as its advisor to assist with designing and implementing its investor relations program effort.

Mr. Mark Newcomer, Chairman and CEO of 3PEA International, commented, “We have made tremendous progress during the past year and are excited to share our story with the investment community. Our novel approach to providing comprehensive payment solutions has helped us to win market share in several verticals while launching higher margin programs through our PaySign® brand of prepaid cards. We have good visibility into our business trajectory and are optimistic that 2014 will be a record year for our Company.”

Chairman for MZ North America, Matthew Hayden, added, “We are impressed with 3PEA’s approach to creating innovative payment solutions across a number of verticals within the healthcare, retail, higher education, legal and hospitality industries. The depth and expertise of their management team, coupled with a significant investment in time and money, have led to the creation of a sustainable and rapidly growing company. TPNL is now in a position to share its story and value proposition with the investment community at large and we are pleased to help facilitate this initiative.”

3PEA International is an accomplished prepaid debit card payment solutions provider with millions of prepaid debit cards under management. Delivered by way of its PaySign brand, 3PEA designs and develops payment solutions, prepaid card programs, and customized payment services. The company manages programs for some of the world’s largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals along with copay assistance products designed to boost new patient acquisition and adherence while increasing retention. 3PEA’s prepaid cards involving corporate incentives are transforming the traditional rewards model by the way corporations reward, motivate and engage existing and prospective customers and employees.

For more information on the company, visit

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) is “One to Watch”

Friday, September 19th, 2014

WRIT Media Group is focused on expanding in the digital media industry. The holding company currently operates under two different divisions: content creation via Front Row Networks, and “retro” video gaming via Retro Infinity Inc. and Amiga Games Inc.

The company’s Front Row Networks subsidiary produces, acquires and distributes live concerts in 2D and 3D format for initial worldwide digital broadcast into digitally-enabled movie theaters. In addition to presenting live concerts to massive audiences at lower ticket prices, Front Row Networks will license the content for many different distribution channels and sell merchandize where the live concerts are exhibited. The subsidiary also secures and distributes non-concert alternative theatrical programming and aims to acquire the broadest range of rights for exclusive programming.

Retro Infinity specializes in licensing classic computer and console video game libraries and adapts and republishes the most popular titles for smartphones, modern game consoles, micro-consoles, PCs, and tablets. The company leverages platform and classic game brands, coupled with proprietary technologies, to create new revenue from dormant game libraries.

Amiga Games Inc. shares resources with Retro Infinity to adapt and republish the most popular titles from the Amiga family of computers for smartphones, modern game consoles, micro-consoles, PCs, and tablets. WRIT Media Group leverages the Amiga brand along with game brands of the past and proprietary technologies to create new revenue from classic games that have proven their ability to sell very well.

Together with its subsidiaries, WRIT Media Group is well positioned to benefit from the market growth and increased demand for alternative theatrical, mobile, and interactive content.

For more information about the company, visit

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ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc. (CNET) Targets Growth with Digital Advertising Package for China’s SMEs

Friday, September 19th, 2014

ChinaNet Online Holdings, a B2B internet technology company delivering online-to-offline sales channel expansion services for small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurial management and networking services for entrepreneurs in the People’s Republic of China, has announced they are laying out a new growth strategy that focusses on offering digital advertising services and a range of consumer analytics designed to add value for its small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) customers. CNET also continues to build on its analytics product suite which makes it possible to serve larger digital advertising clients in the People’s Republic of China through 2016.

Mr. Val Kaplin, a marketing executive based in China, noted, “China outspends every other country in the Asia Pacific region on digital advertising, which in 2013 reached US$13.23 billion, or approximately 11% of worldwide ad spending. Banner ads remain the most popular type of ads, and constitute 30.2% of digital display ads. Keyword search ads are next at 28.5%, which is still behind the US share of 47.1%. Baidu and Taoabao are the largest online advertisers in China by revenue, reporting RMB22.25 billion and RMB17.22 billion respectively and together represent over half the entire market. The largest spenders on online advertising are Chinese insurance giant Pingan, followed by Volkswagen, P&G and Shanghai GM. The four top sectors for online display ads are transportation, online services, real estate and food & drink.”

George Chu, ChinaNet Online’s COO commented, “We are very excited about our new focus on digital advertising and our cooperation with Baidu. We are also in discussions with Taobao of Alibaba to provide “Micro-Sell 360″, which is one of our new product solutions geared towards precision marketing for clients.”

One offering from ChinaNet is The product is a web-portal designed to assist small to medium sized franchisors connect with new franchisees, Internet advertising and marketing, brand management and cloud-based management tools. is the largest merchant marketplace for franchise opportunity seekers in China.

ChinaNet Online Holdings, Inc., a parent company of ChinaNet Online Media Group Ltd., incorporated in the BVI, is a digital business to business Internet technology company focusing on providing RMB sales channel expansion service for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurial management and networking service for entrepreneurs in China. By way of contractual arrangements with operating companies in the PRC, the company provides Internet advertising and other services for Chinese SMEs via its portals,, and, TV commercials and program production via China-Net TV. The company also offers in-house LCD advertising on banking kiosks targeting Chinese banking clients.

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) Retains Digney & Co. as PR Agency

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

WRIT Media Group today reported it will continue to work with Digney & Company for its public relations initiatives. As WRIT Media’s PR agency of record, Digney will handle the various media and PR duties related to WRIT Media Group’s launch of its mobile gaming brands, Amiga Games and Retro Infinity. These initiatives will be spearheaded in conjunction with WRIT Media’s recently announced sponsorship with NASCAR racing events, the Rick Ware Racing/Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend.”

Digney’s responsibilities will consist of management of print and local media relations, influencer engagement, and public relations events centered around the mobile gaming brands’ launch. Amiga Games and Retro Infinity are slated to introduce multiple classic video game titles later this year. The gaming titles will be downloadable on desktop, TV set-top, smart-phone, and other modern mobile devices.

“We are very pleased to have the support of Digney & Company as we launch our Amiga Games and Retro Infinity products into the market,” stated Eric Mitchell, WRIT Media CEO. “With heavy experience in special events, celebrity endorsements and media launches, Digney is the ideal partner to help generate excitement for our brands and products.”

“”WRIT Media has a great concept that fits right in with what’s happening now in Hollywood’s digital content landscape, which is where we operate from,” says Digney & Co. president, Jerry Digney, a 30 year veteran of the entertainment/sports PR industry.

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3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL) – Improved Payment Technology for the Healthcare Industry

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

3Pea International is empowering healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with efficient, seamless and intuitive payment solutions. 3Pea provides a wide range of reimbursement and settlement solutions by bringing together the capabilities and technology infrastructure of a debit card financial transaction processor with the claims adjudication expertise of a pharmacy benefits manager.

A tested and trusted payment solutions company, 3Pea offers prepaid card programs with unmatched, competitive advantages. The company’s technology is flexible, allowing on-the-spot plan design, update, and customization. This way 3Pea can easily shape and adapt plans to meet its clients changing needs.

The Henderson, Nevada-based company is especially focused on providing prepaid debit program management and processing services. It develops prepaid card programs for healthcare reimbursement payments, pharmaceutical co-pay assistance, and corporate and incentive rewards, along with payroll cards, general purpose re-loadable cards, travel cards, and expense reimbursement cards. Through its proprietary card processing platform, 3Pea also delivers an additional collection of services: cardholder enrollment, cardholder account management, transaction processing, value loading, reporting, and customer service.

3Pea’s HealthData division offers comprehensive debit card processing and financial transaction services for the healthcare industry. The following represents a sample of 3Pea’s existing and available healthcare debit card programs:

• AllegianceRx Card, a promotional debit card that reimburses prescription drug prescribers with promotional funds at retail pharmacies;

• Healthcare Remittance Card, which provides immediate electronic claims payments to the pharmacy at the point of purchase by converting the insurance card into a financial transaction vehicle;

• HealthPoint Network, which provides reliable and cost effective claims adjudication at the point of service, on-line and in real-time;

• Survey Instant Rewards card programs, which provide healthcare organizations with a simple and powerfully effective solution for collecting valuable market research information.

3Pea’s target markets for processing services, including prepaid card issuers, retail and private-label issuers, small third-party processors, and small and mid-size financial institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. 3Pea’s debit card financial programs are applicable to various healthcare industry sectors, and its standard turnkey solutions and individually customized programs can fit into any healthcare organization’s strategic plan.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) Gains NASCAR Audience with Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend”

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

WRIT Media Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Retro Infinity Inc. and video game publisher for mobile devices, including the Amiga Games brand, recently announced the kick-off of the Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend.” The sponsorship involves seven select NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Whelan Euro Series races. At the conclusion of the event there will be a major announcement from the company in Homestead Miami during championship weekend.

Eric Mitchell, WRIT Media CEO noted, “Through our partnership with RWR and team, we will drive brand awareness across North America and Europe to gain broad exposure to millions of racing fans through NASCAR’s spectator experience, national TV distribution, and the social media campaigns surrounding the racing events leading up to and through championship weekend. We will have a larger effect on user uptake and retention, which will drive revenues through late 2014 and into 2015.”

President of DEVCAP Partners, LLC, Kevin O’Connell, commented, “In conjunction with Rick Ware Racing we are pleased to introduce a unique ‘retro’ gaming company with its offering of classic video games to the great fans, competitors and sponsors in our sport. This is an initial marketing and branding effort with Retro Infinity and we anticipate more NASCAR events in the future to be added.”

WRIT plans to introduce several classic gaming titles during the campaign that have the capability to be downloaded on desktop, modern mobile devices and smart-phones. In the coming days, the company will announce date and location specifics of the first race, driver name and the plans for marketing and branding at the track.

Incorporated in 2007, WRIT Media Group charts its course as a digital media company with two operating divisions. They are Front Row Networks, a content creation company offering production, distribution, live concert financing, music documentaries, and family programs for theatrical and ancillary distribution; and the “retro” Video Gaming Division, made up of Retro Infinity Inc. and Amiga Games Inc., videogame publishers of classic games for a wide range of smartphone, mobile, and TV set-top devices. The company is headquartered at Beverly Hills, California.

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Election Opine Triggers Slump in Brazilian ADRs

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Shares of Brazilian companies listed on U.S. exchanges tumbled in Friday’s trade after an opinion poll revealed that while Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff remains in the lead, her top contender, Marina Silva Marina Silva, is quickly closing the gap for what looks to be a run-off race on October 5.

In recent weeks, polls forecasting Silva with the presidential victory caused a swell in Brazilian markets, reflective of investor criticism of the current administration’s excessive interference in the economy.

As a side note, the central bank today said Brazil’s economy, which fell into a technical recession in the second quarter, grew 1.5% in July relative to June, marking the largest monthly expansion in the past six years.

U.S.-listed shares of Petrobras (PBR.N) closed Friday’s session down 7.0% at $16.38.

Banco Bradesco (BBD.N) slid 4.7% to close at $15.81, while Itau Unibanco (ITUB.N) shares gave up 5.2% to close at $15.86.

Shares of Miner Vale’s (VALE.N) ticked 0.5% lower to a close at $79.38.

The BNY Mellon index of Latin American ADRs (.BKLA) closed down 2.3%, outpacing losses on the bank’s index of leading American depositary receipts (.BKADR), which closed the day down 0.3%.

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Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX) – Focused on Developing Cannabinoid-based Therapies

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is engaged in developing sophisticated cannabinoid-based medicines. Researchers from the cancer research, molecular biology, and pharmacology fields founded the Bethesda, Maryland-based company in 2012 and, through a research and development annex in Israel, are cultivating a pipeline of advanced, cannabinoid-based therapies. In addition, through collaborations with key medical centers in Europe, Israel, and the United States, Cannabics is now initiating a series of clinical studies to study the favorable effects of its products in diverse indications.

Cannabics develops all of its proprietary technologies in certified laboratories and licenses the use of these technologies to certified manufacturers and distributors with the appropriate licenses in their local territories. Cannabics itself does not manufacture, possess, dispense or distribute controlled substances.

Cannabics’ laboratories are developing a wide range of standardized, reproducible and easy to administer solutions around medical cannabis therapies. The company’s flagship product is Cannabics SR, a sustained-release, medical cannabis capsule designed as a pain-soothing care treatment for cancer patients. The capsule provides 10-12 hours of beneficial therapeutic effects and, as a result, patients need only be dosed once a day. The capsules are also available to patients in four increasing dosages.

Cannabics SR capsules contain a pure essence of cannabinoids obtained from carefully chosen cannabis strains while the excipient, the inactive substance that serves as the medium for the proprietary sustained-release formulation, is a certified food-grade ingredient and free of chemical substances and artificial additives.

Cannabics is committed to researching and developing progressive scientific technologies in the field of cannabinoid-based therapies. The company’s research is especially focused on:

• Developing advanced routes for administering active cannabinoids;
• Identifying the positive therapeutic effects of various cannabis-based compounds; and
• Developing personalized cannabinoid therapies as anti-tumor vehicles.

Through such focused studies, the company’s researchers have gained indispensable knowledge on the effectiveness of a variety of cannabis strains as therapies for specific indications. Cannabics’ pharmacology team has also gained valuable knowledge and expertise on the development of superior delivery systems for active cannabinoids that offer enhanced treatment options to patients wishing to use the unique medical properties of the cannabis plant.

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HPEV, Inc. (WARM) Develops Novel Mobile Power Generation Technology

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Founded in 2011 and based in Florida, HPEV is a transformative technology company pursuing market-driven initiatives. An innovator in energy efficiency and heat removal technologies, including thermal dispersion, mobile electric power, and hybrid conversion, HPEV is now developing a showcase center for its breakthrough mobile power generation technology.

HPEV recently announced that it will open a flagship facility, Ultimate Power Truck, LLC, in Largo, Florida in order to serve the Tampa Bay area. The facility will be used to demonstrate the company’s Mobile Generation (MG) technology on several work truck applications and power outputs.

HPEV’s managers see enormous market potential in the construction, mining, disaster relief, utility, retail, and military markets, many of which currently depend on heavy and costly tow-behind generators. HPEV’s MG technology produces the same or more power as most tow-behind generators and is usable anyplace and anytime since the MG is built into Ultimate Power Trucks. Considering its unique built-in system, HPEV’s managers believe that the MG has the potential to gain a significant share of the multi-billion dollar mobile generator market.

MG can be installed in new trucks off the production line and existing trucks; all with relative ease and within a few hours. The system, which is fuel agnostic, can work with any type of engine or hybrid. Installing the MG allows a new or existing truck to become a mobile generator to power virtually anything that uses electricity.

In the construction context, the technology can effectively use a truck’s engine power to generate auxiliary power to run items such as pumps, compressors, welders, lighting systems and other construction equipment as well as bucket truck arms.

The MG technology can also bring tow-behind generator power to disaster relief and general duty work sites. In case of a disaster or a power outage, MG can plug directly into the electrical grid system to support utility industry vehicles, businesses and residences. In so doing, MG can provide instant standby power to communities and businesses, whenever and wherever it is needed, so that facilities can remain open and losses can be minimized.

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Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN) Delivers Presentation at Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Earlier this afternoon, the CEO and President of Applied DNA Sciences presented at Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference at the New York Palace Hotel, New York, NY. A replay of the presentation will be available at

Applied DNA Sciences is focused on providing botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions and services. Notably, it is the only company in the world that is making use of the complex codes embedded in botanical DNA as the ultimate solution to counterfeiting, supply chain defense, perpetrator marking, tactical forensic systems, and a growing range of other unbreakable authentication programs.

SigNature® DNA is the brand that represents the uncopyable marker that is at the heart of all of the company’s security and authentication solutions. SigNature DNA is utilized in a family of products, including DNAnet®, SigNature® T, targeted toward textiles, and digitalDNA®. Applied DNA Sciences’ solutions provide a forensic chain of evidence and can be used to prosecute perpetrators.

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