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3Pea International, Inc. (TPNL) – Improved Payment Technology for the Healthcare Industry

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

3Pea International is empowering healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with efficient, seamless and intuitive payment solutions. 3Pea provides a wide range of reimbursement and settlement solutions by bringing together the capabilities and technology infrastructure of a debit card financial transaction processor with the claims adjudication expertise of a pharmacy benefits manager.

A tested and trusted payment solutions company, 3Pea offers prepaid card programs with unmatched, competitive advantages. The company’s technology is flexible, allowing on-the-spot plan design, update, and customization. This way 3Pea can easily shape and adapt plans to meet its clients changing needs.

The Henderson, Nevada-based company is especially focused on providing prepaid debit program management and processing services. It develops prepaid card programs for healthcare reimbursement payments, pharmaceutical co-pay assistance, and corporate and incentive rewards, along with payroll cards, general purpose re-loadable cards, travel cards, and expense reimbursement cards. Through its proprietary card processing platform, 3Pea also delivers an additional collection of services: cardholder enrollment, cardholder account management, transaction processing, value loading, reporting, and customer service.

3Pea’s HealthData division offers comprehensive debit card processing and financial transaction services for the healthcare industry. The following represents a sample of 3Pea’s existing and available healthcare debit card programs:

• AllegianceRx Card, a promotional debit card that reimburses prescription drug prescribers with promotional funds at retail pharmacies;

• Healthcare Remittance Card, which provides immediate electronic claims payments to the pharmacy at the point of purchase by converting the insurance card into a financial transaction vehicle;

• HealthPoint Network, which provides reliable and cost effective claims adjudication at the point of service, on-line and in real-time;

• Survey Instant Rewards card programs, which provide healthcare organizations with a simple and powerfully effective solution for collecting valuable market research information.

3Pea’s target markets for processing services, including prepaid card issuers, retail and private-label issuers, small third-party processors, and small and mid-size financial institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. 3Pea’s debit card financial programs are applicable to various healthcare industry sectors, and its standard turnkey solutions and individually customized programs can fit into any healthcare organization’s strategic plan.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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WRIT Media Group, Inc. (WRIT) Gains NASCAR Audience with Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend”

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

WRIT Media Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Retro Infinity Inc. and video game publisher for mobile devices, including the Amiga Games brand, recently announced the kick-off of the Retro Infinity “Drive to Championship Weekend.” The sponsorship involves seven select NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide Series, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR Whelan Euro Series races. At the conclusion of the event there will be a major announcement from the company in Homestead Miami during championship weekend.

Eric Mitchell, WRIT Media CEO noted, “Through our partnership with RWR and team, we will drive brand awareness across North America and Europe to gain broad exposure to millions of racing fans through NASCAR’s spectator experience, national TV distribution, and the social media campaigns surrounding the racing events leading up to and through championship weekend. We will have a larger effect on user uptake and retention, which will drive revenues through late 2014 and into 2015.”

President of DEVCAP Partners, LLC, Kevin O’Connell, commented, “In conjunction with Rick Ware Racing we are pleased to introduce a unique ‘retro’ gaming company with its offering of classic video games to the great fans, competitors and sponsors in our sport. This is an initial marketing and branding effort with Retro Infinity and we anticipate more NASCAR events in the future to be added.”

WRIT plans to introduce several classic gaming titles during the campaign that have the capability to be downloaded on desktop, modern mobile devices and smart-phones. In the coming days, the company will announce date and location specifics of the first race, driver name and the plans for marketing and branding at the track.

Incorporated in 2007, WRIT Media Group charts its course as a digital media company with two operating divisions. They are Front Row Networks, a content creation company offering production, distribution, live concert financing, music documentaries, and family programs for theatrical and ancillary distribution; and the “retro” Video Gaming Division, made up of Retro Infinity Inc. and Amiga Games Inc., videogame publishers of classic games for a wide range of smartphone, mobile, and TV set-top devices. The company is headquartered at Beverly Hills, California.

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Election Opine Triggers Slump in Brazilian ADRs

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Shares of Brazilian companies listed on U.S. exchanges tumbled in Friday’s trade after an opinion poll revealed that while Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff remains in the lead, her top contender, Marina Silva Marina Silva, is quickly closing the gap for what looks to be a run-off race on October 5.

In recent weeks, polls forecasting Silva with the presidential victory caused a swell in Brazilian markets, reflective of investor criticism of the current administration’s excessive interference in the economy.

As a side note, the central bank today said Brazil’s economy, which fell into a technical recession in the second quarter, grew 1.5% in July relative to June, marking the largest monthly expansion in the past six years.

U.S.-listed shares of Petrobras (PBR.N) closed Friday’s session down 7.0% at $16.38.

Banco Bradesco (BBD.N) slid 4.7% to close at $15.81, while Itau Unibanco (ITUB.N) shares gave up 5.2% to close at $15.86.

Shares of Miner Vale’s (VALE.N) ticked 0.5% lower to a close at $79.38.

The BNY Mellon index of Latin American ADRs (.BKLA) closed down 2.3%, outpacing losses on the bank’s index of leading American depositary receipts (.BKADR), which closed the day down 0.3%.

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Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNBX) – Focused on Developing Cannabinoid-based Therapies

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals is engaged in developing sophisticated cannabinoid-based medicines. Researchers from the cancer research, molecular biology, and pharmacology fields founded the Bethesda, Maryland-based company in 2012 and, through a research and development annex in Israel, are cultivating a pipeline of advanced, cannabinoid-based therapies. In addition, through collaborations with key medical centers in Europe, Israel, and the United States, Cannabics is now initiating a series of clinical studies to study the favorable effects of its products in diverse indications.

Cannabics develops all of its proprietary technologies in certified laboratories and licenses the use of these technologies to certified manufacturers and distributors with the appropriate licenses in their local territories. Cannabics itself does not manufacture, possess, dispense or distribute controlled substances.

Cannabics’ laboratories are developing a wide range of standardized, reproducible and easy to administer solutions around medical cannabis therapies. The company’s flagship product is Cannabics SR, a sustained-release, medical cannabis capsule designed as a pain-soothing care treatment for cancer patients. The capsule provides 10-12 hours of beneficial therapeutic effects and, as a result, patients need only be dosed once a day. The capsules are also available to patients in four increasing dosages.

Cannabics SR capsules contain a pure essence of cannabinoids obtained from carefully chosen cannabis strains while the excipient, the inactive substance that serves as the medium for the proprietary sustained-release formulation, is a certified food-grade ingredient and free of chemical substances and artificial additives.

Cannabics is committed to researching and developing progressive scientific technologies in the field of cannabinoid-based therapies. The company’s research is especially focused on:

• Developing advanced routes for administering active cannabinoids;
• Identifying the positive therapeutic effects of various cannabis-based compounds; and
• Developing personalized cannabinoid therapies as anti-tumor vehicles.

Through such focused studies, the company’s researchers have gained indispensable knowledge on the effectiveness of a variety of cannabis strains as therapies for specific indications. Cannabics’ pharmacology team has also gained valuable knowledge and expertise on the development of superior delivery systems for active cannabinoids that offer enhanced treatment options to patients wishing to use the unique medical properties of the cannabis plant.

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HPEV, Inc. (WARM) Develops Novel Mobile Power Generation Technology

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Founded in 2011 and based in Florida, HPEV is a transformative technology company pursuing market-driven initiatives. An innovator in energy efficiency and heat removal technologies, including thermal dispersion, mobile electric power, and hybrid conversion, HPEV is now developing a showcase center for its breakthrough mobile power generation technology.

HPEV recently announced that it will open a flagship facility, Ultimate Power Truck, LLC, in Largo, Florida in order to serve the Tampa Bay area. The facility will be used to demonstrate the company’s Mobile Generation (MG) technology on several work truck applications and power outputs.

HPEV’s managers see enormous market potential in the construction, mining, disaster relief, utility, retail, and military markets, many of which currently depend on heavy and costly tow-behind generators. HPEV’s MG technology produces the same or more power as most tow-behind generators and is usable anyplace and anytime since the MG is built into Ultimate Power Trucks. Considering its unique built-in system, HPEV’s managers believe that the MG has the potential to gain a significant share of the multi-billion dollar mobile generator market.

MG can be installed in new trucks off the production line and existing trucks; all with relative ease and within a few hours. The system, which is fuel agnostic, can work with any type of engine or hybrid. Installing the MG allows a new or existing truck to become a mobile generator to power virtually anything that uses electricity.

In the construction context, the technology can effectively use a truck’s engine power to generate auxiliary power to run items such as pumps, compressors, welders, lighting systems and other construction equipment as well as bucket truck arms.

The MG technology can also bring tow-behind generator power to disaster relief and general duty work sites. In case of a disaster or a power outage, MG can plug directly into the electrical grid system to support utility industry vehicles, businesses and residences. In so doing, MG can provide instant standby power to communities and businesses, whenever and wherever it is needed, so that facilities can remain open and losses can be minimized.

For more information, visit

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Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN) Delivers Presentation at Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Earlier this afternoon, the CEO and President of Applied DNA Sciences presented at Rodman & Renshaw Annual Global Investment Conference at the New York Palace Hotel, New York, NY. A replay of the presentation will be available at

Applied DNA Sciences is focused on providing botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions and services. Notably, it is the only company in the world that is making use of the complex codes embedded in botanical DNA as the ultimate solution to counterfeiting, supply chain defense, perpetrator marking, tactical forensic systems, and a growing range of other unbreakable authentication programs.

SigNature® DNA is the brand that represents the uncopyable marker that is at the heart of all of the company’s security and authentication solutions. SigNature DNA is utilized in a family of products, including DNAnet®, SigNature® T, targeted toward textiles, and digitalDNA®. Applied DNA Sciences’ solutions provide a forensic chain of evidence and can be used to prosecute perpetrators.

For more information, visit

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Sebring Software, Inc. (SMXI) Presents at Rodman & Renshaw Conference in New York

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Earlier today, Sebring Software’s CEO and President Leif Andersen discussed the company’s business model and growth strategy as a featured presenter at the Rodman & Renshaw 16th Annual Global Investment Conference.

Sebring is a growing Dental Practice Management (“DPM”) company with operations in Arizona and Florida. DPM companies combine acquisition and organic growth to boost revenues while instilling best practice management infrastructure to increase the dental practices’ profitability.

Capital and cost efficiency have driven the dental services industry to join DPM companies rather than remain as sole practitioners. Most DPMs and dental practices use different software packages. Sebring plans to use software solutions to substantially reduce the cost of DPMs data entry.

For more information about Sebring Management, visit

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Stevia Corp. (STEV) Delivers Powerful Presentation at Rodman and Renshaw’s 16th Annual Conference

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Earlier today, Stevia Corp. presented at the Rodman and Renshaw Global Investment Conference in New York City. More information on the conference can be found at

Stevia Corp. is a farm management company focused on developing highly nutritional, high value products through proprietary plant breeding, excellent agricultural methodologies and innovative post-harvest techniques. The company invests in R&D and IP acquisition and manages its own propagation, nursery and plantations as well as provides services to contract growers and other industry growers.

In recent news, Stevia Corp. announced that it is preparing to fulfill commercial orders for hemp products following the upcoming fall harvest. Products range from hemp seeds and their by-products such as edible oil (richest source of essential fatty acids) and protein to fiber and cannabidiol extract (sought for medical applications and used as a dietary supplement).

For additional information and the latest company developments, please visit:

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Three Companies Stand Out at Rodman & Renshaw’s 16th Annual Conference

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

While at the Rodman & Renshaw’s 16th Annual Conference in New York City today, we had the opportunity to listen in on more than 60 different presentations. The companies below caught our attention.

Celsion Corp. (NASDAQ: CLSN) is a fully-integrated oncology company focused on developing a portfolio of innovative cancer treatments, including directed chemotherapies, immunotherapies and RNA- or DNA-based therapies. The company’s lead program is ThermoDox®, a proprietary heat-activated liposomal encapsulation of doxorubicin, currently in Phase III development for the treatment of primary liver cancer. The pipeline also includes EGEN-001, a DNA-based immunotherapy for the localized treatment of ovarian and brain cancers. For more information, visit

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRNE) is an oncology company developing new treatments for cancer and associated pain. The company’s most advanced asset Cynviloq™, the next-generation paclitaxel, commenced its registrational trial in March 2014 and is being developed under the abbreviated 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway. Sorrento is also developing RTX, a non-opiate TRPV1 agonist currently in a Phase 1/2 study at the NIH to treat terminal cancer patients suffering from intractable pain. For more information, visit

Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp. (NYSE MKT: XPL) is a gold, silver, platinum-palladium, and base metal exploration and royalty company with projects in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Nevada. Success achieved thus far has been fueled by management’s ability to identify large-potential early stage exploration properties and subsequently leverage these successes into partnerships with senior mining companies. The company currently has significant business relationships with Votorantim Metais and Anglo Platinum. For more information, visit

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DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) Highlights 3 Companies Attending Rodman & Renshaw’s 16th Annual Global Investment Conference

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Today we’re attending Rodman & Renshaw’s 16th Annual Global Investment Conference in New York City where more than 50 publicly traded companies are delivering presentations to institutional investors, private equity firms, venture capitalists and other members of the investor community.

Three of the presenters that caught our attention are highlighted below. To view the list of presenting companies on Rodman and Renshaw’s website, visit

NeuroMetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NURO) is an innovative health-care company that develops wearable medical technology and point-of-care tests that help patients and physicians better manage chronic pain, nerve diseases, and sleep disorders. The company has a major focus on diabetic neuropathies, which affect over 50% of people with diabetes. If left untreated, diabetic neuropathies trigger foot ulcers that may require amputation and cause disabling chronic pain. The annual cost of diabetic neuropathies has been estimated at $14 billion in the United States. For more information, visit

Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ: MGIC) empowers customers and partners around the globe with platforms that provide a productive environment for streamlined development and deployment, and effective integration of core business applications, supporting scalable deployment on multiple channels, including on-premise, Web (HTML5), rich Internet, mobile, and SaaS. Using a fresh metadata-driven approach and forward-looking expertise, Magic Software delivers products and services that can be deployed with minimal effort, while making the best use of existing assets. For more information, visit

Highpower International, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPJ) was founded in 2001 and produces high-quality Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) and lithium-based rechargeable batteries used in a wide range of applications such as electric buses, bikes, energy storage systems, power tools, medical equipment, digital and electronic devices, personal care products, and lighting, etc. With advanced manufacturing facilities located in Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Ganzhou of China, Highpower is committed to clean technology, not only in the products it makes, but also in the processes of production. For more information, visit

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WordLogic (WLGC) Uses Patented Technology to Offer Superior Personalized Mobile Device Experience

Friday, September 5th, 2014

When modern digital cell phones first emerged on the scene in the early 1990s and rapidly spread around the world, the innovation represented a transformation in the way personal communication was perceived. For the first time, normal telephone communication became associated with a person and not a place. You could call a friend or family member wherever they were, even if they were walking down a street 1,000 miles away; you didn’t need to know where they were. If you had a cell phone, contact to the outside world was now possible from anywhere.

As the World Wide Web began to take hold, it wasn’t long before phones became “smart,” and by the late 1990s were capable of mobile Internet connectivity. As with the personalization of telephony, the Web was now becoming associated with individuals instead of fixed computers. Since that time, if there is one clear trend in electronic communication, it’s that the world is going mobile, becoming increasingly interconnected and personalized.

Personalization in this sense means more than simply having access to the Web wherever you are. It means quickly and easily getting the kind of information you want in a flexible and integrated on any device, anywhere and anytime. Information is always of most value when it’s timely, easy to access, and in the most meaningful context. Today, in spite of hardware and mobile device improvements, there is still a huge need for advanced systems and software to enhance the user input/output experience.

Vancouver-based WordLogic, a global player in predictive text input technology, is tapping into this burgeoning market with its rapidly growing list of solutions for mobiles, tablets and desktops based on technology patented in the U.S. and Europe. The company devises, promotes, licenses and sells sophisticated predictive platform software designed to speed up information discovery and text input.

Most recently, WordLogic pre-released an implementation of its patent-pending REACH platform, along with its novel iKnowU Gen4 keyboard, offering advanced intelligent phrase and text prediction. REACH is a unique, integrated text entry and information search platform. As a user types the usual text or email message, the REACH platform automatically searches for relevant information to include in the message. Utilizing the iKnowU keyboard, users no longer have to exit core applications to obtain outside information such as restaurant listings, reviews and directions. It’s all part of WordLogic’s continuing drive to optimize the user experience and maximize the user’s ability to get all of the information available exactly when they need it.

For more information, visit

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One World Holdings, Inc. (OWOO) Increases Distribution of Multicultural Doll Line

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Toys“R”Us is increasing distribution of One World Holding’s newly launched Prettie Girls! multicultural play dolls as part of One World’s online distribution arrangement with the popular toy and juvenile-products retailer. In August 2014, the Prettie Girls! line made its debut on the Toys“R”Us website, creating a welcome opening for raising One World’s profile with the general public.

Years ago, One World founders Trent T. Daniel and Stacey McBride-Irby saw that multicultural children had an unmet need when it came to dolls; they had limited options when it came to choosing toys that looked like them. As a response, the founders in 2010 set up The One World Doll Project to make a positive cultural impact through the fashion doll category with a product that would resonate worldwide.

Following years in development, the Prettie Girls! were recently launched as an answer to the rising consumer demand for multi-cultural dolls. In featuring high-quality fashion dolls that encompass the attributes, attitudes and aspirations of present-day girls of many different ancestries, the Prettie Girls! represent the ever-changing, diverse demographics of the American marketplace. The Prettie Girls! are designed to be fashionable, smart and inspirational, and serve as positive role models for young girls.

One World’s mission has always been to provide children with access to dolls that resemble them and their friends. The recent partnership with Toys“R”Us backs up the market’s demand for a wider and more diverse assortment of toys and provides One World with considerable exposure and potential for widespread market penetration. The company’s picturesque dolls are unique works of art, created for a contemporary market yearning for unique experiences – in this case, a doll that embraces girls of many races and symbolizes the women they can become.

Consumers can now shop for two of the dolls – Lena (African-American) and Valencia (Hispanic) — online at Three more dolls – Kimani (African), Dahlia (South Asian) and Alexie (Caucasian) will be available this fall.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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iMobileApp Means a Better Mobile App for Small and Growing Businesses

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

When it comes to reaching the wider marketplace, one of the most important things for small and growing businesses to know is that having a website is just not enough anymore. This is not always a welcome message for newer companies struggling to maintain an online presence at all. But the fact is that smartphones are the primary device for accessing the Internet, a trend that promises to increase. In fact, most of the time spent on smartphones is spent using mobile apps, not making phone calls.

It’s all old news to New York City-based iMobileApp, a provider of mobile marketing applications for developing businesses. The company prides itself in offering next-generation technology that allows businesses highly functional mobile marketing at a far smaller cost than standard print or web approaches. For businesses, it’s a way of ensuring that their target customers will always have market-critical information with them wherever they take their phone. They will never be more than a keystroke away, making it easy for them to buy products, make reservations, gather information or simply make contact.

The company emphasizes that this requires more than the base-level fast-apps that are commonly advertised; apps that simply don’t have the functionality to represent a serious business. As a competitive provider of mobile applications for small and growing businesses, iMobileApp believes it knows the importance of a superior customer experience. The iMobileApp platform is designed to be full-featured at an affordable price and includes:

  • Versatility – Works on iPhone and Android systems, and fits on any screen, mobile phones or tablets
  • Easy to Edit – Training and control panel access, with real-time edit/add/delete capabilities for content or campaigns
  • Manageable – Schedule app marketing and communications in advance, or use the Managed App Program
  • Custom – Designed to match a brand look and feel, and incorporates web, social media, and blog

For more information, visit

Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (SIBE) is “One to Watch”

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014


Sibling Group Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary Blended Schools Network (BSN), provides benchmark-quality online curriculum for K-12 schools, including professional development for teachers, complete course authoring tools and learning management system (LMS) administration and support. Sibling is focused on market expansion and new product development to meet global demand by leveraging educational technology to improve student performance.

The education sector is experiencing significant disruption from innovations in delivery. Stakeholders now seek more effective and efficient solutions to improve student achievement while driving down overall costs.

Sibling is a roll-up, not a start-up, with an emphasis on three segments:

  • Educational Technology (“Ed-tech”)
  • Education Management
  • Curriculum design and development

Sibling is positioning to be a leader in education transformation creating high-quality lifelong learning options for the global marketplace.

The May 2014 acquisition of BSN provides Sibling with extensive infrastructure and solid groundwork for growth in a rapidly growing industry. BSN offers 212 different online courses. The network served more than 160 school districts with more than 300,000 course enrollments last year.

IBIS Capital is forecasting 15-fold growth in the eLearning market over the next 10 years. The firm has even suggested that under certain circumstances the transition to digital education may be quicker and more disruptive than ever experienced in the media industry. With a strong, highly experienced management team, Sibling is in a unique position to continue expanding its portfolio through additional acquisitions and fundamental growth.

For more information visit

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Intelligent Highway Solutions, Inc. (IHSI) Lighting Test Yields Positive Results, Highlights Opportunity in Cannabis Market

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Intelligent Highway Solutions, an electrical contracting company building next-gen intelligent transportation systems (ITS) to enhance efficiency of the nation’s roadways, also specializes in electrical installations, temperature control systems, communication/wireless integration, and advanced lighting systems for commercial applications. Earlier this year, the company sharpened its focus on the lighting systems market by securing exclusive distribution rights to proprietary lighting solutions for the legal cannabis industry.

Lighting is a vital component of the growth of the cannabis plant, which in order to flower and ripen needs 24 hours of strong light (when grown indoors) for the first 4-6 weeks of the growth cycle followed by two months of strong light 12.5 hours per day, along with corresponding hours of complete darkness. Growth of the plant and the size of the flower are contingent on the color of light, amount of lux and appropriate heat.

Devon Jones, IHSI CEO, in a recent news release explained that, “Each indoor grower of medical marijuana requires a lighting solution to grow healthy, high yielding cannabis plants. Because lighting is such a significant fixed cost for each grower, every grower is searching for a lighting solution which reduces power consumption while growing healthy plants.”

IHSI recently completed testing of its 100-Watt cannabis lighting solution, designed to help cannabis growers reduce costs and improve yields, resulting in an 80% reduction in energy consumption while running at a temperature of approximately 80 degrees (benefits are less operating cost and acceptable temperature emission, which are key variables in plant lighting goals).

The company is also testing a “prototype” 300-Watt light expected to result in significant energy savings as compared to the existing lighting solutions on the market while maintaining an approximate temperature of 80 degrees. IHSI anticipates that by adding more lumens and photon density, the new light will produce large yields for cannabis. The prototype is expected to be installed and tested shortly.

FV Pharma International Corp. (FVPI), the Canadian company which conducted a test on IHSI’s initial lights, is transforming a Canadian factory into a facility that will grow and harvest medical marijuana and will continue to test future IHSI prototypes. FV Pharma Inc. (Canada), affiliate of FVPI, has submitted an application to Health Canada to become a licensed commercial producer of marijuana under the Government of Canada’s new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. If successful, FV Pharma will receive a license to produce marijuana for medical purposes.

For more information, visit

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Zenosense, Inc. (ZENO) Cost-Effective, Compact Early Detection Technology for MRSA, Lung Cancer, Addresses Sizeable Unmet Healthcare Demand

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Considering the closure last week of the Town Hall in Pennsville Township, New Jersey, prompted by an employee being infected with MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), the ongoing development by Zenosense of an early warning detection system capable of identifying the VOC (volatile organic compound) signature of MRSA in the air or in a given patient, could be a real money and life-saving solution. Built off established programming and patent-pending, single-sensor hardware created by one of the top European sensor companies, Sgenia Group (whose Zenon Biosystem subsidiary is working hand-in-hand with ZENO on the device), the MRSA detection unit as proposed could be cost-effectively deployed in healthcare facilities of all sizes, government buildings, or just about anywhere demand for such an early warning system is needed.

Early detection and treatment is key for combating the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) like health care-associated MRSA (or HA-MRSA, as opposed to community-acquired MRSA, or CA-MRSA) and although the technology for detecting MRSA VOC signatures is proven, existing implementations are cumbersome and ill-suited to widespread use, as well as being quite costly. The idea of mounting a special detector on Sgenia’s sensor to handle the job of constant overwatch is something of a breakthrough when it comes to procedurally screening for MRSA in hospitals. The Sgenia technology is able to virtualize tens of thousands of sensors using a single physical sensor, creating a low-cost, compact architecture that has the potential to be mocked up for other uses as well, in addition to MRSA.

Along these lines, ZENO has recently announced plans to also develop a similar system to the MRSA device for detecting the leading killer among cancers, lung cancer, which kills as many Americans each year as the next three most common cancers combined (according to American Cancer Society data for 2014). As with MRSA, early detection of lung cancer can often be the difference between life and death. Sadly, the vast majority (75% or so) of lung cancer cases are detected too late to be cured, despite there being a roughly 70% cure-rate if it is detected during Stage 1. An early detection system for lung cancer that is compact and easy to use, as well as cost-effective, would be a real game changer. Clearly, failure to detect the disease until it has already substantially progressed seems to be the leading fatality indicator and the inherent difficulty of diagnosing lung cancer (requires multiple tests, high-priced tomography and biopsy) merely exacerbates this dynamic.

A particular strain of MRSA transmitted mostly via pigs (CC398) is currently continuing to spread over in Denmark. As of July this year, according to World Bulletin, there are 575 reported human infections (104 cases in the month of July alone). Denmark has seen a similar rise of infection rate for MRSA as in other western countries, up a whopping 1,410% from 2009 to 2013 (from 43 to 649 cases in four years).

This data casts further doubts on the sustainability of large-scale agricultural over use of antibiotics on their livestock to cover up for poor health/living conditions, particularly in light of the recent Johns Hopkins University study showing a correlation in Pennsylvania between proximity to such operations and rates of MRSA infection. With no cost-effective system on the market today for early detection of MRSA or lung cancer, ZENO is potentially sitting on a readily deployable goldmine that could save millions of lives, with estimated manufacturing costs at around only $50 to $100 per unit.

The World Health Organization report in April acknowledged antibiotic resistance as a global health crisis and moved to implement a global MRSA surveillance/reporting system to help pin-point and track relevant data in near real-time, so global health authorities can try to get a handle on the situation. Active detection and isolation has been the empirically validated protocol for containment (over 300 evidence-based studies and 500 abstracts) and the ZENO solution fits very nicely with this standardized approach. Estimates are that antibiotic-resistant pathogens cost the healthcare system from $21B to $34B annually in the U.S. alone and that MRSA kills more Americans each year than HIV/AIDS, emphysema, Parkinson’s disease, and homicide combined.

To learn more about Zenosense, visit:

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QualityStocks Keeps Investors Abreast of Small-cap Market’s Latest and Greatest

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

There’s a barrage of financial information available at any given moment – while it initially sounds great, investors need a quick, clear-cut method to dig through the madness to find their next great investment opportunity. QualityStocks keeps investors up-to-date on everything related to the small-cap and micro-cap markets by offering several ways to filter through the information to easily find the material needed.

The QualityStocks Blog is updated daily; investors can read about leading players in the small-cap and micro-cap markets and discover emerging companies flying under the radar along the way. We’re not just committed to the highlighting rising stocks; we’re also going to tip you off to ones you may not have noticed before.

With all the “hottest” picks and recommendations available in the investment world, how do you decide which stocks are worth a second look and which ones you need to avoid? At QualityStocks, we collate hundreds of investment newsletters into ONE daily newsletter,“The QualityStocks Daily,” which lists all the latest and most talked about stock picks of the day. We organize the data so you have the most up-to-date information delivered right to your inbox.

The QualityStocks Message Board is one of the most highly regulated, no-nonsense forums online today; an uncommon haven of highly relevant, SPAM-free investor interaction. Avoid the typical message board pumping, bashing, advertising or malicious posts – the QualityStocks Message Board is market interaction at its finest.

With QualityStocks you will:

• Stay on top of momentum trading opportunities!
• Discover high-performance winning stock picks from ONE newsletter source!
• Watch investment newsletters to see who is making the best recommendations!
• Keep track of new investment newsletter sources as they are published!
• Track stock picks by exchange and by price trading point!
• Protect your e-mail inbox from unwanted spam by unsolicited commercial offers!

For more information, visit

Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (SIBE) on Path to Revolutionize Education

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Texas-based Sibling Group Holdings, an education management and technology company currently pursuing educational related technology and management acquisitions, emphasizes that it is a roll-up, not a start-up. The company is actively establishing its presence in the educational marketplace, with the overall strategy of acquiring various educational businesses or components to build a comprehensive single-source educational technology and management solution.

From the education technology standpoint, there is to date no single vendor that provides a complete educational technology solution covering everything from curriculum to course certification, although the need is rapidly growing. Crippling labor costs are driving the call for more sophisticated systems based solutions to improve the effectiveness and economics of global education.

From the education management standpoint, education is undergoing a dramatic transition as the traditional brick and mortar approach to learning is being augmented with online technological tools. Such changes offer rich new options but also require different operational structures to ensure that students, teachers, and administrators enjoy the greatest benefits.

In pursuit of this, the company, through its wholly owned subsidiary Blended Schools Network (BSN), now an integrated division, is providing benchmark quality online content for the K-12 marketplace, including hosted authoring tools, professional development for teachers, and a learning management system environment. Most recently, BSN signed an agreement with School Improvement Network to provide K-12 online instructional content for their Student-Centered Learning product. School Improvement Network’s personalized learning model, already used in urban public schools, has demonstrated its ability to increase student achievement and engagement among all demographics. BSN’s online content is currently used in over 160 school districts with over 300,000 course enrollments last year.

Sibling Group Holdings is also refining its acquisition strategy and implementing specific plans for the expansion of BSN, both nationally and internationally. BSN will operate as an independent business unit of Sibling Group and be the cornerstone of a K-12 strategy for high quality content creation, professional development, and for emerging educational technologies.

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WOWIO, Inc. (WWIO) is Altering the eBook Distribution Landscape

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Wowio, a digital media and technology development company, is looking to disrupt the eBook distribution landscape with its proprietary mobile ad-delivery platform and patented process.

A leader in digital media creation and content distribution, Wowio develops, produces, and distributes engaging entertainment content across the digital media landscape. Recently, Wowio signed a license agreement with Lookhu, an online entertainment company, to create a new distribution channel for ad-sponsored eBooks. Wowio and Lookhu share a vision for targeted and personalized digital distribution of content. Working in concert, they plan to distribute eBooks across mobile devices using Lookhu’s platform, which is available on all mobile platforms today and can be accessed online by subscribing, paying per view or allowing advertising in exchange for free reading material.

Lookhu is eager to launch the Wowio channel on its platform, and to bring the enjoyment and power of eBooks to a wider audience. With its alternative revenue model for authors and publishers, Wowio is positioning itself to be at the front of the line of eBook distribution channels. By giving consumers the ability to program their content viewing anytime and anywhere, Lookhu has also created an alternative access path to digital content. With the abundance of quality content in the Wowio library and advertisers willing to work within the Wowio business model, the Wowio-Lookhu partnership should benefit not only the two companies but eBook fans as well.

Wowio is developing its proprietary mobile ad network, utilizing its exclusive patent to provide ads in eBooks on all mobile devices. Wowio’s sole ownership of the issued patent is governing its partnership with Lookhu, and allowing it to expand its reach as a digital media company – far beyond producing and distributing content across multiple platforms. Once developed, the network will present Wowio’s channel as a viable alternative to that of other content distribution outlets.

Wowio’s eBook distribution platform can be accessed online at and is expected to be released on mobile platforms in 2014 while Lookhu’s platform can be accessed at The Wowio app can also be found on Google Play and Microsoft Windows Mobile and, soon, on the iOS platform.

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New to Investing? Get Started at QualityStocks!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Investing in publicly traded companies is much easier than what it used to be. Now you can sign up for your own online trading account and be approved in just a few days. From there all you have to do is enter the symbol of the stock you wish to purchase as well as how many shares you want. With so much competition in the online brokerage market today, many are offering low commission rates as well as free independent research tools to make better trading decisions.

Our name emphasizes the commitment we have to connect subscribers with companies that have huge potential to succeed in the short and long-term future. It is part of our mission statement to help the investment community discover emerging companies that offer excellent growth potential. We offer several ways for investors to learn more about investing in these companies as well as find and evaluate them.

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter has been a real hit with both traders and investors because it keeps their finger on the market’s pulse without having to spend countless hours keeping up-to-date. The publication consolidates information from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap Online Investment Newsletters in a summary format, plus provides the latest information on the companies we feature.

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The QualityStocks Blog keeps investors up to date on everything related to the small cap and micro cap markets. Alternative fuels and power sources, entertainment media, telecommunications, delivery services, healthcare, and retail are all covered on a regular basis. Investors are also able to learn more about emerging companies that they otherwise would not hear about.

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Stocks to Avoid, Due Diligence, Monitoring Investments, Key Terms in Investing – these are among the topics covered by us in our section called the Market Basics. This is where we give answers to basic questions regarding stock investments for both new and experienced investors.

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Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (BCLI) to Participate at Mayo Clinic with Production of Proprietary NurOwn™

Monday, August 18th, 2014

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, a developer of adult stem cell technologies for neurodegenerative diseases, has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Mayo Clinic Human Cellular Therapy Laboratory for production of NurOwn™, BrainStorm’s proprietary autologous mesenchymal stem cells secreting neurotrophic factors (MSC-NTF). BrainStorm plans to continue working with the Mayo clinical team to complete the process which will allow the site to begin enrolling subjects into its phase 2 study of NurOwn™. NurOwn™ is designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the transplantation of NurOwn™ in patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

In July, BrainStorm submitted to the FDA the results of three pilot manufacturing projects performed at the Mayo Clinic. Each run resulted in the production of NurOwn cells that meet the final product release testing acceptance criteria. Subject to Institutional Review Board approval, the Mayo Clinic will become the third and final site enrolling subjects into Brainstorm’s ongoing ALS clinical trial. In early 2014, both Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston and the University of Massachusetts Memorial (UMass) Hospital in Worcester, Mass. began placing subjects in the study.

Brainstorm’s Vice President of Cell Production, Dr. Yossef Levy, said, “This marks the completion of our second successful technology transfer process, and we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the entire team at the Mayo Clinic in achieving this important milestone.”

Dr. Tony Fiorino, BrainStorm’s Chief Executive Officer, noted, “I applaud the diligence and commitment of both the BrainStorm and Mayo Clinic teams in successfully completing this technology transfer. We are looking forward to the Mayo Clinic joining our Massachusetts’ sites in enrolling subjects into this important study.”

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics is a biotechnology company involved in the development of unique adult stem cell therapies produced from autologous bone marrow cells for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Along with Ramot, Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company, BCLI holds the rights to develop and commercialize its NurOwn technology through an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement.

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True Drinks Holdings, Inc. (TRUU) – An International Brand in the Making

Monday, August 11th, 2014

True Drinks Holdings promotes a healthier beverage choice for kids, young adults and their guardians. Based in Irvine, California, the company is focused on developing, marketing, selling, and distributing AquaBall, a naturally flavored water, and Bazi, an all natural energy drink. AquaBall is vitamin-enhanced, dye-free, zero-calorie, and sugar-free, an alternative to juices and sodas, and available in multiple flavors—berry, fruit punch, orange and grape. Bazi is a liquid nutritional supplement drink.

A significant portion of True Drinks’ operations involves securing licensing agreements with major media and entertainment companies for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles. This is a brilliant business move because the entertainment and media characters initially attract True Drinks’ target consumers—children, teens, and parents—to its bottles. These customers, however, continue to consume the company’s beverage because of its refreshing taste and healthy benefits. True Drinks supplies its beverages online and through retail channels, including grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and drug stores.

Since its inception in 2008, True Drink has strived to make AquaBall a global brand and to share its brand with children and parents all over the world. In 2012, the company rebranded, changing its name from True Drinks, Inc. to True Drinks Holdings, Inc., to herald its intention to pursue bigger, better opportunities and carefully chosen strategic partnerships with world-class distributors. In so doing, True Drinks made these strategic relationships the foundation for its international growth and entrée into emerging markets.

All over the world, the company is finding that its drinks’ “better for you” attributes are resonating and starting a global movement, and it is pleased to be a leader when it comes to healthy hydration. Now, the company is focused on key components of its overall growth strategy, including establishing and maintaining a worldwide presence and positioning its brands in foreign and domestic markets in the US, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

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Petro River Oil Corp. (PTRC) – An Unconventional Oil and Gas Driller and Explorer

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Petro River Oil is making the unconventional conventional. An independent exploration and production company based in Houston, Texas, Petro River Oil is focused on drilling, recompletions, and applying advanced technology to typical and atypical oil and gas assets.


Petro River is involved in the exploration and exploitation of heavy oil properties with primary holdings in Kansas and Oklahoma. The company has significant interests in approximately 115,000 acres of oil and gas assets in the Mississippi Lime play. This encompasses total interest in 120 oil and gas leases that cover approximately 85,000 mineral acres located in various counties in Kansas.


The company’s current operations are focused on the Mississippi Lime Play and fully utilize its experienced personnel’s experience, knowledge, and drilling techniques. Petro River is driven to use their expertise both in the region and in similar formations to develop hydrocarbon-prone resources with challenging and/or constricted features which will, in turn, create value for the company and shareholders.


Petro River’s leadership believes that a company can only be as successful as the people leading it and that investing in human capital is the best indicator of a successful venture. As a result, the company has filled its team with some of the oil and gas industry’s finest minds and placed them across functional roles. The roster includes former national oil company leaders, world renowned geologists, and former operations and technology experts from major oil companies. With such esteemed minds on board, management is convinced that the knowledge and experience each member brings to the team will contribute to Petro River’s overall growth and development, especially as they continue to build the business.

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SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) – A High-Tech Payment Solution Provider

Monday, August 11th, 2014

SinglePoint is a leading mobile technology, mobile payment and mobile marketing organization. The company was established in 2006 to develop a suite of indispensable mobile products and services to businesses looking to simplify their payment and marketing processes. From its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, SinglePoint serves auctions, religious organizations, nonprofits, recreational and medicinal cannabis businesses and other consumer-driven businesses.

SinglePoint connects its customers to their end markets by delivering the tools they need to create, launch, and manage their mobile marketing and payment systems. The company provides a collection of point-of-sale services, including mobile payment, bidding, and donation solutions, mobile debit and credit card checkout, mobile marketing, outreach, and non-mobile payment services. These tools also support companies looking to improve customer loyalty and increase sales and donations.

SinglePoint’s inventive business solutions are offered using enterprise-level technology for business-to-business commerce. Its state-of-the-art mobile commerce and communication platform enables its commercial and non-profit clients to perform business transactions, collect donations and manage targeted communication campaigns with their customers or donors through any mobile device. The platform was specially designed to serve the needs of these sectors and, with the use of a mobile device, to instantly make their campaigns interactive.

SinglePoint makes every effort to work with the best and brightest forward-thinkers in order to bring its customers the newest technology. The company innovates and consistently improves its technologies, staying ahead of industry changes, and is invested in its customers’ successes, operating flexibly, responsive, ethically and responsibly. In short, it provides its customers with a unique experience.

Ultimately, SinglePoint’s success is built on the trust its customers have in it and the company’s commitment to their success. Along with being a full-service mobile application provider and mobile marketing agency, SinglePoint is indeed a cutting-edge payment solution provider.

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American Sands Energy Corporation (AMSE) – An Emerging Oil Sand Producer

Monday, August 11th, 2014

American Sands Energy is poised to become one of the first oil sand producers in the United States. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, ASEC is a development-stage, pre-production oil company. Its primary operations are in Utah and its focus on unconventional oil deposits in the state. Using cutting-edge technology, the company intends to efficiently extract oil and other naturally-occurring hydrocarbons contained in oil sands, shale and similar geologic structures common in the Mountain West region of North America.

AMSE has leased a large oil sands deposit in Utah containing approximately 150 million barrels (net P50) of recoverable bitumen. The corporation has the rights to mine oil sand ore and extract bitumen from the private property which covers approximately 1,800 private acres of prime oil sand deposits in the Sunnyside area near Price, Utah. The planned plant and mine site is approximately seven miles from an existing power plant, rail head, and major state highway. The site is accessible by county road and will be served by existing power lines. Initial production from the Sunnyside location is planned at 5,000 barrels per day and expected to begin by the summer of 2016. Already, AMSE is raising capital to build out a facility in Central Utah to process the oil sands from the leases it has acquired. Additionally, the company plans to gain rights to another 500 million barrels of reserves in the area.

AMSE has licensed technology from Universal Oil Recovery Corp, which has a proprietary solvent and process that allows for a clean, low energy process. The process operates without water and at a cost well below competitive approaches. It creates no tailing ponds, emissions, or waste products that would require containment or disposal permits, thus eliminating critical environmental concerns.

The company’s extraction and recovery process mixes a proprietary solvent with the oil sands and separates the oil (in the form of bitumen) from sand. The sand is then re-heated allowing the solvent to be recaptured and recycled for reuse. The process results in separated and clean dry sand that can be placed back into the environment, used in mining operations, or potentially sold as high grade industrial or consumer sand. It also results in bitumen, which can be used in its natural form in road paving operations or processed into other products.

AMSE’s approach is based on industry-changing innovations and creates a new paradigm for recovering oil sand deposits in the Western United States. The technology has been tested on a pilot plant for the past two years and has been proven to work efficiently. The process has also proven successful in laboratory tests on oil sands from the Green River Formation in Utah. Most importantly, the validity of this technology has been demonstrated through the operation of a prototype extraction unit. In short, AMSE’s approach results in a significantly reduced environmental footprint coupled with a high degree of operational efficiency so there is a high level of anticipation that the company’s operating permit, submitted to the Utah Department of Oil, Gas and Mining in early 2014, will be approved later this year.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

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