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Pocket Games, Inc. (PKGM) is “One to Watch”

January 28, 2015

Pocket Games has been pursuing its mission to acquire and build brands around truly captivating IP for the PC and mobile gaming markets since their inception, and is focused squarely on engaging content and gameplay that has the ability to breathe new life into the experiences of gamers worldwide. With a considerable amount of expertise already amassed developing titles for third parties, Pocket Games is now confidently striding into the indie game arena with an innovative title that offers players a rich mix of “god game style” terraforming and divine retribution power usage, coupled with fast paced real-time strategy, and artificial life civilization building.

Assuming the role of the god of a tribe of good Furlings, players in Idol Hands must foster a thriving civilization by terraforming the landscape and creating new units, spending a mana pool that regenerates more quickly based on how large and advanced their civilization is. The same mana pool that is used to flatten land, and thus make room for more units to build their respective buildings and expand the city, is also used to unleash a variety of natural forces on the enemy population of evil Furlings. Wisely spending mana between expansion terraforming and tactical terraforming or acts of divine retribution sets a constant pace for the action and provides an increasing challenge as the game progresses.

The interface and essential gameplay mechanics are relatively simple to learn and extremely intuitive, with food (farmers) and lumber (lumberjacks) being the primary resources that need to be carefully balanced through measured unit creation. The player creates new units in a judicious fashion as resources become available and the specialized Furlings then automatically go out and expand the city border, building their appropriate building and setting about the task which defines their unit type. Ore (blacksmiths) must also be gathered to create soldiers to fight the enemy, which are directed using a simple totem that is dropped by the player in the world, or priests that increase the player’s mana regeneration rate further.

The ingenious removal of micromanagement aspects typical of other games in the genre allows the player to focus more on tactically terraforming the world, responding to enemy soldier attacks or enemy acts of god, enjoying the lush scenery, or otherwise mastering the subtle resource and unit creation balancing act necessary for success. The gameplay is reminiscent of the classic god game Populous, or more recent incarnations in the same vein like Spore and From Dust, with a noticeable undertone of Lemmings, giving the game an instant appeal factor that makes it a joy to play. Idol Hands is easy to learn and simple to play, yet difficult to master, making it a truly worthy successor to such legendary god gaming experiences as Populous.

Originally developed for distribution as an OEM title with Creative Labs’ (OTC: CREAF) Senz3D Motion Detecting Webcam, in partnership with Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), the game has been under continuous improvement since PKGM signed an acquisition contract early last year. This improvement process has stripped away the motion detection requirements and streamlined the game’s interaction system, leading to a completed PC build and finalized negotiations with a leading game publisher as of early November 2014. The completed PC build marks the outset of an initial foray for the company into the PC digital download space that is sure to capture the attention of both young and old gamers alike when the game debuts next month.

Idol Hands has all the makings of hit title for the company and Pocket Games is wasting no time preparing to position the title in front of an audience of millions via the biggest and best PC download sites in existence today, like private company Valve Corporation’s wildly popular and industry-leading game distribution, management, and social platform, Steam. Steam currently boasts a huge community of active gamers, with around 7.6M users logged in during peak hours and over 4.2 million users online during even the lowest intervals of activity. Moreover, Pocket Games has signed up with UK-based PC game distribution outfit, Green Man Gaming, as one of the first two studios to join the Green Man Loaded publishing label. This move to have Idol Hands be one of Green Man Loaded’s launch titles grants key prominence to the product, giving a relatively new studio like PKGM direct access to consumers on a platform where the title will not be so easily obscured by the glut of other games which exists on Steam.

Idol Hands publisher, Green Man Loaded, anticipates strong receptivity to the title and the partnership projects over $1 million in sales for this godly strategy game, based on careful observation of current trends within the industry. Pocket Games is indeed ramping into the market at an auspicious time, with acquisitions and IPOs in the gaming industry setting new all time highs last year of some $24 billion (Digi-Capital), amid high profile deals like the $2.5 billion Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) acquisition of Swedish indie developer, Mojang AB, which created the amazingly successful open world, procedurally generated sandbox game Minecraft. The iron is hot right now for indie games that can capture a wide audience via simple, addictive gameplay experiences and Pocket Games is ready to strike while the iron is hot with their fast-approaching February 18th worldwide general release date for Idol Hands.

As the potential user base for PC games continues to expand, with companies like private high-end hardware creator Razer recently releasing a $100 Android-based set-top microconsole for streaming PC games onto consumer’s televisions, titles like Idol Hands, with its gorgeous graphics, incredible style and whimsical Furlings, can find serious market share among wider home audiences. The company is doubling down on this growing potential market as well, firmly committed to delivering the best user experiences possible, and they have announced signing of a LOI to acquire an established game development and testing company in India. The company has already generated a solid relationship with this targeted acquisition, having used them on various projects during the preceding year.

CEO of Pocket Games, David Lovatt, will personally fly to India to oversee the acquisition of this established outfit, which has a solid team and thriving client portfolio, and the vast experience in game testing and development possessed by the target company is expected to benefit PKGM in a variety of ways. Not only will this acquisition be instrumental in reducing cost and further refining the product quality of future titles, it will provide increased revenues for the company via game testing contracts, and also give the company a leg up when it comes to penetrating the mobile gaming market.

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EFactor Group Corp. (EFCT) Equity Report Overview

January 27, 2015

EFactor Group Corp. is the owner of a group of entrepreneur-focused service companies, as well as, a niche social networking platform designed to provide content and resources for entrepreneurs. Through, EFCT allows entrepreneurs to interact with mentors, investors, peers and resources through the use of a proprietary algorithm created to help them connect with the right people. In addition, the company provides knowledge, facilitates funding preparation and reduces business costs through a mix of online social networking and offline domestic and international events. The company’s subsidiaries include EQMentor, MCC International, HT Skills, Member Digital, GroupCard BV, ELEQT Limited and Robson Dowry Ltd. is currently at the core of EFCT’s business plan. The site is designed to provide end-to-end solutions for entrepreneurs with growing businesses through a unique interaction platform. In November 2014, SeeThruEquity declared the company a market leader in the niche for social networks for entrepreneurs whose members are business owners in a network dedicated to their requirements.

EFCT is currently pursuing an aggressive acquisition strategy. Following the purchase of two companies in 2013, EFCT targeted the acquisition of eight companies in 2014 with five completed as of November 2014. The company’s primary acquisition targets offer products and services for entrepreneurs and provide the potential for substantial revenue growth, a strong history of profitability and healthy product margins. SeeThruEquity predicts that the aggressive acquisition strategy will lead to significant increases in revenue and earnings over the next few years, as well as expansion and enhancement of current products and services.

With a relatively new and rapidly evolving niche market, EFCT has potentially enormous market potential. The number of entrepreneurs around the world is currently estimated to be near 470 million, which could lead to millions of new hires and newly-created jobs in the coming years. This expansion provides companies servicing entrepreneurial networks, such as EFCT, with enormous growth potential in the near future. With the advantage of having the first and only entrepreneurial network of its kind, EFCT is in prime position to capture a large share of the rapidly expanding sector.

EFCT currently generates revenue through a combination of membership fees, sponsorships, advisory services, public relations and advertising. The company’s recent acquisition of multiple profitable companies has certainly contributed to its top line, and continued growth is expected as a result of the strong synergy the new subsidiary companies share with EFCT’s primary business line, Analysts expect continued growth as a result of the recent surge in the entrepreneurship market. With the company’s acquisitions providing increased tools and services serving the entire gamut of business needs, demand for EFCT’s services is expected to increase from 1.3 million subscribers at present to 5 million subscribers by the end of 2016.

Utilizing discounted cash flow analysis and peer group multiples, EFCT was given a fair market value of $1.85 per share as of November 2014. Relative to its current price of $0.11, this valuation represents an upside potential of 1600%. When evaluated on a peer group valuation, EFCT was given a fair value range of $0.68 to $0.80 per share. With the company’s recent acquisitions of profitable and related businesses, EFCT is expected to significantly ramp up its revenue throughout this year. SeeThruEquity has predicted significant improvement of the company’s valuation multiples over the coming months.

EFCT operates in a relatively new and unproven market, and, while the company may face headwinds in developing a scalable technology infrastructure that can effectively handle increased member usage, a lack of direct competition puts the company in a strong position in the rapidly expanding entrepreneurial services market. With a unique platform and aggressive expansion plans, EFCT is putting itself into a firm position to deliver high operating margins as its revenues increase in the coming years. With operating margins of 18% forecasted for this year and growth to 52% expected by 2019, EFCT is placing itself firmly at the top end of its market and positioning for a bright future.

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QualityStocks’ Tiered Rating Service Exposes Risk and Rewards Transparency

January 26, 2015

QualityStocks has rated more than 3,000 fully reporting OTC companies as an extension of its commitment to protect investors. Taking this commitment a step further, QualityStocks has also used the information gained from tracking hundreds of online newsletter firms to measure their legitimacy.

The OTC companies and research firms are rated based on their investor relations and transparency practices. QualityStocks has placed these companies into one of five tiers based on their compliance with market regulations, available information, transparency to shareholders, trust within the investor community, and the value of their product and/or services: QSP (QualityStocks Partner); QSV (QualityStocks Verified); QSL (QualityStocks Limited Information); QSN (QualityStocks No Information); and Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).

Trading OTC stocks poses a significant risk to any investor; those investors who are successfully managing an OTC portfolio know the importance of thorough due diligence. The QualityStocks rating service is a convenient and complementary tool designed to aid a trader’s individual research.

“Transparency is absolutely critical in this market. Our team has researched each company on our list to examine their fundamentals and apply an appropriate rating,” Michael McCarthy, Managing Director of QualityStocks stated when originally announcing the service. “The result is a valuable tool that investors can use to quickly separate more trustworthy companies from more risky investments.”

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XBRL Exemptions Pass through the House, Move to Senate

January 20, 2015

The House of Representatives earlier last week, with support on both sides of the aisle, passed legislation that exempts roughly 60% of all public companies from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) requirements.

HR 37 mainly deals with changes to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, including the requirement for public companies to file with the SEC in XBRL format, which was set in 2009.

Entitled the Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act, HR 37 was introduced last January by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) to reduce regulation on companies with revenue under $250 million.

The overall aim of HR 37, which includes 11 bills and several bipartisan measures, is designed to reduce costs for emerging businesses and make it easier for these businesses to access capital and create new jobs.

From here the bill moves to the Republican-controlled Senate, where it is likely to be approved. The bill has come under fire from the White House, however, and President Obama is threatening to veto the bill, saying several HR 37 provisions undermine Dodd-Frank and would weaken Wall Street reform.

Momentum Renewed for U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s BioWatch Program

January 15, 2015

On December 16, 2014, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a public request for information (RFI) seeking technologies relevant to the automated detection and identification of air-borne biological agents. This release sparks movement for DHS’s efforts to drastically improve the BioWatch Program, which has been slumbering for the past two years. The BioWatch Program was established in 2003, as a means to address the ever-increasing threat of bioterrorism. BioWatch’s goal, according to the DHS is, “to detect the presence of biological agents of concern in a timely manner and identify the target agents with a high degree of confidence.”

Biological Threats
In 2001, on the heels of the 9/11 terror attacks, the public became aware of bio-terrorism after several cases of inhalation anthrax were reported. Twenty-two people became ill after envelopes filled with a white powder containing anthrax spores were mailed to two U.S. Senators. Five of the 22 who came in contact with the envelopes died. While there have been no reports of inhalation anthrax being used as a bio-terrorism agent since 2001, the threat remains strong. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), rates anthrax as a “Tier 1” threat, meaning its biological agents and toxins present the highest risk for deliberate misuse, possessing the ability to yield mass casualties, cripple the economy and infrastructure, diminish public morale, and cause a severe threat to public health and safety. Anthrax is one of over 40 agents the CDC has on its bio-terrorism watch list.

Advancements in Bio-Detection
DHS is primed to release the next generation of BioWatch, bolstered by the latest and greatest technological advancements in the field of biodetection. The recently released RFI calls for a “cost-effective autonomous biological detection solution.” Necessary capabilities include speed, fully autonomous operation, a high level of accuracy, and consistent identification and preservation of multiple biological agents. One corporation who has managed to check off all of DHS’ must-haves for the new face of BioWatch is PositiveID (OTCQB: PSID).

Introducing M-BAND
PositiveID Corporation’s M-BAND (Microfluidic Bio-agent Autonomous Networked Detector) is a state-of-the-art, fully automated airborne pathogen detection system. Roughly the size of an a/c unit, it can be installed in transportation facilities, arenas, malls, stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings and more. The product of $30 million in funding provided by DHS, M-BAND is currently being field-tested by the Department of Defense (DOD) in South Korea and on military bases in the States. Having a working rapport with the DOD and building from DHS’ funding, PositiveID’s M-BAND sits pretty as an ideal candidate for the next generation of BioWatch. Here are some of its distinguishing features:


  • operates autonomously on a 30-day cycle.
  • provides results in 3 to 6 hours.
  • all data transmissions are sent via a secure wireless network to an off-site monitoring facility in real time.
  • able to detect multiple organisms and toxins simultaneously.
  • analyzes and stores samples for up to 30 days.

Current DHS BioWatch equipment requires manual, daily monitoring. A technician is sent into the field to retrieve air filters that are then sent to a laboratory for analysis – a 36 to 48 hour process.

M-BAND’s point-of-need capabilities will revolutionize the field of bio-detection and aid the DHS in providing timely, cost-effective and life-saving monitoring and security.

In March 2014, PositiveID joined forces with United Technologies Aerospace Systems (UTAS), to provide M-BAND units for the DOD’s JUPITR Program. The Joint United States Forces Korea Portal and Integrated Threat Recognition (JUPITR) Program is currently testing M-BAND’s prospective capabilities in aiding U.S. Armed Forces. The JUPITR contract is predicted to net PositiveID $1 million in 2014-15 alone. The U.S. government’s next generation BioWatch Program contract has been predicted to be worth between $3-5 billion. PositiveID has previously announced that they have an exclusive teaming and licensing agreement in place with The Boeing Company related to BioWatch. With M-BAND systems already being operated and tested by the military and only one other model available that potentially meets BioWatch’s RFI requirements, PositiveID is in a great position to secure the deal.

Pocket Games, Inc. (PKGM) Prepares for Launch of First Video Game Title

Something new in gaming is coming. Self-described ‘new kid on the block’, Pocket Games is working to revitalize the gaming experience for users and bring transformational games to the video game space. The company has, thus far, served as a developmental-stage company focused on developing and selling games for mobile devices, tablets and computers. While intentions have previously been announced for titles including Pocket Football, a multiplayer game based on American football, and SH3G, a mobile title planned for Apple and Android platforms, the company’s initial offering, Idol Hands, is approaching its highly anticipated debut. Since announcing completion of the title in early November, the company has entered into a whirlwind of action on both the gaming development and acquisition fronts.

In November 2014, Pocket Games announced that it had completed negotiations with a leading game publisher, later revealed to be UK-based Green Man Gaming, to publish its Idol Hands title for the PC gaming platform. After originally beginning development in partnership with Intel™ with a distribution deal as an OEM title with Creative Labs™, the company signed a contract to acquire exclusive rights to the game in early 2014 before spending the majority of the calendar year upgrading the title for improved gameplay and interaction. Early estimates by the publisher and company have projected over $1 million in sales based on current PC gaming trends. The company’s publishing agreement provides the opportunity to obtain financing for project completion, access to the publisher’s established sales and marketing team and the chance to test the title in beta. Pocket Games has also announced tentative plans for a mobile release of Idol Hands by summer 2015.

In December 2014, the company signed a letter of intent to acquire an unspecified games development and testing company with a solid team and healthy client base that is established within the billion dollar video games testing market. CEO of Pocket Games, Inc., David Lovatt, noted the additional depth of experience that the acquisition brings to the company. “Moreover,” he noted, “their extensive development experience will bring costs down on future development of the Idol Hands Franchise, as well as opening up opportunities in the mobile space for Pocket Games.”

Since its formation in 2013, Pocket Games has developed games for third parties and acquired video game IP for various aspects of their development processes. The company is currently evaluating strategies before deciding between continuing to market through third party publishers in the future and moving into self-publication. The company’s first gaming title, Idol Hands, is currently scheduled for release later this month.

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Modern PVC Inc. (MPVC) Spammed Aggressively

January 13, 2015

We have observed an influx of emails spamming Modern PVC. Investors should be wary of these emails and over-the-top message board posts. As of this time, the company has not provided a public comment on the issue.

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January 12, 2015

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Revamped QualityStocks Blog Introduced for 2015

January 8, 2015

We are excited to announce that we have completely overhauled our blog. It now looks better than ever on all devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We also have an easy-to-use archive and category selectors to see blogs of the past as well as a convenient search widget on the side of each page.

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Lomiko Metals Inc. (LMRMF) Stands in Contrast to the Difficult Junior Exploration Market

January 6, 2015

In a junior exploration market that has been especially challenging, Canadian-based Lomiko Metals has used its graphene technology investments, and focus on high-grade, near-surface graphite deposits, to differentiate itself from typical exploration stage operations. Their technology investments offer an important counterbalance to the exploration market, providing an opportunity for them to capitalize on the coming graphene revolution. At the same time, Lomiko continues to explore their Quebec Quatre Miles graphite property, and they have acquired a 40% interest in Canada Strategic Minerals’ La Loutre Crystalline Flake Graphite Property in Quebec, which together positions them to be a low-cost graphite producer. In addition, the company will also drill deep gold targets at their Vines Lakes Project in northern British Columbia.

Lomiko recently issued a news release outlining their accomplishments for the past year, along with the company’s goals for 2015. The release covered four primary areas: Technology Accomplishments, Graphite Exploration Accomplishments, Corporate Highlights, and Company Goals:

Technology Accomplishments

– In August, Lomiko participated in the Graphene 3D Lab IPO. A $ 350,000 investment in the private 3D printing company eventually became the TSX listed Graphene 3D Lab, which currently has a $44 Million market cap. This transaction provided proof of concept for Lomiko’s vision to create new technology ventures. It also provided Lomiko with over 4 Million shares in Graphene 3D Lab, which have traded as high as $2.50.
– Lomiko has also transferred their graphene super capacitor investment into 40% ownership of a US corporation, Graphene Energy Storage Devices (Graphene ESD), in anticipation of a similar transaction in 2015.
– Through Lomiko’s 100% owned subsidiary, Lomiko Technologies Inc., they have licensed the rights to manufacture and sell three power converter system designs, and have acquired a pending supply contract for an existing customer from Megahertz Power Systems Ltd.

Graphite Exploration Accomplishments

– Lomiko has continued to explore their wholly owned Quatre Miles graphite property in the Province of Quebec. In July 2014, they announced the discovery of 23 new high priority magnetic anomalies on this property.
– In September, 2014, Lomiko announced the acquisition of a 40% interest in Canada Strategic Minerals’ La Loutre Crystalline Flake Graphite Property in Quebec. The La Loutre property has since been drilled, and has produced very encouraging results. Lomiko is particularly encouraged by the high grades and near surface locations of this graphite discovery.

Corporate Highlights

– In March, 2014, Lomiko closed financings for gross proceeds of $5,520,800.
– Lomiko was approved for trading on the OTCQX Exchange in the USA in April, 2014, allowing new American investors to participate in the growth and development of the company.
– Lomiko announced at their October Annual General Meeting that a Shareholders’ Rights Plan came into effect. In the current market, technological innovation can create tremendous value literally overnight, and the Shareholders’ Rights Plan ensures that shareholders are treated fairly when such value is created.
– Lomiko has arranged for a market-maker to provide liquidity to the market and a better trading experience for investors.
– Recently filed financial information for Q1 2015 indicates that Lomiko has $4.04 Million of cash and cash equivalents, $7.7 Million in un-realized equity (Graphene 3D Lab shares), and $1.7 Million in exploration assets.

Company Goals

– Lomiko Technologies’ goal is to create revenue from its licensing deals and e-commerce site and launch Lomiko Technologies as a new public company.
– Graphene 3D Lab is making significant progress in developing their business plan for revenue and profitability. Lomiko will continue to meet any graphite needs that arise from demand created.
– Graphene ESD will continue its development of energy storage devices and launch as a new public company in 2015.
– Lomiko Metals will focus on creating a resource estimate and PEA for the La Loutre Graphite Property located near the Imerys Graphite and Carbon Mine in Quebec.
– Lomiko will also drill deep gold targets at the 100%-owned Vines Lakes Project in Cassiar, B.C. (northern British Columbia), which is adjacent to the historic Table Mountain Mine.
– Lomiko will launch an extensive advertising and brand awareness campaign designed to focus attention on their new products.

In a difficult market for junior exploration companies, Lomiko Metals has managed to stand out as an innovative, agile, and forward-looking company.

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Deadline Ahead for OTCQB Traded Companies with FYE September 30, 2014

December 29, 2014

Companies currently traded on the OTCQB have 120 days after their fiscal year end (FYE) to meet the marketplace’s new standards. Failure to meet the deadline results in a downgrade to the OTC Pink open marketplace.

Companies with an FYE of March 31, 2014, were the first group of OTCQB companies subject to the new requirements, which took effect earlier this year. The rollout will be completed on July 30, 2015, the compliance deadline for the last group of companies currently traded on OTCQB with a FYE of March 30, 2015.

As of the end of December, SEC-reporting companies whose FY ends September 30, 2014, have just around five weeks to complete the verification process. It’s a simple process, says OTC Markets, but one that can take several weeks.

Here’s what it takes to get the process started, per OTC Markets:

Step 1: Determine Eligibility
a) Meet the minimum ($0.01) bid price test
b) Must be SEC Reporting, Bank Reporting, or listed on a Qualified Foreign Exchange
c) Must not be in bankruptcy

Step 2: Submit an OTCQB Application and Agreement

Step 3: Provide the following information through Once the application is submitted, the OTC Corporate Services team will activate your account
a) Must be current in all periodic reporting requirements on EDGAR
b) Verify basic information on your company and your company’s security
c) Post an Initial OTCQB Certificationon your company

Step 4: Submit the OTCQB annual fee

The OTCQB is an attractive listing for companies that do not yet qualify for listing on OTCQX. Benefits of trading on the OTCQB, per OTC Markets:

  • Minimum bid price test of $0.01 will remove companies that are most likely to be the subject of dilutive stock fraud schemes and promotion
  • Improved investor confidence through verified information, confirming the Company Profile displayed on is current and complete and providing additional information on officers, directors, and controlling shareholders
  • Greater information availability for investors through the OTC Disclosure & News Service
  • Transparent prices for investors through full-depth of book with Real Time Level 2 quotes.

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Is the QSTwit Community Following Your Tweets?

QualityStocks recently introduced QualityStocksTwits (“QSTwits”), a Web 2.0 site that collates Twitter’s investment discussions in real-time, enabling investors to track the web’s savviest investors as well as build their own following. QSTwits gathers data from Twitter on any company, big or small.

With QSTwits, users can eavesdrop on what traders are talking about right now or contribute to the conversation and build their own reputation. It also allows anyone to search the Twitter universe for tweets relating to a particular stock and use Twitter’s features directly within the application. Investors will also be able to quickly see which stocks are being discussed most.

However, to ensure the QSTwit Community is following your posts, it is important that you sign up! Sign up is easy, even if you haven’t signed up for a Twitter account. The simple process can be found on the QualityStocksTwits homepage: If you already have a Twitter account, registration isn’t even required. Simply login with your Twitter account and start using QSTwits!

Continental Transfer & Trust Can Make Market Newbies Look Like Pros

December 23, 2014

There are thousands of publicly traded companies in the U.S. markets. Many of them are small, micro or startups who are looking to become the next ExxonMobil, Apple or Google. While for most companies it is a long haul to get there, many can begin the march right by acting like Apple and Google.

In other words, act like you have been there before. Even if you are just a startup with a private placement of stock or if you are seeking an IPO and have not been in the market before, you can have resources available to help you act like a seasoned veteran of the markets, and thus a company in which investors can feel a level of confidence and trust. One of the areas where a small company can gain some respect is in working with a quality stock transfer agency.

Stock transfer agencies are some of the unsung heroes of the stock markets. With so many shares trading hands during the course of a single day, having a transfer agency that can keep accurate records of share ownership and track the distribution and transfer of shares in a volatile market is of high importance. And never mind all of the accuracy that must come into play; not just from a financial standpoint for stockholders but also from a regulatory standpoint.

With more than 50 years in business, Continental Transfer & Trust has the expertise and experience to serve even the most prominent blue-chip companies – yet it is designed and catered to the small and upstart company in the market. With customizable service options, exceptional customer service and accuracy and integrity that are hard to match, Continental Transfer & Trust is geared toward the small company that wants to make a big splash with investors.

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Miraculins, Inc. (MOM.V) (MCUIF) Revolutionary Scout DS® System Provides Highly Accurate, Non-Invasive Diabetes Screening Methodology

December 16, 2014

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in history with some 387M or more cases globally estimated this year by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), a figure that is set to rise roughly 53% over the next two decades. The most disturbing statistic is the 175M or more of those cases that go undiagnosed. The IDF data paints an alarmingly clear picture, diabetes is on the rise in every country on earth; in fact, one out of every 12 humans has diabetes and one out of every two people with diabetes doesn’t even know they have it. The IDF estimates that as many as 628M people globally are pre-diabetic or have Type 2 diabetes (adult-onset or non–insulin-dependent diabetes), with projections through 2030 indicating a 45% jump to around 912M.

Here in the U.S. we are spending more on healthcare to combat diabetes than anywhere else on the planet, with $612B (or 11% of all healthcare spending on adults) spent in 2014 alone, and the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) data indicates that not only is diabetes the number seven killer in the country, it was also a leading underreported cause of death. Some 40% of people who died of diabetes did not have it listed anywhere on the death certificate according to ADA’s research, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that if this trend continues as many as one out of every three Americans will have diabetes by 2050. Troubling statistics indeed when one considers the nearly 5M fatalities this year in the U.S. from diabetes, or one death every seven seconds.

Last year, over 79k children developed Type 1 diabetes (roughly 10% of all cases, formerly known as juvenile-onset or insulin-dependent diabetes) and over 21M births were affected by diabetes during pregnancy as well. Moreover, despite the incident rate being highest among persons aged 40 to 59 years, some 208k Americans under the age of 20 are estimated to have been diagnosed this year according to the ADA. This clearly documents that Type 2 diabetes, once virtually unheard of in people under 30, is now rapidly on the rise, with childhood obesity playing a major role.

Type 1 diabetes can be averted if caught early and diabetics can even turn the disease around completely with proper diet and exercise, but the high number of undiagnosed cases is a serious red flag here, pointing directly to the costs, complexities and invasiveness of testing. Early detection and intervention is absolutely key to preventing Type 1 diabetes, and with average medical expenditures as much as 2.3 times higher for diabetics than those without it, public health organizations and governments are now starting to get serious about creating initiatives designed to tackle the problem.

Many people go untested due to the invasiveness or daunting logistics of existing testing methods, involving blood draws, fasting, trips to the doctor and/or lab, and waiting for test results to come back. The common A1C test for instance (sometimes also called the HbA1c test), which measures an individual’s average blood sugar level over the past few months, requires a sizeable blood sample and is the most common route for testing. The FPG test (fasting plasma glucose) or the OGTT test (oral glucose tolerance, commonly done to check for diabetes that occurs with pregnancy, or gestational diabetes), while less expensive and generally very easy to do compared to the A1C, are similarly problematic, given that patients must fast for 8 to 14 hours prior to taking the test and must still give a blood sample(s).

People’s reluctance to get tested and the subsequent healthcare costs associated with increased morbidity, may have finally met their match though in the form of the novel, non-invasive Scout DS® system from Miraculins, Inc. (TSX-V: MOM) (OTCM: MCUIF). This first-of-its-kind device is a sleek looking, small form factor tabletop system, featuring an LCD display and an arm rest that the patient places their forearm onto for the test. After only about 80 seconds the device painlessly produces a highly accurate score on a scale from 0 to 100 using a series of LED lights and sensors. The device uses a well-established testing methodology called skin fluorescence spectroscopy (SFS) to measure advanced glycation end products (AGEs), which have been vetted through numerous studies over the past 25 years as a highly sensitive metric for gauging the cumulative impact of abnormally high blood sugar and oxidative stress on the body.

Until recently, AGE measurement required a punch biopsy of the skin big enough to require a stitch and a costly/complex assay for which only a handful of academic laboratories had the capability, making this approach to screening for diabetes essentially non-commercially viable. The Scout DS however uses quantitative SFS (multivariate spectroscopy using a unique algorithm) to measure collagen cross-links and other fluorescent AGEs, via a set of unique UV/Blue LEDs to stimulate fluorescence, as well as some White LEDs to compensate for skin tone variations. With more than 3k subjects to date tested in prospective clinical trials, the accuracy and efficacy of the Scout DS for doing rapid, non-invasive screening of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, by measuring diabetes related biomarkers in the skin, now looks to be firmly established.

The efficacy of this rapid testing technology was even recently demonstrated in a peer-reviewed study (ENGINE) of the Scout DS published in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Endocrinology. The study showed the device’s ability to detect abnormal glucose tolerance just as well as (if not better than) FPG or A1C testing, all without fasting or blood draws, adding further credence to the commercial viability of the Scout DS as a rapid non-invasive screening system for diabetes, as well as the accuracy and robustness of the innovative SFS/AGE testing methodology which lies at the heart of the device’s design. The Scout DS is 61% more sensitive than A1C and 100% more sensitive than FPG (ENGINE study), with a 93% detection rate for Type 2 diabetes (TCOYD1 study), and is 1.4 times better than RCG with an equivalent false-positive rate (random capillary glucose, Greece study), yet the device easily works on people with dark skin (LSS study versus OGTT).

In China, which has overtaken India as the world leader in diabetes cases, with upwards of 92M diabetics (again, nearly half of whom are undiagnosed), there is a massive target market for such a device as the Scout DS. Miraculins hasn’t wasted any time acquiring inroads to this target-rich environment and executed a definitive agreement in August to sell and distribute up to $90M worth of Scout DS devices via Hong Kong-based Catalyn Medical Technologies, Ltd., with Cachet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. already tapped as exclusive distributor for mainland China.

Also in August, Miraculins detailed their fast-track strategy for obtaining de novo FDA classification (intended for “novel” devices with a low risk profile) on the Scout DS, with a pre-submission designed to follow up on last year’s filing for feedback from the FDA regarding a clinical/regulatory roadmap for marketing clearance, in light of the reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness of the device, as well as the absence of any existing or comparable device on the market. Obtaining de novo status from the FDA would put the Scout DS on the road to a Class I or Class II medical device classification (cheaper and easier than a Class III designation) and confidence is high at Miraculins that the FDA will be cooperative, especially when the planned data to be gathered and submitted is supplied.

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December 15, 2014

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eCareer Holdings, Inc.’s (ECHI) Strategy to Advance Newly Enhanced Job Site, Openreq™

December 3, 2014

eCareer Holdings is a developer and marketer of branded niche career content sites. The company’s goal is to provide effective job advertising platforms utilizing the latest technologies, addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals in specific sectors. eCareer opened the initial version of a site of this nature, Openreq™ (, on January 1, 2013.

Openreq, an aggregator of human resources, staffing and recruiting professionals, is a content-driven career community featuring a plethora of career-relevant news, stories, videos and blog posts in what the company calls a “career-inspiring format.” The purpose of the content is to keep job seekers informed about their preferred industry, inspire them about their work, and offer information and opportunities for career advancement.

As with other job sites, job seekers using Openreq can create a profile, submit a resume and receive job alerts and matches. Similarly, employers can post jobs on Openreq and receive candidate matches and alerts. What sets Openreq apart from other job sites is its cutting-edge job matching technology.

Last month, eCareer re-launched Openreq to include superior technology and targeted distribution powered by RealMatch. Now, employers who post jobs on Openreq’s job board can receive “unprecedented outreach” to HR, staffing and recruiting professionals in the Openreq community and on the TheJobNetwork™, the largest recruitment ad network of job sites in North America. Openreq enables hiring managers to automatically screen, grade and rank applicants, and returns qualified passive job seeker matches in real-time from the site’s resume database.

TheJobNetwork reaches millions of active and passive job seekers each month. To maximize qualified response, jobs posted on Openreq are automatically optimized, distributed, and monitored as part of targeted ad campaigns. This results in higher rankings in search results, search engines and paid job sites – thereby increasing qualified response by an average 200%.

Real-Time Job Matching technology instantly matches job seekers to open postings based on their skill set, experience and preferences. This eliminates the need for seekers spend time keyword searching and browsing through hundreds of irrelevant job postings. Furthermore, since Openreq is part of TheJobNetwork, job seekers have access to job matches from any of the thousands of network sites.

eCareer’s business strategy is to provide users free access to the site. Revenue is generated through advertising, resume searches and a job board function. In a recent 10k filing the company states that it previously “strategically delayed sales efforts and initiated sales personnel layoffs in order to focus on the completion of the re-launched Openreq site and enhancements.”

With Openreq now firing on all cylinders, the company in its November 2014 shareholder update further explained its potential and strategy moving forward.

“It’s with great pleasure to report that the new software has really been a tremendous improvement and a leap in the right direction,” said Griffin Karr, client delivery manager.

According to the shareholder update, eCareer’s next step is building direct traffic to Openreq and adding value to the site. eCareer anticipates doing this by promoting the site via the company’s existing social network accounts and thousands of followers; launching a major email blast campaign; performing content marketing; and curating stories from reputable sources to create hundreds of credible backlinks and improve search engine presence/ranking.

“An important thing to note is that the above strategies are all functions we can perform in-house with our existing staff without hiring outside marketing or consulting firms and without incurring additional costs … the site and the technology is working and gives us a lot of confidence that we have turned a huge corner going forward with Openreq and we’re totally focused on ramping up sales and revenue,” stated Joe Azzatta, CEO and founder of the company.

Azzatta added that in Q1 2015, the company plans to bolster Openreq sales staff in Q1 2015; report Openreq, traffic, and revenue statistics; as well as launch for the cardiology sector.

To hear the full shareholder update visit

For more information on the company visit

Aspen Group, Inc. (ASPU) Gains Traction with Student Body Growth, Increased Revenues, Improved Balance Sheet

According to the College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2013–2014 school year was $30,094 at private colleges; $8,893 for state residents at public colleges; and $22,203 for out-of-state residents. For many Americans, as well as international students, the price tag of a college education is often hinged to a high-interest student loan that can take years to pay off.

Aspen Group, an accredited provider of online postsecondary education, strives to provide distance-learning education opportunities to equip students with “sustainable economic and social benefits for themselves and their families.” The university does so by offering low tuition rates on courses taught by Top-tier faculty, 61% of which have doctoral degrees. “Low tuition rates” is relative – but according to Aspen’s Economic Responsibility Goal, the group offers tuition rates low enough that a majority of its students can pay the tuition in cash (maintaining Federal Financial Aid revenues below 50%).

Online education is gaining widespread acceptance, especially among working professionals that choose not to, or are not able to, stop working to obtain a postsecondary education. Online flexibility enables students to enroll in courses taught by instructors with advanced degrees and log on day or night to “attend” class from anywhere with an Internet connection. Students can network with other students, interact with respected technology leaders and fellow professors from around the world, or enroll in courses facilitated one-on-one with the instructor.

Another advantage to online learning vs. traditional learning is the ability to participate in a discussion rather than follow a lecture or presentation. Instructors at Aspen University work closely with students to create an online, community-based learning environment. In this sense, faculty serves as facilitators rather than the focal point. Textbooks and online study guides assist students in performing coursework that is submitted to the faculty for grading a feedback via Aspen University’s proprietary online platform.

Aspen University offers education to students across the U.S. and around the world and accepts credits from other accredited institutions as well as schools outside the U.S. The university provides its students with access to ProQuest library services with databases focused on business, technology, nursing, criminal justice and education.

As of July 30, 2013, 86% of Aspen University’s full-time degree-seeking students are enrolled in a graduate degree program (master’s or doctoral degree program). Aspen University is increasingly gaining traction among adults seeking higher education, and as of Aspen Group’s fiscal 2015 second quarter ended October 31, 2014, the university’s School of Nursing student body increased 71% to 1,026, accounting for 37% of the university’s total full-time degree-seeking student body of 2,811.

Aspen University’s growing presence is further evidenced by the company’s ability to grow revenues, trim net loss, and strengthen its balance sheet.

Second-quarter fiscal 2015 total revenues increased 33% to $1.2 million compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2014; nursing program revenues rose to $483,050, or 40% of Aspen Group’s total revenues. Adjusted gross profit (non-GAAP) increased 67% to $800,921, or 66% of revenues, compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2014. The second quarter non-GAAP fiscal 2015 loss of $228,819 narrowed compared to a loss of $707,501 in the comparable prior-year period.

Aspen Group closed a $5.4 million private placement of equity securities in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, substantially improving the company’s balance sheet. The company retired early its outstanding institutional convertible debentures, improved its cash position to $3 million and increased its stockholders equity to a positive $1.8 million.

In addition, the university achieved several other important benchmarks, including a 33% decrease in the cost per new degree-seeking enrollment – now at a record low of $544; and Aspen’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (RN to BSN) received accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Aspen Group chairman and CEO Michael Mathews in a recent news release offered the following:

“The closing of our $5.4 million equity financing and the granting of accreditation of our RN to BSN program by the CCNE are two important milestones that will allow Aspen to scale its debtless education solution. We’ve now removed all roadblocks to achieving our near-term goal of communicating to all RNs in America that they now have the ability to earn a BSN or MSN debt free,” he stated.

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Mobile Lads Corp. (MOBO) – Enabling Secure Wide-Area Communication Globally

November 24, 2014

Since 2013, Mobile Lads has steadily acquired technology and intellectual property assets to strengthen its position as a leading provider of wireless transaction software solutions and to facilitate wide-area communication on a global scale.

Mobile Lads generates new process improvements and income by developing and delivering specialized, secure wide-area wireless transaction software solutions for customer-focused organizations. The company serves movie theatres, spa hotels, amusement parks, concerts, sports events, and other midsize businesses and, with a suite of patented, mobile authentication and payment products, provides streamlined, continuous access to time-sensitive information and data on multiple network standards.

Mobile Lads’ product offerings include software and associated patents that cover mobile payment authentication and processing. These products, which utilize one of the best cryptographic services and are compliant with all available platforms, simplify and secure wireless communications. Three key pieces of technology provided by Mobile Lads include:

1. xmOne offers assorted, encrypted mobile services, including payment processing, marketing, prepaid account top-up and emergency notification, for students and higher education facilities. The platform interfaces with a school’s existing campus card account system, and allows students to complete banking transactions with their cell phones and educational institutions to benefit from features such as the increased use of their flex-dollar systems.

2. xmBilling provides users with a convenient, protected means of reviewing and approving automatic billing transactions, thus alleviating the challenges of volume-based and automated billing. From notification to review to authorization to ad-hoc payment, xmBilling helps customers make on-time payments.

3. xmVerify is Mobile Lads’ signature software offering. A real-time mobile transaction security service that hinders credit card fraud, xmVerify gives users making purchases control over their payment authorization process.

For more information, visit

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LD Micro Main Event: VII is Just around the Corner – Stay Tuned to DTN for Conference Coverage

November 21, 2014

More than 230 publicly traded companies are scheduled to follow-up the Thanksgiving holiday with presentations at the highly anticipated investor conference, LD Micro Main Event: VII. From December 2-4, companies from a wide breadth of industries will convene in Los Angeles to network and make connections with several hundred investors.

For more than 12 years, LD Micro has helped micro-cap companies in traditional and emerging markets make a name for themselves in the investment community. The seventh annual Main Event conference agenda includes panel discussions, a keynote presentation by LD Micro founder Chris Lahiji, and an evening of cocktails to create an environment of innovation, networking and discussion.

From well-recognized names in the micro-cap space to lesser-known companies ready to put their name on the map, Main Event will feature high-potential plays with innovation, ideas and developments that add value to the broader market.

For those in the investment community that won’t be attending the conference, not to worry. DreamTeamNetwork (DTN) will provide real-time coverage as each presenting company starts their presentation over the course of the three-day event. As an official conference sponsor, DTN will utilize its vast social media network to keep shareholders informed on who’s who at Micro Event: VII.

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American Cannabis Company, Inc. (AMMJ) Positioned as Solid Partner for Penetrating Legal Cannabis Frontiers

Approximately two years ago, voters in Colorado and the state of Washington made historic decisions to legalize marijuana for recreational sale and use, running counter to the position of anti-pot moralists, four star generals in the war on drugs and 100 years of prohibition. In January 2014, these policies began to take effect, with pot shops opening for business for the first time from sea to shining sea.

Decriminalization One State at a Time

Once regularly joked about, legalization now appears to be an undeniable reality. In mid-April of this year, no fewer than eleven states were considering some form of legislation to allow marijuana to be sold over the counter, and at least a dozen others are considering medical and/or commercial decriminalization. Tired of the U.S. government running in place on the progress treadmill, many states are cautiously weighing the potential benefits of legalization, moved by a wide range of arguments on individual liberty but also by the prospective infusion of dollars into their respective economies. As this is occurring, proponents have quickly promoted marijuana as the medical prescription the states need to create new jobs, cut costs by keeping nonviolent drug offenders out of jail, and subsequently create a stream of revenue where there once was none.

American Cannabis Company in Business to Provide Solutions

One company putting its time, effort and resources into nearly every legal corner of the discussion is American Cannabis Company (OTCQB: AMMJ). American Cannabis Company, Inc. provides solutions for businesses operating in the cannabis industry in states and countries where cannabis is regulated and has been de-criminalized for medical use and/or legalized for recreational use. It offers consulting and advisory services and supplies products and equipment to businesses.

Much in the same way a distributor would provide education and training to a wholesaler about its products, AMMJ guides their clients through state and local cannabis business license application processes, designs and implements standard operating procedures and policies to ensure compliance with the legal regulations of the cannabis industry and assists clients in monitoring their business to ensure compliance with laws and regulations of the cannabis industry are met. It also educates and trains clients on the company’s processes and techniques for pharmaceutical grade cannabis in regulated commercial cultivation environments, advises and consults clients on the acquisition and start-up of cannabis businesses and researches, designs, develops, and markets products for the cannabis industry that enable the company’s customers to operate their cannabis business on a daily basis.

AMMJ has resources to address those interested in pursuing any commercial aspect of the cannabis business. Whether the individual’s business is medical or recreational commercial Cannabis cultivation and/or retail, experts at American Cannabis Company have the background and knowhow to ensure regulatory compliance and meet end user demands.

The Science and Art of Commercial Cultivation

In the area of commercial cannabis cultivation, the company assembles a knowledgeable team of professionals who can work with the client to build a cultivation system that meets regulatory guidelines while producing quality yields. Key aspects of the program include:

• A turnkey, commercial-scale grow operation, the Cultivation Cube provides environmental control, speed-to-market production, space efficiency, lean manufacturing and security.
• A 100-percent organic growing medium, named SoHum Soil, it prevents an improper balance of nutrients, improves plant immunity, and is more cost-effective than traditional soil and fertilizer growth methods.
• An automated irrigation watering system for reducing operator error, preventing inconsistent yields and conserving water through an electricity-free, gravity-based irrigation network.
• Named ‘The Satchel,’ this offering is a pouch-like case for Cannabis and Cannabis-infused products designed to meet regulatory compliance with laws requiring child-resistant exit packaging for licensed medicinal and recreational Cannabis businesses.

About American Cannabis Company, Inc.

American Cannabis Company owns and operates two vertically integrated businesses, American Cannabis Consulting and The Trade Winds Inc. These businesses deliver end-to-end solutions for their customers and clients within the cannabis industry. Through these businesses, AMMJ provides industry specific advisory and consulting services, manufactures cultivation products and facilities, and manages a strategic group partnership that supplies ancillary products. American Cannabis Company has successfully procured licensing agreements for its clients in several states and is accessing existing and new growth opportunities domestically and abroad.

AMMJ was co-founded by Corey Hollister and Ellis Smith, former owners of The Village Green Society in Boulder. These gentlemen were the first to cultivate medical cannabis on a commercial scale using a niche growing technique known as True Living Organics (TLO) producing pharmaceutical grade cannabis products for the Colorado patient market. Both Hollister and Smith received national recognition for this innovation, as well as for having helped the industry identify and develop mitigation protocols for new pest. Combined to this the company adds a team of seasoned professionals from sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, construction and engineering.

For more information, visit

Delaine Corp.’s (DEPN) Demonstrates Strength with FY14 Performance

Delaine, an e-retailer of automotive parts and services, launched its online store little more than a year ago, and it didn’t take long for the online store to make its mark in the recycled automotive parts market. is an online car, van and SUV parts distributor of used automotive parts for a wide range of vehicle makes and models. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014 Delaine also launched and advanced from “development stage.” Parts are shipped straight from one of the company’s many warehouses and auto dismantling centers straight to the customer or their mechanic.

Who wants to buy used automotive parts? Quite a few consumers, retailers, truck and car fleet owners and auto repair facilities, apparently.

In the company’s recently reported fiscal 2014 financial results for the period ended June 30, 2014, Delaine posted gross transactions volume at $1.85 million, compared to $61,000 for the prior-year period. Net revenue for fiscal 2014 increased to $672,858 compared to $3,210 for fiscal 2013. Delaine also increased its cash position to $123,331 in fiscal 2014 compared to $41,334 the prior year.

Fourth-quarter earnings of $198,000 and total assets growth of 44% effected growth in shareholder equity, which increased by 31%. A comparison of the fourth-quarter performance and the average of the first three quarters shows gross transaction volume growth of 43% and revenue growth of 25%.

Based on these results, auto industry trends and several corporate factors, Delaine is optimistic it will achieve “even greater increases in transaction volume and revenues.” The company anticipates it will benefit from a newly appointed chief operating officer with e-commerce experience, heightened marketing initiatives, repeat sales, additional product introductions, increased personnel to accommodate demand, and extended labor installation warranties.

For more information visit

Telecorp, Inc. (TLNUF): An Escalating Competitor in the Global SaaS Market

November 13, 2014

Telecorp is a communication solutions provider with an integrated suite of customized solutions that include customer acquisition, customer care, automated voice services, data management, webinars, customer support, voice messaging, e-mail, fax and text broadcasting, direct to voice mail messaging and much more.

The company competes in the rapidly expanding SaaS market, which is fire-balling toward $40.5 billion by 2014 from market value of $5.1 billion in 2007. According Gartner forecasts, SaaS will comprise approximately 25% of all corporate software sales within the next four years and represents more than 20% of the customer relationship management (CRM) market.

In addition to TelecorpVoIP, TelecorpSMS and TelecorpData, Telecorp’s current suite of products includes:

• I-driveSALES, a prospecting, customer management and telesales unit. This technology takes the best practices of call centers operations and allows those key features to be used for individuals and business;

• I-driveCONNECTS, an online communication system that delivers voice messages, e-mails, text messages and fax broadcasts to clients and potential clients. Telecorp has added a number of new state of the art features into I-driveCONNECTS which are not available in the marketplace;

• I-driveMEETINGS, a full online demonstration, meeting, training, webinars, support and customer service system. Using I-driveMEETINGS users can plan and schedule meetings, demos and training sessions quick and easy. Fully functional online support system which includes remote desktop tools, ticketing system, VoIP system and more;

• I-driveSTAFF, an exclusive front office software dedicated to staffing and recruiting firms of all sizes, where recruiting, sales and management experience the power of working together totally together through every office activity, from sales call to job order to placement to follow-up, anytime and from anyplace. I-driveSTAFF is 100% web-based and eliminates managing software, networks and servers.
Pioneering a new generation of technology, Telecorp has established a strong market position in Canada as well as a rapidly growing presence in the international market. The company generates sales through a multi-diverse system comprised of an interactive telesales department, distributor acquisition, aggressive referral program, advertising, direct mail and other traditional marketing avenues.

Telecorp intends to complete the development of domestic opportunities and to expand its market reach overseas in Europe, Australia and other global markets via planned joint-venture agreements. Telecorp has offices in New York, New York; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Barrie, Ontario.

For more information visit

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BioElectronics Corp. (BIEL) Drug-Free, OTC Therapies on Target to Meet Affordable Pain Relief Demand

Life Science Intelligence (LSI) tells us pain is the single most common reason patients seek medical care and is attributable for approximately half of all physician office visits in the United States. Estimated economic impact of pain, disability and lost productivity costs equals $100 billion annually. In 2010, combined U.S. sales of pain management products (pharmaceuticals and devices) totaled approximately $33.1 billion. Over the forecast period covered in an LSI study, total sales of pain management products are expected to eclipse $38.2 billion this year.

BioElectronics is a company that understands the needs of the market and as a result has the know-how to introduce new ways to treat pain and inflammation. The company has developed a pain therapy that is effective, easy to use and is a localized treatment with no known adverse side effects. By leveraging electromagnetic diathermy which has been available for decades, BioElectronics has miniaturized the technology allowing the therapy to be used around the clock. What’s new is that this innovation has transformed the expensive, clinic based treatment, and made it affordable and available to be used every day. Because it is a simple localized treatment, it can be used as a standalone or adjunct therapy depending on the condition at hand. Clinical study has revealed that it is an effective therapy for both acute pain and chronic pain.

Founded in 2000, the company’s topical pain medical devices include ActiPatch therapy for over-the-counter treatment of back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints, Allay menstrual cycle pain therapy, RecoveryRx for chronic and post-operative wound care, and HealFast, a drug-free therapy for healing of muscle and tendon injuries, sores, and incision in horses, cats, and dogs. The company markets and sells its products under the ActiPatch, Allay, and RecoveryRx brand names through distributors primarily in Korea, Singapore, Canada, Columbia, Scandinavia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Balkans, China, South America and Australia.

In what can be viewed as a confirmation of the uniqueness of the company’s product line, BIEL recently announced that its Executive Vice President, Dr. Deepak Kotak has been invited to present BioElectronics’ innovative chronic pain therapy at the OTC Pharma Asia Conference in Singapore on March 3, 2015. Conference details can be found at

Dr. Kotak plans to deliver a presentation entitled, “ActiPatch® Pain Therapy – Changing the Paradigm of OTC Chronic Pain.” The talk describes the science and how this OTC drug-free therapy is changing the way we view pain management and how it brings “life-changing relief” to those who suffer with chronic pain.

Dr. Kotak commented, “ActiPatch provides effective local pain treatment reducing the need for systemic therapies such as NSAID’s and opioids, and reduces the risk of side-effects and adverse events that are a burden to the chronic pain population. Our customers are reporting superior relief to most analgesics for conditions like fibromyalgia, back pain and arthritis.” As part Dr. Kotak’s presentation, he will also share his vision for BioElectronics technology and how it can be used to address a variety of other health care issues in society today.

BioElectronics is a leader in biophysics and the maker of a line of disposable, drug-free, pain therapy devices; ActiPatch® Therapy, over-the-counter treatment for back pain and other musculoskeletal complaints; RecoveryRx® Devices for chronic and post-operative wound care; Allay® Menstrual Pain Therapy; and HealFast® Therapy for dogs, cats and horses.

For more information on the company, visit

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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Remains Sturdy Competitor amid Industry Consolidations

November 11, 2014

During the last decade or so the stock transfer agency market has undergone considerable consolidation as smaller agencies exited the business or were acquired by larger agents. New technology, changing regulation and increasing competition also whittled the size of the playing filed into what is now an industry led by a small handful of vendors.

With healthy competition among the remaining players, companies seeking out a transfer agent can enjoy an easier selection process by vetting each agent’s customer service, price options and track record. Competition is divided into larger and smaller agencies, and what many small-cap companies discover is that bigger isn’t always better.

Mega transfer agents typically work with larger companies with hundreds of thousands of shareholders; certainly a valuable service to behemoth brands. Companies with 50,000 or fewer shareholders, however, benefit from the cost, personal attention, expertise and availability of a smaller agent such as Continental Stock Transfer & Trust. The agent’s award-winning, 50-year history bucks the notion that quality is compromised when delivered in a smaller package.

Continental offers the fundamentals and extended offerings you’d expect from a transfer agent that not only survived but gained strength throughout mass industry consolidation.

The agent offers comprehensive shareholder recordkeeping, transaction history, shareholder and stock activity reports, annual meeting management, dividend distribution, as well as industry-mandated services such as shareholder searches and escheatment. The agent also offers stock plan administration and services pertaining to corporate actions and escrow services. Continental has managed hundreds of IPOs and virtually all special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs ) brought to market in the last 20 years.

Continental was founded in 1964 to fully support smaller to midsize emerging and growth companies with optimal client responsiveness and uniquely tailored business solutions. The agent has maintained this vision and commitment to this specific market throughout its history.

As the fourth-largest agent (again, among only a handful) in the United States, Continental offers something mega transfer agents cannot: an approach aptly focused on providing each company with personal attention from senior staff, flexible offerings and innovative technology. Annual industry surveys back Continental’s claims, year after year demonstrating the agent’s stellar track record of superior customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit

Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (SBOTF) Schedules Year-End Conference Call

November 6, 2014

Earlier today, Stellar Biotechnologies announced that it will be hosting its end-of-year 2014 conference call and webcast at 1:30 PM ET (10:30 AM PT) on November 13, 2014.

Full details:

Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM ET/ 10:30 AM PT
Participant Dial-in: 1-913-312-0380
Conference Call Participant Passcode: 9219736
Webcast Link:
Q&A submission: Questions for management may be submitted via the chat feature of the live online webcast.

Participants are advised to log in at least 10 minutes prior to 1:30pm ET to ensure timely participation.

Those who are unable to attend the live conference call and webcast can access a recording at A replay of the call will be available approximately two hours after the live call through November 20, 2014.

Stellar Biotechnologies is the leader in sustainable manufacture of Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH), an important immune-stimulating protein used in wide-ranging therapeutic and diagnostic markets. KLH is both an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in many new immunotherapies (targeting cancer, immune disorders, Alzheimer’s, and inflammatory diseases) as well as a finished product for measuring immune status. Stellar Biotechnologies is unique in its proprietary methods, facilities, and KLH technology. We are committed to meeting the growing demand for commercial-scale supplies of GMP grade KLH, ensuring environmentally sound KLH production, and developing KLH-based active immunotherapies.

For more information, visit


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  • Amarin Corp. AMRN (2)
  • Amaru Inc. AMRU (2)
  • Amerex Group, Inc AEXG (16)
  • American Capital Partners Inc. APRJ (1)
  • American Fiber Green Products Inc. AFBG (1)
  • American Oriental Bioengineering Inc. AOB (3)
  • American Racing Capital Inc. AMRA (2)
  • American Software (2)
  • Amgen Inc. AMGN (2)
  • AmMex Gold Mining Corp. AMXG (2)
  • Ampex Corp AMPX (1)
  • Andover Medical Inc. ADOV (2)
  • Angstrom Microsystems Inc. AGMS (46)
  • Apolo Gold and Energy Inc. APLL (1)
  • Apple Inc. AAPL (13)
  • Aquasil International Inc. AQUS (3)
  • Armco Metals Holdings Inc. AMCO (36)
  • AspenBio Pharma APPY (1)
  • Assured Pharmacy Inc. APHY (1)
  • Asta Funding Inc. ASFI (2)
  • Atlantic Energy Solutions Inc. AESO (1)
  • ATSI Communications Inc. ATSX (1)
  • Augme Technologies Inc. AUGT (70)
  • Auric Mining Corp. AUMY (3)
  • Automated Vending Technologies Inc. AVTC (3)
  • Automotive Company GNAU (11)
  • Avalon Oil and Gas Inc. AOGN (16)
  • Avatar Systems Inc. AVSY (3)
  • Axiom Management Inc. AXMA (3)
  • Axis Technologies Inc. AXTG (2)
  • B2Digital Inc. BTOD (18)
  • Balatia Airlines BLTA (2)
  • Bald Eagle Energy Inc. BEEI (18)
  • Banjo & Matilda Inc. BANJ (8)
  • (4)
  • Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group BEAC (47)
  • Beacon Equity Research (552)
  • Beijing Med-Pharm Corp. BGJP (2)
  • Bergamo Acquisition Corp. BGMO (15)
  • Big Tree Group Inc. BIGG (36)
  • Bio-Clean International Inc. BCLE (1)
  • Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. BMSN (1)
  • BioCentric Energy Holdings Inc. BEHL (1)
  • Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp. BMGP (3)
  • bioMETRX Inc. BMRX (1)
  • Bionic Products Corp. BNPD (4)
  • Biophan Technologies Inc. BIPH (1)
  • BioSolar Inc. BSRC (22)
  • Biotech Holdings Ltd. BIOHF (3)
  • Inc. BZRT (9)
  • Black Diamond Brands Corp. BDMHF (1)
  • Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. BLDV (1)
  • Blue Water Global Group Inc. BLUU (7)
  • Blugrass Energy Inc. BLUG (4)
  • (1)
  • Boreal Water Collection Inc. BRWC (16)
  • Boston Therapeutics Inc. BTHE (20)
  • Bridgetech Holdings International Inc. BGTH (1)
  • Brighton Oil & Gas Inc. BROG (8)
  • Britannia Mining Inc. BMIN (14)
  • Brite Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. BSTI (41)
  • Brookside Technology Holdings Corp BKSD (2)
  • Bullzi Security Inc. BLLZ (3)
  • BWI Holdings Inc. BWIH (165)
  • Cal-Bay International Inc. CBYI (6)
  • Callisto Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (1)
  • Calpian Inc. CLPI (27)
  • CAMAC Energy Inc. CAK (2)
  • Canam Energy Inc. CNGJ (10)
  • CanAm Uranium Corp. CAUI (58)
  • Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. CNBX (14)
  • Capital City Energy Group Inc. CETG (18)
  • Carbon Sciences Inc. CABN (21)
  • CardioVascular BioTherapeutics Inc. CVBT (5)
  • Cardium Therapeutics Inc. CXM (44)
  • Cascade Technologies Inc. CSDT (2)
  • Cascadia Investment Inc. CDIN (4)
  • Casey Corp. CCPR (1)
  • Cashcow Magazine (4)
  • Cavico Corp. CVIC (3)
  • CD International Enterprises Inc. CDII (22)
  • CDC Corp. CHINA (4)
  • CelebDirect Inc. CELI (3)
  • Cellceutix Corp. CTIX (18)
  • CellCyte Genetics Corp. CCYG (3)
  • Century Group, Inc. CEYG (1)
  • CEOcast (184)
  • CepTor Corp. CEPO (1)
  • Cereplast Inc. CERP (9)
  • Chancery Resources Inc. CCRY (3)
  • Changing Times Vitamins Inc. SGTB (12)
  • CHDT Corp. CHDO (5)
  • China 3C Group CHCG (13)
  • China America Holdings Inc. CAAH (8)
  • China Direct Inc. CDS (4)
  • China Education Alliance Inc. CEUA (4)
  • China Energy Recovery Inc. CGYV (12)
  • China Growth Development Inc. CGDI (2)
  • China Health Management Corp CNHC (7)
  • China Health Resource Inc. CHRI (14)
  • China INSOnline Corp. CHIO (1)
  • China Jiangsu Golden Horse Steel Ball Inc. CJGH (3)
  • China Logistics Group Inc. CHLO (11)
  • China Media Group Corp. CHMD (2)
  • China Medicine Corporation CHME (5)
  • China Nuvo Solar Energy Inc. CNUV (3)
  • China Organic Agriculture Inc. CNOA (11)
  • China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. SNP (2)
  • China Voice Holding Corp. CHVC (47)
  • China Wind Systems Inc. CWSI (6)
  • China Wireless Communications Inc. CWLC (4)
  • China Yongxin Pharmaceuticals Inc. CYXN (5)
  • China YouTV Corp. CYTV (1)
  • ChinaTel Group Inc. CHTL (1)
  • ChromaDex Corp. CDXC (3)
  • City Capital Corp. CTCC (2)
  • Cityside Tickets CIST (21)
  • CleanTech BioFuels Inc. CLTH (10)
  • Cleantech Transit Inc. CLNO (3)
  • Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. CCBEF (13)
  • Cleartronic Inc. CLRI (28)
  • Clenergen Corp. CRGE (37)
  • CMG Holdings Inc. CMGO (2)
  • Coastal Integrated Services Inc. COLV (7)
  • Coil Tubing Technology Inc. CTBG (1)
  • Colorado Goldfields Inc. CGFI (5)
  • Colt Resources Inc. COLTF (13)
  • Columbia River Resources Inc. CRVR (1)
  • CoMedia Corp. CMTN (1)
  • CommercePlanet Inc. CPNE (4)
  • Compress Technologies Inc. CTLG (17)
  • Conforce International Inc. CFRI (2)
  • CAJT (9)
  • Cono Italiano Inc. CNOZ (12)
  • Consorteum Holdings, Inc. CSRH (139)
  • Continental Fuels Inc. CFUL (2)
  • Convergence Technology Group Inc. CNVC (7)
  • Copper King Mining Corp. CPRK (2)
  • Cord Blood America Inc. CBAI (102)
  • Crdentia Corp CRDT (12)
  • Creative Vistas Inc. CVAS (2)
  • Crystal International Travel Group Inc. CINT (4)
  • Cubic Energy Inc. QBC (2)
  • Cybermesh International Corp. CYTL (1)
  • Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. CYPW (9)
  • CYIOS Corp. CYIO (1)
  • Daily Views (13)
  • Dakshidin Corp. DKSC (5)
  • Data Call Technologies Inc. DCLT (25)
  • Daulton Capital Corp. DUCP (26)
  • Davi Skin Inc. DAVN (1)
  • Debt Resolve Inc. DRV (2)
  • Debut Broadcasting Corporation Inc. DBTB (1)
  • Deep Blue Marine Inc. DPBM (6)
  • Deep Down Inc. DPDW (15)
  • Deer Valley Corp. DVLY (2)
  • Defense Solutions Inc. DFSH (3)
  • Delta Mining and Exploration Corp. DMXC (1)
  • Dermisonics Inc. DMSI (1)
  • Destination Television Inc. DSTV (17)
  • Dhanoa Minerals Ltd. DHNA (4)
  • DigitalPost Interactive Inc. DGLP (8)
  • Document Capture Technologies Inc. DCMT (3)
  • DoMark International Inc. DOMK (29)
  • Dominovas Energy Corp. DNRG (14)
  • Dragon Capital Group Corp. DRGV (11)
  • Dragon International Group Corp. DRGG (2)
  • Duma Energy Corp. DUMA (20)
  • Duska Therapeutics Inc. DSKA (1)
  • Dutton Associates (88)
  • DXP Enterprises Inc. DXPE (4)
  • Dynamic Media Holdings Inc. DYMH (6)
  • Dynamic Response Group Inc. DRGP (6)
  • Dynasty Limousine Inc. DNYS (19)
  • Earth Dragon Resources Inc. EARH (10)
  • Eastbridge Investment Group Corp. EBIG (1)
  • Ebenefits Direct, Inc. EBFD (21)
  • Echo Therapeutics Inc. ECTE (5)
  • EcoloCap Solutions Inc. ECOS (2)
  • Ecologic Transportation Inc. EGCT (11)
  • Ecotality, Inc. ECTY (67)
  • eCrypt Technologies Inc. ECRY (79)
  • EdgeTech International Inc. EGIL (6)
  • eDoorways Corp. EDWY (183)
  • Inc. EFSF (4)
  • EFuel EFN Corp. EFUL (1)
  • EGPI Firecreek Inc. EFIR (1)
  • Elephant Talk Communications Inc. ETAK (1)
  • Elleipsis Global Travel Solutions Inc. EGTS (3)
  • Elray Resources Inc. ELRA (11)
  • Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. ELRN (1)
  • Emerging Media Holdings Inc. EMDH (22)
  • Empire Energy Corporation International EEGC (3)
  • Endeavor Explorations Inc. EAVR (7)
  • Endeavour Silver Corp. EXK (3)
  • Endevco Inc. EDVC (2)
  • Energtek Inc. EGTK (61)
  • Enherent Corp. ENHT (2)
  • EnterConnect Inc. ECNI (5)
  • Enterprise Oilfield Group Inc. E.TO (13)
  • EnXnet Inc. EXNT (1)
  • Epazz Inc. EPAZ (22)
  • Equity Stock Analysis (1)
  • ER Urgent Care Holdings Inc. ERUC (6)
  • ERF Wireless Inc. ERFB (15)
  • Essential Innovations Technology Corp. ESIV (2)
  • Inc. ETLC (3)
  • Euoko Group Inc. EUOK (2)
  • EV Innovations Inc. EVII (189)
  • EV Transportation Inc. EVTP (7)
  • Exchange Media Corp. EXMD (9)
  • Exeter Resource Corp. XRA (2)
  • Expert Group Inc. EXPT (5)
  • ExpressIR Inc. (1)
  • Extreme Motorsports of California, Inc. EMOC (26)
  • ezBanc-A Stocklender's Journal (6)
  • Falcon Crest Energy FCEN (63)
  • Falcon Ridge Development Inc. FCNR (2)
  • Famous Uncle Als Hot Dogs & Grille Inc FDOG (10)
  • Financial Media Group, Inc. FNGP (26)
  • Financial Services Exchange FSE (1)
  • First Titan Corp. FTTN (45)
  • FluoroPharma Medical Inc. FPMI (46)
  • Foldera, Inc. FDRA (11)
  • Force Energy Corp. FORC (5)
  • FormCap Corp. FRMC (29)
  • Fortune Market Media Inc. FTMM (5)
  • Franklin Mining Inc. FMNJ (1)
  • Fresh Harvest Products Inc. FRHV (7)
  • Freshstart Properties Inc. FSPP (1)
  • FrogAds Inc. FROG (6)
  • Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. FROZ (5)
  •, Inc. FNDM (56)
  • Fushi Copperweld Inc. FSIN (2)
  • Gastar Exploration Ltd. GST (2)
  • Gemini Explorations Inc. GXPI (12)
  • Gen2media Corp. GTWO (2)
  • General Environmental Management Inc. GEVI (56)
  • General Metals Inc. GNMT (1)
  • General Steel Holdings Inc. GSI (3)
  • GeoBio Energy Inc. GBOE (1)
  • GeoEye Inc. GEOY (4)
  • GeoPharma Inc GORX (1)
  • Global Alumina Corp. GLA.U (1)
  • Global General Technologies Inc. GLGT (1)
  • Global Payout Inc. GOHE (38)
  • Global Realty Development Corp. GRLY (10)
  • Global Resource Corporation GBRC (48)
  • Global Roaming Distribution Inc. GRDB (34)
  • GlobalWise Investments Inc. GWIV (129)
  • GNCC Capital Inc. GNCP (24)
  • Golden West Brewing Company Inc. GWBC (3)
  • GoldSpring Inc. GSPG (4)
  • Google, Inc. GOOG (8)
  • (1)
  • Grandview Gold Inc. GVGDF (2)
  • Gray Publishing & Media, Inc. GPMIJ (15)
  • Graystone Park Enterprises Inc. GPKE (7)
  • Great Plains Holdings Inc. GTPH (27)
  • Green Earth Technologies GETG (1)
  • Green Star Alternative Energy Inc. GSAE (2)
  • Green Star Products Inc. GSPI (2)
  • Green Technology Solutions Inc. (GTSO) (6)
  • Greenbelt Resources Corp. GRCO (1)
  • Greenchek Technology Inc. GCHK (18)
  • GreeneStone Healthcare Corp. GRST (2)
  • Greenstone Holdings Inc. GSHN (2)
  • GRILLiT Inc. GRLT (8)
  • GT Legend Automotive Holdings Inc. GTLA (2)
  • GTX Corp GTXO (18)
  • Gulf Western Petroleum Corp. GWPC (3)
  • GWS Technologies Inc. GWSC (4)
  • Halcyon Jets Holdings Inc. HJHO (15)
  • Hanover Financial Services (17)
  • Harbin Electric Inc. HRBN (2)
  • Harvey Electronics Inc. HRVE (1)
  • Hasco Medical Inc. HASC (7)
  • Hathway Corp. HWYI (1)
  • HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. HDUP (3)
  • Healthnostics Inc. HNSO (1)
  • HealthSonix Inc. HSXI (1)
  • HealthSport Inc. HSPO (14)
  • Heartland Inc. HTLG (1)
  • Heartland Oil and Gas Corp. HTOG (7)
  • Hemis Corporation HMSO (19)
  • Hemisphere Gold Inc. HPGI (1)
  • Hendrx Corp. HDRX (1)
  • Hi-Shear Technology Corp. HSR (3)
  • HII Technologies Inc. HIIT (8)
  • Holloman Energy Corp. HENC (2)
  • Holmes Osborne (6)
  • Hologic Inc. HOLX (4)
  • Home Shopping Latino Inc. HSPG (8)
  • Hong Kong Highpower Technology Inc. HPJ (2)
  • HotOTC (61)
  • HotStockChat (3)
  • HotStockMarket (HSM) (3)
  • HST Global Inc. HSTC (11)
  • Hunt Gold Corp. HGLC (32)
  • HWI Global Inc. HWIC (3)
  • Hydrogen Corp. HYDG (1)
  • i-Level Media Group Inc. ILVL (3)
  • i2 Telecom International Inc. ITUI (7)
  • iB3 Networks Inc. IBNW (1)
  • IceWEB Inc. IWEB (5)
  • ICP Solar Technologies Inc. ICPR (3)
  • IDGLOBAL Corp. IDGJ (2)
  • IDO Security Inc. IDOI (22)
  • IFAN Financial Inc. IFAN (12)
  • Imaging3 Inc. IMGG (2)
  • ImaRx Therapeutics Inc. IMRX (2)
  • Impact E-Solutions Corp. IESO (1)
  • Imperial Petroleum Inc. IPMN (10)
  • Inca Designs Inc. IDGI.PK (4)
  • Independent Film Development Corp. IFLM (1)
  • Index Oil and Gas Inc. IXOG.OB (5)
  • India Globalization Capital Inc. IGC (4)
  • Industrial Biotechnology Corp. IBOT (1)
  • Infinite Group Inc. IMCI (48)
  • Inform Worldwide Holdings, Inc. IWWI (27)
  • Intec LTD ICLJY (1)
  • IntegraMed America Inc INMD (1)
  • Intelecom Inc. IECM (3)
  • Intelimax Media Inc. IXMD (31)
  • Intelligent Highway Solutions Inc. IHSI (6)
  • Intercept Energy Services Inc. IESCF (7)
  • Interleukin Genetics Inc. ILI (1)
  • International Barrier Technology Inc IBTGF (1)
  • International Consolidated Companies Inc. INCC (2)
  • International Stem Cell Corp. ISCO (143)
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  • Joytoto USA Inc. JYTO (14)
  • JZZ Technologies Inc. JZZI (3)
  • KAL Energy Inc. KALG (3)
  • Kallo Inc. KALO (43)
  • Kandi Technologies Corp. KNDI (3)
  • KCM Holding Corp. KCMH (3)
  • Kingslake Energy Inc. KGLJ (2)
  • Klondex Mines Ltd. KLNDF (1)
  • Knobias KNBS (5)
  • Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. KBLB (88)
  • L&L International Holdings Inc. LLFH (2)
  • Lantis Laser Inc. LLSR (5)
  • Last Mile Logistics Group LMLG (4)
  • LD Holdings Inc. LDHL (14)
  • Legacy Holdings Inc. LGYH (1)
  • Legend Media Inc. LEGE (4)
  • Lifespan Inc. LSPN (1)
  • Lime Energy Corp. LIME (3)
  • Linkwell Corporation LWLL (4)
  • Liquor Group Wholesale Inc. LIQR (22)
  • Inc. LFLS (38)
  • LOGIC Devices Inc. LOGC (1)
  • Logility Inc. LGTY (1)
  • LoJack Corp LOJN (3)
  • Longhai Steel Inc. LGHS (10)
  • Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. LTUS (1)
  • Low Carbon Technologies (LWCTF) (3)
  • Lucas Energy, Inc. LEI (17)
  • Mabwe Minerals Inc. MBMI (56)
  • Macquarie Infrastructure Company MIC (5)
  • Maine and Maritime Corp. MMA (1)
  • Majic Wheels Corp. MJWL (6)
  • Makeup Inc. MAKU (2)
  • Mammoth Energy Group Inc. MMTE (5)
  • Mantra Venture Group Ltd. MVTG (10)
  • Mariner’s Choice International Inc. MCII (2)
  • Martin Nutraceuticals MNIU (11)
  • Material Technologies Inc. MTCH (44)
  • Max Media Group Inc. MXMI (9)
  • Max Sound Corp. MAXD (30)
  • MC Endeavors Inc. MSMY (2)
  • MedeFile International Inc. MDFI (46)
  • MediaG3 Inc. MDGC (1)
  • Medina International Holdings Inc. MIHI (3)
  • Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH (3)
  • Medivisor Inc. MVSR (1)
  • Mega Media Group, Inc. MMDA (30)
  • MegaWest Energy Corporation MGWSF (2)
  • Memry Corp. MRY (2)
  • Metro One Development Inc. MODI (2)
  • Mexico Energy Corp. MXC (1)
  • Micro Identification Technologies Inc. MMTC (44)
  • MicrocapMoney (2)
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  • Midway Gold Corp. MDW (1)
  • Military Resale Group MYRL (19)
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  • MIT Holding MITD (9)
  • MitoPharm Corp. MTPH (1)
  • Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels, Inc. MZTI (14)
  • Mobile Entertainment Inc. MBEI (1)
  • Mobile Lads Corp. MOBO (28)
  • Money4Gold Holdings Inc. MFGD (3)
  • Holdings Inc. MBKR (2)
  • Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited MSQ.V (1)
  • mPhase Technologies Inc. XDSL (12)
  • MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. MEVT (4)
  • Muscle Flex Inc. MFLI (55)
  • MusclePharm Corp. MSLP (23)
  • Mvive Inc. MVIV (22)
  • My Automated Advisor (4)
  • MyECheck Inc. MYEC (99)
  • Inc. MYST (1)
  • Nanogen Inc. NGEN (2)
  • Nanometrics Inc. NANO (1)
  • NanoSensors Inc. NNSR (1)
  • NanoTech Entertainment Inc. NTEK (30)
  • Napster, Inc. NAPS (5)
  • National Automation Services Inc. NASV (67)
  • National Coal Corp. NCOC (2)
  • Naturally Iowa Inc. NLIA (2)
  • NavStar Technologies Inc. NVSR (16)
  • nCoat Inc NCOA (8)
  • Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT (4)
  • Neoprobe Corp. NEOP (6)
  • NeoStem Inc. NBS (6)
  • NetSol Technologies Inc NTWK (64)
  • Neurobiological Technologies Inc. NTII (3)
  • NeuroMama Ltd. NERO (15)
  • Neutra Corp. NTRR (37)
  • New Asia Gold Corp. NWAG (1)
  • New Generation Biofuel Holdings Inc. GNB (3)
  • NewMarket China Inc. NMCH (7)
  • NewMarket Technology Inc. NMKT (7)
  • Newport Digital Technologies Inc. NPDT (61)
  • Nexia Holdings Inc. NXHD (51)
  • NexMed Inc. NEXM (8)
  • NeXplore Corp. NXPC (4)
  • Next One Interactive Inc. NXOI (7)
  • NextGen Bioscience Inc. NXGB (1)
  • NextPhase Wireless Inc. NPHS (1)
  • Nexus Enterprise Solutions Inc. NXES (30)
  • NF Energy Saving Corp. of America NFES (1)
  • Nhale Inc. NHLE (18)
  • Nilam Resources Inc. NILR (4)
  • Nitro Petroleum Inc. NTRO (5)
  • North Bay Resources Inc. NBRI (10)
  • NuTech Inc. NTCI (1)
  • NutraNomics Inc. NNRX (30)
  • NuVim Inc. NUVM (1)
  • NVIDIA Corp. NVDA (1)
  • NXGen Holdings Inc. NXGH (1)
  • Obee's Franchise Systems Inc. OBFM (1)
  • OBJ Enterprises Inc. OBJE (27)
  • Odyne Corporation ODYC (15)
  • Omega Commercial Finance Corp. OCFN (2)
  • OmniaLuo Inc. OLUO (1)
  • Omnicity Corp. OMCY (26)
  • Omninet Media.Com, Inc. ONMC (5)
  • On The Go Healthcare Inc. MODI (13)
  • On the Move Systems Inc. OMVS (55)
  • Oncolin Therapeutics Inc. OCOL (1)
  • One World Holdings Inc. OWOO (27)
  • Ones to Watch (1,303)
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  • Organic Alliance Inc. ORGC (2)
  • (82)
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  • P2 Solar Inc. PTOS (24)
  • Pacific Gold Corp. PCFG (3)
  • Pamplona Picks (1)
  • Pan Global Corp. PGLO (78)
  • PanGenex Corp. PGCX (3)
  • Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. PZG (3)
  • Patient Access Solutions Inc. PASO (7)
  • Patriot Energy Corp. dba TelTeck Solutions Inc PGYC.PK (11)
  • Patriot Scientific Corp. PTSC (6)
  • Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. PAE (1)
  • Peoples Educational Holdings Inc. PEDH (2)
  • Perf Go Green Holdings Inc. PGOG (12)
  • Perfect Web Technologies, Inc PWBI (11)
  • Perfectenergy International Ltd. PFGY (1)
  • Performance Health Technologies Inc. PFMH (31)
  • Pet DRX Corp. VETS (1)
  • Petro Resources Corp. PRC (2)
  • PetroSun Inc. PSUD (41)
  • Phantom Fiber Corp. PHFB (2)
  • Pilot Financial Communications (3)
  • Pipex Pharmaceuticals Inc. PP (2)
  • PITOOEY! Inc. PTOO (14)
  • Planet Nutrition Inc. PNHL (4)
  • Platina Energy Group Inc. PLTG (8)
  • PlayBOX Inc. PYBX (5)
  • Players Network PNTV (4)
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. PSTI (10)
  • Positron Corp. POSC (3)
  • Power of the Dream Ventures (1)
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  • PrimEdge Inc. PEDI (1)
  • Private Equity Securities (93)
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  • Pro Travel Network Inc. PTVL (2)
  • ProGaming Platforms Corp. PPTF (22)
  • Proginet Corp. PRGF (3)
  • Prom Resources PRMO (9)
  • Propalms Inc. PRPM (3)
  • Provectus Pharmaceuticals Inc. PVCT (12)
  • Puget Technologies Inc. PUGE (23)
  • Pulmo BioTech Inc. PLMO (4)
  • Puramed Bioscience Inc. PMBS (3)
  • Pure Biofuels Corp. PBOF (4)
  • Pure H2O Inc. PURH (1)
  • Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. PNOW (67)
  • Purio Inc. PURO (5)
  • Puritan Financial Group Inc. PTNG (1)
  • Purple Beverage Company Inc. PPBV (8)
  • QED Connect Inc. QEDC (4)
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  • Raptor Resources Holdings Inc. RRHI (50)
  • Raven Gold Corp. RVNG (3)
  • Red Lake Exploration Inc. RLKX (19)
  • RegalWorks Media Inc. RWMI (4)
  • Regenicin, Inc. RGIN (6)
  • Reliant Financial Services Inc. RFNS (1)
  • Renhuang Pharmaceuticals Inc. RHGP (3)
  • ReoStar Energy Corp. REOS (1)
  • Revett Minerals (1)
  • Rock Energy Resources Inc. RCKE (4)
  • Rodman & Renshaw (432)
  • Ronn Motor Company Inc. RNNM (6)
  • Rox Resources Ltd. RXRS (3)
  • Royal Quantum Group, Inc. RYQG (10)
  • Royal Standard Minerals Inc. RYSMF (2)
  • Rudy Nutrition RUNU (27)
  • RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp. RXII (3)
  • Santa Fe Gold Corp. SFEG (5)
  • Santa Fe Holding Company SFHD (3)
  • Save The World Air Inc. ZERO (2)
  • Savoy Energy Corp. SNVP (26)
  • SavWatt USA, Inc. SAVW (5)
  • Seabridge Gold Inc. SA (1)
  • Seawright Holdings Inc. SWRI (1)
  • Sector 10 Inc. SECI (78)
  • SES Solar Inc. SESI (2)
  • Seven Arts Pictures plc SAPX (1)
  • Seven Arts Pictures PLC SAPXF (5)
  • Shazam Stocks (22)
  • ShotPak Inc. SHTP (35)
  • Shumate Industries SHMTE (1)
  • Sibling Group Holdings Inc. SIBE (33)
  • Sierra Gold Corp. SGCP (2)
  • Signature Devices Inc. SDVI (9)
  • Silver Dragon Resources Inc. SDRG (1)
  • Silver Falcon Mining Inc. SFMI (1)
  • SilverSun Technologies Inc. SSNT (30)
  • Simtrol Inc. SMRL (74)
  • Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. SMEV (130)
  • Singlepoint Inc. SING (19)
  • Sino Agro Food Inc. SIAF (1)
  • Sinobiomed Inc. SOBM (4)
  • Sinovac Biotech Ltd SVC (1)
  • Sipp Industries Inc. SIPC (2)
  • Skinny Nutritional Corp. SKNY (19)
  • Sky Petroleum Inc. SKPI (1)
  • SkyPostal Networks Inc. SKPN (66)
  • Small Cap Sentinel (2)
  • Small Cap Sleeper (3)
  • Smallcap Bullets (2)
  • (22)
  • SmallCapVoice (426)
  • Smoky Market Foods Inc. SMKY (9)
  • SocialPicks (1)
  • Sofame Technologies Inc SDW.V (1)
  • Sohm Inc. SHMN (14)
  • Solanex Management Inc. SLNX (15)
  • Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. SNRY (14)
  • Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. SWET (15)
  • Solarfun Power Holdings Co. Ltd. SOLF (2)
  • Soul and Vibe Interactive Inc. SOUL (14)
  • South Sea Energy Corp. SSGY (7)
  • Soyo Group Inc SOYO (2)
  • SpaceDev Inc. SPDV (5)
  • Sparta Commercial Services Inc. SRCO (19)
  • Speedemissions Inc. SPMI (14)
  • Spicy Pickle Inc SPKL (18)
  • SpongeTech Delivery Systems Inc. SPNG (14)
  • Sports Pouch Beverage Company Inc. SPBV (1)
  • Start Scientific Inc. STSC (12)
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  • Strategic American Oil Corp SGCA (32)
  • Stratos Renewables Corp. SRNW (89)
  • StreamTrack Inc. STTK (31)
  • Striker Oil & Gas Inc. SOIS (4)
  • Sun Motor International Inc. SNMO (1)
  • SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc. SSPE (3)
  • Sunshine Biopharma Inc. SBFM (6)
  • Superlattice Power Inc. SLAT (60)
  • SupportSave Solutions, Inc. SSVE (10)
  • Surefect Holdings Inc. SUFH (1)
  • Suspect Detection Systems Inc. SDSS (37)
  • Sweet Success Enterprises Inc. SWTS (35)
  • Swiss Hawk AG SWHKF (1)
  • Symposium Production Corp. SYPJ (1)
  • Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. TADF (15)
  • Tao Minerals Ltd. TAOL (1)
  • TapImmune Inc. TPIV (14)
  • Taplmmune Inc. TPIM (1)
  • Technology Applications International Inc. NUUU (25)
  • TechPrecision Corp. TPCS (4)
  • Tecton Corp. TTNC (3)
  • Teknik Digital Arts Inc. TKNK (10)
  • Telanetix Inc. TNXI (2)
  • Teletouch Communications Inc. TLLE (5)
  • Terax Energy Inc. TEXG (32)
  • Terme Bancorp TMEB (1)
  • Terra Nostra Resources Corp. TNRO (25)
  • The Amergence Group AMNG (8)
  • The Aristocrat Group Corp. ASCC (71)
  • The Bull Report (32)
  • The Capital Report (5)
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  • Tidelands Oil and Gas Corp. TIDE (1)
  • Tiens Biotech Group USA Inc. TBV (1)
  • TMT Capital Corp. TMTP (1)
  • TNI BioTech Inc. TNIB (16)
  • Tombstone Exploration Corp. TMBXF (9)
  • TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc. TOMZ (4)
  • Tootie Pie Company, Inc. TOOT (11)
  • TradeShow Marketing Company Inc. TSHO (21)
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  • TZ Ltd. TZL.AX (1)
  • U.S. Mine Makers Inc. USMM (1)
  • uKarma Corporation UKMA (1)
  • Ultitek Ltd. UITK (21)
  • Unbridled Energy Corporation TSX-UNE (21)
  • Unico Inc. UNCO (3)
  • Universal Bioenergy Inc. UBRG (3)
  • Universal Detection Technology UNDT (41)
  • Universal Energy Corp. UVSE (19)
  • Universal Property Development and Acquisition UPDA (4)
  • Universal Tracking Solutions Inc. UTRK (13)
  • Universal Travel Group UTVG (14)
  • UpSNAP Inc. UPSN (1)
  • Uranium Energy Corp. UEC (64)
  • Uranium Hunter Corp. URHN (17)
  • Urex Energy Corp. URXE (1)
  • USA Recycling Industries Inc. USRI (21)
  • USA Superior Energy Inc. USSU (9)
  • Ustelematics Inc. UTLM (27)
  • Utah Uranium Corp. UTUC (2)
  • Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc. UITA (2)
  • ValueRich & iValueRich (9)
  • Vaporin Inc. VAPOD (2)
  • VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd. VPTDF (26)
  • Vermillion Inc. VRML (3)
  • Vertical Branding Inc. VBDG (11)
  • VIASPACE, Inc. VSPC (185)
  • Victory Energy Corp. VYEY (28)
  • Vidshadow Inc. VSHD (1)
  • Viper Networks Inc. VPER (2)
  • Viral Genetics Inc. VRAL (3)
  • Viropro International Inc. VPRO (2)
  • VirTra Systems Inc. VTSI (22)
  • Viscount Systems Inc. VSYS (27)
  • visionGATEWAY Inc. VGWA (1)
  • VistaGen Therapeutics Inc. VSTA (95)
  • Visualant Inc. VSUL (5)
  • Vital Products Inc. VTLP (5)
  • Viyya Technologies Inc. VYON (2)
  • VizStar Inc VIZS (24)
  • Voiceserve Inc. VSRV (18)
  • Vortex Resources Corp. VTEX (7)
  • Vsurance Inc. VSUR (3)
  • Vyteris Inc. VYHN (1)
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  • West Canyon Energy Corp. WCYO (1)
  • Western Standard Energy Corp. WSEG (7)
  • Who's Your Daddy Inc. WYDI (7)
  • WikiLoan Inc. WKLI (14)
  • Wind Energy America Inc. WNEA (3)
  • Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc. WITM (2)
  • Woize International Ltd. WOIZ (1)
  • WordLogic Corp. WLGC (38)
  • Workstream Inc. WSTM (9)
  • WorldWater & Solar Technologies Corp. WWAT (10)
  • Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing WEMU (12)
  • Worldwide Manufacturing USA Inc. WWMU (6)
  • WRIT Media Group Inc. WRIT (19)
  • X-Change Corp. (XCHC) (2)
  • Xaar Plc XAARF (1)
  • Xenomics Inc. XNOM (1)
  • XsunX Inc. XSNX (17)
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  • Zaldiva Inc. ZLDV (3)
  • ZAP ZAAP (15)
  • ZBB Energy Corp ZBB (7)
  • Zenosense Inc. ZENO (41)
  • Zentric Inc. ZNTR (14)
  • Zevotek Inc. ZVTK (8)
  • Znomics Inc. ZNOM (3)
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